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Parade at Drayton Valley!!

Sally's and Mac's first parade!!

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June 13th, 2009
Since we are accepted to ride in the Calgary Stampede we want make sure the horses are totally ready for the HUGE crowds that will be there.
We take SS Mac Dilon, SS Annies Oakley and of course our lovely Sally to the Brazeau County Fair Parade.
It was a super, gorgeous day, bit on the warm side at 28 degrees, but perfect sunshine.
Groom every one the day before, then up at 5 AM to get there for 8.

Oakley is all pretty and ready to go and show! Ramona braided their tails the night before. Then painted the lovely Maple Leaves and also put pink sparkles on her hooves!!

Sally's not too sure just why she is here, but she sure knows something is up! Ramona spent hours grooming her feathers. Then I spent another 3 hours Thursday night. But it sure was worth it, isn't she beautiful!!

Ramona and Oakley are ready to go!!

Stop at the gas station for a visit. Everyone LOVES Sally.

We line up and are leading the wagon teams. I was surprised that neither Mac nor Sally were bothered by the teams. I've seen some horses go inside out from them.

And we are on our way following the tractors,.

Mac is a little frightened at first, but settles in along the way. Our first encounter is a sulky and of course it seems scary at first.

Look at Sally's gorgeous tail!! She was just plain perfect! Love her. Mac settles in and does just fine for his first parade to.

A much earned rub down after the parade. We had to cover the 4 miles back to the trailer also.

Sally is a bit wet under her saddle blanket, but a piece of apple and all is well!

Thankyou to Sally!! She was soooo awesome for her first parade. Couple of shies at a manhole cover, drainage grate and a speed bump, but took it all in stride (well, maybe one little buck!).

And a big thankyou to Oakley for taking Ramona through her first parade unscathed! They did awesome together.

And a HUGE thankyou to Reo for taking Mac through his first parade and allowing him to gain more confidence. You two made a great team!