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Edmonton bus Tour!!

Super group of people from Edmonton arrived for a day trip on a bus to learn about our ranch and the Curly Horses!!

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June 20th, 2007

The big greyhound bus pulled in the yard full of eager souls looking for some fun on the farm. Everyone was asked to sign our guest book and look around at all the horses we had on display for them. We had Annie in with her day old baby, Cookie and her baby Chance, Dandee, Charmer, Kruzer, Lucky Charms, Pall (of course), Seleena, Buffy and could not miss Sally and Keelah!

Nicole, Deb and Amanda helped me set up the seating and displays the night before. Everyone settled in with their fresh coffee and homemade muffins. And the presentations started!

Since Oakley was awarded the Alberta Government Horse Improvement distinguished title of Superior Albert Bred Horse she is the one I usually use for the round pen demonstration. She's flashy, attentive and a super ambassador for the Curly horses.

Oaks knows the drill now. She's always been awesome for the round pen. She will join up with me with just a drop of my shoulder and then I can run circles around her and she'll stay right with me. It's fun!

We even brought out the Model A and our 1940's democrat! Played some real old time country tunes and everyone was very happy. I had their undivided attention for a full hour with the presentation on the origin of the Curlies and our basic training techniques.

I was going to hop on Pall for the riding Demo, but the groupís bus arrived half and hour late, so there was no time to get him ready. Thankfully Amanda agreed to hop on Dandee so we could explain the principles of riding with your seat. All were amazed at how sensitive a horse is. After the demo's we had the gift shop open and it was a beautiful day outside. Some just enjoyed the sunshine.

We even had some people from Scotland and Ireland!! They both knew the Irish Tinker breed and were amazed to see one this close to Edmonton!
BIGGGGG Thankyou to Nicole, Amanda and Deb for all your help. Thankyou so much for pitching in.
and Thankyou to the wonderful group that arrived to see our unique horses!!