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20 Mile Trail Ride on the Pembina River!!

Nice treat after riding in the Brazeau County Parade!!

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June 13th, 2009
After a very hot morning riding in the parade we stop at the Pembina Trails and have a fantastic 20 mile ride!!
Ramona on Oakley, Reo on Mac and Sally gets her first trail ride here.

Finish up the parade in the morning then stop to have a nice, quiet trail ride. All saddled up and ready to go!

Ramona has a quiet moment with Sally.

Then we are off on our next adventure. What a picture perfect day!!

Oakley should have no problems here, she done these trails many a time. Mac has no problem either!

One thing I love about bringing the horses here is all the little bridges there are to cross.

Extremely proud of Mac. He has to problem to walk across the hollow sounding bridges.

Encounter one steep narrow drop along the trail and have trouble with the horses at this drop before.

Told Ramona to take Oaks down first, but Oaks didn't like the steep bank??!! No problem, Sally takes it on head first!! LOVE her!

the horses appreciate to cool water and take a well deserved drink.

Looks like a pretty happy Ramona to me!!

Cross the river and it is deep enough that there are some wet feet!

Sally never once quit on me. Always ready to tackle what ever I face her with.

Water was up past her belly!!

Mac has no prlbems with the hills at all. There is where he loves to be.

That you down there? That's up us here.

Take a break before we make the 10 mile trip back to the trailer. The weather is turning on us and lots of thunder and lightening, so we get back to the trailer alot quicker than coming!!

What a perfect day!!! Thankyou Ramona, Reo and our wonderful, wonderful horses!!!