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Summer Horseback Riding Camp!!

Everyone had fun, was safe, and had a super good time during our summer riding camp with the horses.
Three riders and never ridden before and were able to join us on the trail ride at the end of camp.

If you only see an "X" instead of a picture, right click the "X" and choose - show picture.

Ashley rode Major, her sister on Skipper, Amanda on Charmer, on Marshal Dilon, Geneva on her horse Babe and our three girls from Namao Pony club on their horses. Jeanette rode Pall and Franzi rode Andee for our Trail ride.
The herd boss and heaviest horse of camp, with the youngest, smallest rider, Ashley, on my first horse, Major. Then Pepper with Erin.
Charmer and Amanda. Skipper and Major.
Grooming Major.
Grooming Major then Babe.

Craft time, painting the donkeys and foals.
Final day, trail rime.
On the trail - Marshal Dilon, then Palladin.
Our group, then Andee.
Babe, then Andee.
Babe, then Skipper.
Dilon, then Skipper.
Charmer, then Babe.
Andee and Pall.
MAJOR!! Then most of our group.
Pepper, the group.
The three musketeers before their gallop.
And off they go with Geneva and Babe.
Andee on the trail and on his gallop with Franzi.
Palla nd Andee coming in with Jeanette and Franzi. Andee.
Pall and Jeanette.

And another fun summer camp comes to an end, to become memories, untill the next time!