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Open House Showcase!!

The weather was terrible, but the horses were super and the company the best!!

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May 29th, 2007
Yet another wonderful day at the stables. The weather was terrible, plus 3 and raining, but the horses were awesome, as expected.
Most of you know our feature picture rider, Amanda, and her wonderful Curly, Dandee. He is the wonder horse at the stables, will jump anything and do anything for Amanda.

Mom did an excellent job of setting up the Gift Shop with our new arrivals.

Looking great mom! We had tables set up inside with lots of info on the horses, coffee and donuts for everyone!

Of course Sally and Keelah were out for the day. Took me two hours to bath them and they still were not spotless! Little Keelah is really growing.

and it just would not have been right without Chance showing off. And show off he did. Momma broke loose and Chance went tearing all over the arena, just a kickin up his heals and feeling good. Meg rode Seleena and they got along very well.

It was Seleena's début to jumping and she wasn't sure what to make of it. But she tried!

Hilary did awesome on Charmer, so of course now she wants to ride him in the next showcase! We never thought Charmer would be a jumper, but yesterday Winchester was loose and Charmer wanted no part of that, so he cleared the fence to go with his buddies! I was impressed to say the least.

Charmer gets right into it, steady as a rock for Hillary. Dandee says this is child’s play!

Thankyou to all for your help and demonstrations, and to Tracy for taking care of Sienna, who was in the feeder again!!