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Danish Visitors!!

30 Danish students arrive at Sunnybrook Stables!!

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May 30th, 2009
Mr. Peter Jensen called a couple of months ago and asked if the Danish University could include us on their farm tour! And of course we said YES!! Always love to show off our horses to the world.
Ramona, Reo and I are up until 1 the night before cleaning the stables and catching horses for the big day. Tom and Colleen cut the grass and move a bunch of equipment around. Up early in the AM and then we are ready! We are blessed the morning of with a beautiful sunshine day.

Palladin, Curly Sarah, Chico and Chance are groomed ready for the crowd. Golden Girl gets in on the action also.

Saddle up Sally so she is ready to go as they only have a couple of hours at the stables. That's our fantastic Keelah in the next pic! Hasn't she grown into a beauty!!

Peter, Marco, Knud and the students all arrive and Peter is wearing sandals!! His comment was "Can you tell I'm married now!" LOL

Everybody meanders inside and we have our displays all set up with information on who we are and what we have done.

We do a short round pen demo to explain how we get the horses respect and how we can control the horse with just our body language.

Oakley hasn't been round penned for a couple of years so she puts on a real nice educational performance! Then we head outside to do our riding demonstration in the gorgeous sunshine!

And of course we have to show off our gorgeous Gypsy Vanner girl, Sally. And her filly Keelah, who is of course out of the champion stallion in Denmark!!

Do a demo on how we control a horse from the saddle also with our body. Not our hands. And how we control the power source of the horse, the hind end.

Ramona saddles up Oakley and brings her out to show some of the aids and how they work.

Oakley and Ramona are really starting to work well together. Ramona is relaxing and starting to feel what she is doing and is able to do a very nice ride.

We wind up our demo with discussions on what we have done with the horses, our exports, exchange program, and of course our breeding goals.

Then everyone wants to see the log cabin!! No logs like this in Denmark, so we head to the house for some coffee, cake, pie and cookies!!

Lots of ohs and awes as I explain the detailed construction of the log cabin.

It's a big hit and they all love the design, logs and warmth of our lovely home.

The loft is always the favorite. As Roland says, it would be perfect to build a house with just a loft! LOL

While we are browsing the cabin one of the fellows asked a favor, If I could just start the Mustang so he could hear it! Asked him if he would like to go for a ride and he was ALL smiles! Took a little spin and made his day.

Then it's time to end our portion of their tour as they get ready to visit a Swine operation and then head to the Hutterite Colony for lunch.

Before they leave Knud presents me with a very nice Thankyou gift. Thankyou!!

Five girls and Knud decide they would much sooner see more of the horses than the pigs and stay behind for a tour through the fields and learn more about the curlies.

Our donkies, Sally and Jenny are the first ones up and always a thrill for the foreign visitors. Funny how they always know they are "safe" when we come out with a group. Try to catch them to trim their feet and it's a different story!!

Explain why all the different mares, the different breeding programs and goals. How long it takes to get the horse you want.

Stop at the stallions, then the baby corral where we unfortunately find one of the foals had hooked it's halter on the gate post then reared and got her foot through the top panel of the gate! then back into the arena and get more ohs and awes from the pictures of our mountain trips.

And our tour is over! So many stories so little time. A super day, super people and great weather.

BIG THANKYOU to Reo for taking all the pictures!! Great job!!