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Mountain Boot Camp!!

     Here's some pics of the horses sent to Black Diamond!


Lady says the tarp is not that bad. I can do this.

Isnít she looking good! Sheís so dark now.

Okay, you can rub me with this thing, but do I have to walk on it?? It was very slippery with the snow underneath and with her shoes on.

Lady gets packed for her first time in her life! Look where the rear cinch goes. I canít believe every horse didnít buck it off!

She didnít flinch once! Man, she looks good.

Brenda lunged her and was impressed with how all the horses lunged.

Look at her foot fall in this photo. Is she maybe gaited?? Looks like a foxtrot to me!

Brenda said some horses freak when the packs go on and off as they see this huge bulk above their backs, but not our Curlies!

Sunnybrook's Sugar & Spice

We are all thrilled with Sugar. She is very steady and very trusting. Will follow and go anywhere for Brenda and does it all willingly.

Never a problem with the tarp, even with it sliding beneath her feet.

Out we go into the rolling hills.

Not many horses will balance themselves like Sugar. Look how square she is!

Brenda does a lot of bouncing on the horses, kicking their front and hind legs mounting.

I like this shot of Sugar. She is so solid and such excellent bone & conformation.

Look how relaxed she is, even with Brenda kicking her all over to mount.

And of we go! She didnít really want to leave her friends, but did.

Still need some supplying, but wow, this is really only about her 7th ride!

Brenda has had no problem taking her off by herself. Sheís going to be one of our best Curlies.


Brenda says Andee is the calmest of this group. Never offering any resistance, no problem with the tarp.

He is 7 now and was started at 2 and left to be a stud. Gelded him last fall and Brenda says he has shown no stud behavior. Just a gentleman.

No problem with the tarp or packing. Take me to your leader!

Doesnít he look great under saddle! Should show him. Heíd be a winner.

Never pulling to lead or fighting. Just follows where you want him.

Heís asking, what ARE you doing!!

Letís go for a gallop! Too fast for this old girl, but Brenda loves it.

All the way to the top of the foothill! Was a good work out for Andee (and Brenda!)

Look how square he is. Iím impressed with what I see here.

No, sheís not falling off. Just part of her desensitizing. Love it!

SS Nevada Warrior and SS Sunnybrook's Colt 45

Attentive. Thatís the best word for Warrior. Always wanting to have something happening.

The horses must really wonder what WE are thinking.

"Does it have to make so much noise"! Warrior looks so elegant in this pic.

Didnít have enough time to work Colt

Heading Home

Got to watch a gorgeous sunset heading home. Can you see the mountains in the background?