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     This is the place where I post the curly horse blog activities at the Stables. We have many faithful followers that appreciate little updates on how the horses are doing and what we are up to.

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Building our new home

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01/04/2009      pictures of our new home.
12/22/2008      Hooray!!! We are moved in!! And -- Guess what -- the roof is still not finished.
     The last 3 weeks have been totally exhausting. Push, push, push. Working every night till at least midnight, some till after 2 AM. Back up every day at at it again by 8. Last Thursday through Wednesday we had up to 18 people working to "get 'er done!" and we did. The plumbing, electrical and heat is not finished, but we have the esentials. We were suppose to be moved out of the old house by December 1st, but thank the heavens above, not only were they understanding, but were actually out there with us working on the house just so we could all make the transitions. Thankyou to all that pitched in, and a big thankyou that we are all still together and talking!! Takes ALOT of patience and understanding to accomplish what we did.
     Yesterday I did a bit of Christmas shopping, Raquel decorated a little tree we picked up and that will be the extent of our Christmas extravaganza this year. Next year we will do the house up, when we have a roof!! Surely they will have it finished by then!!
     Princess had her kittens last Thursday in the midst of all the confusion. Four little grey angels.
     Inquiries on Red and Ambrosia. One of our riding horses is sold as a Christmas present, so we won't know who untill the surprise is released at Christmas.
     With all that has been going on we haven't had time to keep up with all the email inquiries on the cats and horses. I appologize for that but we should be back to normal after New Years.
     We wish each and every one of you the joy that this time of year beholds. May you have loved ones close to you, whether they be beast or human.
     Merry christmas and Happy Holidays
     Deanna, Roland, Debbie and Raquel
12/4/2008      Well, guess what, our roof is still not finished. It has been a frusterating 3 months to say the least. They finally got the ridge cap finished last Wednesday so at least we could insulate and fire up the wood stove that Roland installed. Every night I have been out there till 10 or 11 putting up tongue and groove, using the chainsaw to cut away logs for walls, insulating, poly, etc, etc. And of course since our furnace guy has only showed up for 2 days in the last month we can't get any funds from the bank. Little stressful?? Maybe just a little.
     At least we have a plumber now, except he fell 19' last Friday (not on our job) so is layed up for a bit. The plumbing is roughed in, tubs all arrived, electrician back out tonight to wire up the furnace and hopefully finish the lights. We are still running off of 2 outlets for the whole job. Murray has got most of the framing done now. Trying to get a drywaller to come in and someone to do the suspended ceiling in the basement. Roland came home today and hired a couple more people to put up the tonge and groove. John came out last weekend and helped me put up some more railings. It's coming, very slowly, but it is coming. Still have all the ceilings and flooring and walls to finish. Such finicky work it takes way longer than I ever anticipated.
     Chandra came out last Sunday and started putting up some Christmas decorations, so at least it is starting to feel like a home instead of just one big work project.
     Franzi's deal is on hold untill the spring now. The new owners just purchased a new property and need to get it all set up before the horses arrive.
11/17/2008      WOWSERS!! Franzi has sold 2 babies and 2 momma's to Germany!
     Just need to figure out the best time to transport. Don't like shipping in the middle of December, but we want the 2 babies to go together, so can't wait too long. Just finalizing all that to know who will be going for sure.
     Bit of an update on why I have not been current on reply emails!! First off, our roof is still not completed. They have about 60% done. And we will be moving in December 1st!!
     So needless to say we are in a bit of a panic mode.
     Here's a summary of last week just to give you an idea of how busy we are:
     Sunday, run to the city and pick up a whole one ton full of stuff, tub, insulation, caulking, flooring for the basement, 2x4's, etc. Get home at 7 PM! Plumber tells us he can't finish the job, he's too busy. Roofers get another piece and half of tin on the roof. Joke.
     Monday, Up at 6:45 to go to work in the daytime, get home at 5:30 and start using the chainsaw to cut out the logs for the walls to slide in. Roland and Murray finish installing the windows. Quit at 10:30.
     Tuesday, same as Monday, back to the house at 10 PM.
     Thursday, up at 6:45, go to work, leave at 1 and head to the city. I bought a jet tub, brought it home, it was the wrong fit, so Murray told me I needed one with a lip. So Deb and I headed into the city at 1 in the afternoon. Got a load of 1x6 for the ceiling (350 pieces, 5,500 lbs), 40 2x6, stopped at 3 places to find doors in stock, finally found a place and got 4 pine doors, picked up the sealant for our floors, took the tub back to Rona and they didn't have the type we needed. Then went to Home Depot, got there at 6, bought a tub after lots of trying to get help, going through the checkout and something was wrong, the price was too cheap, had the wrong tub. Had to go to customer service of course, lazy people she told me I had to take the tub back to the plumbing department. Finally got help again there, found the tub on the top shelf, had to wait for forklift op to get it down - AN HOUR AND aHALF we waited!!!!! Didn't get home untill 11.
     Friday, up at 6:45, go to work, run home at 10 to meet the fellows with our huge door that arrived from 100 Mile House, monitor the installation, get the guy to recut our other doorways in the logs as they are not right. And guess what, the tub is STILL the wrong style! so it will be back to the city on the weekend. Head back to work, home at 5:30, meet a plumber but he can't start for 2 weeks and that is too long. Finally answere some emails (75!) and phone messages (18) from the last week and a half!
     Saturday, big push day. Tom & Coleen come to help, Deb & Shaun there, we get two dormers finished. Jeff gets most of the loft plumbing planned, Shaun puts up some 1x6, Deb does a clean up. Everyone leaves by 4 and I keep working till 11 and finish up the framing for the 3rd dormer. Two different families come out for allergy test for the cats, and all pass.
     Sunday, A real BIG PUSH day! Get the big windows in the great room ALL installed! Lots of help, Murray, Jeff, Tom, Coleen, Deb and Shaun all pitch in and we just get it done. Take everyone for supper and we celebrate. New plumber out and he's seems positive, like him. Family up from New Foundland to test for allergies to kitties, they pass and take a kitten home with them.
     So, now you know why I have been tardy in answereing emails and phone calls, and it won't get any better for another month!!
10/29/2008      Posted some new pics. Still don't have a roof. Huge windstorm last weekend caused $8,000 damage to our tin. One step forward, two steps back.
10/21/2008      Still no roof. This is getting serious and I am loosing patience. They were suppose to be back today to strap the roof and I have a fellow ligned up to come on Thursday to put the tin on. Not impressed here.
     Put a bunch of new pics on the pics page. Didn't have much time to type much for stories, but thought I best get the pics on before they were outdated!
     had a wonderful birthday. Roland made it complete with fireworks! We drove to the top of our Sunnybrook mountain and watched them over the lake! Was a wonderful surprise. Reo and Raquel were out then Chandra and the kids arrived on Sunday for a nice turkey dinner. Deb, Tristen and Scott arrived later and we had a huge bon fire and lots of music playing and signing. Even grandson Ryley played the guitar. Ryley our Gypsy Vanner stallion also joined us around the fire.
     Our weather has been very co-operative and we are still doing lessons. Claire and her family brought me a beautiful boquet of flowers on Friday and even sang Happy Birthday! Thankyou!!
     Both Shajana and Czarina had a litter of kittens on Thursday. With Freddies litter on the first that makes 17 new little ones born this month!! All but 3 have homes already.
10/09/2008      Well we still do not have a roof on the house. They did finally get back to working on it after being away for over 2 weeks!! I'll try to get some new pics this weekend.
     Christine discovered that Martika had a gorgeous foal on Sunday evening. Christine was catching up the horses for lessons on Monday and was very excited to report that Martika has a pure black curly foal!
     Our new additions are suppose to be arriving next Friday into Calgary. Finally after a year and a half Debbie has arranged transportation from Charlotte, North Carolina for our 2 parti poodle girls. It has been a long haul. Our first girl we purchased from Debbie wasn't able to pass the vet inspection due to an ear problem. So we had to wait for her next litter which was actually 6 months ago. During the last 4 months we have been trying various avenues to get the girls here and every one has failed at the last minute. Will be a huge releif for both of us to see the girls in Edmonton!! I'll have to make a long day Friday to go down and pick up the girls, but that is nothing compared to not getting the two little gems!
     Chayana had our largest litter ever, giving us 8 Siberian babies on the 1st. They are all healthy and just started to open their eyes today.
     Red has been doing fantastic in lessons. Even Sydney had been cantering her outside. Christine got her first canter on Dusty and loved the rush.
09/23/2008      Lucky Charms and Silverado are on their way to Quebec. Was hard to say goodbye to Charms. He held a special spot for me after seeing Lucky Touch when Karen from Germany was searching for her first Curly. We purchased Curly Sarah and had her bred to Lucky Touch and imported her in 2003. When Charms was born we were thrilled with his perfect pinto markings. Our plan was to keep him as a stallion, but just like Pall someone had to be pulled from our herd of 6 stallions and we knew Charms was going to be a super star and gelded him last year. We know they are going to be two happy boys in Quebec, just as Tulsa and Commanche are. Congratulations Bernard and Marie Claude, and we promise we will be out to visit the whole family before next summer.
     Wonderful, wonderful pictures of Marie on Bales from Micha in the Netherlands!! They discovered that Bales had an allergic reaction and have it under control. These are the first pics of Bales and Marie together and they LOVE him!! "He's a big darling and we enjoy riding and being with him."
     Franzi also sent some pics of her first ride on Seleena. Here's what she had to say:
     Guess something you like to see ;) first ride on Seleena in Germany here. Seleena wasn't sure it was time to work yet and rather slept, but she is an awesome mom. Anyone is okay to touch the baby, she just calls it very quiet, when it's too far away, that's all. I can ride her, she doesn't care, baby bucking around, she is just fine with anything. Well, that's Seleena.
     Don, the fellow that raised Prince from a baby, called last week. His first words were "Is the old boy still around??" And I was thrilled to tell him that Princers is doing extremely well. He's on his special ration of complete feed, foal ration, Hoffmans ration and minerals and beet pulp. He's also on alphalfa cubes full time now. Sunday night I was late feeding him and when he saw me coming out he was GALLOPING from the fence, into his feed area, back and forth just like a spring foal. SO great to see. When I got to his feed area all of his feed buckets were kicked out into the corral! Love that boy.
     I know I've missed some news the last couple of months but it certainly has been busy times. Our house construction has slowed down, waiting for the fellow to do the roof. Stalled us off 2 weeks and then some major glitches with the log notches and truss lengths (delivered 3' too short!!). Hopefully all will be back on track this week.
09/15/2008      Not alot we can do with the house untill we have a roof!! Still waiting for our contractor. We finished installing the main subfloor and the decks.
     Chandra and Amanda came out yesterday. We had a nice walk all over the 160 acres trying to find 70 horses.. Not a soul in site. but had we listened to Roland to start with we would have found ALL of them right behind the jumping field. After we gave up on finding the horses we headed over to see the new house and on our way back saw all the horses filtering into the corral!! At least it was a gorgeous day for a walk through the forest, plus 25, sunny and just a wonderful day.
     Some interest in Ambrosia, Red, Mysty and Kruzer at the moment. Franzi has been away training with a world champion reining clinician. Emily in Germany advised that Chilli Pepper is available for sale, so if you know someone interested in a mule I can put you in touch with her. Sent a kitty off to Montreal last week, lady is thrilled. Chayana should be having her kittens any day now. Still frantically trying to co-ordinate getting our 2 parti girls up from North Carolina. Anyone going from North Carolina to Lexington KY in the next week, PLEASE let us know. We have a ride from KY to here.
     Old Princers is still looking half decent. Changed his ration again. Trying to make plans for our breeding to JJ next year.
09/09/2008      Well the logs are all up and the house is very, very impressive. I'll post some pics in the next couple of days.
     Seleena had a boy!! Franzi is ecstatic! a wonderful, colourful, curly colt. Pics on the pics page.
     And finally got to see the pics that Ralph was trying to send the last month, they are also posted.
08/29/2008      Had to cancel camp! First time ever. Our new house arrives on Tuesday and we just have way too much to prepare before it's arrival. Appologies to everyone who were hoping to attend.
     House is ready to leave British Columbia and will arrive here on Tuesday, pics on new pics page.
     Nice little trail ride last night.
08/25/2008      Lucky Charms and Silverado have a new home!! They are going to Quebec to Marie Claude and Bernard!! Hooray! Can not think of a better home for Silverado. I just know they are going to love him. And Charms with his flash and colour is a winner no matter where he goes. Congratulations guys!!
     Well our house arrives THIS weekend. Wow, where did the last four months fly to? Think we are ready.
     This weekend Reo gave me a hand and we loaded up all the gift shop items and took them to Pipestone to put in their store there. That was a big job. People from Edmonton Saturday morning to pick up a kitten. Then I delivered one to Edmonton and then drove 5 hours to Red Earth to pick up pipe. Got there at 2:30 in the morning. Back home Sunday night about 8 and unloaded it all. Going to be more weekends like that with the house arriving.
08/19/2008      Wow, summer is almost over, where did that go?? Was 35 degrees yesterday. The whole weekend was extremely hot. Cancelled lessons yesterday as it just wasn't fair to the horses.
     Busy with the new yard site. Really coming along. Our builder from BC came by on Friday and we got alot of details covered. New road is done, gravel laid yesterday. Had them bring 3 loads of clay up to the old yard site and I filled in all the holes from last winter. Spent 4 1/2 hours Saturday and got the kitchen cupboards ordered. Reo calculated that our new "Sunnybrook Lake" will hold 2,000,000 gallons of water! LOL
     Check out the pics of our new home being built.
08/08/2008      Okay, you best all enjoy the pics on the New Pics page, it took me two days to sort through everything!!
     Have a whole pile of pics of the new yard site but won't get them posted to next week. Suffice it to say we have been VERY busy.
     Basement is up, material arrived for the floor today and it is ALL wrong!!
     Star had her baby, did I tell you that already?? Christine stayed up four nights in a row with her friend just to see it happen. And of course they got to see the littel one when it was about 2 hours old.
     Emails from all over, sorry, I try to answere everyone, but if I don't, please don't be shy to re email me.
     Have 3 litters of kittens right now, all spoken for. Plus trying to co-ordinate getting a couple of puppies up from North Carolina.
08/06/2008      Check out the Camp pictures!
07/31/2008      400 pictures to edit just from the last week! Will try to post some over the weekend.
     Camp was super, Geneva rode Mac, Sky rode Zack, Amanda rode Dusty, Racquel rode Peggy, and I rode -- , yes of course, Pall.
     Stephanie is off to BC now for the rest of the summer. But Kodiak, Charms, Chico, Silverado and Golden Girl all had excellent first rides on Monday. Were all superstars by last night. Curly Sarah, Cookie, Mysty, Mac and Red were all ridden by Sheena. Cydney had an awesome lesson on Red. She's been bugging the last year that she wanted to canter and most of our lesson horses are too slow! She did some barrel racing with Red and pole bending and absoulutely LOVED her.
