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    It has come to our attention that we have many faithful followers that visit our site regularily and we have decided to try to post some of our current activities here.
    I ran out of space on the main page and decided to keep some of the history here for those of you that are new to the site.

    6/19/03 - Look at that counter!! Over 4,000 hits. Wow, thanks again to all of our visitors.

    10/17/03 - The horses all arrived in Austria safe and sound. Came home to 125 emails! Lots of interest in many of the horses right now. So much to do to get ready for winter. Bringing Austin back into training tonight for Karen in Germany. Plus Roper for a tune up for his new owner and Oakley. Reidun has officailly purchased Felicity! Not sure when she will be going to Norway. Anikan Ambassador may be heading to Colorado. Recieving a new gaited mare this weekend. Gary is off trucking horses from Montanna to Oklahoma for Austria, then picking up Curly Sarah in Kentucky and Little Marky in Idaho. Nancy wants to take Babe to Germany! Hope it happens, they got along so well together when her and Jens were here. Speaking of them, they provided me with excellent hospitality while in Switzerland. Thankyou!!! Have 500 pictures! Dagmar is very excited about our new joint venture to promote the Curlies in Germany. She is heading to an exposition next month. Lady interested in Daisy from Quebec. Lots happening! Thought I was going to have some quiet time when I got home, but should have known better! Have to get our 300, 1300 lb round hay bales home in the next couple of weeks. Going to try to finish some fencing this weekend.
    10/07/03 - Had our best horse show ever! Curlies - Dreamweaver, Butch Cassidy, Spirit, Oakley, Roper, Prospector, Wyatt Earp and Babe were up for the show. About 20 people participated and I will post the full report and pictures when I return. The weather was unbeleivable! Gorgeous day, 25 degrees, no wind. Megan Dick rode Angel for the trail ride on Sunday. Wait till you read this. She was trotting along and Angle tripped, while Angel was getting her balance she trotted forward and since Megan lost her balance (something to do with no heels down?) she fell forward over angels shoulder. Landed on the ground right in front of the trotting horse and Angel went right over top of her. I was certain we were going to need an ambulance. But true to Megans forms she got up and got back on her horse. Little Angel did everything possible to not step on Megan, sidestepping the whole way. I was extremely impressed with Megan, there is not another girl around her age that would not have shed a tear after such a scare.
     Heard from Karen in Germany, she thought she had purchased a horse from Kentucky, but the deal fell through, so now she going to purchase Austin! Hooray Karen, although I'm not sure it is a good thing to buy a horse because it likes Beer!!!! I am happy for you, and I am glad that Austin liked you. Also heard from Nancy, we will be celebrating both of our birthdays in the Alps! She has booked a cabin for us and I should get to meet her family. Have also been in touch with Dagmar in Germany and they will be picking me up at the airport! Thankyou Dagmar! Can't wait to see you, Bernard and Anna again!
    10/03/03 - It finally caught up to me. I have bronchitis. Just in time for the show and the trip to Europe! I will try to post a report on the show before I leave. Our weather is finally co-operating, suppose to be 25 tomorrow for the show. Beautiful fall colours right now, should be a fantastic weekend.
    9/30/03 - Would somebody PLEASE stop the clock! Time is flying by. Karen & Marian left this morning. What a fantastic visit we had. Excellent trail rides, excellent company, excellent weather and excellent horses! What more could you ask for? Karen started out on Daisy, then changed to Austin. Her and Austin got along very well. Marian rode Prospector and never in my life have I seen someone that had never ridden before sit a horse like he did. We rode for 2 1/2 hours friday, 4 1/2 hours on Saturday and a couple of hours on Sunday. I lead most of the way on Daisy and Marian never missed a beat, trotting right up and crossing every bridge and river we came to, climbing every hill and never once loosing his balance. I was very impressed. Marian was so impressed that he told me Monday morning that he wanted to purchase Prospector! I am so thrilled, they are an excellent match! Marian and Prospector bonded almost immediately. I know that Prospect will be in good hands. Even so, it is going to be very hard to part with him. He has been our ambassador for the breed at many shows and is going to be hard to replace.
