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Canadian Classic Curly Horse Show Results!!

I am so proud of all our riders and horses. I can't say enough about how everyone performed and how the horses behaved. I was super impressed. Thankyou!!
Most of our riders had never been in a horse show before and they all did themselves proud.

There are over one hundred pictures here. You will probably get half way through and it will only show you an x. Try hitting yuor refresh button, and if that does not work, right click the "X" and choose - show picture.

We left Sunnybrook at 7:30 PM Friday June 30th, and arrived in Bergen at 11 PM. Set up the tents and it was very late when we finally hit the pillows. Up at 7 AM as the show was to start at 8 AM (was delayed though and did not start until close to 10) and everyone was saddled and ready to go. First classes were the halter class.
SS Annie's Oakley (Oakley) was shown by Nicole, SS Sunnybrook's Diego (Diego) was shown by Amy, SS Marshall Dilon (Dilon) was shown by Debbie, He's My Copper Clown (Copper) was shown by Dean, Prince Charming II (Charmer) was shown by Virginia, SS Sunnybrook's Diego (Diego) was shown by Robyn, Dandee is own and shown by Amanda and SS Western Pride (Pride) is own and shown by Midori.
Diego and Dilon in the halter class. Dilon.
Pride then Dandee.
Oakley receives her ribbon for first in the halter class. Charmer gets saddled and a final check.
Robyn leads Wyatt to the warm up area. Dandee gets his final checks.
Copper getting ready and Wyatt is set to go.
First class is the pleasure class where the horse is judge for it's way of going. Pictured above - Dandee then Charmer.
Wyatt then Copper.
Oakley then Wyatt.
Wyatt wearing an umbrella (or so it appears) then 5 of our 8 riders caught together in the class.
Some pretty big classes!
Pride was first in the over four year olds!
Dilon won first and Diego second in the 4 year olds and under!
Amy is proud of her winnings!!
The next class is the trail class. Amy is first out on Diego and does the pick up, rails and tarp perfectly. There were 14 entries in the trail class. Oakley was first and Pride second!! Hooray!!
Dilon has no problems with the tarp. Robyn is still smiling after she clears the first 3 obstacles on Wyatt.
Everyone has some trouble with the gate. The plastic tarp is very scary! This is something we need to build to practice with at home.
Amanda is totally focused and grabs her pick up and follows through.
The rest of the course is easy for this pair.
Dandee finishes with the gate then Charmer comes through. I've never seen Virginia this focused!
And we come to the gate and she gets through!
Copper next and he flows through.
Dean had some trouble with gate and banged his leg on the silly handle that was sticking out 6 inches into the riders leg. Pride is next.
Pride does the gate! Then Oakley takes her turn.
Nicole is relaxed and confident. They do well together.
Wyatt and Robyn win fourth and she accepts his ribbon for the trail class.
Yes, that is Amanda, standing on Dandee while he is not even tied! Does she trust her friend?? Then it is time for the jumping.
We thought it was going to be an actual jumping class, but it is only 4 cavaletti in a circle and they judge it hunter style. People were actually riding in western saddles for this class as it was basically an extension of the trail class.
Charmer wins first and Dandee wins second as Dandee was too fast for a hunter judging. Virginia is proud of her run, as she should be. It's her first time on Charmer for a show.
Amanda and Virginia accept their ribbons.
Next is the equitation class of 12 entries. Pictured above Copper and Wyatt in the lead of the group.
Dilon and Diego, then Diego.
Wyatt then Charmer. This is one of the nicest forms I've seen Virginia keep with Charmer. Good job.
Oakley then the whole class.
Dandee then Oakley.
Dilon, Pride and Diego, then Dilon.
Copper and Diego then Charmer with Wyatt.
Dean accepts his ribbon for the Equitation class then Amy accepting her second place on Diego and Midori wins first with Pride!!
Pride in First! And three more proud riders on Dilon, Copper and Diego.
Diego then Dilon.
Pride then Amy starts the games on Diego through the barrel racing. Look at her go!! So proud of your calm confidence Amy.
Diego then Dilon on the barrels.
Dilon on the barrels. Never ran out once for Debbie. Definitely Debbie's first show, she's only been riding for a month!
Wyatt on the barrels.
Wyatt then Dandee.
And we have our best action shot of the day. Dandee almost parallel to the ground!
And they fly home. Then it's Charmers turn.
And they run for home. Then Pride.
Midori is remembering everything that she learnt and is looking for the next barrel.
They gallop home and it's Oakley's up next.
Her and Nicole have a very smooth run.
And gallop home!! Up now is Copper.
Dean was a bronc rider and it's his first time to ride anything like this! Bit more to turning around the barrels than riding a bucking horse, but he's learning.
They are coming home so fast his hat is flying off his head! Amanda accepts her second place ribbon, she was only a split second behind the first place and she even had a run out!
The next event is the Quandrangle, Copper zooms home then it's Oakley.
Oakley then Pride.
Pride. This is the only barrel our riders knocked down all day!
Charmer then Dandee.
Dandee then Wyatt.
Dilon then Diego.
Amy pushing Diego. Diego starts the pole bending.
Dilon on the pole bending then Dandee.
Copper then Charmer.
Diego. Everyone is getting tired. Need a break!!
Then we start the Working Cow Horse class. Copper holds the cattle for the other riders. Copper, Oakley, Dilon and Diego are entered. Copper takes second place! and Diego third. GOOD work guys!!
Nicole takes Oakley in and gets a young calf and brings her across the line! Good riding!!
Debbie takes Dilon in and quietly selects a calf.
She cuts it out of the herd
and brings it home! Good job Deb and Dilon!! Then she holds the cattle for Amy and Diego. Amy finds her cow.
Takes it to the right of the herd, then brings her across the line. Amy is hooked now, she wants to ride every week with cattle.
Amy and Diego hold the cattle for the next riders.
Coppers turn and Dean goes slows and steady.
Gets his calf and dashes across the line. Copper wins second place and Diego wins third. They were only beat by a trainer that does this all the time. Not bad at all you guys!!
Dean wins the award of most improved rider of the show. When he did his first couple of classes he had his big rowel spurs on and was pushing Copper totally, then he took his spurs off and settled in. Good job Dean. Midori wins Reserve Grand Champion on Pride for second highest overall points in the show!! Fantastic job Dori!!

Then we head home and get to see a gorgeous sunset. It was a super schooling show for everyone, the judge was very supportive and encouraging. Thanks to Ron Gale for organizing the show and allowing us to come and have a super fun day!!