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Fall Classic Horse Show!

Our Best Windup!!!

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We had the most entries ever, with 15 registered riders and 11 Curlies!!!


The night before. Megan and Hilary give Dilon a show sheen while Hilary prepares Beauty Girl. Midori and Nicole also came to spiff up their horses, Dandee and Oakley.


Entries from the over 4 Halter class line up. Nicole with her first place ribbon with SS Annies Oakley.


Everyone pitches in! Kyle’s mom keeps the laneway clean. My mom takes pictures, dad resets rails and hands out ribbons, Anna’s boyfriend, Joerns, is official time keeper, Tracy and Midori’s mom organize the ribbons and prizes.


Junior Pleasure class. Kyle riding SS Diego and Amelia on Beauty Girl.


10 entries in the Junior Pleasure class, Megan with her first place ribbon on SS Marshal Dilon.


Nicole with her first place ribbon in the Senior Pleasure Class on Oakley. Kyle receiving his ribbon with Diego.


We had three entries from the Calmar 4-H club, one rider here being judged. Kyle with another ribbon on Diego!


Another rider from the Calmar 4-H and Amanda on Dandee doing the key hole race. Everyone was amazed at Amanda’s time! Then Amilia on Beauty Girl and Kyle on Diego.


Amanda and Dandee racing to a first place. Megan on Dilon and Hilary on Oakley.


The trail class. Kyle on Diego doing the L, then back on his horse after getting of onto the straw bale, counting to 3 then remounting with out stepping off of the straw bale!


Amanda on Dandee attempting the Pole Circle, then across the tarp, no problem for Dandee.


Hey, is that the judge! Midori on Pride. She flew through every single one of the obstacles. Here they have to pull the pail from the far rail towards them, then put the pail upside down on the post.


Midori whizzes through the Pole Circle. She won the trail class with over 100 points! The average was 50. Amelia on Beauty Girl doing a perfect backup through the L!


Beauty is certain she should follow Amelia! There’s a pail of oats on the far side and the horse is suppose to stay put while the rider goes through a rope. Then we have Megan on Dilon ready to throw the rope.


No problem dragging the pail and the fastest time on the pole circle! Megan and Dilon were a perfect team.


Maneuvered through the L then aces the straw bale. Dilon stands rock solid.


Jessica trying to rope the steer on Montana, aces the pail on the pole, but does not realize that the rope is looped around her leg!! Could have been a wreck, but she was riding a Curly!


Jessica attempting the pole circle. Anna roping the steer on Delite, she was one of the only ones to rope a horn.


Anna dragging the bucket and performing the pole circle. We were thrilled with Delite in this event, it was her first time ever doing most of the obstacles.


But the straw bale presents some trouble as Delite is certain she should face her.


Everyone waiting inside as it poured rain the entire day!! Then we needed a tie breaker for the trail class. Here is Megan racing through the pail drag. She just grabbed the rope, turned and ran with Dilon to win the tie breaker.


While they are waiting for the ribbons to be calculated they practice the trail course. Delite in the spotlight!


Amanda determined to do the straw bale! And Kim determined to master the tarp!


Hilary on Oaks and Meg visiting on Dilon (who she fell more in love with!!)


Kim and Lauren from Calmar, happy with their first place ribbons. Lauren did excellent in the western classes for her first western show! And Kim had good strategy in the team relay jumping!!


And Anna! Think she had fun!! Was the first time in her life to compete in a Western saddle and she did awesome. Second pic is Hilary on Oakley. She did very well riding Oakley after having some trouble with Chester.

Amanda’s mom sent these pictures, this is Kim and Lauren doing the toilet paper race.

Lauren performing the bucket pull – finally!! Good for you!

Amanda & Reeno and Amelia & Beauty friends for both horses and riders!

It was a perfect day and I would like to thank everyone for pitching in and helping making it a success. Despite the cold, wet weather everyone made the best of the day and it was a lot of fun with a lot of learning. Here’s the entries and the placings!

  1. Lauren Hughes Calmar Reno
  2. Amanda Hughes Calmar Stings Best

119 Anna Groenbech Denmark SS Wild Bill Hickock

120 Kate Lindsay Stony Plain Morgan mare

121 Kyle Kuzio Sunnybrook SS Sunnybrook’s Diego

122 Amelia McLean Athabasca Beauty Girl

123 Amanda Thorsby Dandee

124 Midori Stony Plain SS Western Pride

125 Hilary McLean Athabasca Chester/SS Annies Oakley

126 Megan Dick Athabasca SS Marshall Dilon

127 Anna Groenbech Denmark Delite

128 Nicole Conway Calmar SS Annies Oakley

  1. Kim Anderson Calmar Denny
  2. Jessica Nieman Calmar SS Sergant Montana


Grand Champion 123 Amanda riding Dandee

Reserve Champion 124 Midori riding SS Western Pride



Halter Class 3 years and under 120 126 121

Halter Class 4 years and over 128 110 111 122

Pleasure Junior 126 122 111 110

Pleasure Senior 1128 127

Jumper x-rails 123 129 111 125

Jumper 18" 129 123 111 125

Team Relay 123/129 125/126

Barrels Junior 125 111 123 124

Egg & Spoon 127 122 129 125

Trail 124 126 127 119

Toilet Paper 111/129 124/127

Stakes 127 119 124 111

Keyhole 123 125 126 124

Pole Bending 123 127 125 111

Mug Race 127 124 111 126