    9/25/03 - Karen & Marian called from Banff this morning. Can't wait 'till they get here. Had some escapies this morning. With fall coming the horses are looking for greener pastures. Gerry called, the fellow that purchased the old high back saddle. He is thrilled, had a saddle maker install new new flaps and rewrap the horn. He is very thankful. I think Dagmar in Germany found a horse head for the stables. I rode old Major last night. Rode him bareback with one of my students so they had some competition in the games. Everybody loves old Maj. He has so much character. Untied himself while I was saddling him. Just stands in the middle of the areana while I am setting up the games and waits for me. But still tells all of the other horses that he is "The Boss".
    9/24/03 - Pictures of Cowboy Bill's visit .
    9/23/03 - Fantastic weekend. Excellent trails at Tracy and Jordy's. Austin, Daisy, Tulsa Jackpot, Roper and Crockett all headed out on the trails. Crockett is now settling in his new home. I was able to try trap shooting on Sunday, I never did hit a target, but sure had fun. Went over to see Anika's sire, Donius the Friesian while there. He sure is a beauty. Also stopped to see Patches new home while I was up there. She sure is going to be one spoilt girl. Pride and Sunnybrook's Wyatt met up with a porcupine on Friday. We almost lost Winchester. He was turned out with the gaited crew and then disappeared. He was found cast in a log windrow. Couldn't get up. Certainly would have died if he hadn't been found before we left for Athabasca. He was deep in the bush, have no idea what he was doing where he was, couldn't see him as he was laying flat and his shoulder was wedged under a log. Poor guy. If he hadn't nickered we could have been looking for him a long time. Don't think he will try that again.     I have updated the loading of the forms for the horse show. Some people had trouble trying to print it, so I have changed the way it comes up on your screen now. It should work.
    9/17/03 - Yuk! -4 and snow today. What happened to our plus 30 degrees temperatures? Had my first NSF cheque, from Candice Faulkner. Called her a month ago and 3 times since. Hopefully she will call soon. Another new student for lessons from Drayton Valley. A cute little 5 year old. She was a bit scared when her horse shook, but she got over it and had an excellent ride. The Federal vet will be here in a couple of days to do the blood work on the horses that are in quarantine for Austria. Lots of inquires the last couple of weeks on people wanting to ship their horses into and out of England.
    9/15/03 - Nancy arrived in Alaska and Reidun arrived in Norway. A fellow in Saskatchewan called me to purchase an old high back saddle I had, it wasn't really for sale, but after talking with this gentleman I am so happy I decided to sell it. It is not very often you talk with people these days with his enthusiasm and appreciation. It was very refreshing to talk with him (5 times in 3 days!) and here someone so excited and be able to help him in a unique situation. Took my Aunt and Uncle gold panning on Saturday and they had alot of fun. Mikie even found a fossile with two leaves on it along the river bank! (and she found a nice size flake of gold) Had an excellent BBQ on Friday night with 14 people here. Mikie spent a couple of hours with Beauty Girls' beautiful filly and and they were kissing each other and touching noses and having a great time. Mikie is usually deathly afraid of horses and was amazed at the temperament of our wonderful Curlies. She even had her picture taken on a Curly! And went for a buggy ride. It was a great visit and I am very sad to see them head back to Ontario. Speaking of Beauty Girl, her owner from New York finally emailed me and advised that there is a discrepancy in the condition that she left his place. I was just happy to hear from him and learn that they miss this wonderful horse. Charming Prince went to the vets last week and had his teeth floated. His front incisors were not meeting so he was having trouble grazing. Hopefully he will stack on the pounds now and be ready for winter. Winchester is still on his medication for another week, but he is basically healed now. He came at a full gallop Friday for his oats, first time in a month. Our babies are all filling out, looking fat and sassy. Everyone is on a weeks holidays this week as the trainer is gone untill Monday.