07/25/2008      Busy, busy, busy.
     Quick trip to Ontario for a few days, pics on the pic page. Only 4 hours sleep (because we were having too much fun playing guitars) Wednesday. Then back to work Thursday and Friday.
     Nessa and her sister helped Stephanie while we were away and did a wonderful job of keeping everyone fed and tended to.
     Stephanie is sick as of yesterday and can't come back out untill Monday now.
     Headed off to the exhibition last night after work. Got home at 1 in the morning, then back to work today. Pics on the pics page.
     Chandra brought Amanda out to spend some time with Raquel and also to attend camp this weekend. While she was here we got some more pics of the horses.
     Some new pics posted of our log house. Check it out Sitka . Almost scary how quick it is all coming together. The road was started on our land this week and the trout pond. Basement will be started the first and the house arrives in only 3-4 weeks!! Yikes, so much to get organized.
     Camp starts tomorrow. Some excited kids.
07/16/2008      Calgary stampede a huge success. pictures here.
     Steph had fun yesterday. Catching up the mares and she took Mac out and they were having a blast. Jumping over the tire jump, the rock wall, just doing it all.
07/03/2008      Well our training is underway with tremendous results. EVERYONE is progressing smoothly and quietly. Chico is ready to be mounted, Silverado and Chance are now saddled and bridled, Mac is learning seat and leg aids, Reilly, Sairephena, Maxx and Stardust are learning ground manners and Charms is right back where he was last fall. Kruzer is getting the odd tune up ride. Kodiak is solid as a rock and Stephanie's favourite. I love it. To see the progression in the horses is worth it all.
     Anika had her baby on July 2nd. Another gorgeous JJ babe that one.
     Winchester snuck through the chains of the panels and through another set of panels on Friday. He is back in captivity. Curly Sarah seemed to be his love, and Cookie was also in heat.
     Trimmed up the feet on two of the mini's, Patches and Atty. They are all getting too fluffy.
     Christine called to say that Broghan had a cut on his rump. So we took over some meds and brought Misty and Folly back with us. Folly will now go into training.
     Karen has generously offered to post some video, on the German You Tube,of the horses we have for sale. so now we'll be busy trying to get some good video clips. No easy task!
     Big, bad hail and rain storm blew through yesterday while we were training the horses. It was thunderous inside the arena. I was thrilled to see all the horses just standing and attentive even though you could not hear yourself think. The rain flooded the West side of the arena, Princes paddock and our new quonset.
     And already again it's time for Stampede! Heading off on Friday.
07/03/2008      I'm thrilled to report that little Lucky Stars is doing just fine. She is adopted by Oakley, Golden Girl and Amarillo. They are all looking out for her.
     Thankyou to everyone for your emails of condolance. I'm sorry I didn't get to reply to all of you, just a bit too much going on right now. Just put 10 horses on schedule for training, more about that later. Received emails from Karen in Germany with some excellent ideas (and an offer of assistance!) on how to get our horses videos posted on the internet there. Email from Dagmar with some great pics of her and Bernard riding in a river. And I do want to share an email from Tanja about Ahani, please check it out on our pictures page.
     Had an excellent trail ride on Sunday. Calley joined us on Mac and we used Peggy and Patch for our clients and I had Pall out. The little girl riding Peggy was pretty scared so I walked on foot with her and we went for 3 miles!! Then Calley and I headed over to check on the girls at our other pasture and we walked another couple of miles. All the girls are looking excellent and the babes are growing so fast.
     Kodiak, Silverado, Chance, Chico and Lucky Charms have started their training to become riding horses! Stephanie and Robyn have taken on the tast and we are thrilled with their progress after only a couple of days. Amazing that we could have 10 horses tied up in the arena, all not trained, and yet all standing quietly. I even took the tractor in to disc up the footing and drove right along the rail where they were tied and no one moved a foot! Impressive, eh! Maxx, Sairephena and Stardust are also in for more halter training and feet handling. Mac and Kruzer are in for refined training. So we have our hands full!!
06/24/2008      Sad, sad weekend. We had to put Starshine down. She broke her leg. For whatever reason she stepped into the scaffold they had set up for the new quonset. The workers were able to free one leg that was hung up in arung 3 feet above the ground but they were not able to free her other hind foot. They came to get me and we were able to free her. Gave her some water, she ate some grass and after about an hour she stood up. Had to call 6 vets before I could find one that would come out for an emergency. He arrived and at first we thought she might be okay. But she had actually broken the joint just below the fetlock and her pastern. I was fine up till then as I knew the wounds that were obvious would heal, but when he gave the bad news, well, that was too much for me. She was such a sweet, sweet girl. Hung her head on my shoulder the entire time and listened to every word I had to say. Wow. That is hard. Too hard. Told her I was sorry, Told her goodbye and prayed to God to look after her and allow her babe to grow to be big and healthy. I'm serious, it's times like that I don't want horses anymore. Nobody should have to go through that. Not the horse, not the people that found her, not I, and not poor Raquel who had to watch it all, by herself, as I couldn't be with her since I needed to be with Starshine. The whole situation just sucked.
     So, every cloud has a silver lining, you will never beleive who ADOPTED Starshines foal (who we already named Lucky Stars), - Oakley!! Savanah and Stars have been budies since day one, and it was a miracle that oaks took her under her wing. There is a guardian angel.
     And more good news, Mysty had a wonderful little colt this morning at 5 AM. Christine emailed a picture and she was thrilled to find them and see the new little one from the first moment it tried to stand.
06/20/2008      My email server has advised that they do not know what the problem is. So please, if I haven't replied to you, resend your email!!
     Updated a bunch of the new babies on the baby page. Gold Rush and Curly Sarah foaled yesterday. So that brings our total to 16 foals so far this year. Still have possibly 7 more to foal. Yikes, that is alot of babies. Winchester was extremely productive last year.
06/17/2008      Started the report from the weekend jaunt to Europe.
     Diego and Baley head to Spain and the Netherlands.
My email server is down this morning. Can't check the emails right now.
     Email from Christine that Nellie had a pinto Curly!! Hooray!! And Evita had her JJ baby! Hooray!!
06/13/2008      Wow.
     I have tears today. Thanks to Sophie in France. The big news today was suppose to be that we had 5 babies the last couple of days, but Sophie and SS Pal's San Antonio Stroll beat that with news that they are on the cover of the huge Hipponews magazine for June 2008. Can you beleive that!! One of our little Palladin babies is on the cover of an International Magazine. Really made me cry. Touched my heart. Wow.
     See Tony on the Cover of Hipponews.
     Busy trying to get the horses ready for overseas right now, but will try to post some of the pics of the new babies also.
06/12/2008      Okay, I feel bad for no news for 2 weeks, but I have been posting pics if you've been checking!!
     The new place is starting to take shape. Some pics on the pics page. Quonset is almost finished so we have somewhere to start moving stuff. Plans almost finalized on the logs and they should be arriving the middle of August. Lots to do before then.
     Technical difficulties with the horses going overseas. Appears Spain has a truckers strike going on!! Quote from Phil
"Yes, there is a strike over cost of fuel. They have blockaded a few areas around Madrid - motorways, fuel depots and markets, etc. - but everything is still moving although some garages are running out of fuel.
Some of the supermarkets are running out of fresh food (fruit, veg and some meats).
Fishermen also on strike for same reason so not much fresh fish and seafood about either.
Restaurants are running low as holiday season start. Great. Didn't I tell you this place is not far removed from a Third World Country?"
     So does not look good for me to introduce Diego to his new owners, which really is sad. The trucker advised me he can't even go into Spain on Sunday. So looks like I will be visiting Franzi and hopefully Princess Annie's family for a couple of days.
     Baley will be going on this trip also to his new family. He's a perfect match for them for their first riding horse. They were thrilled when Franzi told them about him and anxiously await his arrival.
05/28/2008      The next 4 months are going to be hectic. If you email me and I don't reply, PLEASE email again!!
     Sunday we moved our horses home from the East pasture. I trimmed up 4 of them and trimmed the rest on Tuesday. Monday was lesson night plus I trimmed up Kruzer, who is back in lessons and loving it.
     Tuesday night I trimmed up Anika, Gold Rush and Sienna.
     Wednesday the federal vet arrived first thing and took the blood samples for the horses that will be going overseas. He was a jerk! Deb was ready to shoot him by the time I arrived back at the stables. Freaked 2 of the horses totally by stabbing them 3 or 4 times with the needle while he stood 3 feet back. Wonder how he got his job??
     Then Bob arrived and we castrated Charms, Maxx, Shanleigh and Stardust. Then we caught up the mini's, put them in with Echo. Then we delivered Dundee and Phantom Jaxx!! Now that was a full day.
     Started our downsizing to accommodate moving into our new log cabin. Hard to say goodbye to some of the horses, but they always go to good homes.
05/28/2008      Pics posted of our weekend getaway in Halifax, Nova Scotia.
05/20/2008      Baley and Diego went for vet inspections Saturday. Our appointment was for 4 PM, left the house at Noon, arrived at the clinic at 3:45. Then the vet was behind schedule and didn't even get to see us intill 6:30! We were in there untill 9:30 and he had 3 more clients waiting after us. Deb and I had super at 11:30 and didn't get home till midnight. That was a long day and the worst part was the vet was terrible. Very particular and trying to promote lots of fancy smancy technology. Not impressed.
     Got a wonderful picture from Denise of her niece Christina on McCoy. They are super thrilled with him and starting his conditioning for the long trail rides they have planned for this year.

     And of course the most exciting news for them is that Christina does not have any reaction at all to McCoy!! She can start riding now! Hooray!!
05/12/2008      Horses from BC will arrive today, so we can start quarantine for our next venture to Europe!
     Winchester has proven to be a real escape artist. Jumped out of the corral beside the barn, into the next corral, into the chute, and tried to clear the fence out to the mare pasture. Got hung up half way in and out. Had to get the chain saw to set him free. And he galloped off like nothing happened! So yesterday we built a fortress to keep him in. He was not impressed.
     Prince is feeling GREAT! Going to see if he can catch a couple of mares this year. That would be awesome for the old boy.
     Had all the yearlings in last week and Kaylee was helping work them. When Whinny got out he let them all out and just by chance last night they were all back in the corral expect Phantom Jaxx! Thats amazing to have 10 of the 11 horses we had caught to be in the corral out of the 50 horses we have at home! Hey, works for me.
     Getting down to the final details of our new log cabin. Construction of the quonset to commence next week, well to be done then also. Just hard to decide where everything will go, but fun!!
     Looks like Phawnee is sold. Going to head west!
05/07/2008      Gorgeous day here today. So I decided it was time to wear high heels and a dress. Only to find one of our boys 1/2 mile from home this morning on my way to work. So there I am, catching a horse, in the ditch, in heels! Think I made some people's day!! Then of course after I walked him home I had to walk back to my car. At least it was a nice morning for a stroll before work.
     Received emails from Germany with some not so happy clients. Seems a vet in LUX was on a power trip and decided he would not work past 7 PM and made all the horses that came in that night stay over till today! That is crazy. Franzi said they just made a new rule that day that the vets will not clear any horses landing after their regular work hours. Plus some idiot at customs said the value of the horses was too low and would not let them pay their taxes based on the price they paid for the horses!! That is absurd and only with a government would one see such stupid things. Needless to say there are some very angry people today. Not only our horses were held up, but all the horses that landed that day. Poor Jeder's mom had to sleep in her car and Franzi had to run the trailer back that she borrowed 4 hours away!! Plus take another day to make arrangements to go get Seleena.
     Trip down to Calgary was uneventful. Got home yesterday morning at 4 AM. Horses all loaded super and traveled well. Will get some pics posted.
     Last weekend was a trip North to pick up some materials to build our new fences on the new place. Love my truck! The old girl hauled about 20,000 pounds and made it up the biggest hill in fourth gear. That's awesome.
     This weekend the trucker is heading to BC to pick up the third horse for the next quarantine. Going to send the trucker all the way south to Duncan to pick up a mile first then Maple Ridge to get the mare.
04/28/2008      Please, please, please have patience with me if you are emailing. 100 emails after the weekend, many phone calls to answer and lots to co-ordinate right now.
     First, Starshine had a baby on the weekend. Huge surprise to everyone. Luckily another fellow has a horse in quarantine that can go with Jeder and Seleena, except that it cannot depart before the 4th. Will get that figured out today.
     People arrived on the weekend to pick up one of our Siberian kitties. Another going to Victoria from this litter and Ontario again.
     Friday we attended the Log Home Showcase in Edmonton. Wow. There are some awesome builders out there, but we think we have finally decided whom we will trust with our future home. Visit their site, They built the log home in Italy for the Olympics!
     Then we attended the Mane Event in Red Deer for 3 days and came back totally pumped for training. There were clinicians there from around the world. Lots, and lots to see. Too much to take in 3 days. Almost overloaded but certainly saw some amazing trainers and loved the results. Even found out there is a Canadian Gypsy Vanner Association. Met lots of people I haven't seen in over 10 years! Was just great.
     Weather even started to brighten up. Sunshine on the weekend and our snow started to melt away. Plus 15 today.
04/22/2008      New pics posted!!
04/21/2008      What did we do wrong?? As one of our weather people said "Mother nature is having a Hissy Fit!!". Coldest and snowiest winter for April on record since 1954!! We recieved 6 inches of snow over the weekend!! And blowing, and cold and just plain yucky. Deb hit the ditch yesterday, on the wrong side of the road. Nobody hurt, thank goodness. Just not nice out there at all. Only good news is that can't do anything outside so I got my income tax done. Cancelled all lessons for the rest of this week as it is suppose to be like this for the entire week.
04/16/2008      Federal Vets here today for the horses in quarantine. Everyone got their pictures taken, documentation updated, blood pulled for the tests, and all went very well. The horses were a bit muddy from the rain, so I washed down their legs and spiffed them up. Only a couple more weeks and we will be off to Germany once again!!
     And now the BIG news!!!
     Our Deigo is going to SPAIN!!
     Phillip started emailing a month ago and has made the decission to have Diego join thier family!! The funny part is - where else would a horse named Diego go!! We haven't broke the news to Diego yet.
     So as soon as I get back from Germany the horses will be going into quarantine and then off again a month later. We will be doing a quarantine for a horse coming from BC going to Germany, Diego going to Spain, and Moonlights son is going to the Netherlands. Yes!! Also our first export to the Netherlands!! This has been an amazing year, no doubt.
     Next weekend Roland and I are going to take in the big horse conference in Red Deer. I mostly want to see the lady that won all the reining competitions riding with no reins or bridle!! Friday we are going to take in the Log and Home show in Edmonton and make a final decission on our new home we will be building. This weekend we have people coming to see horses, cats and some allergy tests. Last night we added a new employee, Kayla, who will be helping around the farm and with the horses. Her and Jade rode Baley and McCoy last night and had way too much fun.
