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Curly Horse Showcase!!

All I can say is WOW!! It was a great day for the Curly Horses!
All our riders performed flawlessly and the horses were the best!!

If you only see an "X" instead of a picture, right click the "X" and choose - show picture.

Getting ready for the ride.  Kim from Buck Creek and Tracy and the girls from Athabasca were up at 5 AM!  The show started at 9 and our first ride was at 10:15.  Hillary and Amelia pictured holding Dilon.
Megan ready to ride Wyatt, which she did expertly.  She trusts him, he trusts her, the world is good!  Amanda with her pride an joy, Dandee (who was spotless thanks to their scrubbing the night before).
Megan heads out through the vehicles on Wyatt.  Dandee joins up on the other side of the warm up ring.
Kim softens Oakley, who responds to her soft hand and seat aids.  Wyatt and Dandee stroll past the miniature horses and carts.
Look at Oaks frame and balance, such a sweetheart she is.  Oaks is the first horse to be ridden at our stables whose mother and father I raised from babies!  Hillary catches up to Wyatt.
Wyatt don’t care, he’ll take Megan anywhere!!  Oaks picture perfect.
Wyatt’s tail looks like a puff ball from a prize poodle!!  Megan canters off and the head to a trail in the forest.
I love this shot of Oaks, shows how flexible she is, soft she is, attentive and willing.  Thankyou so much Kim for riding Oaks, you showed the crowd that a Curly is capable of anything!  Amanda and Megan stroll around.
and stroll around.  Think they are friends??  Dandee gets in the warm up ring.
Look at the extension Megan gets from Wyatt!  And they enter the ring.
Our four super stars (first time Curly horses have appeared at the Fultonvale Equine showcase!!)  Oakley leads the way, followed by Dilon, then Wyatt and Dandee.
Amanda catches a snooze in the most comfortable place she could find!  Victoria joins her on Dandee,
And Megan!  Love to see the horses loved like this!  Hillary poses on Dilon.
And Oakley poses between performances.  Megan and Amanda took a gallop through the forest on some trails.
Wyatt patiently waits for the others, and they all catch up.
Oakley waits her turn.  Megan takes a rest on Wyatt while waiting.
Amanda and Dandee looking pretty for the camera.  Dilon makes the most of his break and sneaks some tender grass while Megan sleeps on Wyatt!
Show time, back in the ring for our final round.
Dilon looks soooo cute, what a tolerant, easy going boy he is.  Amanda struts her stuff on Dandee.  It had just rained for a couple of minutes, so some of the crowd went inside to get dry.
And Oaks looks like a Prize Dressage equine.  Wyatt flexes for the pass past the crowd.  Dandee counter flexes.
Oaks asks, “Can I go home now!!”  Amanda and Megan come galloping back to the trailer.

And to finish the day Amanda tries to vault Dandee with the saddle on.  Her and Megan accomplished vaulting him without the saddle, but was a bit harder with it!


Thankyou!!!  Tracy, Kim, Megan, Amanda, Hillary, Darcy, Chandra, Ron, Victoria and Amelia for coming out and making this a WONDERFUL day!!!