    9/12/03 - Reidun has left for Norway. It was a sad goodbye, but she promissed that she will be back!! She had a horrible experience the day before. Somebody obtained her debit card number in Jordan and put through a purchase at a jewelry store that cleared out her account. They promised that she will get it back eventually, but pretty upsetting to be so far from home and suppose to leave the next morning and find out you have no money at all. She is deathly afraid of flying so she asked that we keep her up all night. Had a great night of dancing and talking with all of the friends that she has made while here and got to bed at 5:30 this morning! Had to be at the airport for 8:30 and then go to work and have 14 people for a BBQ tonight.
    9/10/03 - Uncle Bill earned his cowboy hat yesterday! He went on a 5 mile cattle drive and stuck to those doggies like an old trail hand. We won't ask him how he feels today as he had not been on a horse for about 25 years! Three cheers to you Unc for your enthusiasm and determination. Even the trail boss was impressed with your riding.
     Reidun returns to Norway tomorrow! Already! Wow those six months went fast. Getting lots of interest for our horse show. Spruce Meadows was fantastic as usual. They had a record crowd of 58,500 people on Sunday. Nancy, Jens, Reidun and one of my students (Samantha) accompanied me there and it was the first time for all of them to see close up the height of the jumps. All were amazed and enjoyed the show and the tour of the grounds. It is the number one jumping competition in the world with prize money over $1,000,000!!
    9/7/03 - What a fantastic weekend. My favourite Uncle and Aunt arrived on Saturday from Ontario, had an awesome trail ride on Saturday, see PICTURES here, and we went to Spruce Meadows yesterday. Nancy and Jens are off to Alasaka. Wish we could have had more time together, but thankfully we had this fantastic weekend together. Jens brought me two trees and two deer that he HAND CARVED! out of a special tree from Germany. He learnt this skill from his grandfather and they are beautiful!
I now have Beauty Girls filly's picture posted on our New Foals Page.
    9/5/03 - Another succesful trail ride. Hat's off to the trainer and Nancy for taking Crockett, Austin, Babe and Tulsa for a super ride. Gary reported that Austin even took the lead and never once spooked at anything. He was steady as a rock as I knew he would be. Tulsa was also good, not quiet as bold as Austin, but it was his very first time being ridden on the trails. Federal vet comes this morning to quarantine the horses for Austria. Purchased a Hannoverian, Jazz yearling filly last night that is Pinto, very beautiful girl. I can already see her Curly baby from Anikan Ambassador! Two new students last night for lessons. Off to Spruce Meadows, so catch ya Monday.
    9/4/03 - Babe, Austin, Sunnybrook's Davey Crockett and SS Tulsa Jackpot are off for a trail ride this morning. Beautiful day for it, Wish I was going! 6 kids for lessons last night, Sam rode SS Annie's Oakley jumping and Nicole rode Propsector. Nicole had some trouble getting Prospect to jump the bales, he wanted to eat them! 8 people tonight, but no jumping. Heard from Karen and Marian in germany, they are extremely excited to be coming for a visit in only three weeks!!! and I am excited to be seeing them again. They were super to me when I arrived there this spring and toured me up and down the River Riene.