04/14/2008      Mac and Baley finally made it home!! Baley remembered the place. Both boys just walked off the truck, went in the arena, rolled, and looked for super! That after being ont he road for 7 days. Aren't horses amazing. Both boys look super, fit and no signs of the trip whatsoever.
     Saturday was clean up day. We got alot picked up around the yard from winter's left overs. Sent ofg a bunch of gates to be fixed. Getting into spring mode, although it did snow Sunday! Saturday was plus 20, and Sunday it snowed. Gotta love our Alberta.
04/11/2008      McCoy has a new home!! Denise arrived last night and totally fell in love with our little character! She'll be taking him home on the 30th. He's a perfect match for her and she has big plans of making many miles with our little gem.
     Uschi, from Austria, is very interested in Charisma and Savanah. They are two awesome fillies and we would be proud to have them in Austria.
     Mac and Baley should finally be home today! Wow, what a long trip for those two boys. Kim had lots of truck trouble along the way.
04/08/2008      Lessons back in full swing. Still pretty cold though. Had 2 inches of snow yesterday.
     Lots happening. Nothing new there I guess. Seleena, Starshine and Jeder doing fine in quarantine. Mac and Bailey could be home as early as tonight. Prince is doing super. Might try Denise's solution on him for hair growth. Will let you know if we do and how that turns out. People should be coming to see Diego and McCoy later this week. Might have found a new trainer that works with the horses quiet, like we do. Still haven't got my income tax done. Still waiting for the 48 hours in a day, I did say please!!
     Received an update from Chris on their horses:
     Hi Deanna -
     Just thought I'd send you a quick note to let you know how well Wyatt is working out with us. He is perfect - we love him! Charlotte (my 7-yr-old) has claimed him as her own and is taking lessons on him. He works great for her.
     Doug also has taken a few lessons on him as well and is really enjoying riding.
     Katie (on Charmer) and Charlotte (on Wyatt) have joined Pony Club so we'll all be learning lots this summer.
     I’ve attached a few pics – my girls with the horses and of course, our favorite girl – Pearl. She is gorgeous – only an inch shorter than Charmer already and starting to fill out – she is going to be a big girl. She is fearless – a plastic bag had blown into our field and she was checking it out – so I went to pick it up and just to see what she’d do – I shook the bag then ran it up her legs, then put it on her back and rubbed it all over her – she just stood there – so I ran it up her neck and laid it across her ears – when I took it off she just grabbed it with her teeth and shook it some more. She will go anywhere and try anything – we are just setting up a round pen so she will start doing some work. She is destined for great things!
     Anytime you are in Calgary we’d love to have you for a visit – call us anytime!
     Thankyou for sharing Chris!!
04/07/2008      'Nother busy weekend. Oakley had a gorgeous buckskin curly filly yesterday! A real sweetheart.
     Bailey and Mac are finally on their way home. There were a few tears shed when they left. Luanne told an awesome story that I'm sure she won't mind me sharing. As always there is heartbreak when one must move on and let their friend go. As Luanne was leading the horses to the trailer she just asked God to please give her a sign that she was doing the right thing and that the horses would be alright. She looked down at the mud in the driveway and there was a perfect outline of heart, left as an imprint from a leaf. The only one in the driveway and right in front of her as soon as she asked for a sign. Amazing, eh! I know Bailey and Mac and going to be just fine. Whether they stay with us or someone else falls in love with them, they are destined for greatness. Thankyou Luanne for entrusting them back to us. Will be interesting when they arrive to see if they remember their home. I'm sure there will be lots of neighing when they get here.
     Was at the airport at 7 AM Sunday to send 3 kittens off to their new homes. One to Vancouver, Toronto and Burlington. Always hard to let the little gems go. We don't even name them as it makes it harder to say goodbye.
     Brought Diego and McCoy home Saturday as we had people coming to see them. But it snowed 5" in the city and the people cancelled. Trimmed up their feet and they were happy to be home again. Brought Peggy in as we start lessons tomorrow and got her all trimmed up and spiffy to.
     Spring always means work, and that is what we have been doing. Burnt 6 loads of scap wood, 2 truck loads to the dump, and still lots to go. Finding all those muscles that I forgot I had.
04/04/2008      Brought Charms and Whinny home last weekend. Rounded up the horses for quarantine. Burnt most of the old well building. Sent one of our kittens off to Kelowna today, the others are heading to Toronto, Burlington and Vancouver on Sunday. Lessons starting on Monday. Lots of new children again this year. Lady coming to see McCoy on Saturday. Filled all the feeders yesterday so I can move horses tomorrow. Suppose to be very nice and warm.
03/28/2008      Happy ending. Got a phone call from a customer from work wondering if I was missing a dog! YES!!
     He was 12 miles from home!! The fellow said he was at his door this morning and went out to feed cows with him. Thankfully the fellow knew me, and called me at work. Who knows how far he travelled during the night. I rushed down to get him. He's exhausted now. Slept by my desk all day.
     Faith is something, isn't it. Told Deb not to despair, that it could have a a happy ending, and guess what. It did.
03/28/2008      Terrible, terrible news. Somebody STOLE Tipper yesterday
     Roland and I headed out to bring Charms and Winchester home. Tipper, Baxter and Shilo followed us onto the road. Deb came out behind us and saw a van stop beside the dogs. She thought they slowed down because of the dogs and then the unthinakable happened. She saw a fellow get out of the van and somebody else opened up the side door of the van. She hollered at them that "That's my dog!!!" She watched as Tipper went from one side of the van to the other and as the people were calling and calling him, he jumped in. Such is the price we pay for training him to be trusting and friendly. Such is the price we pay for making sure everyone that visited the stable was his friend. Such is the price I must now pay for not taking him with me that trip. He always got to go with me. I shoulda known. But never in my wildest dreams did I think somebody would steal a pet, and while Deb was screaming at them!! When Deb arrived in the field I told her not to worry, as I thought it was the pound that had picked him up. That's how naive and trusting I am also. Woke up this morning and thought I had a bad dream. But Tipper is gone.
03/24/2008      Native Chelsea gave us a gorgeous sorrel curly filly on Thursday the 20th. Just a real sweetheart. Whinny was obviously busy on his escpae run!!
     Headed out to Edson to go downhill skiing on Friday with my daughter and grandaughter. Got up early Saturday morning only to be dissapointed after driving 4 1/2 hours to find the ski hill was closed. Not impressed. checked the website on Thursday and it said they were open this weekend. So we took a drive out to Jasper, another hour and a half, had lunch and came home!
     So you play you pay. Sunday I cleaned the basement in the AM, then moved some more panels, sorted horses, painted the white metal fence and cooked a turkey dinner. Deb's friends came by and Scott worked on tearing down the old pump house while Chris started pressure washing the arena. Deb helped paint the fence then after supper we trimmed up the donkeys feet. Yes, our elusive donkeys finally came into the corral and we nabbed them! They also got dewormed. Gary came by and branded Jeder and Starshine for me and they recieved their vacinations ready for quarantine for Germany. Seleena will be joining them on this trip. Needless to say Franzi is one very excited girl! Her baby is going to Germany.
03/19/2008      Couple new pics posted
03/17/2008      Thanks to everyone that viewed the video! We were rated:
     - Most Viewed (This Week) - Pets & Animals - Canada
     - Top Favorites (This Week) - Pets & Animals - Canada
     - Top Favorites (This Month) - Pets & Animals - Canada
     - Top Rated (This Week) - Pets & Animals - Canada
     Pretty cool.
     Spent the weekend arranging all the panels and gates for the new corral system. Looking pretty good. Tore down the old shelter by the barn and Deb and Chris disassembled it. Was -20 Sunday so too darn cold to do a heck of alot. What happened to our spring weather??
     Cierra Amberina had a nice little filly last week. Wasn't sure why we were having a foal this early so I went back through my news and found that Winchester had jumped over the wall of the arena and escaped 11 months ago! So that explained that one.
     Recieved some pictures from Chief's new owner and a report:
     Oh My Goodness! First I would like to say how wonderful Chief has been. He has mastered the joy of a lot of peoples hearts here in South Carolina.
     We have recently joined the Lowcountry Hunt Club! I was hesitant at first, because I figured you would need a thoroughbred to fox hunt. Although when I went to watch the first time, I noticed there were all types of breeds. So of course I was excited in getting Chief out there. Chief has gone out and has done very well. He crossed his first old wooden bridge with no hesitation at all. He also jumped his first log, not a big one, we are still working on that. I will be sure to send photos your way soon.
     The biggest news is though... he has been invited to the Parade of Breeds at the Hilton Head Expo March 30th. They have asked me to send them a few sentences in explaining the breed. Well I thought of you and that you were the best person to help me in getting that to them. Would you be able to help me?
     By the way I love the new video it was awesome, I
     can't wait to forward it to everyone.
     Hope all is well on the Ranch! I hope to hear from you soon.

Chief Blackfoot and Leslie

03/14/2008      Did it!! Edited out the video on us from the Series for Cowboy Country Television and posted it on You Tube!! What an amazing world this internet. The link above should take you directly there. Enjoy! We've already had lots of compliments on it and we really are pleased with the job they did.
     Roland and I dewormed the mini's last night and spent some time with the little one. She is soooo cute, fluffy and curly. Very trusting too considering it was her first time away from mom.
     Looks like Mac and Bailey may be coming back to the stables. Very sad for Brittany as she was doing awesome with Bailey. But she is going to college and her family has to move. They should be arriving in a couple of weeks. We are hoping to use both boys as our lesson horses.
     Our first 2008 baby born this morning!!
03/11/2008      Last night had some awesome news in the mail. An envelope from Cowboy Country Television and we have our date for the airing of our Curly Horses on National Television!! It will be first aired on on Access TV on Saturday May 10th, 2008 at 6:30 PM MST!! We are so very, very excited!! They included 3 CD with the entire series for 2008 so we got to watch a preview of the segment and are thrilled with how they portrayed the horses. There's about 10 minutes and lots of pictures of Princess Annie clowning around, Dandee jumping, Oakley, Wyatt, McCoy and of course my boy Palladin. I only have one huge regret in that we were in such a rush that morning I forgot my cowboy hat on the kitchen table!! Yes, I'm on Cowboy Country Television without my cowboy hate. I hang my head in shame!
     Sent out a pile of notices of our being on TV to thank all the wonderful people that have contributed to our success. Received some awesome feed back. Have to share:
     "Dear Deanna,
     Thank you for the email. I must tell you, the gelding I bought from you is, simply...FABULOUS!! What a sweetheart, and quite a tease, (for my two mares).
     When he came to me, he was so sensitive to bitting, I only bitted him once, now go without, using hand signals for steering! He also prefers to go side saddle, even with gentle pressure, he is so sensitive, so I go how he likes.
     He grew out of his homliness, and is one of the nicest moving horses I have ever had.
     Thank you again, Lisza C. Wright, (BNC Snowden, we call him "Hi!")
     P.S. The photo shows "Hi!", his pony mule gelding, t'Pring, and t"Prylla, my entire crew. "Hi!" is wearing his summer bridle, (which I made him), with prosthetic horsehair browband.

03/09/2008      Deb and I caught up all the horses at home and they are now dewormed for spring. First we spent half the day fixing up the corral and gates so we could work everyone. Was a very productive Sunday. Felt great to be outside doing somehting with the horses. Pall was his normal inquisitive self, knocking over the tool box, spreading tubes of wormer everywhere, his nose right in the middle of everything.
     Had the camera all ready to take a ton of pictures, but everything is so muddy there is no way I would post the pics!
     Friday and Saturday were spent laying laminate flooring in the kitchen. wow, does it look good. Just a few more boards and it is done. Thursday was income tax day, just a few more evenings and it will be done also. Went square dancing Wednesday evening, and that was alot of fun.
     Was hoping to do some branding yesterday, but it will be later now.
2/28/2008      Another week and a half flown by. Don't know about you, but the time is just dissapearing here.
     Last weekend we caught up Golden Girl, Seleena and Red (Babushka) and took them to Wetaskiwin for preg checks. All but Red are bred and we had Red's teeth floated while she was there. Franzi is now super excited, as it appears Seleena will be heading to Germany.
     Amanda and her dad came by and we got Dandee trimmed up and pulled Oakley's shoes off.
     Prince is looking better than he has looked in a couple of years. And feeling like a young stallion also! Looks like we will use him for breeding this year again. Lucky boy!!
     Four truck loads of panels and windbreaks arrived on Saturday. Got most of them set up and have some shelters arriving this weekend. You won't recognize the place when I'm done! The shelters are humongous!! 10 feet tall and 36 feet long!! Doesn't take long to make barriers with those. Plus we got some wonderful pipe fences and gates. Right uptown.
     I have a ton of paper work to do the next couple of weeks. Need 48 hours in a day, please!!
2/19/2008      Yes, I know!! So I finally posted some new pics. Check them out.
     Wyatt and Black Pearl are sold! Christine is so in love with Pearl there was no way she was letting her come back. and they wanted another horse for their girls to take in to 4H with Charmer. So, Wyatt fit the bill and is now residing south of Calgary. Lucky Wyatt!! Charmer came up for the ride with Kodiak and I must say Charmer looks like he is due any day! Never seen him that fluffy!!
     Saturday we headed to the boys pasture to catch up Wyatt. It was so windy all the horses were crazy, running, bucking, rearing, just having a gay old time. Deb walked out into the middle of them and caught Wyatt all by herself! We had trudged through knee deep snow to find them and I was pretty played out. He wasn't sure he wanted to leave his buddies so I gave her a hand to bring him up. and then, true to his style, he just walked right into the trailer. Got him home, trimmed his toe nails and also did Pall. I even rode Pall for 2 minutes while Chris and Doug were here. That was a treat for sure.
     Sunday we went over to the mares pasture and got some more pics and hair samples for Franzi (finally!). Christine was out riding Misty when we arrive. She has been doing lots of riding and loves it. She has even been leading her friend around on Golden Girl!
     Monday it was off to Annie's field and take some pictures and hair samples. Ambrossia is looking drop dead gorgeous. Just love it.
2/8/2008      Dagmar made it into the Western Horse Journal in Germany!! Wow!! Good work Dagmar. The photographers were out last fall and the article was just printed. Here is a link to the website , and if you can't open that you should be able to open the page I made for Dagmar's debute in the Western Horse Journal. This is a huge accomplishment and award for all of Dagmar's dedication to the Curly horses. For those that don't know, Dagmar is the wonderful lady that put her trust in me and imported our first Curly horse, SS Miss Klondike Kitty (AKA Cjura), into Germany. You can see that story Here!
     10 horses escaped last night. and you will never, ever, guess who was in the lead. How did you know, yes, it was Annie. Deb found them in the yard at the hay stack. Annie had come through the mini's corral and just kept on a going.
     Our weather is not co-operating at all. Suppose to go down again tonight, -45 with the wind chill. YUCK!! Enough already.
2/1/2008      Well our weather is not going to break untill next Tuesday. In the minus 30 mark all through the weekend. Franzi is anxiously awaiting pictures and hair samples, but will be another week before that will happen. The horses are ready for a break also. Just no fun when it is this cold. Had to take the two kittens back to the airport this morning. Hopefully they catch their plane this time.
