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Curly's and Vanners at Fultonvale!!

Oakley, Pall and Sally were superstars!!

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May 24th, 2009
WOW!! What a fantastic weekend this one was! Again!
Great weather; sunny and 24, super people; Roland, Raquel, Reo and Ramona, and the worlds best horses; Palladin, Annie's Oakley and Lillevang's Sally make for one impossible to beat weekend.

Our weekend starts with bathing the horses Friday night after work. Saturday morning up with the birds to take a kitten to the airport for 8 AM to fly to Quebec. 9:30 Chelsea and her mom arrived from Athabasca to do an allergy test with the horses. We are putting some polish on Sally's feathers and loading up the trailer for Sunday. Chelsea is thrilled they have NO reaction to the horses. They check out the yearlings and Curly Sarah and Mac. 10 AM Courtney arrives to pick up her 2 Siberian kittens and then Angela also arrived to check out thier allergies to the cats. Then we were off to St. Albert by 11 to take in the Rain Maker rodeo!
That's our Raquel with a gorgeous butterfly painting and a purple cowboy hat.

The rodeo starts off with one of the funniest events ever. Wild pony roping for the kids.

young boys and girls try to catch a wild pony and ride it for 8 seconds. These guys were on the pony, fell off and then refused to let go of the rope and were drug all the way around the ring!

Up to the real rough stock. Lots of action. Bulls and bareback.

I could ride that horse! Not!! Look at the way he is twisted! then calf roping.

Then steer riding and team roping.

Ouch! that looks like it is going to hurt for a while.

I enjoy bull dogging. Seems to be one of the more even events.

Guess I also enjoy the saddle bronc. It's pretty fair!! And of course the barrel racing.

Finish up an awesome day with a ferris wheel ride! What could be more appropriate??

Equine Showcase

Then it's home and load the trailer ready for Sunday morning, which is when we get up at 5:30 in the morning!
Head off to Fultonvale's Olympiette Centre for the
Equine Extravaganza Showcase for 2009!!

Arrive right on time at 8AM. Unload our treasures and do some final grooming.

Everyone pitches in and we get the horses to their stalls and set up the booth.

Our first ride is suppose to be at 10:45, so lots of time to get the horses polished

We brought along our little Peggy for a grooming demonstration. Isn't she looking great!

Saddle up our prize Gypsy Vanner mare, Sally and Ramona rides Annie's Oakley. Sally looks awesome! I put on a red gypsy dress to complete the picture.

Our first ride is two hours behind schedule, but no problem, we are there for the day anyways. It's a parade of the breeds and a guessing game for the crowd.

Tons of horses in the ring. 30 breeds and 3 or 4 to a breed, so about 100 horses in all at once! Nice team of Canadians.

WOWSERS!! Talk about fun. Ramona relaxes and we just show off to the world. and how can we not, we have two of the best looking horses there.

Everyone takes a break from the first hot day of the summer.

Then the Heavy horses come in to do some demonstrations.

Now this is impressive. A gorgeous 6 horse Percheron hitch.

I had never seen a performance like this before. 6 Percherons GALLOPING around a ring and doing serpentines and figure eights - at the gallop!!

Was symetry in motion for sure.

Then it's time to do our individual rides for the breed. Ramona is a bit nervous about what she is suppose to do when they call the Curlies. I told her just to watch what the other riders are doing.

Sally and I are first in the ring and Roland said when we entered there where lots of ohs and awes from the crowd.
Have a blast because Oakley is at the gate at the far end so when Sally heads back to the other end she extends out in the biggest trot I have ever ridden!!

since the show is running so sloooow, I have enough time to take Sally to the trailer, unsaddle her, take her to the stalls, go back and throw a saddle on Pall!! As we are entering the ring Ramona asks again, "what am I suppose to do??". So I tell her, I'm going to chase you!!

And that is what we had. Just tore around the ring chasing her and cutting her off and laughed our heads off!

Ran so fast Ramona lost her hat!! Everyone said we did the quickest demo! No prissy walk/trot around the ring for us cowgirls!!

Roland said Ramona had a grin from one ear to the other the entire time. Think she had fun this day.

But afterwards Ramona made a hurtful comment. She said Oakley is faster than Pall!! I didn't tell Pall.