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Curly's at Calgary Stampede!!

Another AWESOME showing of Curly's at Stampede!!

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July 14thth, 2007
Palladin did his job again as ambassador for the Curly horse breed. It was extremely hot (32 with no air movement!) and there were thousands of people as usual.
I wasn't able to get many pics this year as my exchange student cancelled out this year. We did a demo for the crowd which was WELL received! We had people coming up to us afterwards, (even the organizer for the demonstrations!) to say we did a fantastic job. Lots of information, funny and entertaining? Me??? No, must have been Pall!!

Everybody Loved Pall!! He's so gorgeous, and we had him all bathed and polished for the showcase. Both days in the booth were extremely hot. A BIG thankyou to Dawn for bringing a fan down. It made a huge difference.

Ron brought in his copy of the DVD from Denise Conroy and it was a huge hit. Nobody walked by without seeing the curly coated horses! Never a moment to sit, as it was very, very busy.

Pall says "Pet ME!!". He's such a good boy. It was so hot the first day he had trouble staying awake. Not often you see a horse with all this activity going on lying down!

And not only did he lie down, but he actually fell asleep. It was hilarious to watch him. He'd start to nod off, then jump, as if to say, NO, not me, I wasn't sleeping. Looked like a kid in school trying to stay awake. And finally he did fall asleep.