1/29/2008      MINUS 40 this morning!! Thought -35 was bad enough. All Franzi's fault. She wished for us a change in the weather. but didn't say a change for the better!! Thanks Franzi!!
     Amazing horses can survive this stuff. My car never started this morning. Was even plugged in. So how the heck do horses do. At least the curlies have that wonderful hollowed fibred insulating hair. Prince is all bundled up and in the barn.
1/28/2008      MINUS 35 this morning!!
     Yucky. Was up at 4:30 this morning to take two kittens to the airport. One going to Victoria, British Columbia and the other to Toronto, Ontario. Had to do lots of coaxing to get my car to start. Roads are terrible, drifting snow, no visibility, slippery. Almost lost it a couple of times.
     Prince is doing fine after his scare. The cut on his jaw seems to be his only fall out. Lucky guy.
     Franzi keeps emailing that the new owners of Princess Annie are thrilled with her, love her, and may want another!!
     Received this report from Bev:
     : Kenny and Curliest George(warrior) are both doing well. I am not sure you got our last email , but I will send an update. Both have there nice curly coats and have filled out nicely. Kenny is going well under saddle at all gates and starting to do trotting poles, he does not care about much. A little lazy and happiest when eating ,but a cute mover when going forward and as kind as can be. George is also doing well, still doing mostly flat and trail work now but will work into the spring shows again with him at the 18-2 foot level. I just love him and his mischievious playfull personality. My daughter is still riding our other curly older mare but has come a long way with her riding this past 6 months and will be spending some time on George eventually when I want to turn him over, having too much fun with him now. Hope all is well and the weather is not too cold. Bev"
1/22/2008      HUGE scare last night. Almost lost Prince. While I was on holidays Deb put a blanket on Prince as it turned cold. Last night she went out to feed him his pulp mash, and found him cast with a hind foot through a strap on his blanket. The poor fellow was down along the door ledge going out to the corral and had rubbed his neck bad along the concrete. He had given up and took tons and tons of grunt work to get him pulled out and turned around so he could get his feet under him. He tried a couple of times and quit again. We rolled him over on his other side, proped him up with some hay bales, gave him a break and tried again and again. Finally went out to get Annie to try and pull him up. Little Sienna Selune came in with Annie and was interesting to see the spark in Prince's eye when he saw her. But they did spend alot of time together when she hurt her leg last year. Was after midnight when we finally got him back on his feet again and we all breathed a sigh of relief.
1/21/2008      Just back from a fantastic two week holiday in Mexico. Batteries are recharged and ready to take on the world again.
     First big news is that the family that purchased Charmer are super thrilled with him, no surprise, but they also will be purchasing Black Pearl, our stunning Friesian curly cross filly, and are coming up to see Diego and Wyatt as soon as the weather warms up. They are planning to make the horses a family affair now that they know the allergy part is great!!
     Franzi has someone interested in Golden Girl, so guess I'll have to make a big decission there. That will be a tough one as she has been a favourite with everyone at the stables since she was orphaned at one month old.
     Franzi is also still trying to get Seleena closer to her. If Franzi can sell half the horses she has people inquiring on she'll be able to have Seleena, no problem!
     Got an AWESOME email on Ahani from Germany. She was a super star. I'll try to post the story and picture later.
     Chatted with Bernard and Marie Claude that own Commanche and Tulsa in Quebec. The horses are spoilt, as always!
     Chayana and Shajana's Siberian kittens are ready to go to their new homes. Czarina is going to give us a litter in the next couple of weeks. Denny is still doing good, and our new boy, Mishka, is a real trouble maker. Full of mischief and fun.
     Baxter, our standard Parti poodle, really filled out. He's a very reagal boy now. Interesting to see how much everyone changes when you go away for a couple of weeks.
1/3/2008      Happy New Year to everyone!! Our New Year has started out super. The weather is wonderful, horses are good, and lots happening here at the stables.
     Tonight we measured all the mares for Franzi. She has some people looking for horses to go over with Jedder and Starshine in March. Will be moving a bunch of horses around this weekend to winter facilities.
     I have a ton of pictures to post, just no darn time!! Will try to do some tomorrow.
12/28/2007      If all of you experienced the same joy and laughter that I did over the Christmas holidays, then I know you were blessed and surrounded by loved ones. We had a wonderful, wonderful Christmas this year. My sister came up from Coaldale Saturday and we were joined by my friends from Leduc, Edmonton and Telfordville, plus Deb and Tim & Roland and Raquel. 12 of us enjoyed a lovely ham supper. Sunday my daughter, her husband and his mom and dad plus the three grandchildren arrived, plus Deb, Tim, Roland and Raquel. Another BIG turkey super. Afterwards we all headed out to the arena and the children all got to go for a ride. Of course we had the hot spice wine from Franzi and Jeanette for both special occasions.
     Christmas eve we did our annual listening to the horses at midnight. Was a beautiful clear evening, but certainly was not the same without Maj. Christmas morning santa had arrived and lots of wonderful presents under the tree.
12/20/2007      So many wonderful emails coming in from everyone with reports on thier horses and how great they are doing. BIG thankyou to everyone for this. I'm so sorry that I have no time to post anything right now. Spent 5 wonderful days in Victoria visiting my boss I worked for 30 years ago! Took some time to relax for one day with my new best friend, Roland, and we had 5 days of great memories.
     Have some great pictures that Debbie took of Martika, Amber and our new mare Babushka being rode. Will try to post them sometime.
     My eye surgery last week did not as well as hoped. Have some problems with my right eye. Hopefully they can fix it. Could not get back in untill boxing day.
     Had to post this little bit from an email from Tanja:
     we wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year in 2008. I watched your news about the last trip to Germany and i began to reflective the last two years since the arrive from my little Ahani in Luxembourg until now. I could feel with the new owners waiting for their horse. I reflectived more about the first days, the accident, my anxiety from Ahani, than the beginning of the respect of both sites, the fight for her life and at the end the big, big love. I call her now and she comes immediately out of her herd. I can go with her for a walk. Still Some month ago it was not possible for me but now i`ve lost my anxiety at all. She is such a good teacher. She says me how she want to be handled. And I learn every day to understand her better. She is the reason that i found so many new friends. Really friends. Now I´m really happy and proud to have this little girl."
     So wonderful to hear happy endings. Good for you Tanja, to hang in there and make it happen.
     Lots happening at the stables. Last week Deb and I did some upgrades in the house. Stripped off a bunch of wallpaper in the hall, kitchen and my room and painted. Looks so bright and clean now. Got a new tractor and skid steer. Re plumbed the well. Stock tank needed some work and is now working 100%. Chayana and Shajana had kittens in the last month and they are all adopted accross Canada. Couple of new additions to our breeding stock with the Siberians. Expecting a litter next month and again in February. Already 4 of them sold. Denny is holding his own.
     Prince is actually looking better each day. Really think he might be able to breed next year.
     Winchester and Charms are together in their own space for winter.
     Received a couple of special packages from Europe. Jeanette sent us some liquid spices from Denmark to add to warm wine for our Christmas celebrations. She also send a couple of special Danish chocolates that I was suppose to share. Ya, right!! They were gone before the clock struck midnight! Thankyou Jeanette. and Franzi sent some special spices from Germany for Christmas. We tried to find them while I was there, but no luck. But the girls made sure they arrived in time for our special day.
     Hopefully will have a moment to wish everyone a VERY Merry Christmas, but if not I truly hope you and yours are blessed this special time of year to spend time with your loved ones. Be they friends or family they are all there for a reason and I hope you treasure these special times.
12/11/2007      Pics of the Germany trip .
     LT, Amber, Martika, Red and Ambrosia are doing awesome for Stephani. Most are being ridden and the weather even co-operated this week.
12/4/2007      Arrived home from a very quick and wonderful trip to Germany to deliver Doc, Buffy, Serrando and Princess Annie. When I receive the pictures from all thier new owners I will post the whole story. Was WONDERFUL to meet everyone and so nice to know that, as usual, all our wonderful horses are going to super, loving homes. Thankyou to Franzi for arranging everything and thankyou to Jeanette for making the trip all the way from Denmark so we could have a wonderul reunion!! More later, got home at 7:30 this morning, so lots to catch up on.
11/26/2007      Received an awesome letter from Leslie in South Carolina:
     I just purchased a horse, Chief Black Feet, we got him from the Hippotherapy clinic in Lakeside California. All I know is that he was donated by Mary Van Cleve from Romona, CA.
     When my husband and I got stationed there we were helping out with the Hippotherapy sessions, Chief was not being used for some reason. I began to train and work with Chief, I had never seen a Baskir Curly before, so I was awe struck when seeing him for the first time. From them on it was Chief and me. He is now home with us in South Carolina.
     When I got the papers from Hippotherapy finally, I saw that Chief came from your stables. From reviewing the papers, Chief was sired by Elko Nevada and damed by Mel's Doll.
     I hope you can understand my excitement in getting in contact with you and to let you know where he is and what is happening in his life. I have looked at your web page and it is wonderful how some have stayed in contact to let you know about your horses. So I have decided to attach some pictures of Chief.
     Thanks for your time and the horse that has brought so many smiles into my life.
     Thankyou Leslie, it really is letters like your that make my day. To know that someone has found a best friend in a horse from our stables is all that I could ask for. Posted the pics on the new pics page.
     Spent every daylight hour fixing the well on the weekend. Finally got it up and running last night. Big thankyou to Reo for stopping by yesterday and not loosing his patience with it, or me!
     Had all the material delivered to finish the corrals, but today it is -25 with the wind chill, so not sure that project is going to get finished now.
11/21/2007      Deb and Steph didn't catch up Starshine or the yearlings. They thought they had Starshine, but it was Chance?? Not sure how that worked, but anyways -- Steph did work Ambrosia, Amber, Martika, Jack and Sandy. Didn't have time for LT and Jeyder, but they should be done today.
     How was my morning? Oh, thanks for asking! Had a tourism meeting last night in Leduc, got home after 10. Couldn't sleep till 2 as I was so pumped after the meeting. Phone call at 5 from a lady that wanted a horse shipped to the Phillipines. 5:30 discovered the well was froze, went out, the dogs had tripped over the cord for the heater and unplugged it!! Will I ever have water?? came back in and the phone rang for Debbie, got her up. Went out and started the car as I had to take a kitten to the airport at 6 for St. Johns, Newfoundland. Came back in to get the kitten and can't find it!! Deb and I looked everywhere, no kitten. 20 minutes later I finally went upstairs and there he was sitting in front of my bedroom door. Deb left the basement door open when she came up for the phone and since the kittens had never climbed the stairs we never thought to look upstairs. Just glds we found him as we would have had 2 very unhappy people had we not!! Made the 2 hour tirp to Edmonton and back to work for 8!
11/19/2007      Exhausted. Well went down Friday and worked on it untill dark Sunday. BIG thankyou to Reo for wiring it and Bob and Amanda for supervising! Was a huge job and without Deb's help I never would have accomplished it. Then headed to Edmonton to pick up a truck for Deb Sunday night and had the complete runaround from the guy she was buying it from. Didn't get home untill 1:30 AM and the truck is sitting on the side of the highway. Heater core went, lights went and the truck died. Long, COLD, frusterating night.
     Steph is back. Her and Deb caught up Amber, Ambrosia, Jack, Martika, Starshine, Jeyder and LT. Should be able to get back on track by the end of the week.
11/16/2007      Wholy Smokes!! Megan Dick won FIRST place with the INTERNATIONAL RAC Competition! Hooray for Megan. She had a total of 771 points, a full 209 points above the second place winner from Quebec. That is awesome Meg, and I must say, I am not surprised at all!
11/15/2007      Lots has happened since I posted news! Wyatt has returned. His owner had a personal crisis and was not able keep 7 of her 8 horses, so I offered to buy him back. He was quite happy to reunite with his old buddies! And Andee is back. He is also VERY happy to be back with his buddies. He is doing and looking awesome. The horses in quarantine are doing fine. Federal vet was out Friday to do the blood work and take their pictures.
     Thursday the big D6 cat arrived and started working on the corrals on Saturday. By sunday he was all done and I could not beleive the amount of dirt they can move with one of those things. I had my cell for pictures, so not very good, but I will post them. Sure looks awesome now. Just need to put all the new posts and rails in. Had my garage bull dozed also and he did a real nice job of cleaning up behind the shelter to.
     Took Deb, Tim and Chandra to the Canadian Finals rodeo on Saturday. Lots of action and stuff to see. Finally bought myself a fringe coat.
     Pall has become an escape artist. Not sure where he is getting out, but he keeps showing up in the neighbors yard.
     Took some of our boys and girls to their winter pasture on Sunday. Trimmed up a bunch of feet and weaned off Keemah and Chance. Cookie was NOT impressed.
     Working on redoing the well and putting up a wall in the basement the next couple of weeks. Heading to see my old boss in Victoria the middle of December. He's had a couple of heart attacks the last while, so best go and visit soon.
11/05/2007      Planned to go to the horse pull at Northlands on Saturday with Nicole, Chad, Amanda and her dad, Bob, but when we got there it was full. So Bob and I decided to take in a John Lyonns clinic that was going on, and WOW! It was amazing. He had my attention the entire time. What a true, from the heart fellow he is. I've always enjoyed him way more than the others, but he truly confirmed my dedication on Saturday evening. Was suppose to be over after 10 PM, but he went till he was done, and it was quarter to MIDNIGHT!! Who else would do that??? Not Parellie, not Irwin, not any of the big commercial names.
     He has an amazing concept I have not seen before. Complete control of the horse with one rein. Amazing. No mention of seat or leg at any time. Really have lots of food for thought. Showed full collection, side pass, haunches in, ALL from the GROUND with one rein. Lots for me to absorb for sure. His main thought is - LESS is MORE. and he proved it. Kept repeating, keep it simple, the horse does not want it complicated, and nor do you. Very, very interesting.
     Winter arrived Sunday, if full blast. 7 inches of snow, cold, blowing and just plain yucky. couple of pics on the new pics page.
     Vet was suppose to come today, but was sick, so has postphoned it. Annie and Princess Annie, Nellie and Serrando and Buffy are all in the quarantine pen and Doc is in his own stall. Waiting patiently for the end of the month adventure to Germany!
     Our little minni herd kept crawling through the fence, so had to round them all up and confine them for winter. Kat was NOT impressed!! She is the ring leader and was pretty tricky to get her caught.
10/31/2007      Princess Annie is definetly Annie's baby! She is full of mischief and has a mind of her own! Busy halter breaking the little ones and trying to get ready for winter.
10/29/2007      Caught up Annie and Nellie and their babes yesterday, along with Doc and Buffy. Deb and Tim got the quarantine station all ready and we are set to go!
10/17/2007      I don't have the story all done, or the pictures organized, but you can see them here!!
