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Easter Photo Shoot for the Archives in the Provincial Museum!!

Super busy Easter weekend with awesome weather and the worlds best horses!!

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April 12th, 2009
Once again we are honored! Linda Finstad of A Sharper Image - Photography contacted us and wishes to photograph our amazing horses to be a part of a unique exhibit that will preserve the history of ďAlbertaís Equines for future generations"!!
The equine Heritage project will explore the richness and diversity of horses in the most ambitious photographic exhibit ever, commissioned by the Provincial Archives Museum. WOW!

Wednesday the preparation starts with getting the farrier out to trim up some feet. Ramona has an oups when the donkies get loose and Tom and her have to round them up, the donkies have other ideas!!

But they are soon in the hands of the farrier. Sally stands patiently waiting while her little Antigua chats over the fence.

Cookie and Ambrosia were also trimmed while Tom was out.

Thursday evening Roland gives Ramona her first tractor driving lesson.

and Friday we attempt to remove the winters tarnish from the horses.No easy task with all the mud!

But everyone has fun!Lisa, our gypsy friend, came out to join in the days adventure.

Golden Girl says That Feels Good!!Lots of work the clean her up.

But not near as much as Sally and Keelah!!Takes 4 people to groom her to a polish.Roland brought up Chance to join in the party.

Raquel helps hold Sally while she dries off before heading to her stall for the night.

Pall knows he is up next!

Look at the hair come off of Chance!He cleans up real good.

Final rinse after the conditioner and the horses are ready to head for their nice dry beds for the night.

Chandra and Amanda help with some scrubbing and join us for a lovely turkey dinner prepared by our resident chef, Roland!

The house is full of color, flowers, and fun!!

Finish off the day with some Easter egg coloring!REO! You canít have that much fun at the stables!!

Sticker time, then a wrestling match.

Saturday morning Linda arrives and we spend hours getting pictures and stories of the curlies and Vanners.Antigua was not impressed to be caught sleeping and left behind by mom!!What a woolly mammoth!Thatís what you get when you get a curly Gypsy!

Sally had not been ridden since she arrived at the stables 2 years ago.So we had a couple of humps in the arena before I brought her outside.But she was awesome.Man it felt good to get on her.Feel like you should be heading to the next caravan meet!

And of course my best bud Pall.He was feeling his oats too and since we had to go past Reilly and Sasha, our 2 studs, he was not wanting Oakley to be back at the stables without him.But I trust him totally and had a blast the whole day.

Thankyou Pall.Ramona hugs her buddy, Baxter.

And the day is done!What a fantastic couple of days.Gorgeous weather, GREAT company, and a huge team effort gets the mission accomplished.

Saturday evening we take Raquel to the theater for her long promised movie.See Hannah Montana and thoroughly impressed and surprised.Wonderful movie.

And of course the Easter bunny arrives during the night.

Sunday we see black smoke at the back of the quarter and discover the neighbors buildings on fire.Bring along some shovels and assist with putting out the perimeter fire.

Luckily nothing of value was lost.House still in tack, just 4 buildings burnt to the ground.Ramonaís first experience close to a fire and she learnt a thing or two.Like never say itís impossible.