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Roland's Birthday in Nova Scotia!!

A short weekend jaunt over 4,000 miles!!

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April 27th, 2009
A special birthday celebration just has to be spent with one's best friends.
So we took off to Nova Scotia so Roland could do just that.

Left home at 6 in the morning on Thursday, arrived Lunenburg at 10:30 that night! Nothing was open except a little pub called the Knot. The waiter actually called the pizza place that was basically closed for the night and had them cook us up some grub and deliver it to the pub! Now that is hospitality, Nova Scotia style!

We were fortunate to see the arrival of the SY Fryderyk Chopin in Lunenburg on Friday. It had departed a year before and traveled the world. Met some people that traveled from the Bahamas to see their daughter that was on the ship.

Then it's off to Barss Corner! Mr. Jean asked if this skeleton was from a horse, but was educated to learn that it was a actually a bicorn! LOL

Went for a stroll through the bush and found this old spruce tree with burls like I have never seen before. They were HUGE!

Cool shot eh! You can hardly figure out which way is up. Interesting little piece of fungus on the one tree. And then it was time for some music! Was a gorgeous sunshiny day, plus 20 and very welcome after our long, hard winter.

Just fun, just plain old fashioned fun and tunes. Great way to relax and forget.

Listening to Roland and his friend play guitar is a real treat for me, I could just kick back and loose myself for hours. Not so sure if Tippy feels the same though!

Never enough time to play. One day--. Then we headed off to see a cabin that Roland's other friend built on 9 mile lake, and I fell in love! What a gorgeous lake. Made me homesick for sure.

But now I know what has been missing. Must find a place along the water. So there is the next mission. I mean look at this!! Life IS too short.

One last goodbye to the lake then we take a 2 hour jaunt to some more friends and find they have an authentic German machine gun on their front lawn! Gotta love these wartime buddies!

Found this chipmunk in the bird feeder and followed him to his home. Cute little creek running through the property, beside the gun range, of course.

Then I get a real honor and thrill. Fire 5 different hand guns, and after plowing the field the first few rounds actually hit the target!!

LOVE IT!! Last year was the black powder rifles and musket loaders and this year a real Colt 45!! Every cowgirls dream. Thank you Mr. H.

Repeater hand guns. Terri had a real cool little 22, could certainly have more fun with that one. Next day back up to 9 mile lake and Roland dives off the end of the dock!

Water is VERY cold!! Meet the local self appointed "Sheriff" and hear stories of boats capsizing on the lake and lives lost.

And of course I just HAVE to jump in the lake to. As they say, if your friends jumped off the end of the dock would you?? Of course!! But I didn't have the luxury of removing my clothes like Mr. Roland! And yes, the water was extremely cold. Take your breath away cold. The ice had just gone out a couple of weeks before and I'm sure the only reason it wasn't frozen yet was because it was moving!!

Then a quick jaunt up to Indian Falls. Mr. H gave us a history lesson again and advised that they have to bring in a new Indian every year to fall off the cliff, otherwise it would have to be called Indian Fell.

Now this is a COOL SHOT!! Roland and Terri discussing the salmon run in the mist of the falls. Neat eh!

Mr. H and Geraldine wait for us at the top. Now this is living. Relaxing, enjoying the company of good friends in one of the prettiest places on earth.

Quiet moments.

Quick tour up to a cabin that has been in Terri's family for a hundred years. Wow. Allot of Nova Scotia's history is over 300 years old. Never knew that before.

And then guess what. In the blink of an eye it is over. Back at the Halifax airport and grab a salmon for Ramona for looking after ALL the animals in our absence. Thankyou Ramona for allowing us the opportunity to run away for a couple of days.