10/15/2007      Awesome, awesome Horse Show!! Was a ton of fun, flowed right along, lots of help from all parents and the horses were superb. Gorgeous weather, great participants, just the best!! Thankyou to all, and I will post some pictures eventually.
     Martika tangled a porcupine! Yikes, brought her back Friday and was pulling quills for about 4 hours after the horse show on Saturday.
     My mom flew out to surprise me for my birthday! Then that wasn't enough, she orgainized a nice party for me Saturday. My sister and her husband drove up from Coaldale, Chandra, Mandy, Brittany, Ryley, Deb and Trevor all joined in the fun. The kids (Chandra and Deb included) carved a pumpkin. Sang some kaerokee (had a good warm up Thursday evening) and now I am partied out 'till next year!
10/11/2007      Well, today is a special day for me. Thankyou to all who have phoned and emailed!!
     Last weekend Nicole, Chad, Amanda and Bob came by and were a HUGE help in setting up for the horse show this Saturday. THANKYOU!! Bob disced the arena and it is looking super!! Nicole and Chad did an awesome job of setting up the trail class. Pick up the ribbons today, and I think we are ready!! Going to be a real nice, small show this year. Great way to wind up the season.
     Franzi has had LOTS of interest on the horses from Germany! Way to go Franzi!! Looks like maybe Jedder and Starshine will be heading over in the spring. Along with Franzi's favourite girl, Seleena!! Sent in the request for Doc, Buffy, Princess Annie and Serrando to go over the first of December, no confirmation yet.
10/05/2007      SNOW! Ground was white this morning. Was almost gone by 10, but it was still SNOW!! Not impressed here!
     Tomorrow everyone is coming to help set up for the horse show next weekend. Getting the trail class ready and grooming the arena. Thankyou all!
     Got the tire back on the skid steer, and the new tire ready to put back on the old Ford 9N. Should be an excellent, productive weekend.
10/02/2007      New pics posted.
09/28/2007      Another busy week. Tuesday I had a very nice surprise. A friend of mine came by and levelled out the main corral without me even knowing it! Looks awesome. Thankyou Reo!
     Hopefully tomorrow Buffy will be heading to the vets to see if she is pregnant.
     Well is down again. Pressure switch problems this time.
     Found a very pretty mare in the US. Same place that Ecko came from. Babushka will be arriving the middle of next month. She is ABC registered and bred to an ABC stallion. Trained and a flashy mover. should be an excellent addition to our breeding program.
     Federal government was out today to inspect our plans for the Environmental Farm Improvement program. Will know in a week what we can do.
09/24/2007      Shawnee is sold. She left on Friday. She was one fine mare, tons of bone and was sad to see her leave.
     Spent the weekend trying to clean up the mess in the corrals. Got alot accomplished, but the skid steer is stuck. Really stuck. Hopefully I can find a friend with a big tractor to get me out.
09/21/2007      Full day yesterday, had to take the one ton if for tires and alignment. Suppose to take an hour and a half, took 5 hours and they only got the tires on!! Not impressed at all. Came home a did lessons, then Deb caught up No Name and Shawnee and I caught up Jack. Now it's 8 PM and I started trimming all their feet. Yes, long night too.
     Czarina had her kittens Wednesday morning. She's even more affectionate now if that was possible. Can't even go to see the little ones because she jumps up to be stroked and petted. They are all spoken for, 2 going to New Foundland!
09/18/2007      Had the real thrill of a lifetime on the weekend in Cadomin. Saw my first wild wolf up close. It was amazing. Exhilirating and sad all at the same time. Some pics on the new pics link.
     Pics of the mountain trip with my daughter are also posted.
     Cimmaron was such a good boy. Just followed Peggy right into the trailer. Amazing for his first loading. Peggy is such a great teacher! I think she likes it here.
     Lots of calls coming in on the horse show. Please try to get your enteries in early to make it easier on me!!
     Tried to move more dirt, but still got stuck!! Someday it will dry out, maybe??!!
09/13/2007      Cimmaron is sold! He is leaving tomorrow morning. Going to some wonderful people not far from Edmonton.
     3 new people for lessons. Finally posted the entry forms for the Horse Show October 13th. Nicole and Chad have offered to help out this year. Thankyou!!
     Buffy will be going to the vets next Saturday to see if she is pregnant. Diego is possibly leaving the first part of October. Purchased a new curly girl from the States, she'll be arriving the middle of October.
     Prince is looking GOOD!! Thankfully!! He is on special rations, with NO GRAIN and has really gained weight the last month. Looks like he is with us for at least another year. May even try to breed him next year if he keeps the spunk he has right now.
     Finally posted some of the new pics. Still have to do the last mountain trip and the zoo with Chandra.
09/10/2007      Excellent day at Spruce Meadows yesterday. Amanda had never been so she came along iwth her dad and they were amazed at the facility. Eric Lamanze of Canada won the Masters!! Was a very thrilling competition.
     Delivered on of our kitties to it's new home. Theresa was thrilled to recieve her new friend. Friday my sister came up from Coaldale. had a great visit. Saturday Dorothea came out to pick up her kitten. She got to take home the little grey angel that I had fallen in love with. Was a sad goodbye, but hopefully we will see each other again. We also now have a new male from Miska that will become part of our breeding program.
09/7/2007      Our well went down while I was away for the long weekend. Had to move all the horses around so they had water. Brought a rig truck out yesterday to pull the lines. was scared the well had caved, but they got it up and running. So far so good. I had to dig out the hole Wednesday night untill almost midnight. Sealed it all up last night.
     All of our kittens are ready to head to their new homes. Some going to Ontario, Calgary and Ferintosh! Have reservations for 2 different homes in New Foundland for the next litters.
09/04/2007      Just returned from an excellent weekend in the mountains with my daughter, Chandra. She rode her friends horse Stretch and I of course took Pall. Was a super time, as it always is in the Rockies. Rode 8 hours the first day, 6 the next and 4 the day I had to leave. Just enough time to get over the saddle sores and it was time to come home!
     Buffy and Serrando are going to Germany!! Yes!! As long as Buffy is pregnant. As soon as we receive the deposit will be taking her in to preg check her and if she caught we will be heading to Germany in December. Franzi has done a wonderful job with her website and we now have a stall filled to go. Doc, Princess Annie, Buffy and Serrando. Good job Franzi.
     Last weekend I took a course on how to defensively ride a motorcycle. It was a real challenge and lots of fun. Really enjoyed it, so now I'm looking to purchase a bike for some long trips. Would like to go to Alaska on a bike, I think that would be fun.
     Camp was cancelled last week. Two of my uncles passed away and I took a trip to Athabasca.
     5 people booked a "Healing Horses" session for last Thursday. It was super evening with drumming, smudging and lots of life lessons from the horses. Used Pall, Oakley, Peggy, Dandee and Folly. Folly wasn't to sure she wanted to get that much focus, which was understandable as she is only one.
     Will try to post the details for this years horse show this weekend. The date is the 13th this year.
     We have barn kittens, so if anyone would like a kitten let us know. Siamese, orange and tabby.
     Pall and Oakley had their shoes reset last week. Pall had lost two of his, but Oaks still had all hers.
     Kim brought the girls back on the 26th. Hopefully they all caught to JJ. Anika, Evita, Rillo and Chautise all got to spend some time with the grand boy.
08/20/2007      I accidentally deleted every new message. Went to Calgary with my daughter and the kids (had a fantastic time, thankyou) and upon my return there were 600 new messages. So I tried to set up some filters and something went wrong and I lost every single email. PLEASE resend!!
08/15/2007      Claire's parents drove out from Edmonton last night so Claire could try to sit on a horse. What is so special about that? Just the fact that Claire sat on a horse when she was 3 and had to be taken to the hospital. Tried it again when she was 6, same reaction. And last night --- NO REACTION to the horse!! Is she happy? Did she sleep last night?? Claire has had her friends show her how to ride while she sits upon a stuffed toy unicorn. She knew about posting, she knew where you look is where you go, she knows lots, just never got to ride a horse until last night. Wow eh!!
08/13/2007      Franzi sold Doc!! Yes!! Doc is going to Germany. That is awesome news to know that someone will be using him to his potential. He is such and awesome boy, huge stride, kind eye, and loves to be out on the trails.
     My second level Equine Assisted Psychotherapy Training was excellent on the weekend. Just love this work with the horses. Met people from all over North America. Never ceases to amaze me how intuitive the horses are. We did 3 full days of workshops and new techniques. Can't wait to use it all!!
08/08/2007      Some catch up news.
     Been hearing from everyone the last while. Where to start. Karen has excellent news on Prospector in Germany. Marian has been riding him again. Anna in Denmark may wish to purchase Trojan Nicker, and she's still interested in Golden Girl (if we sell her, she's is doing AWESOME!!). Dagmar is doing a special photo shoot in Germany on September 1st. She always has gorgeous pictures. Franzi has had tons of interest in the horses the last month, and she is thrilled that she might be able to purchase Seleena!! She might even come over for a visit next month with her brother! Hooray!! Hope to see you soon Franzi!. Megan and Hilary have been doing lots of competitions with the Pony Club and racking up all kinds of ribbons.
     Brought Amarillo home from JJ at Kim's last week. Then Monday Kim emailed that Chautise had hurt her nose. She first thought she had broke it, but seems okay now. Evita hopefully caught, she was suppose to come back around this weekend. Chautise did come back around, but Kim said she was having some trouble getting her to stand. Maybe from her sore nose. Seems Anika did catch to.
     Our newest addition to the stables arrived last night, after a 4 day trip from Maine, USA. The trucker emailed enroute that she wanted to keep this girl, she is so beautiful!! Turned her loose in the arena to settle in. Was out in the yard weeding the garden and cell phone rang. They found a horse 2 miles North of me! It was Folly!! She had opened the gate and headed North!! Thank goodness the people thought of me and they put her in a trailer and brought her home. That was very lucky. They said she almost got hit on the highway, so I do count my lucky stars.
     I start my level II training for the Equine Assisted Psychotherapy this weekend. Love it. It's a very intense course with lots of challenges.
     A tree blew down onto the fence from our storm last week. So Charms and Golden Girl kept going for little walks through town. Could not figure out where the heck they were getting out. Knew Golden Girl would not jump the fence. Finally our backyard neighbor called to let us know that they kept coming up through her yard, and there was a huge tree on the fence. Amanda and I attacked it with the chain saw and fixed it up good as new.
     Shaj's kittens are almost ready to head to their new homes already! Boy, the time sure flies. Chay's are getting big also. And there is one in that litter that just might have to stay. She is always looking for me and runs up to greet me every time I enter the room. Too cute. And our newest addition, Czarina is getting along with everyone now, except Freddie (who is really Svetlana Chayana, but she thinks she is a princess, so we call her Freddie!). But it took Freddie a long time to accept the others also. she was the first to arrive, so she figures it is her domain!
     The police basically told me I did not loose enough money for them to waste any time on. Figures. If it's less than $100,000 they could care less. So now to stage 2.
08/07/2007      I got scammed. Yes, someone took me on the internet on the purchase of a horse. Turns out this woman has scammed more than 120 people in the last 2 years in over 20 states. So I have been very busy with the RCMP finding out my options and building a strong case to prosecute this person. Her name is Trina Kenney, and if you do a search you will be floored at what this woman has gotten away with.
     Finally!! Here are the Camp Pics!!
07/31/2007      As you can tell from the lack of news, we have been very, very busy.
     Franzi has AWESOME news!! Looks like she is very close to being able to get Seleena to Germany!! Wow!! So happy for you Franzi. and she has some people that say they would like to purchase Princess Annie!!
     Have three people interested in Doc right now. A gentleman came to ride him last weekend, (also interested in Cimmaron) but he has to sell some horses before he can purchase him. Lady in Florida interested for her daughter, and Franzi has a fellow in Germany.
     McCoy did wonderful in camp. He was perfect, did the games and never missed a beat. Geneva took Seleena on the last day trail ride as her horse was just a bit too hot for her. Our little angel Peggy was a dream horse for a first time, 6 year old rider.
     Dad, Deb and I went to the exhibition on Saturday and bet on some horses at the race track. It was a very hot, but very fun day. Sunday I took dad to the lake and we tried to go gold panning, but it was raining (yes again) and the lightening was too bad to get out of the car. He left yesterday morning, back to Ontario.
     Almost have the camp pics ready.
07/29/2007      Lots of new pics on the new pics page.
07/23/2007      Go, Go Go!! Took my dad to the mountains on the weekend. Saw a bear swim the river, elk, sheep and deer. Was a really nice, quick visit.
     Pics of stampede HERE!!
     Diego is sold!! Yes, he will be heading to the East coast after August. It was very nice of Heather to allow us to keep him here for our camps. We would be lost without him!
     Anika had her JJ baby Saturday, and he is HUGE!! Awesome baby. Gargantuan knees, gorgeous colour and so elegant looking.
     Camp starts tomorrow.
     Shajana's kittens are running around now, and Chay's are trying to.
     Hopefully pick up our new parti pooldle at the airport tonight, if the weather co-operates!
     Trying to co-ordinate Folly's import from the States, she might even arrive next week, if not it won't be untill September.
     Had some people up from Airdrie to look at the stables Saturday, they might be interested in the areana.
07/19/2007      Had visitors yesterday from Riverside Curlies in Germany! Was super too meet them all, didn't have alot of time to visit as I had lessons all night, but we chatted for about an hour.
     My niece is fine so far. She had a babe 3 months early, all seem healthy.
     Used McCoy for a lesson Tuesday, and Golden Girl for a lead line last night. Put GG in with Charms. Winchester is out with everyone else.
     It is POURING rain again today. Just got another inch. It can stop now!! the corrals will never dry out at this rate.
07/16/2007      Stampede was fun as usual! Pall was awesome. Such a gentleman. I have some pics, but of course could not get many as I was by myself this year.
     My email is down at home. I have some important things happening right now and hope you will all be patient with me!! Everybody blames everybody else, so I can't get it working yet.
     My niece was admitted to hospital yesterday, so my dad is with us right now and it will be a busy couple of weeks. Must be summer.
07/10/2007      Huge surprise yesterday. Or rather a MINI surprise yesterday!! Kit had a filly! Had Kat vet checked last year and the vet had so much trouble checking her that we decided there was no way they were bred. And yesterday Deb thought she saw a puppy in the mini corral, and it was a baby! And curly! Hooray!!
     Steph rode LT, McCoy and Golden Girl and started Sandy and Squirt. I trimmed most of their feet so they are good to go. Jedder has an infection so she will be off for a bit. Seleena became a lesson horse last night and her and Sydney got along very well.
     Have a pony ride tonight. A little girl coming from Edmonton with her friend from Montanna that HAS to ride a horse while she is in Alberta. Then in a couple of weeks we have a 4 year old coming from Edmonton that is allergic and dying to ride her first horse!
07/09/2007      Charmer is in his new home with Kodiak and Pearl. Was pretty sad to see the old goofus go. I got to say my goodbyes in the quiet of the morning. Chris and Doug have a wonderful set up there. A barn that is 40 years old and is like new, never used. Gorgeous trees surround the property and a wonderful view looking over the river valley. Kodiak and Pearl loaded exceptionally well for their first time. They were all pretty happy to get off though.