    9/3/03 - It is 30 degrees here again today. Planning on doing some fencing, but the ground is rock hard. Planning a trail ride for Saturday as the Poker Rally was cancelled. I have about 700 pictures between Reidun and I from the last two months. After things slow down I will post some of them here. Verlin posted an excellent article about our adventures in the last Horses All magazine. I got tired just reading about all we have been doing. Someone asked me who my favourite horses are, that is a hard question to answere. Oakley is my favourite because she is the first horse that I raised from two parents that I raised as babies. Pall is my favourite as he is everything that I could ever have wanted in a stallion for personality and looks. Buffy is my favourite as she is going to be an awesome horse and has so much personality. For upcoming breeding mares there is Shawnee Dreamweaver (out of a Canadian Warmblood stallion) she has perfect conformation and 4 matching socks, Native Kasha (out of Native Thrill) is blue roan and going to be very tall and has been very responsive in her training, Sierra Martika (Out of Cierra Cordial TB) is a beautiful black bay and has such a beautiful face and she is going to be a rel winner with her looks, Native Chautise (Out of world class Dressage stallion Tango Selune) gave us a babe this year that is perfect for our dressage and jumping dreams, and now with our Percheron, Friesan, Warmblood and new Missouri Fox Trotter lines it is impossible to pick one overall favourite. Then we have the riding horses, without Prospector I would be lost. And our babies we are going to have from Prince next year will be excellent family and trail horse prospects with his smooth gait. So if Ihad to pick one, it would still be my first friend, Major Deln, he is a part of me that can never be replaced. If not for him I might never be where I am today. I only hope that his next 24 years are as happy for him as he has made the last 24 for me.
    9/2/03 - So much has happened I forgot to mention the last camp. It was great, a real nice bunch of kids. Four of the riders had never ridden a horse before and by the last day they were all out for the trail ride. Meghan rode her new Curly, Crockett, and he is only two years old and they did excellent together. My niece, Brooklyn, was here from Ontario and she rode steady old Major, my first horse. He is now 24 years old and still going pretty strong. They did very well together. Bailey rode Dreamer, and Roper, Prospector and Oakley also participated. I am certain that is a record anywhere to have 5 Curly horses in a riding camp with all beginner riders. We are proud of our horses and I am proud of the job our trainer, Gary, has done preparing all of our horses. I could not have held this camp without the help of Tracy from Athabasca, Reidun from Norway and Nancy from Germany. Thankyou to all of you and of course Gary.
    9/2/03 - I always find it amazing to see such huge differences in the horses after only being away for a couple of days. Crockett is cantering, Pharrah, Kasha, Warrior, and Wyatt are ready for their first rides. Snowden was drove yesterday, Wyatt Earp, Babe, Crockett, Austin, and Buffy are ridden regularly and doing awesome. Our client in Austria has just confirmed her third horse and the horses will be in quarantine on Monday. Will be leaving on the 8th of October. Hope to see Dagamar and her family again, Klondike Kitty and Misty Whitney in Germany. Gary is trying to find some saddles to send over with the horses. Had an excellent weekend in Kelowna despite the fires. Heading to Spruce Meadows next weekend to show our International visitors some world class show jumping. Saturday is a poker rally trail ride along the Strawberry Creek. Recieved our first entry for the horse show from Meghan Dick in Athabasca. Finally getting some interest now on our filly that is in Austria for sale. How could I forget --- Beauty Girl had her foal last week. Hooray, Hooray, and it is a beautiful palomino pinto filly, and boy does she gait. Could not be happier. Will post some pictures in the next few days. She is a little small, but we are just so thankful that she had a live foal we don't care.
    8/25/03 - We now have 14 horses at various stages. The trainer, Gary, is taking 4 people on a trail ride this morning along the river. Shawnee Dreamweaver, Sunnybrook's Wyatt, Pharrah and Kasha were saddled for their first time yesterday. Warrior will be saddled today. Wyatt Earp, Babe, Crockett and Buffy are all coming along great with their riding. Tulsa Jackpot and Austin had the week off, they will be back in the routine next week. Received another inquiry from Germany which Nancy is responding to as she speaks fluent German. Nancy offered to give me tour of Switzerland. Who could say no to that?! I am so fortunate to be surrounded by such beautiful and caring people. Thankyou Nancy, Reidun and Peter for all of your help during these past few months and especially the past week. I could not have survived without all of you.
