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Trail Ride!!

Gorgeous Weather, Super Horses, Equals Lots of Smiles!!

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July 20th, 2009
Susan started taking riding lessons a couple of months ago and decided to head to the mountains Saturday for a trail ride so we cramped a nice little jaunt if for her.
She had not ridden "loose" outside before so just wanted to make sure she was comfortable before she left for the hills.

Susan on Star, Claire rode Mac, Raquel on Peggy, Roland on Sally, Ramona on Chico and I of course on good old Pall.

Susan did AWESOME on Star. But the real star was CHICO!! Absoulelty NO problem for his first trail ride with Ramona.

Raquel had her best ride ever on Peggy. She'll be ready for the mountains this summer.

Claire guides Mac through the trails. Roland leads the pac on Sally.

LOOK AT CHICO!!! WOWSERS!! So attentive, in tune, steady and comfortable.

Susan experiences her first ride on a foxtrotter, and LOVES it!!

We head off down the back trails for a bit longer ride. LOOK AT CHICO!! (Did I say that already??!!)

What a gorgeous day. Just perfect for a morning trail ride. No bugs, sunshine, just perfect.

This is a real nice shot of Mac. Always liked how this boy steps out and loves the trails.

Off they go into the forest with Roland and Sally leading the way. Looking good!!

How much more fun can it be???? Sally then Star.

Chico then Mac. And we have to end the day for Roland and I head off to the Charley Pride concert!! and what a concert and honour to see one of the last remaining true Country legends.