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Open House Showcase!!

The horses were super, the weather was great and the company the best!!

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   Saturday morn our first visitors arrive to the Stables for our Annual Open House!   Debbie, Gary and I were busy the last weeks cleaning the yard, arena and stalls.  A couple of nights prior Debbie and I set up all the displays and tables in the laneway.  Looking good!
   Megan, Tracy and her mom arrive from Athabasca!  Great to see you guys again!!!  We had visitors from all over – Edmonton, Sherwood Park, Stony Plain, Spruce Grove, Devon (a reporter from the Dispatch even got to sit on Marshall Dilon!), Hay Lakes, Leduc, Warburg, Calmar, Millet and all the way from South of Calgary!!


     Sally has a bath!  She was certainly the highlight of the show (next to Star’s baby, maybe!)

     Megan, Amy, Nicole, Amanda and Midori all take part in our demo ride.  Little Megan did awesome on Wyatt.  She’s always liked him and requested to ride him and was sure glad she did.
     Amy had a blast on Beauty Girl.  It was only about the fourth time Amy has taken a lesson and she did excellent.  Did the bending poles, stakes race, mug race and a drill performance.
     Caught an excellent action shot of Midori doing the mug race with Pride.
     Dandee did not like the toilet paper race, at all!!  He did not want to stay beside the other horse, he wanted to win!!
Amanda’s arm can sure stretch!!   Pride and Beauty have no problem staying together.
Star’s little filly is sure a hot spot!  EVERYBODY had to stop and take pictures of little curly gem.   Gary says we should name her star shine!
She takes in all the attention she can get.  Later in the afternoon we find her lost in her dreams.  She was so tired she had a nice sleep in the shade of the trees.
Lots of visitors through the gift shop.  Everyone was impressed with our excellent selection of unique gifts.  We almost sold out of our pottery!

     The fire is almost ready to cook our midday meal.  Hotdogs! Of course, roasted on the open fire.  Amanda gives Dandee a spike like a unicorn!
Nellie and Cookie are in the stalls outside beside Star.  Inside we had Angel and Sally front and center by the first gate.  Our three stallions, Palladin, Winchester and Anikan Ambassador were in the laneway with JJ just outside the side door.  Beauty Girl, Annie’s Oakley, Marshall Dilon, Fools Gold and Charmer were at the end of the arena.  Dandee and Pride were of course ridden by their owners!
    Must take Tracy on our tour to see all her friends.  Davinah and Kodiak come for some hugs.  Golden Girl is enjoying the sunshine so much she doesn’t even get up to say hello!


Pride stepped on Midori’s foot by accident and he comes to say he’s sorry.  Debbie leads Cookie and Nellie back to the field for the evening.

     Tracy couldn’t leave without saying hello to SS Pals Sheza Seleena.  Seleena gives her a nuzzle.
     McCoy can’t be left out of the attention.  Seleena says she’s mine!

Sunday, Day two

     Buffy surprises us and has a new filly to greet us!!  Grandma Annie is close on hand to protect the new little one.
     We perform a demo ride with Natasha on SS Sunnybrook’s Wyatt, Virginia on Prince Charming II (Charmer), Debbie on SS Marshall Dilon, and Amanda on SS Dandee.

     Debbie does wonderful on Dilon (only her 4th time on a horse!),   Virginia and Amanda have some trouble in the TP race.  Good think Amanda’s arm is made of elastic!!  Dilon and Wyatt do excellent together.

     For a finally we perform musical chairs on horseback.  It is a crowd favorite!!  Amanda wins with Dandee.

     Winding down after the day, Angle poses for the camera with her beautifully groomed mane and tail.  Thanks to Lindi for bringing along some Cowboy Magic!

     Sally gets to go back to her friends.  I had hoped to ride her in the afternoon, but so many people came through we were still touring at 5 PM!! 

            Thanks to all our helpers for making it a fun day!!