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Adult Horseback Riding Camp!!

What a blast!! I love to teach when everyone is as enthusiast as this group was.
Participants were hoping to gain confidence on horseback and all were amazed to learn about their energy and how it affects their horse and how to read and change the horses energy.

If you only see an "X" instead of a picture, right click the "X" and choose - show picture.

Cynthia, from Lesser Slave Lake, rode Annie's Oakley; Melissa, from Red Earth, rode Marshall Dilon; my mom, from Ontario, rode Annie; Darcy, from Thorsby, rode Charmer; and Debbie, from Sunnybrook, rode Snippy. By the end of the camp everyone could lower their horses head with the slightest effort, move their horse anywhere they wished by pointing that direction and control their horses through their seat in the walk, trot and halt. It was very rewarding for both the horses and the riders.
Our weekend started Thursday evening with Cynthia and Melissa arriving to check out the stables. Friday morning everyone learnt the safe procedures for approaching, handling and grooming their assigned mounts.
We performed a number of in hand exercises establishing our boundaries and the horses boundaries. Each respecting the other. Yielding was big topic, as was pressure and release, when and how.
Then it was time for our first mounted sessions. My mom amazed by participating in every session we had and never saying no. It was her dream to learn how to ride, and as long as we are young at heart, it is never too late!! As she proved.
Even with Annie's little gem, Silverado, controlling the arena mom was able to keep complete control of Annie and put her through her paces.
I apologize that there are not more pictures of the rest of the group, but I was a bit too busy to be taking many pictures and my dad was snapping pictures of mom, so I stole theirs!! Here some of the group takes 5 and enjoys the gorgeous sunshine.
We learn how to ask our horses to turn, never pulling, and how to ask our horse to move over towards an object, and again, never pulling.
Learning where our horse should be, and we should be, when leading. How our body position controls the horses movements. Sounds simple, but extremely important for respect issues.
Then we have a little fun, play some games. Goal is to trot our horses past the cup and pick it up and put it on the next pole still at the trot. A task everyone thought was impossible at the beginning.
For our finale we take a short trail ride through the trees, and then wow, three days had flown by. Where did the time go, we were all amazed it was finished. Melissa takes a break in the chair and Cynthia waits patiently for me to finish oiling my saddle bags.

And mom grins from ear to ear with Annie!! I think this pic says it all.

A huge Thankyou to everyone for a super fun weekend.
Was a joy to work with all of you and "Happy Trails to You"!!
Until we met again!!