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Curly Horses to Europe!!

SS Walcurly Princess Annie, SS Walcurly Serrando, SS Annie's Buffalo Girl and SS Sunnybrook's Doc Halladay all arrive in Germany safe and sound!!

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December 2007
Four of our wonderful horses are now citizens of Germany! Was both a sad and glorious day when the horses and I got to meet their new families at Luxembourg.
As with all our journeys overseas it all starts months ago. This time was with the assistance of Franzi, a former exchange student at the stables. Through her hard work and diligence our curlies found their new homes.
Months before the actual journey much preparation entails. Vet inspections, blood work, quarantine arrangements through the federal veterinarians, and many, many emails!

13:00 Friday the preparations begin. Take the trailer to Warburg to sterilize it for inspection. One problem, it is -23 degrees. The floor of the trailer is frozen into a skating rink when I return home. Back to the truck wash to wash it again and scrape the water out and dry the floor with a towel to try and absorb all the moisture. Put some shavings in and it is still a skating rink. Pack a whole bale of straw on the floor to try and give the horses as much footing as possible.
15:00 Federal vet arrives and gives us the final clearance for transport.
16:00 Load the horses, everyone loads super. Very impressed, but, they are curlies!!
17:00 Head out for Calgary International airport. It is snowing, but the roads are not to bad.

21:30 Arrive in Calgary to find out they forgot to book my ticket!! Yikes, always something. But Raymond gets my clearance and all is good.

1:00 Load the horses into the crate and ready to go. Load up Doc first as he is so steady. Then Buffy as she wants to stay with the babies, and then the babies just walk in to be with Buffy. Fill the hay nets, check the water and we are ready.
3:00 We are in the plane and ready for take off. Got loaded in the nose of the plane this time.
11:30 (19:30 Luxembourg time) arrive in Lux

Waiting patiently for the arrival of the horses - Doc and Princess Annie's new owners.

Buffy and Serrando's new mom, then Jeanette and Franzi's friend.

12:00 (20:00 LUX) Horses finally unloaded from the plane and we arrive at the quarantine station. Looks like a big party with everyone there and waiting! Everyone is sooo excited to see the horses. Remove the hay nets from the stall so no one is caught in them.

Doc says - "let me outta here!!"

Out come the babies first. Princess Annie is not sure she wants to leave her friends. A little bit of coaxing and she is on her way. Serrando and Princess Annie are very happy to be together after their long journey. Look at the curls on these two angels.

The babies and their new families.

Maria is thrilled with Buffy, and Buffy seems pretty pleased with Maria!

Buffy watches over her babies. She took full charge of Princess Annie and Serrando while everyone was in quarantine. Ralf meets Doc. Doc is going to do some jumping.

Ralf's daughter is very pleased with Doc. Serrando was pretty tired from the trip and looking for some hugs.

A lat hug for Doc and Ralf spends a moment with Doc.

Always hard to let the horses go and even harder when they are a sweetheart like Serrando. So trusting and you know they are wondering where they are and what is happening. Took awhile for the babies to figure out the water in the quarantine station, but once they did they sure took on their fill. Hate to see them head out on the next leg of the journey without drinking.

Sunday we take some time to head into a Christmas market. It's pouring rain, but I don't care!! Love Christmas and awesome to see the sights in Germany and this wondrous time of year. Stop at a little restaurant to have a hot chocolate.

There is a HUGE Christmas tree in the center of Dortmund near Düsseldorf. 1,400 Christmas trees, stacked together to make the tallest Christmas tree in the world! 40,000 lights on this marvel. And all around the bottom is many displays of fairy tales. It is truly beautiful and magical.

Stop by Franzi's stable where she works. It is very warm and open. The people are super friendly. This is where Franzi hope to bring Seleena. It will be a wonderful home for her.

then that night Franzi's mom and dad arrive!! Franzi's mom has prepared a homemade cheesecake and Franzi has really cooked up a storm. Wonderful stuffed peppers and cheese. Some of Franzi's friends from the stable join us and we have wonderful conversation and laugh allot.

And before we know it, it is time to head home. That was FAST!! It's pouring rain again as we head for the airport. And at one point we hit some hail. Yes, that is white stuff on the dash.

Leave Germany at 11 PM Sunday night our time and don't get home until 7:30 AM Tuesday morning. Depart LUX, go through Seattle and Calgary. Long trip, but always worth it.

Follow up pictures of Doc from Ralf. Ralf let us know that Doc settled right in and became friends with the other horses very easily.