    8/20/03 - My but we have some awesome horses coming along, if I do say so myself. Kasha is going to be one big athletic girl. She is taller than any filly we have had born here. Nancy and Reidun have been working with her and about 6 other babies. Nancy is amazed, as is every one, that she does not reacte to the horses. She thought it would be different, but did not think that she would be able to work with all of the Curlies like she is with no medication. I am so happy for her. She is a very polite, sweet person and I am happy to have her with us from Germany for the month. She is planning on leaving and going to Alaska in 3 weeks. Reidun was able to ride Felicity for her first time!! She is so thrilled with her horse. They are definetly best friends. Felicity always searches her out when she goes into the field. Crockett was ridden yesterday and the trainer actually used him to chase up some horses. This is totally amazing as it wis only about the third time Crockett has been ridden. Try that on a thoroughbred colt!! Buffy has come along so well that Tracy rode her on our trail ride last week. I love that horse. She can do anything, and of course she is the full sister to my prize winner, Oakley, so I guesse I am a little biased. Tulsa Jackpot has been doing very well, as has Black Beauty. Nancy is amazed at how trusting the Curlies can be, and how quickly. We brought home some 2 year olds that had been not been handled since last fall and they were thinking that they should still be wild mustangs. In only 2 days they are now standing to be brushed and looking to be caught. She never thought it was possible.
    8/15/03 - What a whirlwind the past few days. Patches is sold to Hilory, and never have I seen such a happy child. She bounced so high I'm certain she could have changed a lightbulb when her parents told her. I had a hard time not crying she was so excited. What a joy to see such a thankful child. There is no doubt that Patches is going to be very spoilt. It was another super camp with 8 children registered. We did a gymkana show and a trail ride the last day. Nancy arrived from Germany Wednesday night amidst all the commotion. Poor girl must wonder what she has let herself in for. And Two-Bit is sold to Amy. He and her were a perfect balance for camp. She listened so well she had him doing the slowest trot I have ever seen. And finally Angle has gone for a couple of months try out. Brandon came for a lesson with her and did awesome. We went gold panning last night, but was too dark to do much. Suppose to be 35 here again tomorrow. Time for a day off I think!
    8/11/03 - Where does the time go? Another weekend gone. Reidun and I spent Saturday in Drumheller and she was very happy to see all of the culture there. We went through the museum and hiked through Horseshoe Canyon. Yesterday was Wyatt Earps and Crocketts first time under saddle and they went very well. Reidun is now ground driving Felicity and Gary has had Cookie out a bunch with the cart. I rode Spirit for two hours yesterday and had a fantastic ride on him. Campers start arriving tonight for camp! Went gold panning yesterday and found a super spot! Reidun wants to spend a whole weekend there.
    8/5/03 - What a fantastic long weekend. See pictures at PICTURES! Had a super camp, just a great bunch of kids. Eight riders participated and half had never ridden before. All were riding on their own in the arena after the first session. Everyone got along and helped out. This was one of the best groups I have worked with. Don, Prince's original owner came by for a visit on Monday. I was not abel to visit much with the camp going on, but he was able to join us for lunch. Gary now has Cookie going in harness, and is she ever steady. At only three he had her in town third time harnessed. Can you imagine what she will be like by the time she is 10! And Diamond got to take us for my first ride in our Democrat. Rene has purchased Nevada Dreamer. She is thrilled and her daughter is now taking lessons on the Curlies! Rene was not able to stay inside the arena yesterday due to the straights that had been in there the last three days. Amazing how the air can be infected from the horses. She was pleased that we did the lessons outside. It was a great weekend, and now I am ready to get back to work for a rest!
    7/31/03 - Sam rode Prospector last night over some of our cross country jumps. It was a great evening for it and was Sam's first time doing any cross country. She is a super little rider and listens so well, I love working with her. She had Prospetor cantering and kept his focus very well. They did the flat tire jump, the plank wall and some smaller logs and rails.
    7/29/03 - The pictures of Prospector are now loaded. You can see them with the rest at PICTURES! . We sold Roper and Annie's new baby last night! They are going to Rene who has allergies! Her children are taking lessons on Roper and Roper will be able to stay and participate in the rest of the summer riding camps. Congratulations Rene, we know you will enjoy your new friends. We may even be able to breed to SS Annie's Cheyenne Pride when he turns two.
