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2005 Open House!!

To everyone that came out from all over the province!! We had visitors from Lethbridge, Ponoka, Drayton Valley, Devon, Hay Lakes, Thorsby, Calmar, Leduc and of course, Sunnybrook!!
Pictured above - Andee, SS Western Pride, SS Sunnybrook's Montana, SS Sunnybrook's Diego, Charmer, SS Wild Bill Hickock and SS Marshall Dilon.

Fun for Everyone!


This little angel was begging for a ride! She is only 3 years old and did not want to leave without sitting astride a horse. Thankyou to Jessica for spending time with her and allowing her to ride your horse! Jessica is the very proud owner of SS Sunnybrook's Montana, a smooth coated full Curly with the most awesome temperament.

We performed an excellent demonstration of parade style drill riding. I was very, very impressed with everyone in the group. They were doing turns across the arena, pair riding, circles and diagonals in excellent time.
The pairs are (in order) Pride and Andee, Diego and Montana, Bill and Charmer, then Marshall Dilon.

Jessica was on her horse SS Sunnybrook's Montana and her mom was on SS Marshall Dilon. Vince rode Ss Western Pride. Robyn was on Wild Bill Hickock and Sam rode SS Sunnybrook's Diego. Natasha did an awesome job leading with Andee and her mom performed on Charmer. I finished the day with a demo on Palladin!
First photo above is SS Western Pride and Andee. Next is Andee leading the way followed by Pride then the rest of this group.

First photo above is Montana followed by Diego then Charmer. Next is Bill leading the way! Dilon is right behind him.

We toured the ranch a number of times for a look at the rest of the herd. Here is Sugar getting some attention.

and Little Guy posing for the camera.

Jessica getting ready for a ride.

All the boys looking for a grass treat.

And getting it!

SS Native Davinah posing for the camera.

Performing the balancing act to find that itch!

SS Annie's Buffalo Girl's first colt!!

Pictured with mom and grandma in the background.

Winding up the day. Montana stands quietly beside Alvin (Jessica's father) and Vincent.

Vicki, Jessica, Alvin and Vincent (and of course SS Montana). Thankyou guys for all your help!!!!

Alvin and Montana. A testament to Montana's temperament is Alvin's wheelchair.