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Our Palladin
and Andee at
the Calgary Stampede!!

Howdy Pardner!!
Palladin and Andee Showcase our Curlies to the world, and Pall was the star of the barn!!

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Palladin and Andee show off to the entire world for the Calgary Stampede, the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth!!
Our journey starts Thursday evening. We pick up Franzi from Germany at the airport on our way down to Calgary. Friday morning we are up early and head out for Pall's début in the show world!
Pall gets to be in the stampede booth for the whole time we are there because everyone loves him! No matter where we go people stop and stare.
Friday night we all take in the chuck wagon races and the evening show with fireworks. They spend $50,000 every night on fireworks, 500 people participate in the show and it was sold out every night.
Friday we are commissioned to do a presentation in the outdoor ring behind the Big Top tent. Lots of questions and we were told ours was the best one the entire week! Thankyou!! See, I guess that's the problem when you have a model horse like Pall, you just can't say enough about him, and when I'm given the chance to tell anyone about our wonderful horses I ALWAYS have lots to say!!

That's me, still talking to the crowd and answering all the questions. Not many Curly horses have been showcased that have Pall's gorgeous mane in the summer time. I can't tell you how many people really did NOT believe that it was natural curl. Time and time again people said he had a beautiful perm and it must have taken us hours to make it so pretty.

Debbie, Jeanette, Franzi, Daphne, my mom and dad all got to take in some of the midway and exhibits. Here's Franzi and Jeanette posing for their pic.

We were honored to be able to watch the performances of Native Americans from across Canada perform their ceremonial dances on Saturday.
Lots of colour, excellent drumming and a prayer was done by the senior elder.
The feathers, leather, fur and bead work are a joy to behold. Many hours went into the making of their traditional outfits.
some displays were set up of the tee pee's with thoughts on how they used to be organized. Buffalo hides drying, drums curing, herbs and grasses airing, lots of detailed items to see.
Another first for the Curly horses!! The organizers at the Calgary Stampede were so impressed with Palladin that they came and requested that we take him to the center stage in front of the building and do a speech on the Curly horses. Then they were so impressed with my little speech that they said I could be their standby from now on for speeches! Not sure about that one, but Pall sure looked spectacular parading around the greens!
Pall on the Saturday just before his and Andee's big début in the Big Top tent.
Franzi riding Pall in the warm up ring. Poor girl. Only a few hours sleep after landing in Alberta, then she is asked to ride a strange horse, in a strange saddle in a new environment for him and her! They did very well together once Franzi trusted him.
Daphne, here from Quebec, brings Andee into the warm up ring.
They do very well together, Andee trusts her and she trusts him immediately. Only problem they had was Andee not neck reining for Daphne.
Andee does not spook at anything, and stands quietly while the marching bands, trucks, other horses and wagons go by.
Final adjustments before we enter the ring. Franzi borrowed a pair of spurs to get Pall to move off her leg.
And we are in the ring in the parade of the breeds!!! First time for Pall and Andee, and for Franzi of course to! Big thrill for her to be here from Germany and be able to ride in such an event. Jeanette, here from Denmark, would have ridden also, but her arm was too sore to take a chance.
Riding past the crowd was no problem for either horse. You could always pic Pall out into the menage of horses!
There were about 6 different demos to perform and while waiting the horses stood along the back wall. Was very, very proud of Pall. Not once did he scream or even look at another horse. He really liked Franzi's way of being assertive with him.
First pic above they are performing the toilet paper race and Pall has a partner that he does not know. No problem though! Then at the end of the final day everyone lines up for the ribbon presentation.

Pall was on the first place team and Andee on the second! Here's Andee receiving his ribbon.
Our thanks to Dawn for keeping us in the Stampede, and to Ron for organizing it this year. It was another super showcase for the Curly horses and awesome exposure for our breed.