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Spain & the Netherlands!!

Diego heads to Spain and Baley to the Netherlands.!!

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June 17th, 2008

Another bitter sweet trip overseas. Was very hard for me to say goodbye to Diego.
But as always we are thrilled to see our horses go to their new, loving homes.
June 13th, 5 PM

Federal vet arrived at 10 AM to do the final inspection and check out the trailer we sterilized yesterday. Then it's into the trailer.

Baley and Diego have one last look around.

Arrive at the airport 4 hours later. (Had to run back home after driving for 15 minute4s and realized I forgot my passport!!)
Back the trailer in, ramp in place and everyone loads into the stall.

Baley and Diego patiently wait in the stall.

Cadenza loaded and the forklift comes to take the stall out to the plane.
June 14th, 1 AM

Horses are loaded into the nose of the plane this trip. Which is handy for me to check on them as they are directly underneath where I sit for the 9-hour flight.

Can you see Diego's little eye peaking out through the crate? There's a car loaded beside the crate, gives you an idea of the size of the plane inside. Hay nets full, horses watered, ready for take off.
June 14th 10 PM our time (1800 LUX)

Arrive safe and sound in LUX. I get stranded at the main terminal, but Franzi rescues me.

Baleys new family is there to greet him and they are in love. He is everything they hoped he would be and more. The children are impressed how quiet he is, and lots of hugs are shared.
When we were leaving Diego looked at me with the saddest of eyes and tore my heart. How can one tell him that it is going to be okay. The horses cannot leave now until the next day and we must go. Not easy.
Franzi's dad is with her to pick me up and good thing to, as I know I fell asleep a number of times on the 4 hour drive.
June 15th 1 AM our time (9 AM LUX)
Head over to the stables to see Seleena! Who is looking very pregnant and Franzi is an anxious grandma.

Franzi feeds Seleena and her pasture mate.

Then it's off to see Princess Annie and meet her family. Have a piece of super tasty homemade apple pie first!

They have 4 horses including Annie, and one black mare is 30 years old but looks about 20!

We stop to see the Friesian and Tinker of her sisters along the way. Then back to the house for a wonderful lunch.

The sun shines for us and we tour the wonderful gardens they have made around the house.

Then it's back on the road again for 3 hours to the stables for a friendly BBQ.

Back to Franzi's for an early rise to head back to the airport way too soon!
June 16th 1 AM our time
Head out from Franzi's and stop for a nice breakfast.

Arrive at the airport for 8 AM our time. Fly to Scotland and land there for a couple of hours, then over Greenland and the North West Territories.

Land in Seattle, then on to Calgary. Have a mix up again at the main terminal so I walk 2 miles back to the Cargo area and start the long drive home at 2:30 AM!! Arrive at work for 6 AM and the holiday is over.

Pictures from Franzi!

Look how forlorn Diego was! Maybe just because I couldn't go to Spain and introduce him to his new owners. That was the initial plan but there was a huge truckers strike on and we just couldn't fit in a return trip. which I'm sure Diego would not have minded, but might not have went over to well here at home and at work! Baley is blissful.

Brittany was worried about Baley and it brings me such joy to see the love this boy is going to have the rest of his life.

Pic from the Pagelkopfs of Princess Annie's.

Another of their angel and a really nice shot of the Tinker and Friesian.