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Summer Horseback Riding Camp!!

Everyone had fun, was safe, and had a super good time during our summer riding camp with the horses.
Three riders had never ridden before and were able to join us on the trail ride at the end of camp.

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Mattea on her horse Skeezy and then Seleena for the trail ride, on her horse Prancer, Katie rode Snippy, Katlyn rode Major then Skipper, Derrek on Charmer, Tara on Warrior, David on Marshal Dilon, and Geneva on her horse Babe all joined us at Sunnybrook, just outside of Edmonton for an awesome horse camp. Jeanette rode Oakley and Franzi rode Seleena then Skeezy for our Trail ride.
Every summer riding camp starts with the horses first. Round up your water buckets, haynets and bed down the stalls. Had eight horses in stalls for this camp and they all got along together.
Mattea returned with her horse Prancer for her sister to ride. David gets Dilon ready for the first grooming session.
Smallest boy with the tallest horse! Derek saddles up Charmer, whom he was extremely comfortable with. Tara is a bit cautious with Warrior as she does not know him, but loves him by the end of camp.
Katie totally bonded with Snippy, felt safe and secure the moment she lead her into the ring. Prancer remembered the stables and was a charm to have with us again.
Mattea brought a new horse with her this time and he figured he would rather be going full out chases cows than going slow and steady. Geneva had her best friend back in camp, Babe, and the two of them really got nice and soft together.
Before each riding session everyone came into the ring together and we did some basic riding skills reveiws and warm up exercises.
We were even able to perform a couple of drill rides and executed some rides of pairs, fours and eight!! Good work gang!
Pacing was a big goal with this, and control through our body. Even had some music to ride with.
Had to do a tour of the horses. First pic is Kodiak Braveheart and Native Davinah. Second is Jenny, our donkey.
Buffy and her foal and then Angle with Baxter Bonaza.
Wyatt, Pride and Andee take it ALL in!!
Charmer goes through the jumping course with Derek and Tara gets used to Warriors speed. Once she was able to relax on him they had some awesome rounds!
Warrior shows off his form over fences. Then the afternoon we head out for our trail ride. That's Pepper then Snippy.
Steady, amazing Snippy. Snippy in the lead with Dilon, Warrior then Charmer.
Charmer, Prancer, Seleena and Babe. Good ole steady Snippy again.
Dilon and then Charmer. I think Derek is haveing way too much fun!!
Prancer then Warrior.
Oakley then Seleena.
Major heading in and Pepper heading out.
Geneva on Babe and next is Franzi on Skeezy.
Pepper leading down the trail.
Snippy then Dilon.
Prancer then Warrior.
Seleena then Babe.
Oakley taking up the rear. Seleena and Warrior.
Babe following Seleena. Skeezy leading Pepper and Dilon.
Pepper, Snippy, Dilon, Charmer, Warrior and Seleena with Babe at the rear in the second pic.
Snippy was a sweetheart the entire camp. Totally looked after her charge and was completely relaxed and comforatble with katie. Dilon was Dilon. Anything David asked of him Dilon was there for him. Never rushing, alwasy nice and easy.
Charmer and Derek were a perfect match. Derek was able to gain more confidence and learnt how his body would tell Charmer different directions than his hands. And Tara did amazing on Warrior. I was thrilled for her to have the experience. Warrior LOVES to jump, and if you just let him do his job and stay out of his way, your laughing. Which she was. After a full session on body control, our body!
And Mattea absoulelty fell in love with Seleena. Said she could not beleive how comfortable she felt taking her on the trail ride. But of course she would, they are both the same temperament so they would always get along. Second pic is Seleena leading, then Babe followed by Prancer.
Babe and Prancer. Then Jeanette on Oakley.
Our trail guide, Franzi, in the lead on Mattea's horse Skeezy. Next pic, Pepper coming down the trail.
Snippy in the lead, then Dilon.
Derek pretending to fall off Charmer, then Warrior.
Seleena in the lead, then Babe.
Prancer followed by Oakley and Seleena getting goodbyes back in the ring.

And another fun summer camp comes to an end, to become memories, untill the next time!