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Our Curlies Arrive in Denmark!!

The story of our babies journey across the ocean and half of Europe!!

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May 1st, 2006
SS Walcurly Marengo, SS Walcurly Prince Trevino and SS Pal's Trojan Nicker are loaded into our trailer to begin their journey to Denmark. The horses are loaded at 5 PM in the evening and will arrive at Anna and Joern's home 30 hours later!
We stop in Red Deer to fuel up the truck.  The trip to the airport takes 3 ˝ hours.  Don, with Cargolux, inspects the stall prior to loading.  The Federal Vet must give the final clearance before departing from Canada.
The horses all load into the stall and are settled before Gary heads back to Sunnybrook at 11 PM.  He will arrive home at 3 in the morning.

Don and Winston do the final checks, then the forklift comes to take the horses to the plane.
This trip I was requested to monitor 7 crates of Gazelles heading to Arabia!  Cute little fellows and they present no problem on the flight.  Nicker, Marengo and Trev arrive into the belly of the 747.  It was dark for our departure and I was not able to get any pics of the horses being lifted on the scissor lift.  During the flight everyone is nice and quiet.  Must be scary listening to all the noises and not know where you are.   


The entire body of the plane is loaded with Cargo.  See the three little windows at the top of the plane?  That’s where I sit for the flight.  I go down the stairs into the belly of the plane to check on the horses and the Gazelles every couple of hours.  The picture of the building is the quarantine area at LUX.  The horses brought there with a forklift and are unloaded inside the far right door.
When we arrive in LUX the horses all learn the new water system and Nicker and Trev munch on some hay.  It is great when we quarantine everyone together like we do, as they are very settled and travel super when they know their traveling companions.
Anna and Joern arrive at the quarantine station and see their new friends.  They back their car and two horse trailer into the building.
I anticipated trouble loading the babes, but they all walked right into the little trailer.  Lots of room for these three babes and they start munching their hay contentedly.
It’s a long, steady drive home.  We leave the airport around 9 PM (now on LUX time, 8 hours ahead) and arrive in Denmark around 5 in the morning!  The horses travel super, no fuss, and are fresh and perk when they are finally turned loose.  Anna’s other horses come charging to see who is invading their territory and we have one mishap with the babes running through the electric wire.  But no harm done and everyone is sorted and the babes allowed to check out their new home in peace.
What’s this stuff??  Haylage? Smells good!
Deelite, our first export into Germany, is looking great. Even the barn kitty thinks so!  She is due to foal, from SS Anikan Ambassador,  later in the summer.
Marengo and Nicker checking out the action.  A picture of Anna walking through the gorgeous garden area.  Lots of goldfish in the pond.
We take a look into the Old Barn, built roughly 100 years ago.  Many of the building were lost to a fire years ago.  Anna found some very interesting notations on the bricks that line the ceiling of the barn.  Notes about the weather that day, hauling livestock, and who was around.  This one is dates December 1947.
The loft is HUGE!  Joern said it holds 5,000 square bales!  Many of the beams and rafters are hand hewn.  There was an old conveyor system for bringing in the bales.
Anna’s mom arrives to see the horses.  They remember her and Love her!  Trev, of course, is the leader.  Does he know he was Anna’s pick from the first time she saw him??
The weather is a bit cool, and very windy.  But the horses are finally settling in and showing their typical Curly curiosity.
We head back North to Anna’s Parents at Bredebro for supper in the evening after a quick 4 hour snooze!
Pass some authentic old farm yards, everything is built from stone or brick, no wood building here with the salt water.  Anna takes me to some farms that breed Friesians! 
We stop at her girlfriends and see a Danish breed that looks like our Appaloosa.  This stallion was born a solid chestnut colour!
One of the many bays in the area.  Some neat sailboats.
Arrive at Anna’s parents and have a fantastic supper!  Wow, it was good.  Tenderloin in a mushroom gravy, fresh new potatoes and afterwards a fresh rhubarb crisp (yes, I had 2 servings!!)  Their garden is in full spring bloom and can’t resist some pics.
Can you see the happy face garden guardian?  While taking this pic I was listening to the many canaries they have beside the house.  The horse is another of Anna’s pride and joy, Oscar, a monster of a boy from her own mare.
We take a short drive to the inlet that is only about 5 minutes from Anna’s home.  Then to the East coast to Haderslev and we can look across the Little Baelt to the rest of Denmark.
There are stone walls all along the beach which Anna says are to help preserve the shoreline.  We then return to the horses to put the babes in for the night.  It’s pitch black as we make our way through the Old Barn.  On the way in Anna warns me about a 6 inch concrete wall in the black doorway and I step over.  Not so swift coming out though, and I crash onto the concrete floor.  Afterwards we laugh at my disorientation!

