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Field Trip!

25 Daycare children learn about Curly Horses!!!

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The Peter Pan Daycare children visit the stables for a field trip with horses!


The arena was full of happy children when the Peter Pan Daycare group gave us a visit on August 29th. We performed a demonstration with our horses SS Annie’s Oakley and old Major to start the day. Then Anna took them for a tour of the horses in the pasture. After that Gary entertained them by playing many games on foot with the group.

Of course everyone got to ride a horse, most for their first time. We used Beauty Girl, our 18 year old Curly from New York, and Major Deln, my very first horse, who is now 26 years old.


Oakley, Marshal Dilon and Little Marky also participated. So nice to know you have quiet horses that we can trust for the antics of 25 children running around the arena! We also had Winchester and Palladin inside on display.

Anna and her father with SS Marshal Dilon.


Kids will be kids! Everyone enjoyed sitting on our democrat. (Some were certain they should pull it around!)

Even the adults got to ride a horse! Although a bit nervously!! We even had old Major trotting.


Lots of smiling faces the whole time. Prizes of horse shoes were awarded for the winners of the games. Then it was time to go!

The big bus pulls into our yard and everyone gets ready to get on. Lots of good-byes for the Cowboy and promises of coming back again, real soon!