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Kids and Camp!!

It was rewarding, exciting, and over all too soon!!

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July 2008

Another super camp. 5 year old Sky rode Zack, Amanda rode Dusty,

Raquel rode Peggy, Geneva rode Mac and I rode Pall.
Camp starts out with cleaning stalls, filling water buckets and hay nets and making the horses comfortable.  Next on the list is grooming.  Geneva gives Mac a brush over, then Sky and Zack.
Our first session is always a long one to make sure everyone can saddle and bridle their own horse.  Amanda’s not too sure about picking up Dusty’s foot, but was a pro by the end of camp.  Raquel grooms our Peggy ready to ride.  Peggy is actually a rescue horse and has two lumps behind her front elbows and we say that is where her wings were attached, hence she was named Pegasus.
First for camp.  Second day of lessons and we were ready to go for a trail ride in the aftertoon!!  Look how proud Mac was to lead the group.  And littly Sky is such a confident rider for a 5 year old!
Raquell and Amanda follow along with great form.
This is where we find out if we have a problem with control!!  And everyone passed the test.  Not one rider stepped out of line.  Was a super first outside ride.

Through the bush!  All the kids did awesome, only a minor nick or scratch.
And of course the horses did awesome also.
Geneva looking so relaxed on Mac.  And little Sky was a marvel.
If all the kids of camp were as easy going as this bunch I’d hold one every week!!  Raquel and Amanda just took it all in stride.
Then we are off to the back of the training field.  This is the first real test out in the open with a small herd of horses not far away.  Everyone was in contrl.
Mac sure loved being out on the trails.  Not once was he racy or prancy.
Amanda ducks a branch.  Mac ready to lead over the barrel trap.
No problem.
Raquel and Peggy take on the task.
Back we go to the front brush.
It was a very nice, sunny day.  Not too hot, just perfect for riding.

Stop and pose for a group picture.  Then head back to the areana.
Lots of negotiating along the trail.
No problem if you are short!!
Who built this trail beside the branches???
Geneva was happy, it was the first camp for her that she got to be in the lead.  She’s come a long way since her first camp years ago.
Oups, don’t run over the paparazzi!!
Then we cross the log jam to head back.
Everyone does a fine job over the logs.
Then back to camp to give the horses a much earned break.
Final day of camp!  Big thunderstorm in the morning, the at noon the sun greeted us!  We were all worried we would not get to do our trail ride, but somebody was watching out for us. 

Group together in the big field before we head to the far forest. 
And we are on the REAL trail ride!!  Cant believe how super everyone stays in line!  Picture perfect for sure.
Geneva gets to take up the rear on this ride while I lead on Pall.  Raquel with a nice smile coming out of the forest.
We gather up and stop for snacks and let the horses rest.
What a perfect day.  Nobody’s horse got loose, nobody lost control, nobody had any reason to be anything but HAPPY!!
Break over and time to mount up and head for camp.
Pall waiting patiently.

Pall even waited for me while I ran out to take this pic! Love that boy.
Then it’s over!  Time to head say our goodbye’s and end another

Fun filled Summer Camp!!