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Fun for all
at the Fultonvale
Equine Extravaganza!!

Proud of our Horses!!
It was the best weekend of the entire year. The riders and horses were something special for all to see, and we were complimented time and time again.

Megan rode SS Annie’s Oakley, Kim rode Ss Palladin and Hillary rode Prince Charming II.

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Look at Pall!  And you should have seen Oakley and Charmer!  And Sally’s début to Alberta!  It really was awesome.  The weather was fantastic, maybe a bit too hot, but the horses were just perfect.

I must say a BIG thankyou to Dallas for letting me use her camera.  I bought a real fancy new one, and guess where it was – sitting on the front porch, where I put it so I would not forget it.  Thankyou Dallas, very much

And of course another HUGE thankyou to our riders, Kim, Meg and Hillary for doing a very professional job of showing off our horses.  And last, but not least, to Deb, my niece, for all your help setting up everything, folding all the flyers, pitching in with all the work.  Without all of you there is now way we could attend these events.

It really was a gorgeous day, lots of people out to see all the different breeds.  Many people were interested in the two rare breeds we were proud to represent.
First event was a hunter under saddle class demonstration.   Oaks and Charmer participated in these events.  It is mostly just for informational purposes for the crowd.
Hillary did an excellent job on charmer, who she loves, which makes it easy!  The horses were under saddle for 10 hours.  Long day for their first spring event.
Sally and I waiting for our first appearance.  As you can see she was pretty upset by it all.  Pall, just look at him.  Just love him.
Pall ready to showcase the Curlies with Kim.  Sally and I ready for our first tour of the ring.
How can you not love this girl?  Took me 3 hours to bath her the night before, and still didn’t get her feathers all white, but I think everybody would have loved to meet her even if she was still completely covered in mud!  Nobody could walk by without drooling!
There were about 38 breeds represented in the first parade of horses.  Then it was time for the Pony Club to perform some PPG games.  Meg and Hillary asked if they could take Charmer and Oaks in and participate.  Well the 2 poor horses didn’t know what hit them!  First, they hadn’t dome games for a couple of years, second they are definitely out of shape and third their riders had no time to practice.  
But regardless Meg did awesome on Oakley and Hillary was very considerate of Charmer.
Hillary playing hockey on horseback and Meg finishing the pole bending.
Oaks posing.  And Sally is back in the ring for the commentary of the breeds.  
She is so gentle, and so trusting.  I’m so happy I found her.  Look at Meg go on Oakley!! Way to ride Meg.  While we were visiting at the trailer both Meg and Hillary were proud to say they both had their first rides on Major.  Hillary strongly remembers her first horse show on Major and all the ribbons she won.  They were both sad to hear of his passing.
Look at our horses.  I’m not a bragger, but I really could not help but be proud of what we were able to show people this weekend.  Our horses were super well behaved, very flashy looking, well presented and I really had to stop and think about how we got to be here.  Been a couple of hard weeks for me and when we have a weekend like this it really helps to get focused again.  Thankyou all.
Yes, well, these to say a lot.  We just weaned off Keelah the day before I would have taken Sally in under saddle.  But she was dripping milk and missed her babe.  But look at how AWESOME she looks!!  Love this gentle giant.

Pall says – they like me better, Sally says take a hike!  I mean really, look at these two.  How could I not be proud to showcase two rare breeds and have such winners as these two?  I looked long and hard for both of them and I am so lucky.  So very lucky to have them as part of my life.  And to be able to share them.

Think it was a long hot day.  Couldn’t believe when I came around the corner and here was Meg and Hillary basically asleep on their horses waiting for their next run.  Think they trust their mounts!  But I think the horses were almost asleep to.
Just waiting.
I really like this picture of Oakley.  She looks like a nice hunter here.  This little girl spent HOURS with Sally.  Just standing and touching her.  At the end of the day her dad had to drag her away.
Pall and Kim chilling.
Then it was another PPG demo.  Meg even did a standing vault onto Oakley!  No small feat.
Charmer says okay, I’ll trot home, but not away anymore.  No problem I’ll stand to make the mad dash back.
Look at Meg go!  Then it was time for the egg and spoon race.  That’s Kim on Pall in the background.
Hard to get pictures but there’s Oakley and Pall, then Charmer.  Hillary was doing really good but lost her egg on the corner.
And this is my favorite picture of Charmer.  Looking so PROUD and ready, and yet relaxed.  Pall heading out.
I put Kim down for a dressage demo, not knowing what it was!  We thought she was going to be in the ring with a bunch of other riders, but turned out she was the only one in the ring.  She made a beautiful presentation for the crowd.
Oaks and Pall.
More time a waiting.
Guess Sally loves me too!  Really like this picture of Kim and Pall.
More time waiting.
And ready for their last presentation.  In goes Oaks.
Nice shot of Hillary on Charmer here.  She rode his canter like a rocking chair.  She said she never rode a horse with a canter as smooth and easy as his.
Charmer then Oaks.
Isn’t that a cute picture of Pall.  He looks like a 3 year old there.  And a really nice action shot of Megan and Oakley in the relay race.
There’s our hunter again!

Thankyou again to everyone for all your hard work. And I'm so sorry Amanda that you didn't make it. Thankyou for your help the day before getting everything organized.  All missed you and I know you would have had fun doing the jumping competition. Next year!