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5 green riders and no mishaps!! Thanks to the curly temperament we had a very successful ride along the Pembina river. Gary, Anna, Stephanie and I were joined by Terri and Paula plus Jody, Judy and her friend Ina for a very nice weekend.


We head out Saturday morning with our 1 ton truck followed by our 32 foot trailer followed by our trailer with the chuckwagon! In total we are almost 70 feet long! We get into camp and everyone grooms their horses and gets ready for their first ride.


We have Charmer, Beauty Girl, Diego, Marshal Dilon, Delite, Colt 45, Moose, Star and Chester. Terri and Paula took lessons a few years ago and were thrilled to be back on a horse. Judy also took a couple of lessons a couple of years ago and her sister had not ridden since elementary school plus her friend had never ridden. Once we were out on the trails the horses did awesome. The first couple of minutes took a bit to get everyone heading the same direction!


Look at Beauty Girl! She did so awesome. Everyone loved her. We stop for a break along the way. The river was too high for green riders to cross (plus a couple of the horses would have had to swim!).


We were very fortunate to have perfect riding weather. It was sunny, not to hot and no mosquitoes! Some areas were too wet to ride down, but all the main trails were passable.


Nice picture of Chester here and then there is the group rounding the bend along the high trail with Beauty Girl in the lead. We return to camp and Gary cooks up a super tasty meal of salad and fajita's with his special Baha sauce. Next morning he cooked up a real feast, nobody was hungry after that meal. Thanks Gary!

Beauty Girl taking her time for a careful crossing then coming across the wooden bridge. We were thankful for all the wooden bridges as there were many places that would have been too wet to cross without them. The hills were pretty slippery and we had to keep the horses at a nice walk to avoid anyone being hurt.


First pic is Beauty Girl, Charmer, Dilon, Diego then Delite. Second pic is a beauty of Anna on Delite!


Crossing the Pembina bridge! At first some riders are very intimidated crossing the bridge, but everyone listens and stays focused. Long way down, but no problem for the Curlies, everyone crosses and takes a break on the other side.


Back to camp from the ride and Anna takes Delite’s saddle off. She’s one of the tallest curlies here. Picture of the group heading home down the road (there were a couple of sore and tired people, so they took the short cut home!)


Some brave souls cool off in the river. (me not included!) The current was very strong due to the high water so they were not able to swim the river but that didn’t stop them from refreshing themselves!

Teri and Paula were thrilled with their ride, said they were glad to be back in the saddle again and thanked us many times for the great weekend. Jody was super thrilled to be back riding after so many years without. Judy had a great trip and was sorry to not be able to join us the second day. Stephanie overcame her fears of hills (after breaking her leg before) and Anna just plain had fun and fell more in love with Delite!