07/06/2007      Times a flying! Forgot to mention that Daphne and Cindy got on Jedder last week. Went well. They also rode Golden Girl and McCoy with Kruz, Wyatt and Jack.
     Amanda and Deb worked with a bunch of horses yesterday. Rode Seleena, Jack and McCoy. Groomed and saddled Golden Girl, Ambrosia, Jedder, Kodiak and LT. Plus they caught up Black Pearl for me to deliver tomorrow with Kodiak to Charmer's new owner, Chris!
     Hopefully Steph can make it out tomorrow and we'll ride LT, Buffy, Doc, Ambrosia, Golden Girl and Jeder plus start Dundee, Sandy, Squirt and Cimmaron. I've got 4 horses feet to trim plus 2 babes to halter break. Going to be a full day!
07/04/2007      Excellent news!! Midori won Grand Champion at Ron's Canadian Classic Horse Show on Sunday!! congratulations Midori and Pride!! I'll post some pics when I have time. They gave me 137 pictures!!
     Pics of our Rocky Mountain Trip!!
07/03/2007      Super, super weekend. The weather was good, bit of a breeze to keep the bugs away and mostly sunshine. The horses were excellent, Diego took Troy (who had NEVER ridden) through the mountains and accross the rivers just like the steady boy he is. Doc and Seleena were excellent for Daphne and Cindy. Never missed a beat. I'll post pics in a couple of days.
     When we got home we turned Winchester out with Star, Annie, Gold Rush, Curly Sarah, Misty and Nellie. He was some happy to join his girls again.
     Our newest addition arrived at the stables all the way from Texas. Reilly was also some happy to be out loose with the other yearlings. He's a very pretty boy and we are thrilled with him. So hard when you buy on the itnernet, but so far, so good!
06/29/2007      Farrier out yesterday to do the rest of the horses. We didn't do Dandee as Amanda's mom won't let her come with us now. Megan is VERY dissapointed. but we will have fun!
     Heather, from Nova Scotia, is very interested in Diego. And now he is going to the mountains to be ridden by a fellow that has NEVER ridden a horse before! So as long as we all survive the trip I'm sure Diego will be heading to a lovely family on the East coast.
06/28/2007      Pictures of the horse show
     Daphne and Cindy are riding Golden Girl to! and Daphne has fallen in love with Doc and wants to take him to the mountains.
06/26/2007      Where do I start? It was a whirlwind weekend.
     Charmer is sold. Cris arrived on Saturday to spend some time with him, and Charmer decided that he is their boy. No questions! Any time Cris even looked at another horse Charmer would nudge her, too cute. We wandered around and looked at some of the yearlings to see who would make the trip with Charmer to keep him company. She’s going to show the pics to her kids and they will let us know who the lucky babes are. While we were out looking at the horses we found Wincherster stranded over the fence. He was pretty happy to see us. Another of his 9 lives are used up. We brought him back up to doctor him up. Felt sorry for him and thought he was really hurting so turned him loose in front of the arena. He took off like he was shot out of a cannon, through the yard, down the ditch, gone! So we know he’s going to be okay.
     It rained again everyday of the weekend, but at least it didn't rain during the horse show. Nicole's first dressage test was a normal first dressage test. Her second was excellent. Oaks didn't miss a beat for her. And Amanda and Dandee did absolutely their best show ever. They did 2 levels of jumping, so 6 classes! She won 5th and 6th in the 2'6' jumper. Congratulations Amanda, very, very well ridden.
     While we were at the show Deb was hard at work at the stables. She caught up Annie, Star and Sally with their babes, gave Lucky Charms and Sally a bath. She was one tired girl at the end of the day.
     Daphne and Cindy arrived from Quebec Sunday evening also. They will be riding Doc, Kruzer, Wyatt, Pall, Seleena, and Jack plus training Jedder and Sandy. Cindy is an awesome rider and trains barrel racing horses. These two girls should be here for the entire summer! Wow, could we make some awesome progress.
     Cowboy Country Television arrived yesterday and we had a super fun afternoon. See their website at . Lisa came with her children to do a testament about her sons extreme horse allergies and why she purchased Wyatt. Amanda did a jumping demonstration and told why she loves Dandee. Nicole reported on her experience riding the curlies. Sydney was thrilled to be on television. Chandra arrived for moral support. And I gave a full report on our wonderful Curly horses. A very interesting thing arose from my discussion with the organizer. Turned out she is a true gypsy with a 500 year old family history in England. We had an awesome conversation and will definitely be in touch.
     There was a storm coming in (again!) so of course I was telling about how calm and quiet our horses are and everyone out in the field was snorting with tails up and dashing around like silly horses. And Annie's little gem really put on a performance, dashing and bucking all over the place!
     After we got everything cleared away from the show the girls did a nice ride on some of the horses. Daphne rode her friend Wyatt, Cindy did an awesome ride on Kruzer, man can she ride, Amanda rode Diego and Sydney rode Peggy. I trimmed Peggy's feet again and she is looking normal now. Then the girls lunged McCoy and I trimmed his feet.
     As always, with all the good news there is some sad news. Yesterday Beauty Girl passed on. She was in the arena, didn’t even need her, so turned her out on the grass for a treat. 10 minutes later she was gone. The really sad news is that Prince will probably not be far behind her now as they were inseparable. She had developed asthma the last year and we knew she was not going to be long with us. Gary buried her beside Major. They were also good friends.
06/20/2007      What a WONDERFUL day! Pics of the Tour here!
     Last night after lessons I took some awesome pictures of Peggy our new pony, new pictures of all the yearlings, Annie's babe and new ones of the yearlings. and guess what. I deleted them all!! Not even sure what happened, but they all disappeared in one click!! Not impressed.
06/19/2007      The call came in!! We are going to be on National TV with our amazing horses!! If you have allergies and have received a horse from us we would love to include you in this once in a lifetime opportunity. Lisa is coming, Amanda, Sydney, Nicole, probably Tracy and Meg, hopefully Dawnine can make it to! It is going to be a blast!!
     Annie had her babe yesterday, sorry, just no time for pics, really busy right now cleaning up the ranch for the tour bus tomorrow and now the TV next week!!
06/18/2007      Yucky, yucky weather. Rained all weekend AGAIN! No way I am going to get the trenches filled before the tour bus arrives.
     Amanda and Nicole both came to practice for their first show this weekend.
     Ron Gale emailed to let us know that his horse show is on the Sunday, not the Saturday. So we will be not be going to his horse show on July 1st.
     Put Winchester in his own pasture with Nellie on the weekend. Annie is in foal control mode, so the girls were not able to catch up his other brides. Hopefully all will settle down and we can finish our re-organization.
     Two new curly boys arrived on Saturday from the Dublanko's. We have two super friendly and super quite boys that will be going into training. One four year old and one two year old.
06/15/2007      I'm tired and sore today! That was a full day yesterday. Chico, Silverado, Dundee and Chance are now geldings. The fellow we have gelding our colts is amazing. He's 67 years old and is the best person I have ever seen to perform this task. No bleeding and the little ones are up eating grass in no time. Trimmed some horses and Pall is shod. Oakley got her front shoes on, but we had to shut it down as a big storm moved in.
     Curly Sarah's babe has the most unique markings. I think she's a she and she has three full stockings and a paint marking full blaze. Sorrel body and smooth coated. So she will be a hypo-allergenic smooth coated curly!!
     Have a tour bus with 45 people coming in next week. Lots of work to do before they arrive. Nicole offered to help out, Thankyou Nicole!
     Nicole will be riding Oakley for dressage next weekend in Skoorybrook and Amanda will be riding Dandee in jumping. If I have time to ride Sally this weekend I will ride her in dressage. Not fair to take her to a show if I don't prep her.
     Wednesday night Deb caught all the horses up in the corral so we could sort out the boys. We also dewormed everyone, another full night!! Plus Amanda's dad decided it was about time he learned how to ride, so he took a lesson on Diego. Amber came to ride Kruzer and with the storm coming and being on his own he was spooked when the horses outside came pounding up outside the arena.
06/13/2007      The farrier is coming out this week to shoe our show horses and he also gelds our boys. He's an awesome older gent, about 70, and I hope I have his energy and zest at his age. All of last years boys will be gelded, along with Dundee.
     Curly Sarah had her baby yesterday. Sorry, we were busy getting Amanda and Nicole ready for the horse show next week. Amanda's dad took his chainsaw and started working on clearing the jumping field.
     Speaking of the horse show, we faced Dandee with everything we could think of last night, tarps, flowers, flags, barells, planks, and he only surprised Amanda once with a stop. They are ready for their first show. And Nicole is going to take oakley. This is Nicole's first dressage show. I was suppose to take Sally, but just haven't had any time to ride her at all. Next year.
     And found a name for our new pony - Peggy! Becasue she looks like a pegasus!! I told Nicole when she came last night and she said that was hilarious as she was going to phone me to tell me that was what we should name her. So I guess she really does look like a pegasus.
     Have 3 inquiries on Diego right now. He's just doing so awesome I know he's going to be one of those boys that I'm sorry I sell. Amy really wants to take him back to Ron's horse show July 1st, hopefully he's still here for her. She just started riding last year and really bonded to Deigo.
     Our momma cats should be having thier kittens any day now. Shajana is REALLY fat, never seen her this fat before. Bad news from Barb, a tree fell on the house and broke a window and Miska got loose and she can't find him. Poor guy!
06/11/2007      Where are the weeks flying by to?? Very productive weekend. Nancy came out Saturday and rode our new pony. She wants to try to learn to ride so she can join us in the mountains this year. Trying to find a name for our new addition. She looks like a white marble pegasus. Long flowing mane, beautiful arched neck, biggest, sofest eye you ever saw. And now that I have trimmed her feet 3 times in the last month she is feeling super!! When she first arrived she was so sore and her feet so curled she could hardle walk. Now she is running and bucking!! But a sweetheart to ride. But she does have a bit of the pony attitude, wants to stop at the gate. But ever so friendly and gentle. She's a keeper for sure.
     Saturday we got the front lawn cut, I finished planting the two new flower gardens, we cleaned up the rest of the tree and stacked all the fire wood. Sunday I finished stapling all the wire that Gary strung, rebvuilt the fenc in front of the arena, moved some horses around and fed everyone after I finished cutting all the grass. The mini's got loose while Deb & Troy were watching the gate, so we had a couple of moments of excitement.
06/06/2007      Some new pics above! Diego is such a sweetheart! He's letting a 4 year old boy ride him by himself around the arena! What an angel he has turned out to be. Beauty is taking Colby's 6 year old sister around by herself also. And Amber came out last night for a lesson on Kruzer. After lessons Deb and I built two new flower beds in front of the cabins. Was hoping to finally clean up the corrals, but after our storm everything is wet, again!! Thursday I'm hoping to catch up Chautise and Rillo to take to JJ at Kims. Might pick up our new mare on the way. Have a new lesson pony also. She the cutest, grey, long maned pony I have seen. Plus we have a new Parti standard poodle on it's way from Texas! And an Irish Draught filly coming from Maryland, USA and a Gypsy Vanner stallion from Texas. Now you know why I haven't had much time to post much news!!
06/05/2007      Scary weather. A tornado touched down about half an hour north of us. Cancelled all lessons, moved horses around, bolted all the doors and waited. Luckily it went west of us.
06/04/2007      The adult camp on the weekend has been cancelled due to lack of enteries. We needed 4 more people to make it a go.
06/03/2007      Excellent weekend!! Heather came out Friday evening and checked out the horses untill 11:30 PM! Amber came out Friday and BOUGHT Kruzer!! Her mom is thinking of buying Silverado. Kris called and wants to come back and try Charmer again. They have bought thier acreage and are ready for a horse. We will probably send one or two yearlings down with him, just so he has company. Deb cut the lawn on Saturday, I planted flowers. We moved some horses around and caught up Sally the donkey. Went to a BBQ Sunday and had a super visit with some old friends. The weather was fantastic, so I drove the Model A all weekend!! What a treat.
     Nellie had a nice little boy on Friday. Yes, I got pictures, but didn't download them yet.
06/01/2007      Looks like Kruzer is going to live with Amber! Amber is totally and love and it appears the feeling is mutual. She rode Kruz last night while her mom rode Diego and it was a special night for sure. Heather is coming by tonight to look at Charmer, Diego, Seleena and a couple of the girls. Trimmed Jenny's feet last night, that took an hour, as usual! She's our little donkey with lots of kick when it comes to her feet. Started the deworming of the horses on the weekend also.
     Guess who stopped in for a visit! Peter and Marco from Denmark! We had a super visit and talked about all their exciting new projects. Some we might even be able to participate in, who knows what the futre holds!
     Drove my Model A to work the last couple of days. And hit my first bucket of balls on the golf course, not pretty. Suppose it's like riding a horse, takes a while to know what you are suppose to be doing. Or rather takes a while to DO what you are suppose to be doing!!
05/30/2007      I think I am getting caught up now. So if you have sent me an email and are waiting for an answere, please email me again, and I truly appologize for loosing you!
     Tried to get some new pics of the babies, but it was 10 oclock again when I finished lessons, so it was too dark!
     Nicole would like to go to a couple of horse shows with Oakley, so our goal is to try and be ready for a show on the 24th of June. Amanda is going to take Dandee and possibly Buffy.
     Amber had to cancel her session with Kruzer, she may be out next week. Beauty Girl, Diego, Charmer and Oaks are our main lesson horses right now. Trying to organize some rides on the others but our schedule is just so tight right now.
     Brought home a little white pony Saturday. She was heading to the meat buyers and there was no way I could let that cute little girl go there. She's 17 years old, bad feet and swelling on her belly, but she deserved better.
     Winchester jumped out of the arena on Saturday. Just cleared the wall! So him and Charms are now in another pasture for now. I'll have to measure Winchester as I could not beleive how tall he grew over the winter.
05/27/2007      WOW! What a weekend. The Fultonvale Equine Extravaganza was awesome!! Big thanks to all who helped, even Amanda for helping load up everything the night before, but was not able to come. Pictures!!!!
     Saturday Amanda and I headed into a horse sale in Tofield. I was amazed when Amanda rode Scout and we had the top selling horse at the sale!! Wow, way to go Amanda. You are becoming one very accomplished rider. I was up at six on Saturday to load the horses, we got home around 7, and then we all started bathing the horses for Sunday. Didn't finish until 11 Saturday night and back up again at 6. Sunday was a long hot day and we were all tired when we got home at 7 again. But it was certainly worth all our efforts on both days. Thankyou again!!
05/25/2007      Misty had her baby last night and Rillo had hers on the 23rd. Pics on the new pics page.
     Heading to Fultonvale for Sunday. Meg, Hilary, Amanda and Kim will be riding. Hoping to take Sally also to show her off.
