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Kids and Camp!!

It was fun, exciting and never long enough for the kids!!

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July 2007
Another super camp. Amanda rode SS Sunnybrook's Diego, she'd only had one camp before. Our other Amanda rode SS Sunnybrook's McCoy, his first camp. Kaitlin rode our little Pegasus, Peggy. And Geneva rode her own horse.

Here's Amanda with Diego whom she just totally fell in love with. He was a super, super boy for her. Then Peggy who was a real sweetheart for Kaitlin. Kaitlin had never even been on a horse before!!

Our good boy McCoy! And Amanda all smiles leading Diego.

Now isn't that a sweet face on Peggy?! You can see why I just had to rescue her. Geneva on her horse doing the bending poles.

McCoy and Amanda doing the mug race.

Diego and Amanda. Amanda was so relaxed on him, they were a perfect pair.

McCoy and the flag race. He was certain there was OATS in the bucket!!

McCoy again. And our new addition all the way from California!! Baxter, the parti poodle!! What a cutie he is.

A tour of the horses. Everyone HAS to say hello to Jenny the donkey. And Winchester, our stallion, is always the first up for a hug.

Star is one of Amanda's favorites. And her babe is friendly as can be. Here Starshine and PAnnie start to scratch each otherís back.

First Starshine tells PAnnie what she wants, and then they are happy!!

Winchester in the limelight again. He's soo gentle. And so friendly, we are so lucky to have him!!

Geneva gives the loving boy a hug. That's Gold Rush, who came from the same stables as Winchester.

Curly Sarah was the designated babysitter here!! Four babes in tow. And another shot of Baxter. This time checking out the watering hole.

Last day of camp we take our first ride outside. It was a very windy day and everyone got to find out how different horses behave outside!! But all did fantastic.

A group shot in front of one of the cabins before we head out into the forest. Geneva opted to not take her horse as he was acting up a bit. So she chooses a camp favorite, Seleena!!

Peggy is in the front, then Amanda on Diego and Geneva in the rear on Seleena.

Gorgeous shot of Peggy and then Diego.

Seleena. And look how tall the grass is this year!! Taller than Peggy!!

Never seen grass like this here. EVER! Lots of feed for the horses this year. This is Kaitlin and Amanda's first trail ride, and they do awesome.

We stop at our favorite watering hole for drinks and snack. It's a gorgeous day, the sun is shining, and we enjoy every moment.

Seleena does the packing on this trip. She's such a good girl.

Then it's time to hit the trails for home! Another camp has come to an end.