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Family Fun on a Trail Ride!!

We headed out for a trail ride on horseback and everyone had fun after they arrived for an allergy test.
The little angel that rode Major was scared of the biggest horse she was to ride, but didn't take her long to uild her confidence and have a super ride!!

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After Doug did his allergy test with Charmer and Pall we headed out for a family trail ride.Doug rode Charmer and did awesome.We rode Major (for their 5 year old), Oakley, Charmer, Dilon, Pepper, Pall, Sally and Andee.
Doug on Charmer, Franzi on Pall.

The smallest rider on the biggest horse!!Trying to get out of the way of the branches.
Coming thorugh the path.
Dilon donít care about nothing!
Jeanette on Andee, then mom on Sally!
Pall then Charmer.
Itís always fun to see a family go for their first trail ride together.
Dilon then Andee, then Sally!!
Charmer in the lead and proud of it.
Major then Pepper.
Diego then Dilon.
Andee & Sally, then Sally.
Headin back.
Charmer then Oakley.
Diego then Dilon.
Charmer then Diego.
Dilon then Sally.
Oakley then Pepper.
Diego then Pall.
Dilon then Andee.

Sally .Then the little one putting away the saddle that is almost as big as she is!


Was an excellent morning and the horses were all super, as were the riders.

Thanks to all!!