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Sunday April 29th, 2007

      CHECK US OUT!! This will be our Eighth Annual OPEN HOUSE. Come meet us and our horses. We will have door prizes, demonstrations and seminars. All of our fine Curlies will be on display. Bring some hot dogs and roast them on the fire.
We go Rain or Shine. Don't miss Palladin!!

Unique Horses!!
Two Rare Breeds imported from overseas!!
Our new Gypsy Tinker mare and her baby from a Champion stallion in Denmark!!

Gift Shop!!
Hundreds of new Items, and now we have T-shirts!!


Sunnybrook Stables

Cordially invites you to our


10: 00 AM - 4: 00 PM

10:00 AM - View 30 of our quality Curly Horses (all day)

11:00 AM - Riding Demonstration.

12:00 - Join us around the fire.

1:00 PM - Demonstration of our trained Curly horses and discussion of their Hypo-Allergenic traits.

2:00 PM - Lesson on Centered riding skills

3:00 PM - Demonstration of games on horseback.

      Throughout the day there will horse related exhibits, door prizes and free donoughts and coffee.

      After many years of developing a first class equine facility and raising curly horses, we would like to take this opportunity to share our accomplishments with horse enthusiasts. We would be pleased to talk to you about all our horse-related services such as:

Riding Lessons

Equine Assisted Psycotherapy


Drumming Sessions

Summer Camps

Arena Rental


Horse Transport

     Sunnybrook Stables is located one hour south west of Edmonton, Alberta.
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For further information, please call 780-789-2125