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Curly's at Calgary Stampede!!

Pall shines again at Stampede!!

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July 12thth, 2008
Who do you take to an exhibition known as the greatest outdoor show on earth? Who can you count on to be a showcase, picture perfect model for representing a breed to the world!
There's no problem at Sunnybrook Stables to pick a winner. Paladin has never let us down at this huge event. And this year was not exception.

Always a rush to leave the stables. Run home from work, pack, load up Pall and this time we had to take 2 kittens along with us to meet their new families in Calgary. Stop at Olds and pick up Raquel to join us for Stampede.
Stop in Airdrie to pick up the passes from Dawn. Arrive close to the grounds at 9:30 but have some navigational trouble getting into the grounds, but finally make it. Get Pall settled into his stall and head over to park the truck and trailer. Get to sleep after midnight!

Then it's up at 6, as we have to trim Pall's toenails and give him a spiffy bath! Lady from the Paint horses offers some of her "blue" whitener for Palls stockings and he is show ready!! Raquel is a huge help transporting everything over to the Ag Building. The hay net is full and heavy!

Then the crowds start to arrive and Pall loves the attention. Ron shows Raquel how to spin a rope, and she gets it!

Still lots of people who have never heard of a hypoallergenic horse. Exhibitions like this are an excellent way for us to get the word out that there are wonderful horses for people with allergies to horses!

Raquel is bored, but Ron graciously allows us to make a number of tours around the grounds to try and find a special T-shirt for Franzi (which unfortunately they don't make anymore). But a California Ice puts me back in the good books!!

Look at our boy! Yes, I must say he was looking very spiffy. Look at his wonderful mane that he does not shed out completely. Amazing that it will be four times that thick by spring again. Pall catches everyone's eye that walks by the booth.

Every person that stops wants to touch his mane to see if it's real! Lots of people think we spent the night curling it!

We do the demo for the breed and I get to talk up the Curly Horses! Pall keeps trying to roll in the lovely dirt so we make a game out of it.

Yes, it's at times like this that I second-guess gelding such a magnificent equine.

Then it's time to wind her down. Finish in the booth at 8, by the time we get the truck and get Pall loaded its 9:30. Drop Raquel off and trying to stay awake at 1 in the morning on the way home. Long drive, but we take it slow and steady and arrive safe and sound.
Another successful year at Calgary Stampede behind us.