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Our Rainbow Trails

Healing Horses!!

The Langdon Youth Center joined us for a Rainbow Trails Session

:Horses, our Mirror.

If you only see an "X" instead of a picture, right click the "X" and choose - show picture.

We started out our session with a talk on energy and how it is all around us, then onto our dreams and goals & how we are going to get there.  Then the horses are chosen for the ground work.

We use Palladin, Cierra Martika, Cierra Amberina, Oakley, Charmer, Tadbit Majic, Sally, Star, Pepper, Snippy, Diego, Sheza Seleena, Kutennai Kruzer and Charmer.

I apologize for the dark pictures, but it was storming so bad outside you could hardly hear at one point, so we had to do our grounding and energy sessions inside the arena.

After our orientation we learn how the horses are our mirror, how they reflect our thoughts honestly.  And how they show us the signals we are sending to people, without even knowing it.  We learn how to really ask for something that we want, and mean it!

Then we mount up for a trail ride.   4 riders had never ridden, so they rode Major, Sally, Diego and Pepper,

Also on the ride were Sheza Seleena, Kutennai Kruzer, Oakley and Charmer.
Out on the trails with Diego and Charmer, then Major, Oaks and Sally.

Pepper and Diego, then Kruzer and Seleena.

It poured rain for out entire first ride, but everyone was super keen, except one instructor who went back to the arena, that we made one more round. 

Afterwards we had a final closing and burning of our negative energy thoughts and wound up a very informative day.