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They Arrived!!


Lillevang´s Sally and Jaunty Star (JJ) arrive in Canada!!.

Two rare breeds, a Gypsy Vanner Irish Tinker

and an Irish Draught stallion

arrive at Sunnybrook Stables!

February 13, 2006 horses prepare to depart Luxembourg.
8 months after finding Sally, our Gypsy Vanner Irish Tinker, her adventure commenced February 9th when she departed Denmark. She traveled from Denmark, through Germany, stopped in Holland, then through Belgium to Luxembourg! Poor girl was very tired when she finally arrived in Sunnybrook, Alberta, Canada on February 14th at 5 AM!!

What a super Valentine to receive!!
Jaunty Star’s journey commenced in Wales on February 11th and he traveled across the ferry to the Netherlands where he spent the night, then into Germany and down to Luxembourg.
Their flight takes them into the United States and they must travel 10 hours and land in Seattle. Then they depart and fly for another 4 hours before finally arriving in Calgary, Alberta. Which is where Kim and I arrive at 10:30 PM to meet them.
They are unloaded from the plane and taken into the quarantine facility.
Our truck and trailer are inside the building beside the crate. The ramp is moved into position.
The straps are removed from the crate and we finally get to see our new additions to our family!! Sally pokes her head out and looks too cute!!
First comes Jaunty Star, very willing and steady. Then Sally is last. When she is unloaded everyone grabs their camera for a picture. And what a super quiet, gentle equine she is. And the feathers!! Tons of feathers and her forelock hangs all the way to the tip of her nose. She is so perfect, even more than I hoped for.
And JJ is huge!! Even taller in real life than in his photo’s. But not drafty looking at all. Very sport horse angle on this boy. Huge bone, flat knees and very level headed. We know we have a winner!!
Sally heads to our trailer and just follows me right in, not even a moments hesitation. Then JJ figures he has a girlfriend and there is no way he is being left behind and follows right into the trailer.
Four hours later we are home!! And the horses are settled into their quarantine station. Wow, never thought we would see the day they finally arrived here in Canada.

Many thanks go out to Terrence and Katja for all your patience while we tried to arrange the departure of your special horses (three times they were scheduled to depart!) and for trusting us to have these horses from you.

Special thanks to Carolyn for all your knowledge on the import requirements and your patience with all our questions and changes.