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Open House!

     Not often do you have a day where everything goes right! This was our first Open House where we had awesome weather! It was 25 degrees Celsius, sunny and just perfect. There were people here from 11 AM through to 5:30 PM. Didn't have lunch until 3! The pictures pretty well speak for themselves, but Peter had the arena looking better than it ever has. Tracy, Megan, Hillary and Amelia arrived Friday night and with Robin's help we bathed SS Annie's' Oakley, SS Annie's Buffalo Girl, SS Walcurly Winchester, Justa Travelin Man, Spirit, Beauty Girl, Sugar and Charmer. Also on display Saturday were Sassy, Curly Sarah and her foal, Gypsy and her foal, Kuttenai Kruzer, Big Cone Whoopi and of course PALLADIN!

     Many tours were given of the horses with lots of explanations on the hypo-allergenic qualities and the gaited Curlies. Half a dozen people came with horse allergies. One girl drove from Edmonton and was thrilled to be able to ride in our demonstration. Christine is suppose to come back today for a trail ride! We even had her jumping for the first time in her life. She was very appreciative.

     We performed demonstrations throughout the day. Some barrel racing, bending poles and jumping. There was activity everywhere!

     Then we started the jumping! Charmer, Oakley, Buffy and even Spirit! were in the jumping. Robin said Spirit would not jump, but I knew better! And he really jumped. Oakley was a bit lazy to start but got right into it. Charmer was not sure what to make of it to start, but he also started jumping in fine form.

     The end of the day. Curly Sarah heads back out to the pasture.

     A huge THANK YOU to all my helpers for the day. Especially Peter and Tracy.