    7/21/03 - Finally had a minute to post some pictures. See them here at PICTURES! . Klondike Days was a scorcher. 33 Degrees on Tuesday and did not get much cooler the rest of the week. Saturday was horrible. The horses were sweating in their stalls. Rode Prospector and Oakley. Prospector was absouletly perfect. He thrived on all the attention and I had him out in the midway alot of the time just so people could pet him and find out what a Curly was. Oakley was awesome performing the Natural Horsemanship demonstartions. She would follow me around like the best friend she is. I could run circles around her and she would follow and stay facing up, then I would run away and she would trot behind me. Lots of people could not beleive that a horse would do this with no lead rope. Prospector perfomed some awsome dressage movements (pictures are coming) but was very tired by the end of the week.
     We had 13 riders yesterday for a trail ride. Poor Prospector was so tired he actually fell asleep on his feet! Great fun was had by all and they had a weiner roast afterwards on the front porch. They were a youth group all the way from Ft. McMurray.
    7/16/03 - The Canadian National Institute for the Blind brought 6 blind children last night for a 2 hour horse orientation and ride. It was an excellent experience for all of us. All 6 of the horses we used were exceptionally well behaved, almost as if they knew that they had some special children in attendance. We played two games on horseback and all of the children were chearing each other on. It was very emotional for me to see a child "feel" the presence of a horse. I used my old timer Major for the orientation. He is Belgian cross and very big. Ricky is 13 years old and was born blind and he was so very trusting and willing it could bring tears to your eyes. He was a bit scared at first, but by the end he was playing the mug race on Patches (with help from a handler) and actually won three races. Three cheers for all the children that participated, my hat is off to you for your courage.
    7/14/03 - Haven't caught my breathe yet, but here's a quick update. 6 riders participated in camp and there were lots of tears when it was over. Nobody wanted to leave their new freinds, both people and horses. Beauty girl was totally awesome, we're thrilled to have her in our riding string. Bailey was only 9 years old and rode Beauty by herself. We went on a trail ride the last day and everyone had alot of fun.
     Stampede was busy as usual. Buffy did not want to stay in the stall, just too much noise for her, but get this, Austin was fantastic. He ended up spending most of the time in the stall. He was stretching through the bars for people to pet him. He was an Awesome Austin!
    7/7/03 - Gypsy, Wyatt Earp and Snicker are now home. Took me 12 hours to get there Friday, arrived at 2 AM and got up at 6 to see Terri. Arrived back home Saturday at 10:30 PM. Long days. Got ran off the road twice by stupid drivers. Reidun got to see Elk, Deer, Rocky Mountain Sheep, two Black Bears, a Moose, Cyote and a Rocky Mountain Goat in Jasper Park. Gypsy is the splitting image of her mom, Daisy. She is a pretty girl and is a great addition to our gaited horses. Wyatt Earp is a tall, tall boy for a Curly. He is just about 16hh at 3! Super easy going boy and well mannered. He's going into training this week. Sassy foaled, a palomino filly. Camps start tomorrow and off to the Stampede on Friday. Catch ya Monday if I survive!
    7/3/03 - We entered Prospector, Annie's Oakley and Annie's Buffalo Girl into the Breton parade for Canada Day. It was great fun! Since Buffy is only two I just lead her through, but Reidun rode Oaks and Gary rode Prospector and they did super for their first parade! Not once did they run out or prance or get excited. We had a fire engine directly behind us and every time his siren would go, Reidun would just about jump out of her skin. Good thing Oaks is a Curly! and stayed level headed.
    6/30/03 - What a busy weekend! Had an excellent time at the 4-H show. See some pictures here. All four of our girls were very well behaved for their first time with so much commotion. There were quads, steers, cows, dogs and people everywehre. 125 children were on the floor at all times. Daisy was our biggest surprise. She was perfect. Never once got mad at all the kids touching her and probing her. She trotted up every time she was asked.
