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Amanda's Birthday Party on Horseback!!

Amanda celebrated her birthday in style! On Horseback with her friends!!

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Happy Birthday Amanda!!Amanda had her entire day planned out.First we needed to do an orientation inside the arena as some had never been on a horse before.Then we played the games she had planned, then we all headed out for a little trail ride.
Major and Dilon look after their charges.
Pepper follows along and Virginia gets to ride her favorite, Charmer.
Out on the trail with Major in the lead, then Dilon, Pepper, Charmer, Dandee, Pall and Oakley.
Out through the trees and down the back side.
Dilon, then Oakley.
Oakley, then Major.
Dilon and Pepper, then Amanda and Virginia get to go for a run on Dandee and Charmer.
Pall and Oakley.
Major and Dilon.
Ready for the bush!
Watch out for those trees, they getcha on the taller horses!!
but everyone makes it through and has some fun.

Then itís down through the barrel jump trail.Oakley is now in the lead, just because!

Dilon, Pepper, Major, Dandee and Pall.
The final stretch home.

Time for a group photo, then out to the front deck so Amanda can have her cake and presents, play some more games and talk about the ride!