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Canadian Classic
Curly Horse Show!!

Complete listing of placings are coming!

Our best Horse Show ever!!
Special thanks to Nicole and Chad for organizing, timing and setting up the Trail Class. This years was very challenging and excellent training for all horses that entered. And thanks to Amanda's dad, Bob, for preparing the arena!
Super big thankyou to ALL parents and friends of participants for helping set up and take down the equipment. Due to everyone pitching in the show flowed very well and we made record time!! Everyone was happy and the horses were super. Thanks again!!
Without your help the show would never go.

Okay, yes, I admit, I have a favourite!
Nicole and Oakley.
Halter class. Alix and Peggy. Amanda and Sierra.
Hillary and Seleena. Equitation class.
Megan and Pall. Midori and Pride.
Gutsy Lady. Amanda and Dandee.
Alix and Peggy. Midori and Pride starting the trail class.
Sydney and oakley on the trail class.



































High Point champion Amanda with her fantastic curly boy - Dandee!!

And our High Point champion Senior rider with her horse Gutsy Lady!!
Megan Dick accepts the Junior High Point Reserve Champion with SS Sunnybrooks Wyatt.