    The Drayton Valley Horse Show was an excellent learning experience for all the horses and riders. It was the first show for Sam and Niclole, and Reidun's first show in many years. Prospector cleared his first round of jumping and made it to the jump off.
    6/10/03 - The horses are home! 10,300 km (6,400 miles) later the Gaited Curly family is in Alberta. The round trip was two weeks to the day.      SS Sunnybrook's Annie's Oakley, Roper and Prospector will be attending the Drayton Valley horse show this Saturday. We brought in a Showmanship expert yesterday and held a three hour clinic for the participants.
    It's confirmed, Felicity is going to Norway!! Reidun will be taking her back with her in September.
    5/29/03 - Bailey and Mac are on their way to Michigan. they left yesterday and are hoping to be there on Monday.
    5/20/03 - Wow, a whole week has passed again. Well we had a great long weekend. Headed out to the Pembina trails, despite the snow on Saturday, with Tracy, Jordy and Meghan. We had 13 Curlies there and went on 7 trail rides. It was great fun.
    5/5/03 - THANKYOU! to all that made our Open House a great success! We had close to a hundred people throughout the day! WOW! People came from all over. We had 18 horses on display and Prospector, Oakley, Daisy, Toiya and Roper (all Curlies) participated in demonstrations on Drill Riding, Gymkana and general riding skills.
    5/2/03 - Well I made it home from Europe! Got in at 3:30 yesterday morning after travelling for 31 hours! All 5 of the horses arrived safe and sound. They travelled exceptionally well. I have some excellent video of them boarding the plane, etc. showing how calm and relaxed they all were about the entire adventure. I beleive they actually travelled much better than I!! Tomorrow is our Open House, hope to see as many of you there as possible.
    4/10/03 - Whoopi arrived at Jackies in Iowa and they reported that she was bred by Pat within the hour! Wow, talk about timing. Beauty Girl has made the trip from New York and arrived in Indianna. We also purchased Traveller from Minnesota and he will be making the trip here in May.
    4/4/03 - Rose, from New Brunswick has purchased Holley! Congratulations Rose! You have purchased one of the quietest, prettiest fillies around!
    3/31/03 - Reiden arrived from Norway Friday. Took her 3 days to get here! She came via Texas? She is still suffering from jet lag and the time change.
    3/24/03 - Brenda is off to Niles, Michigan.
    The 5 yearlings that are heading to Europe are: SS Sunnybrook's Dallas Sunset, SS Sunnybrook's Misty Whitney, SS Sunnybrook's Windy Sue, SS Jo Jo's Nevada Promise and Clooney. Terri was out to see us this week from British Columbia. She assisted us with one of the horses from Gina Amundson when we crossed the border from the States. THANKYOU Terri!
    3/17/03 - Prince is here! Almost 3,000 miles round trip to the California border and a week later, we arrived back home with Charming Prince! We also brought home Daisy, Gold Rush and Winchester, all Missouri Fox Trotting Curlies that originate from Curly Jim. Everyone travelled well and arrived safe and sound. Goldie wasn't sure what to make of the snow!
    2/7/03 - I recently placed a counter on our site, and was overwhelmed with what I discovered. We had 1,000 hits the first month. Unbeleiveable to me. Nice to know that people are finding us!
    Lots of exciting things hapening with our shipments into Europe. We will be sending horses into Denmark and Austria in the next couple of months.
     We have Reidin flying in from Norway on March 20th to spend six months with us to learn about the Curly horses.
     Kitty arrived in Germany in February and Dagmar is thrilled. Check out the Germany page and see her story.

     We are in our worst drought here in 100 years, so it has been a trying winter, but we are still here and going stronger than ever! We currently have over 70 horses and lots of fantastic prospects coming up.

This is Diamond pulling the sleigh down our driveway. She is 1/4 Curly and Belgian.


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