05/22/2007      The weather was not good on the weekend, but could have been worse. Brought the rest of our mares home from their winter pasture on Sunday. It poured rain on the way there. Monday was fun as I got to drive my Model A!! Finally!! Took it into the parade in Thorsby and Deb and I had a blast.
     Got some pics of some of the girls on Sunday, no new babies yet.
     Amanda and some of her family came for a trail ride on Saturday. Dandee, Charmer and oakley headed down the road and they had a very good time.
05/17/2007      Star had a super handsome colt! Curly and cute as can be from Winny! His pic is on the new foals page.
     Amber came out for a lesson last night. She's interested in Kruzer. Put her on Charmer first as she had not ridden in over 5 years. and get this, Kruzer did better on the lead line than charmer! Who would have thought. Charmer just kept bobbing his head as he wanted to go and do something, where Kruz just said "whatever". I think Amber has totally fallen in love with Kruz, so we'll see how her next lesson goes, then he may have a new home!
05/14/2007      The saddest thing happened when we took Major out to bury him. Every single one of the mares stood all along the fence at full attention and watched him go. It was amazing. They could have gone anywhere or kept eating but every single one of them lined up all down the fence line as if they were saluting him and watched him till he went out of site. It was amazing and of course made me cry even more. Curly Sarah was first to line up, and I wished I'd had my camera for I have never seen her standing like that, as if she was a statue. Next was Buffy, then Erin, Cookie, Star, Chautise, Martika, everyone. After he was out of site they all went through the gate, single file and went to the top of the hill and just stood there. Wow, eh. He has a super resting place where he can see the sun rise and set every day and will be in my heart forever. So many times over the weekend I thought, time for Majors grain, or looked for him in the field or just thought of him and the hard reality came back, he's gone. I still feel empty, but know I must go on. Thankyou to everyone that sent emails, there were so many of you I can't thank each and everyone. But there were lots of emails from people who had thier first ride on Maj and people whe know what he meant to me. Thankyou, each and everyone.
     Still no new babies yet. Star is really full of milk, so I think she will be first. The others are still holding tight.
     Five riders for lessons tonight, tomorrow I have a meeting in Leduc, and the 4-H comes on Wednesday along with Amber to check out Kruzer. This weekend is the long weekend so maybe we'll try to go to the trails for a break.
     There is still tons of water everywhere. Mud and sludge gallore. One good thing is I've learned how to run the skid steer pretty good. Speant 4 hours on it Saturday just trying to make the corrals a little drier so we can bring some horses in for training.
05/11/2007      Tribute to Major.
     My life will never be the same again. A BIG THANKYOU to everyone for all your emails of love for Major. He was my first horse, as most of you know, and the very beginning of what is now Sunnybrook Stables. My daughter rode him through Pony Club, he taught hundreds of people how to ride, he talked to me every day, but especially on Christmas eve every year. In our younger days I would be up every morning at 5:30 so I could ride him before I went to work. He could jump, drive, do dressage, work cattle, halter break babies, step carefully through the mountains, anything and everything. He was the greatest love of my life. And now he is gone. A couple of weeks ago he was galloping through the fields and I thought, good for you old boy, you'll have at least another fun year. But Monday evening he was hanging by the gate so we put him loose in the yard (we did this often as he never left) so we could feed him a bit of extra grain. Tuesday night I got home late (my niece had emergency surgery and I was at the hospital untill 1 AM) and fed him his grain and all seemed fine. Tuesday night I got home late again and called him, but he didn't come up, so I left his grain for him, but it was still there in the morning. I went to search for him and found him laying on top of the knoll by my bedroom window, looking as happy as could be. I guess it was just his time, but it does not make it any easier. He would be 28 next month, and as all of you have told me, had an excellent life. I still can't write anymore right now as I just get to blury eyed. But thankyou to everyone for your support and we'll be back Monday.
05/09/2007      I can't write. I need some time alone but it is too busy right now. I lost my best friend today, Major is gone.
05/07/2007      Well we had even more rain and snow and ice Friday evening. The power went out at 11 PM and didn't come on again until later the next afternoon. Our basement flooded and my friends place almost got washed down the river. My sister arrived around midnight Friday, took them 2 hours longer to make the trip. The road to our place was under water in 3 places. It was pretty bad. Then it froze and took out miles of power lines. Going to take awhile for all this to dry up. It's so wet I pulled the tire off the rim on my skid steer!! Had to feed square bales yesterday. Still no new babies yet! Good thing with that storm.
05/04/2007      It has been raining forever! It is VERY depressing. We have no horses in the corrals right now as they are covered in water. Thankfully nobody has foaled yet. Pony Club rode in the arena last night. Midori came out to watch, she may join with Pride. Four new riders for lessons this week. Using Charmer, Diego, Beauty Girl and Oakley as our main horses right now.
04/30/2007      I apologize for the lack of pictures, but it was a very dark and dreary day, so 90% of our pictures did not turn out!! It rained and snowed in the afternoon and not many people came by before lunch. But between 1 and 4 we had allot of new faces in the arena. People came by to allergy test our kitties, some people interested in Silverado and Kruzer, about 7 new students for riding lesson, some entries for camp and some neighbors just to enjoy watching the riding demonstrations. All in all it was another super day.
     Open House Pics!" Meg rode Seleena, Hillary Charmer and of course Amanda on Dandee. They did some gymkhana, pole bending, mug race and of course some jumping. I spent 2 hours giving Keelah and Sally a bath, and they were still dirty! We have mud everywhere.
     Sienna was found in the feeder again, so she is now in the barn for some TLC. Tracy did an awesome job of cleaning her wound though she was not happy.
     Meg was suppose to ride Pall for the Open House, but Winchester was out and did not want Pall around his mares, so Pall was a bit too sore to ride. Nothing serious, just a few grazes that will be better in a couple of weeks.
04/27/2007      OPEN HOUSE Sunday! Everybody's coming!! Mom has been super busy in the Gift Shop, arranging our tons of new items. Even have T-shirts and hoodies now!! Debbie raked the yard last night. Lots to do to get ready. Still lots of mud.
     Midori had an excellent ride on Pride last night. Pony Club and 4-H both start riding next week. Re-arranging all lessons, so please check for your riding time.
     No new babies yet! Just Cookie's surprise. Would be nice to have a couple more before Sunday.
04/25/2007      Some new pics.
04/23/2007      Friday was our huge Open House at my work, and was a super busy day. Saturday Tracy arrived with Meg and a couple of friends. Meg rode Pal for the first time, they got along fine. One of her friends rode ole Charmer, without problems, of course. My mom arrived Saturday morning and we had some people come to see the Siberian Cats.
     Wyatt is not feeling well, appears somebody picked on him pretty bad. Brought him out for Meg to ride and he was too sore to saddle.
     Sunday Amanda and I worked Seleena, the two new lesson horses (Lacy and Belle), and Gary rode Buffy, who was not her normal self and did not wish to be rode. I trimmed up Buffers feet and Amanda also rode Dandee. Amanda and her dad stayed for super, then off to town to pick up some stuff from my inlaws. I did take some pics, but they just didn't turn out inside the arena. We are swimming in mud now after the 5" of snow.
04/16/2007      Finally had some warmer weather on the weekend. Started doing the spring cleaning, that is no small job! Gary tried cleaning some of the corals to get rid of the lake! Deb and i watered down the arena and built some racks to hang saddle blankets. No new babes yet!
     Beauty Girl and Diego are doing awesome for lessons. Used them both for the beginner riders and was thrilled with their performance.
     Have all our new giftware in and no time to even look at it yet! Hopefully this weekend we will get the giftshop ready for Open house.
04/11/2007      Robin has been riding Doc this week and doing awesome with him! Tomorrow Amanda should be joining us and our goal is to get ready for the Kilarney Show Jumping circuit.
     Two new beginner riders joined us tonight and did super on Beauty Girl and Diego. Lessons are Monday and Wednesday as of the end of this month.
     I've been busy redoing our horse listing pages, doing the new page for this years babies that we are expecting and moving last years to the yearling pages, etc. If you see any errors, PLEASE let me know!!
04/09/2007      Well, Dilon is gone. It's very hard to see a horse like him go to a new home, but, he does have a wonderful home that he is going to. The people are super, kind, and caring. I beleive it is one of those matches that are meant to be. He is already deeply missed here at the stables, however, I know he is greatly appreciated where he is. Plus he is only just over an hours drive away, so we are welcome to visit him any time.
     Looks like everyone will be back out to Fultonvale that was there last year. Hopefully we can get together and practice a bit before hand. Amanda really wants to do some jumping shows this year, so we are going to make a deal with her to ride one of our other horses and we'll take her to the shows! Works out great for everyone.
     Major is feeling better, moving a bit easier. Debbie left the gate open Saturday and everyone was loose! Good thing Chandra and I went out for a walk and found all the escapies.
     Sophie has her first curly filly from Tony!! Pics on the new pics page.
04/05/2007      Okay!! Here's the camp dates!! Adult Back In The Saddle Camp - June 8th - 10th, regular camps July 24th - 26th and August 28th - 30th. These camps are already half booked, so since there will be less camps this year I strongly recommend you get your application in right away.
     We normally run 4 regular camps, but my schedule is very full this summer. Have my dad coming out for a holiday, I'm taking two more weeks of training for my Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and we'll have 4 mountain trips this year!!
04/03/2007      Marshall Dilon will be going to his new home on Friday. Yes, Dilon has found a new family to enhance. It will be a sad day when he leaves for he has been an awesome ambassador for our Curly horses everywhere. Spruce Meadows, Calgary Stampede, Klondike Days, Fultonvale, St. Paul and of course at the stables. Little Sidney rode him last night (it was cold as heck!) and was sad to know it was the last time she would see him. And Debbie will miss him the most; as he is the horse she learnt to ride on and spent many an hour with. But he is going to a super home where we know he will be loved and appreciated.
04/02/2007      I do not understand how horses change corrals. Every single on of our babies and Charmer were in the mare field and Winchester was in the corral with ALL the mares! Everything totally switched around and every gate was closed. Very strange. Got them all back where they were suppose to be.
     Poor old Major is pretty sore. Somehow, somebody picked on him pretty bad. He is moving very slow and not his normal spry self. Hope he comes back around.
     Little Sienna is looking better. Still a long way from 100%, but definetly on the up swing.
     Opal and Jewel arrived in Virginia. The truckers comments were "We are so sad to see them leave, they are two of the quietest, nicest mares we have ever hauled"!
     Received an email from Jazzy Jiggers owners and they are super thrilled that they received a gorgeous pinto foal from him!!
     Our three little mini's are now in jail. They kept crawling the fence and would not stay in, so had to build them their own private corral. Kit is NOT happy!
     We picked the worst day to start lessons. It was -18 last night and today it is really snowing and blowing. Just plain yucky!
     Suppose to be some people coming back to see Dilon tonight, but with this weather I won't be surprised if they wait a bit. Lisa was also planning on coming tomorrow to look at Ambrosia.
03/29/2007      SS Annie's Oakley, SS Annie's Buffalo Girl, SS Palladin, Dandee and Lillevang's Sally are all entered into the Fultonvale Horse Showcase for May 27th! Hopefully Megan, Kim, Amanda and Hillary will be able to join us again to showcase our horses. Everyone had lots of fun last year and this year they have added an egg and spoon race for the first 25 enteries, so we got our names in quick!!
03/27/2007      Back home again! Another quick trip, but it was an excellent one. It rained the whole time, but, it was great to surprise my dad for his birthday.
     Opal and Jewel were sitting at the border yesterday, they were cleared by the time I called, so should be well on their way now.
     Franzi emailed she has a lady interested in Buffy and Charms from Bavaria!
     Some super news on Bill! He now has a new owner, Stephanie, who understands him and is very happy to own him. This is excellent news. We will be emailing with Stephanie to try and make Bill's new owner as happy as can be. Good work Stephanie!!
     Peter is still trying to make it out to see Charmer. Might work this weekend.
     Must get the hair samples of Seleena for Neele this weekend. First weekend I've been home to do this stuff in a month. Just too darn cold before.
03/23/2007      Well that was one full day yesterday. After sending Opal and Jewel south had a full day at work, then Steph came out and worked Buttercup, Doc, Kruzer, Amber, LT, Ambrosia, McCoy and Seleena.
     Doc gets more mature with every ride. He has such a huge stride, have to find him a nice hunter home. Kruzer is certainly going to be in our lesson string this year, along with Seleena. Amber was a super girl last night, after she let me catch her! Her and Buffy were tearing around the entire field. Buffy is certainly Annie's daughter! LT has a completely different demeanor about her this year. She is going to go along way now. Ambrosia was a bit skittish; she hasn't been in since August, so that was fine. McCoy was a very good boy. He might go in the lesson string also.
     Chandra came out for a visit and her and Deb brushed all the horses and saddled them so we could just breeze through the training. A fellow arrived to try and find a nice quite horse for his wife. So you know who we brought out. Dilon and Diego (told them Diego could be sold though). She preferred Dilon as he is a bit shorter than Diego. Super nice people and I spent a couple of hours with them doing some orientation. They are going to come back out after I get back from Ontario for a couple more sessions.
     Little Charming Chance is a charmer for sure. Robin was over petting him, and as soon as she stopped she ran up the hill and Chance would chase her to get her to pet him again. Too cute. He is so friendly and so brave. Sure would be nice to have another just like him for a team!?
     We will be starting lessons on April 2nd and running on Mondays and Thursdays until the end of May. So since there are only a few spots available, please let me know ASAP if you wish to come. I already have 3 of the 6 spots full.
03/22/2007      Kenny and Warrior arrived in Oregon yesterday. Bev said both boys were pretty relaxed and settled in right away. That is super. All the best to you Bev and we hope to see some awesome pics of our boys down the road.
     Up at 5 this morning to get Opal and Jewel on their way to Virginia. They should arrive in about 5 days. Evelyn has a press release all lined up for their arrival! Want a copy of that one.
     Dawn with CCHA says she has 6 riders for the Stampede Parade this year. That is a good sign of the increase of people using their curlies! Still waiting for confirmation that Daphne and her friend can join in the ride.
     I know I still have not answered all my messages, and may not have time until next week. Please be patient, just allot of stuff happening right now. And I will be gone until Tuesday, so if you have not heard from me by Tuesday, please call or email again, don't be afraid, you just may have gotten lost in the 631 message I had on my computer after the weekend!!
     Thankyou SO MUCH to everyone for your kind words about Rialgo and our programs in general. It really does mean so much to hear from all of you. So easy to get down and out when stuff like that happens. Makes you just want to quit breeding and just have our good buddy horses around for ourselves. But then we receive all your emails and realize that if we had never started breeding the Curlies we would not know any of you that emailed. What a thought. It is only from enduring these tough times that we got to where we are today and got to meet all of you through our horses. Thankyou again, and may the Great Spirit watch over each and every one of you and your horses. After the conference for the Psychotherapy with the horses I am even more convinced that we truly are all connected through the horses.
     Some info on the International EAP conference.
