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Rocky Mountain High!!

A weekend to remember.

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September 1st, 2007
Riding in the mountains, with the worlds best daughter (Chandra), on my favorite curly horse (Palladin), with my dog (Tipper). Life does not get ANY better than this. Ever.
How many people are blessed to spend a weekend like this? Not many.
Chandra wrote her final exam and "enjoyed" her last day of university and wanted to do something special. Said she wanted to go to the mountains riding. I never realized that she had not gone to the mountains on horseback!! How this happened I am not sure. But it's fixed now!!

Chandra's friend, Brian, joined us for the ride. Friday night was a terrible storm. Lots of rain.
Of course every day starts out gearing up. Chaps, slickers, ropes, and lunch! First day is a nice easy ride.

Heading west from the YaHa campground to the Banff National Park border. Weather is a bit cool. Red Deer River is too high to cross but we don't care, there's months of riding on the North side.

Trail is pretty easy, but still some climbing to do. Chandra learns to trust her mount. Let him feel his way, but keep him in check.

I really enjoy this ride as we follow the Red Deer and see lots of trees, mountains and rock cliffs.

Pretty eh!!

That is the Red Deer River, winding it's way around the mountains. We go all the way to Tim Bartonís outfit. Stop and have some lunch.

Then back in the saddle for another 3 1/2 hour ride home.

Next day we head to the hills to check out some new trails. Follow the old Banff Road (early 1900's), see some ancient corduroy bridges, and make a few good climbs.

That evening Chandra, Tipper and I head up the Big Horn falls. It is gorgeous here!!


Hard to imagine the little river can make such a tremendous impression.

Last ride. We take the little trip up the valley, heading to the water slide. There's an old round pen that has almost completely rotted away. Probably from the RCMP when they trained horses here many years ago.

Cross the Snaring River a number of times on our way to the slide.

Chandra is now comfortable crossing the water.

And we're there!

I love this picture of Tipper, had it blown up. Love this area. So much rock and so many interesting natural creations. You can actually sit in the water at the top and slide all the way to the bottom when the water is low.

Breath taking beauty. The water, the rock, the thunder as it comes through the chute.

and another memorable trip is done. Until next year.