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Calgary Stampede Parade, 2009!!

Another FIRST for Sunnybrook Stables!!

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July 3rd, 2009
What a RUSH!! What a THRILL! What a Day!!
ACTUALLY riding in the Parade for the Greatest Outdoor Show o Earth!! The Calgary Stampede Parade!!
350,000 people arrived to watch the parade. They started lining up at 3 in the morning!!! 4,000 people in the parade. Horses everywhere!!

We head out Thursday afternoon about 4, stop in Olds and pick up Raquel. Mom and Ramona are with us, Roland pulls our holiday trailer and I pull the BIG trailer with six horses. We have the horses with us for our mountain ride right after the parade. Chandra is on her way to with Ron to watch our big day!!

Arrive in Calgary by 8, go through the security procedures, finally get the horses settled in by 10. Head over to the camping area and Rolandís sister and her husband meet up with us for quick Hello!! The rain starts and then it hails!! Half an inch on top of the camper right in the middle of the grand stand show and the fire works.
Up early at 5 to head over to the barns and start putting the polish on the horses.
Roland is riding SS Annie's Oakley, Ramona is riding SS Palladin, and I'm mounted on our Sally.
We have to ride for 20 minutes to get to the start of the parade route. Sally does AWESOME!! Love this girl. Pall and Oaks follow her where ever she goes. Have to cross a couple of bridges with cars flying by, dismount to be safe and we carry on.

Arrive at the gathering area and total confusion. Hundreds of horses scattered everywhere. Search for Dawn to find out where we are suppose to be and finally find her and the Light Horse Group.

Parade marshals come around and start to get everyone into a line up.

Lots of gorgeous horses here!

Cool line up for the Rafter Six ranch with a stage coach, cowboys and Indians!

Wagons everywhere!

Thank goodness our horses have been exposed to mules!! We are beside a spotted one that behaves very well.
Parade marshal places Sally and I front and center!!
That's a thrill!!

So many horses, riders and wagons to organize. Itís amazing to watch the process. The parade is 2 hours long for spectators and we travel over 2 km!!

Now that's not something you see everyday!! He actually rode that steer in the parade.

And the show is on the road!!! Yippee!!! We round the first corner and the bands start to play. Some looks from our amazing horses, but no spooks. LOVE THEM to pieces!!
Not like some other horses. Roland said the Peruvian Pasoís were evicted after the first bend. Just couldn't handle the commotion.

Now we start to see REAL crowds!!! Hundreds of thousands of people line the streets. Oakley takes everything in stride.

Perfect day for a parade. Not too hot, bit overcast, and sunny spots.

Roland and Ramona are about 5 rows back from me. I was a bit concerned when they placed me at the front away from their friends, but they did fantastic!! Great job guys!!

I'm riding right behind a calypso band and when we go between the buildings it echoís so loud you can't hear the person beside you!

These shots are from Ramona and Rolandís position.

We transferred our saddles into the Avalanche so mom could have a vehicle to go and park and watch the parade. She met up with Ron and Chandra on the parade route.

Some of her pictures of things she found interesting in the parade.

Horse drawn trolley car.

West Jet!

Rafter Six stage coach, this is to cool!!

And LOOK who ARRIVES!!! Awesome picture!!

Sally wasn't scared of ANYTHING! Actually walked right up to the banner and pushed it! The wind would catch it and she would get slapped by it and just carry on.

What a fantastic shot Chandra!! THANKYOU!!

And another super shot of Pall and Oaks, don't they look like parade horses!!

Super smile Ramona!!! LOVE IT!! What a day, eh!!!

Rafter Six's outriders.

The Jamaican calypso band Sally and I were following, and listening to the same three bouncing songs over, and over, and over again! and one was the chicken dance!!

Our mule buddy looks like he is wearing Sally's tail flowers.

And the end is in sight and we disperse to head back the barns.

Don't have to get off and lead the horses over any bridges on the way home! They know where they are going and plow on through.

Back to the barns, Raquel holds all the flowers we take off the horses!!
Have to shuttle back to the camp area to get the horse trailer. Mom arrives in record time considering the traffic and we clean out all our stalls and get out of Calgary by 3. Not bad.
Big, HUGE, thankyou to everyone for pitching in and getting the job done without any problems at all.
What a great day.