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Our Curlies at the

Kilerny Hunter/Jumper show!

Superb form over fences!!!

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This is the first time that we have taken 3 of our curlies and entered into an outside show for jumping, and we were not disappointed.


Amanda rode Dandee, Anna rode SS Annie’s Oakley and Steph rode SS Nevada Warrior. Above is Amanda preparing Dandee and second is Anna’s mom putting Anna’s number on for her.

Oakley decided to take a mouthful of hay just before the mount up. Steph on Warrior before the flat classes.

It was too dark inside to take photo’s and people said we could not use the flash as it would spook the horses!! Here is Oakley and Warrior in the first picture and the second is the class of 20 riders with Warrior on this end.

Dandee in his flat class. We were extremely proud of this team when they took a third place ribbon!! Good for you Amanda.


Oakley totally relaxed, conserving energy. It turned out to be the hottest day of the year! Oakley warming up over her first fence.

Amanda and Anna study the course. There were three different courses that they had to memorize, none of the jumps were numbered. This was the first experience for all of us for hunter classes and it was a super first show for all of the horses and riders.

We have a couple of hours to wait for our first jumping class so we all come back to the trailer for some lunch. Anna’s parents just arrived from Denmark the morning before the show!

And Oakley does her first Course! Not one rail down all day!! Hooray!! And Anna does an excellent job riding and remembers all her courses. Oakley is focused and forward, perfect form.

She’s tucking and balanced and we could not ask for more.

Anna sets her pace and does extremely well in her last round. We are all proud of our superstar!

Dandee is very forward and we are thrilled with his first show. He did not want to leave Oakley when she left the ring just before him, but once he was on the course never missed a beat. Amanda did an excellent job jumping him and they were a super team.

Look at the jump in Warrior!! Cleared the fences jumping twice the height!! And tucked, and round, and forward and willing. He loved it!


Plus he’s jumping wide to clear anything! I love the second picture, he’s so totally focused and look at the base he set for himself. He could jump anything with this form.


Stephanie does a good job putting him through the course and Warrior stay focused for all 3 rounds. It was so hot he was dripping wet after the flat classes!! He did awesome.


Warrior does like to play with things with his mouth. Always grabbing any saddle blankets or saddles you leave in his reach. This time he mouthed Steph’s shoulder by brushing his lips across her nice white shirt and left his Warrior marks!! Look like you’ve been branded Steph! And the end of the day Steph leads Warrior back to the trailer down the tree covered lane. Super ending to an absolutely perfect day. Thanks everyone for coming and next year we’ll be ready for the jumper classes!!