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Strawberry Creek!!

Franzi and Ramona get to take the horses they trained to the trails!!

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September 16th, 2009
Ramona and Franzi were thrilled to take some of the horses they have been training to the trails. Kodiak, Mysty Maxx, Chelsea and Stardust all were just perfect!! The girls were, and should be, very proud of their efforts.
Reo wanted to say goodbye to Franzi before she leaves on Sunday so he came along for the ride and rode Annie, who led the way across the river without missing a beat. And John wanted to take his mare out to the trails to see if she can go to the mountains with us next year, and was very pleased with how she behaved. Was a perfect evening.

When I got home from work the girls had the horses all loaded, saddles in and ready to go!! Reo arrived 5 minutes later and we were off. Dropped them off with Kodiak, Stardust and Annie and headed off to pick up John and his mare. While I was gone Ramona led the way on Kodiak!! What a brave boy. Hence his name, Buff's Kodiak Braveheart!!
Rock solid Annie, always there when we need her. Kodiak had no problem to cross the water though.
And no surprise, nor did Stardust. Love this boy.
And so does Franzi. Both girls would take him home in their suitcase.
Stardust was happy to lead, follow, cross the creek, no matter what Franzi asked of him. Just like him momma, Star, and poppa, Winchester.
Nice shot of Stardust's awesome mane! And Kodiak leading off into the forest.

Anyone that knew Dilon would agree that here is another once in a million boy. So steady, caring, giving, trying!
Look how solid Kodiak is!! No wonder from Buffy (in Germany) and my beloved Palladin.

Cool shot eh! Kodiak and his grandma crossing the river together.
Life is good. What more can one say.
Thankyou Stardust for a wonderful performance. Look at the sunset the girls caught!
An hour later I arrive back with John and the girls switch to Chelsea and Maxx and off we go!
Ramona thought Chelsea might have acted up a bit, as did I, but she was absolutely perfect!! Maybe being out with her daddy had something to do with it! And look at Maxx!! Nice job Ramona.

Today was record temperatures across the province. Hi of 32 degrees, so we had the absolutely BEST evening of the year to enjoy the time together. I work with nor air-conditioning and it was 32 degrees in my office and I did NOT feel like going for a trail ride when I got home. Thankyou Ramona and Franzi for kicking my butt in gear and making it happen. Really, really enjoyed the evening.

Great company, great horses and the best weather make for a picture perfect moment.
Maxx never faltered once. NO problem for the water.
Time for pictures!
And again!
Have I ever mentioned that I LOVE Palladin??!! No, didn't think so. Look at Chelsea take on the water!! Forward Ho!!
Oh, Did I mention that I LOVE Palladin?? Thankyou Franzi for catching these moments.

This little area is such a perfect training area. It is also open to quads and 4x4's, so don't want to be here on a Sunday when they hold their rallies. Lots of ruts to from them, but we just appreciate something so close to home.
Way to go Ramona and Maxx, leading the way home across the river.
Chelsea also was happy to lead or follow. Super job girls.
Nice eh!! Just starting to get dark, about 7:45, so we must head back to the trailer.
John and I gallop on ahead so we can load his horse and take him home and get back to load the others before it is totally dark. Drop him off 4 1/2 miles from his place and he calls at 10 that he just got home!! Said it was wonderful to ride surrounded by the stars. The rest of the gang kept riding down the road and pick them up and get loaded with about 5 minutes to spare before it's pitch black outside!!
Thanks everyone for all your efforts and a fantastic evening!!