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Summer Camp!!

Another super camp!


I appologize for a lack of action pictures, we had 4 riders registered that had never ridden before! It was a little difficult to take pictures and teach!!

This is day one, everyone gets to meet their horses, feed and water and set up their stalls the first morning. We used Major (my very first horse, now 26 years old), Beauty Girl (our 20 year old Curly girl from New York), Dandee (5 year old Pinto Curly gelding), Marshall Dilon (3 year old sorrel Curly gedling), Western Pride (4 year old smooth coated Dun Curly gelding), Chester (7 year old quarter horse gelding) and Moose.


The first day is orientation and everyone does super. Do some exercises on horse back, start learning drill rides and play a couple of games on horseback in the afternoon. Then itís time to clean stalls and feed and water the horses for the night.


Day two everyone is eager to get riding! Thatís old Beauty Girl coming down the lane and Dandee being saddled.


Pride being brushed and Dandee having his feet cleaned.


Pride having his feet cleaned and Dilon being saddled.


The second day we do some trail class competition. Hereís our future cowgirl learning how to throw a lariat from horseback! We also did the mug race, pole bending, flag race, egg and spoon race, stakes race and polished up our drill ride.


Taking a break, Dandee, Beauty Girl and Marshall Dilon. Wow, look at Dandee pose for the camera! Nice job Amanda.

The last day of camp we did our trail ride. I was thrilled with all the riders and horses, but Ė I forgot my camera!! We were out for almost 3 hours and the only incident was when Molly went under a branch and slid off of Dilon in slow motion. Everyone wanted to ride longer but as soon as we walked back into the arena it started to pour! Thankyou up above for allowing us 3 hours of perfect weather!!