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Warrior's First Cross Country Course!!

Congratulations Warrior and Kim! You represented the Curly Horses Excellently!!
This was Warrior's first Three Phase Event Cross Country Course and all he had was one little hessitaiation so small it could hardley be counted as a stop.
Kim rode him super and they were both calm, cool and collected when they finished their round. It was superb!
We arrived at the Rocky Mountain House Three Day event grounds only moments before Kim was to ride. Caought her just before she was to enter the start box.
They enter the start box and they are off! I run to the first jump and get a terribe, blurry picture of them landing. Oh well, at least it is a picture. We only get to see them make two jumps of the 12 they have to do.
The second picture is much better and you can actually see him jumping clear!! Then they head up a very steep hill to do their final jump, and clear it also.
They finish the course and Kim cools him out. Considering how hot it was, Warrior was not sweating bad at all.
Off comes his saddle and he gets a good rub down.
Still alert after his performance. His dressage test wasn't his best as someone started a tractor right beside the dressage ring while they were doing their test!! I'll post the jumping results when I get them.