Thursday morning we meet up with Joern’s mom, Esther,  and head into the very quaint village of Tonder.  The streets and sidewalks are all cobblestone with many shops along the way.  Wish we had more time to shop!
We stop by the castle of the Prince and gaze through the coat of arms into the courtyard.
Take a stroll through the adjoining park and the forest floor is a carpet of delicate flowers.  Anna shows me the leaves of tree that they can use in salads.
Esther takes our picture in front of the laneway to the castle.  Then Anna and I tour through Tonder.  Love the streets.  The buildings are old with tons of character and history behind the walls.
We stop so I can purchase some souvenirs at the Old Pharmacy.  Then we treat ourselves to Denmark’s Dairy Queen!  They didn’t look that big in the picture on the wall!!  But they were certainly delicious.
Back again to check the horses then Anna and I take a tour through the Forest at Joern’s.  The dog loves the adventure.
It is all swamp land and muskeg.  This picture showed the trenches left from the harvesting of the peat moss in war times to burn for energy.    A pic of Denmark’s own breed of dairy cattle.  Almost look like beef cows, but with huge udders.
We pick up Joern after work and head to the west coast and see the North Sea.  There’s an island out there (that is now joined to the mainland) that Anna says has sand as white as she has seen.  There’s a bunker just in front of  the sand cliff that they used to keep the cannons in during the war.  Joern sates that it was on the mainland when he was a child.  Interesting how much the shoreline has eroded.

After our quick stroll we head back to Joern’s family and have a Sunday dinner on Thursday!  Roasted venison with fresh potatoes and vegetables, with a cream gravy.  The fresh rhubarb pie is in the oven, but we run out of time, I have to head to the train station in Germany, so no pie for me!


6:30 PM depart Joern's parents. 

7:00 PM Thursday Arrive at the Niebull station.

10:24 PM transfer at Hamburg-Altona to the overnight express train to Bruxelles, Belgium.  I have a bed (of sorts) in a compartment of the train.  They are stacked 3 high and 6 in the car.  The train is suppose to arrive at 6:09 in the morning, and my connecting train to LUX departs at 6:16.  but of course, this is the only train in Germany that is late.  At 6 AM the train stops and I panic thinking it is my stop.  Grab my suitcase and ask a fellow if this is Bruxelles and he says yes, and just as I get to the door the train pulls away.  Panic!!  But it was not a stop, so except for the train being an hour late, all is well.


7:05 AM we finally pull into Bruxelles and now I have to find another train to take to Luxembourg.  Stand in line at 4 different counters before someone finally tells me there is usually a train that goes to LUX at platform 12.  Find a schedule and it says the next train departs at 7:36, I have 8 minutes.  If I miss this train, I miss my plane!!  Standing on the platform at 7:30 all the signs say no boarding (in French).  Now I’m getting panicked again.  So I drag my suitcase back down the 3 flights of stairs to see if I can find the right platform.  I find a screen that says a train to LUX at platform 10.  Just as I reach the top of the stairs the train pulls in, so I have to climb on board, not even knowing for sure if it is the right train!  I ask a fellow if “Das ist fur LUX” and he tells me no.  Then says, yes, who knows??!!  The first stop we make is Bruxelles- Luxemburg.  Oh boy, there’s a Luxemburg station in Bruxelles.  Can’t handle the stress, try to find out if I’m on the right train, and finally receive reassurance that this is the right train.

10:53AM arrive at the LUX train station.  It is under construction, so nothing is where it was before.  Walk around three sides of the train station trying to finding the bus to the airport, then the moment I walk up to the bus stop, the bus pulls up.  Lucky stars again!!

11:15 AM arrive at the airport.  My plane was suppose to depart at 12:30, but luckily (I guess) it is late by an hour.


1:25 PM Depart LUX, fly into Preswick, Scotland with clear blue skies.  This I the first time I have seen the green meadows as it is normally raining here.

4:15 PM depart Scotland and head to the United States of America.


12:30 AM arrive Seattle, USA.

2:30 AM depart Seattle.

4:10 AM arrive San Francisco, USA.

5:30 AM depart San Francisco.

7:50 AM arrive Calgary, Canada. (getting close now!)

8:15 AM find Gary and we are on the last leg of our trip!

12:30 PM we’re home!!  I get to sleep in my own bed, Hooray!!

40 hours after departing, finally can relax.  I was gone from Monday evening ‘till Saturday morning and only had 30 hours with Anna, Joern, their family and the horses.  We slept for 12 of those hours, so that means we accomplished all we did (traveling from one coast to the other twice) in 18 hours!  Thankyou Anna and Joern and big hug to all of your family for accommodating me and allowing me to see as much as we did of your great country.  Next time we’ll make it a real holiday.