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Calgary Stampede!!
The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth!!

Palladin, Oakley and Sally Demo at Stampede!!

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July 13th, 2009
Wow, that was one fun filled, busy, full weekend, and what a blast!!
Was a BIG first for me as I am usually stuck in the booth doing all the promo stuff but this year we had LOTS of help!! A HUGE thankyou to Reo and Ramona for getting horses ready, transferring back and forth between the barns and spelling off in the booth. Big thanks also to Reo and Ramona for talking many wonderful pictures! And a super thankyou to Chris for being a super Ambassador for the Curlies in the booth! Without all your help I would not have been able to introduce Sally for her debut at this world renown exhibition or ride Palladin!

Our weekend starts off with a special treat from my daughter!! Kenny Chesney concert! Arrive in Calgary around 5 and by the time we do all the shuffles for vehicles and horses we are 15 minutes late, but turns out we didn't miss much with the opening bands.
Thought the concert would be done about 9:30, but no way, Kenny put on one heck of a performance and played until 11!! Wow, he knows how to make Calgary rock!
Then another treat from my grandest daughter, we head over to Cowboys as VIP's, due to Ron's long standing friendship with the gentleman owner! Problem is the girls have too much fun and we don't get back to the grounds until 3 AM!!
6:30 arrives early! For one of us!! Shuttle to the barns, get Pall ready, transport all our display material over. Set up and ready for the crowds!
Then it's time to bring Sally in and show her off to the world. The announcer had no idea what a Gypsy Vanner was!

Wowsers! Look at our amazing Sally. Just can't tell you how proud I am of this wonderful mare. Led her around the ring once, couple of little jumps when I first got on, then she settled right into the program.
The only thing that got her once or twice was when we were trotting and my breathing came over the PA speaker and sounded like a "huumph!.

She did fantastic and then she called out to see if she had any friends in the barn and guess who answered! Yup, Pall. Then she was all excited she had a buddy in this strange new world. Ramona said Pall got pretty excited to.

After the demo everyone had questions and wanted to see our lovely Gypsy Vanner girl up close.
No Problem for our stead fast Sally. Trust her with it all.
Wonder if she is wondering what I got her into this time!!
Look how extremely calm she is about the entire presentation! WOW!
Was the first time for me to ride wearing a microphone, usually hold it, so had to do some practice trying not to breath into it!
Thanks to Chris for manning the booth while we did our demos on Saturday! Then we head back to the booth with Pall. Chris is doing and amazing job of telling the world how wonderful Curly horses are!
Our Curly Horse demo is at 5:30 so Ramona heads over to the barns and gets Oakley ready to ride and brings her back to the Ag barn.
Then we are up. This is also a first for me, to be able to ride Palladin at the Stampede!! Another amazing looking horse we are blessed to own, and another of my favorite buddies.

Oakley looks extremely grand with her red accents also. Her coat gets darker every summer and richer. An excellent show girl for showcase of this caliber.


Got to have some fun! So I chase Ramona and Oaks for a few moments. Before we went in the ring Ramona said "It's so small!" but she found out there was lots of room for her to beat Pall!
Cool shot of Pall with Oaks in his sights!
Take a little stroll around the grounds looking for spurs for Ramona. Didn't know the Texas Longhorn originated in Spain! Then it's back to the barns with the horses again.
Grand stands are full for the chuck wagon races.
Waiting for Ramona. She wanted to stay and watch the Chuck Wagons so Reo and I went back to the barns with the horses and settled everyone in. Then of course she came back the normal way while we went out the back route and missed her! The little gopher was a visitor while we waited for the shuttle.
This was awesome! These were the guys we saw driving the 6 horse hitch bareback Parade Day! the fellow in the stall was hilarious! This 19 hh horse trying to buck in such a confined space was pretty funny to see.
Marching bands ready for the Grand Stand show.

Oakley totally reflects our sentiments for the day!!
Finish off the day with a stroll through the grounds and Ramona found some "bling-bling" spurs!! She was so proud to wear them Sunday for the demo!
And made her day when someone made a comment "Look at her fancy spurs!"!!
Sunday morning while cleaning out the stalls I fed Sally and thought she would stay in her stall but she decided that the little bit of hay that fell outside the stall was much better looking. Just as she stepped out I reached for her and she slammed my arm into the rings of the doorway and I though she had broke it! Didn't think I was going to be able to ride as I couldn't lift a thing! But Ramona held Pall for me to get on and the show must go on!
Our demo is early this morning, we are first into the ring.
Ramona has Oakley polished and ready to shine!!
If you can find a nicer, showier, pair of curly horses, I'd sure like to see them. What a wonderful pair.
That's my boy!!
And that's my girl!!
Another, shorter! chase around the ring. My arm is a tad bit sore. Good riding Ramona, you did a fine, fine job. Thankyou.

Where have we seen these before!! She was one happy cowgirl!
Few final words to the "crowds"! Every year I try to find something new to say about the curly horse breed and keep it interesting.
The arena organizers commented that they liked my presentation as I'm "upbeat"!! Not sure how that happened with no sleep and an arm that felt like it was broken!! Must be the company I keep. The horses!! Just kidding.
After the demo lots of people come in with lots of questions.
Finish up our wonderful demonstration then we are on the road again!
Take the horses back to the barns, go get the truck and trailer, load em up, stop at a tack store (of course!) and get home about 7:30. Another great weekend for the memory banks.