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Fathers Day Surprise!!

Nice Surprises are NICE!!

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July 21st, 2009
After a trail ride Saturday morning, Charley Pride Saturday afternoon, sanding logs Sunday morning, we head out Sunday afternoon for what Roland thought was just a trip south to take Raquel home.
But first we stop to pick up his cowboy hat for, as Ramona said, he earned it for riding a bucking horse and staying on!!
Then instead of heading south we head north, and Roland is not impressed for he thinks we are going to be late getting Raquel home.

But one he discovers that everything is arranged to treat us all on the Edmonton Riverboat Queen all is good!!

Took the first pic with my sunglasses on my camera. Cool eh! The Riverboat arrives right on time.

We are a bit early, so bide our time enjoying the fresh air and gorgeous river valley.

She is an actual paddle boat, built to reflect the history of the original paddle boat that negotiated the river in the 1800's. Hold 315 people and was built in Sherwood Park, Alberta.

The dining room is in the main hold of the vessel and the only bad part of the day was that we had to wait a LONG time for supper. Raquel and Ramona kept threatening to raid the desert table. After supper they did do that and came back with FOUR plate fulls of cake!!

Then it's time to head to the upper deck and take in the tour.

We head West first and turn around at the Low Level Bridge. Looks likes we are heading straight for the pilar!

Pics says it all, great day. Mist in the second picture coming off the paddles.

So great for all of us to enjoy such a super day.

Told these guys they could get a bit closer for a picture and Ramona tries to fall overboard!!

That's better!! Nice layout on deck to relax and enjoy the evening.

LOVE this pic. Will be many memories stored from this one of Roland, myself and Ramona, from Germany!!

And this one to. Raquel did a super job of keeping the secret and even added to the plot by saying she wished she could come to super with us instead of going home!

The clouds look like a hat in this pic. Nice sunshine glowing down upon us.

What did you say!! Yup, just good old fashioned family fun.

The first pic has the Chateau Lacombe on the far left, where we sat only a couple of weeks before enjoying the panoramic view of the city. And the castle in the middle is the Hotel MacDonald where we spent our romantic Mothers Day evening.

And another glorious weekend comes to and end. Get off the boat at 8:30 and head south to Olds to take Raquel home. Get back the ranch at 1:30 in the morning!! But it was certainly all worth it. Thankyou guys for the great memories.