03/20/2007      Why is it the friendliest, best horses are the ones that go? Why is it poor Beauty has lost all three of the babies that she has given us? Yes, it was our little Rialgo that perished. Can't believe it. He was sooo cute, sooo friendly, sooo curious, and now he's gone. I just hate this. Ya, I know, if you don't have them, you can't loose them. Ya, I know, we had the best intentions purchasing the new feeders. Ya, I know, shit happens. But I also know I don't want to ever see that again.
     Those of you that don't know Beauty Girl, she is the AWESOME mare that we brought up from New York about 5 years ago. She was pregnant at the time and had a beautiful baby that Megan fell in love with. When we weaned her, the little babe broker her neck trying to get to mom through the fence. Beauty's next foal a couple of years later disappeared, to who knows where. Yep, the day after it was born we never saw it again. Beauty is getting on in years, so when Rialgo was born we were thrilled and new we had a special boy. and now he to is gone. Franzi made a special comment; she said that now Lakota will have his friend back to play with. Thankyou Franzi.
     I'm off to Ontario this weekend and we will be starting lessons when I return. Right now we will only be doing lessons on Mondays and Thursdays. I know I have a bunch of messages on my answer machine to return; you will have priority for the lessons spots. I'm sorry I haven't returned your calls, just busy right now.
03/19/2007      I don't want to write this, for once I put it here, then I know it is true. I'm heart broke, torn and mentally extinguished. We tragically lost another foal in the dam feeder. I bought these new feeders so the horses would be happier and not rub all the hair off their mane, and now this is the fourth baby to get caught and the second to perish. Why they climb inside, I do not know. There was lots of hay, half full. I'm -- well, I don't even know how to put it in words. Days like this make you just want to quit it all. Why do it, when such a sweet, kind friendly little horse will have such a tragic, early end to his life. I don't want to put who it was on yet, as I have to let my daughter know, can't have her read it here. I love you cutie. Have to go now, crying to hard, can't read.
03/18/2007      Wow, what an inspiring conference. I'm a bit swamped with emails and phone messages, but will try to post some real news shortly. I will tell you that my trip there was a nightmare! Stopped in Minneapolis and lost by money clip with ALL my cash in it! No idea where I left it. Had some lunch and then went 5 terminals over to wait for my flight and realized I didn't have my cash with me. Went all the way back, but of course it was long gone. Then when I reached Utah I was stranded at the airport by the shuttle service for FOUR hours! Missed the initial get together that night. Then when I finally got to the airport at 10 PM (was up at 4 AM to start this journey) I was told I had no reservation!! Even though I had totally prepaid the room weeks before. So I guess that was my test to see if I really wanted to be there! But the conference itself was awesome, just awesome. Met some fantastic people, got some contacts for a psychology partner, met the Canadian delegates (and climbed a mountain with one of them!) and have tons and tons of information to read and sort through.
     Stephanie is coming out on Thursday and I leave again on Friday for Ontario. Then we will be starting lessons full swing after that. I'll also be setting the dates for the camps when I get back from Ontario. Thanks for your patience!!
03/14/2007      Gone until Monday all the way to Utah to further my Equine Assisted Psychotherapy learning. Catch you then!
03/12/2007      A lady called from Washington about our horses and was going to email me for information. I have not received an email; so if you still wish to obtain information, please try emailing me at I have no idea why some emails get blocked. With the amount of SPAM that is going around it is difficult to have the server decide what to allow in and not. I apologize, but this seems to happen allot lately!!
     Saturday was a gorgeous day here. And we have a ton of water! Did some spring cleaning and started my income tax. Sunday was a little cooler, but today it is snowing up a storm again. Just plain yucky outside.
03/08/2007      Jan 2007: 212477: 23271: So what does that mean?? It's crazy. I just got the reports from our server and those figures mean that for Jan of 2007 there were 212,477 requests on our websites for 23,271 pages. WOW!! I'm sure Dawnine will take credit for about 20,000. But just over the last 7 days, Successful requests are: 6,110,255. these figures blow me away. Never, never in my wildest dreams would I have thought this was possible way back when, when I started building this website. I didn't even know what html code was!! But Thankyou, to everyone that has visited our site, and to all your kind words about it.
     Lisa made a comment that our horses seem happy in one of her emails. It's interesting how many times we receive comments that are horses are calmer than other horses people have looked at. Well, I like to think that our horses like it here, and that they like us. We do try to socialize our horses, try to let them enjoy their work and want to work. But of course with the Curlys we have a definite advantage, they already WANT to please, want to be around people and their natural curiosity certainly helps with our goals.
     Dundee decided he did not want to be considered a stud yet and made his way back with the geldings. Charms and Winchester are content to have their own field, but Dundee desired the company of his old buds.
     Picked up our little girl standard yesterday. She is a charmer! Black as black can be, only 12 weeks old and a sweetie. Tipper and Max love her. Tipper decided she is his girl!
     Dawnine sent an awesome email from Andee! Made me cry as she told it from Andee's point of view and was way to cute. Thankyou Dawnine.
     Great news from Karen in Germany. Austin should make a full recovery. Congratulations Karen and Marian for your dedication and hard work to make this happen.
     It is suppose to be a gorgeous weekend here. With the 3 feet of snow we had that means we will be swimming this weekend. When it all melts there will be a ton of water around. Tomorrow Peter is coming to meet Charmer, Deanna coming to test for allergies with the kitties, Josh coming to see the farm, people coming to see the horses and I have to do some spring cleaning!!
03/07/2007      Not alot of people take pleasure in making other people cry, but we do!! Yesterday, Dawnine was totally knocked off her feet when she walked out the door to be greeted by Andee walking up the lane. Shane, Dawnine's husband, had arranged the special surprise for her and she said "it was the biggest surprise of my LIFE!!" Do love surprises!! So Andee and and Dawnine will be getting to know each other and she will be taking a few lessons to broaden her horizons. Lisa was sad to hear that Andee left, but hopefully she will find a suitable mount.
     Opal and Jewel visited the vet Tuesday and should have their papers back tomorrow. Not certain when they will actually be leaving yet. Love truckers!
     Warrior and Kenny are still waiting patiently. Wyatt will probably be heading to his new home next month. Jedder might be leaving then also. Just a bit of coordinating to be done!
03/05/2007      Sue Yates from Brittany, France emailed and for some reason my messages keep coming back to me. So Sue if you see this please email me at This has happened before with new contacts from Europe.
     If you ever want to feel silly, just have someone come out to see a colt and when you bring it into the arena realize that it is a filly. Yikes. Yes, Buffy's babe is a girl, not a boy. Which is super news for us, but not so super for the poor lady that came to see a colt. But speaking of him/her did she ever halter train easy. We had the halter on once or twice last fall and she was leading in no time.
03/04/2007      FULL weekend! First the bad stuff. I didn’t get to visit the lady with the native horses. She knew the name of the people that raised the horses and I tracked them down for her. She contacted them and it is possible that the horses will be able to return to their original herd. So, that was super news for the horses, but bad news for me! I was really looking forward to meet with her, but maybe another time.
     The next bad news was somebody came on our property, into our quonset and STOLE my snowmobile! I've never had anything stolen before and was pretty upset that they would do this. Reported it to the police but will probably never see it again. So we will be putting everything under lock and key now.
     Now to the good news. Andee may be sold. Dawnine came out with some friends and family and had a super session with him. We spent a few hours just letting her and the others bond with him, leading him around, brushing him and feeding him treats! Most know how I feel about treats, but this was an exception. And Andee's biggest treat giver was also out! Yes, Lindey read on the website that Andee might be sold and headed right out to see her buddy in case he was going to leave. She even brought her notorious bag of carrots and special apple just for Andee.
     Amigo sold on Saturday. One of Dana's friends bought him after their daughter had a super ride, cantering around the arena with him. They loaded him up Sunday and off he went! They will all be back for lessons.
     Saturday morning headed off to the tack sale in Looma. Found a saddle that might work for Dawnine and you'll never guess what else I bought. An accordion! Yup, used to play one when I was a kid, so we'll see if I remember anything! (in my spare time, ho!)
     Brought Opal back from the other farm Saturday. Of course the girls were at the far end of the quarter so I really got my exercise. Trudged through 3 feet (one meter) of snow and got all the way to the back, put a rope around her neck and guess who came and chased her off, you got it, Annie. So I caught up Buffy and led her back to the trailer, then trudged the 1/2 mile again and caught Opal and led her back. I was totally played out by the time we made it back to the trailer. the snow has a crust on top and kept falling through the crust, I was drenched in sweat by the time I made it back to the trailer the first time. Maybe I need to do that every day! Super weight loss program.
     Moved Kenny, Charms and Dundee back to their field. Looks like they might stay there now. Although Sunday morning someone stopped in that there was a horse caught up in the wire. Gary went down to check, and no surprise, there was Winchester standing in the gate. Just waiting patiently for someone to come and find him. Hoping that they would bring him back to his mares.
     Tracy, Meg, Hilary, Amelia and her aunt came out for a visit after the tack sale. It was a gorgeous day. Cookie was limping profoundly, could hardly move her leg, but Sunday she was 100%. I'm pretty sure she was kicked.
     Sunday morning Steph came out and we had a super time. Deb pitched in catching and grooming horses despite the cold, cold day. All the horses were relaxed and ready to go. McCoy, Kruzer, Wyatt, Warrior, Andee, Seleena and Doc all had super sessions. She had everyone round and soft and forward, was just a great morning. Then we just mounted LT and Kenny and ended the day happier than heck. Gary was moving the 8 feet (3 meters) of snow from beside the arena. At one point he hit the wall with the skid steer, making a heck of a racket and we thought the horses were going to explode. Steph was riding Andee and good thing, as he just jumped and stopped. Could have been a bad experience but she turned it into a good one.
     Kim also came out to see who she might be able to event this year. She wanted to say goodbye to Warrior also. We had a super visit discussing JJ's future and plans for the girls. She had a horror story about her dealings with the owner of the other Irish Draught stallion in Alberta, Hello Paddy.
     Our puppy, Max, started to settle in over the weekend. He had a great time playing with Tipper and Steph's dog yesterday. Deb and I trimmed him up and he's pretty proud of himself.
03/02/2007      Get this!! Franzi is now teaching her first classes in Germany, and guess what the first assignment was?!?! She taught the children about her trip to Sunnybrook Stables and the curly horses. Wow eh!! Here is her email from the first day "The kids had so much fun in the lesson. Two full hours we talked about Canada, your farm and the Curlys. They were so excited. Finally everyone got a pic of one of your horses with name and breed on it and then they started to write about them. They can only write in present, so they wrote from the view of the horse. They had so much fun. When I find time I can send you two or three of the kids' works. You'll like it."
     Can't wait to see the stories!! Just way too cute!
03/01/2007      Minus 22 this morning!! Hey! We're heading the wrong direction here! It is suppose to warm up tomorrow though. Might be a little birthday party this afternoon. Not sure I should say as it might be a surprise, but somebodys mom called and wanted to use the arena for a couple of hours for somebody and their friends! Midori wanted to come and ride Pride, but it just might be too cold for everybody!!
     Prince is really feeling good. Actually have to chase him down now to bring him in for his oats.
     Received 3 emails from a lady in WI on Andee. She is very interested in him and was thinking of flying up next weekend to see him. But when I mentioned it to Dawnine she insisted that she has first dibs on him and has him on her computer as her screen saver and just emailed everyone pictures of her new baby. So Dawnine will try and come out Sunday, after my trip to Red Water, and check him out.
     Tomorrow is the tack sale, so let me know if you are coming, or even if you want me to look for something special for you.
02/28/2007      Minus 20 this morning! Hope it smartens up soon.
     Prince is really feeling good these days. When I go to take him in for his grain he is full of fiest! Good to see the old boy ready for spring.
     Had a VERY interesting thing happen. All you that know me, know I've studied the native traditions and feel drawn to practice the native ways. Well, a friend of mine told me that somebody had 2 curly horses they wanted to give away. So I called the fellow and he tells me he will get his wife to call me back with more info. She called last night and WOW!! Turns out these curlies are special native horses and I'm so excited to meet her. Can't tell you much, but I can tell you that I had goosebumps when I was talking to her. She sounds like an awesome lady that I can learn much from. Who knows, maybe this is my calling to further my dream of helping native kids. Wouldn't that be awesome!! We ARE all CONNECTED!!
02/27/2007      Some of you were mentioning that you would like to come by on Saturday and I just remembered that the Looma tack sale is on from 10-2. So you either come out after 1 or if you would like to join me in a trip to Looma PLEASE COME ON BY!! I'm hoping to leave at 9:30.

     Our new addition to the stables arrived Saturday!!
     Sovereign Soltzar, or Max as we call him, is a gorgeous, Apricot Standard poodle and Tipper's new play mate. He came all the way from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan on Saturday and was very happy to be turned loose in the arena. I've never owned a poodle before so it will be interesting to learn his ways!
     Talked with Tracy on Sunday and they have decided they just have enough horses with 5 of our curly boys and Megan will not be getting Wyatt. On the other hand, Lisa is ecstatic! Here's part of her email "
I am sooooo excited!!! SOLD SOLD SOLD!!! Thanks for the great news. Lisa!"
     Eleyne from Virginia is sooo happy. The trucker recognized the healing work for children she wishes to do with Opal and Jewel and allowed her to give a charity receipt for part of the trucking!! Super people!! So Opal and Jewel will be heading way down south and east in a couple of weeks.
     Bev in Oregon was thrilled when Kenny and Warrior passed their vet inspections, so they are now sold and were suppose to leave this Thursday but the trucker emailed that they were ready to leave on Sunday and we did not have the federal vet papers yet. So now they will be leaving in about 2 weeks.
     Peter called for Charmer. We've been emailing for a couple of months now and he wants to come out in a couple of weeks and meet him. Virginia will be disappointed to see her buddy leave.
02/22/2007      Frustrating day. Started off super with the vet coming to inspect Warrior and Kenny, they passed with flying colors. Kenny had a chipped incisor, but that was it! When I got home from work I tried to take some I tried to take some video of Kenny for Bev, but pretty hard by myself. Why was I by myself you ask. Well my niece fell off a platform backwards yesterday at work and hurt her back. Got her first ambulance ride. She's okay but fractured her tailbone. Then our well quit Wednesday also. But back to tonight, after I took the video I decided to take Winny and Charms out to their field. Walked all the way out there and turned them loose and went to close the gate. The rope was frozen in the ground. Spent 1/2 an hour trying to cut it with the 1/2 inch long pocket knife I had with me. Of course all this time Winny is trying to get through the gate to go see the girls. Finally get the rope cut and put up the gate and go to the next one and it is froze! It was super cold out, the wind was howling, had my hood up and snow packs on and trying to keep my eye on the horses. Finally had to leave them with one gate up. Got back to the barn and gave Prince his grain and was ready to head to the house when I heard a bunch of squealing in the mare pen. It was just about dark but I know Winchester’s carriage when he is proud of himself. and there he was, in with the mares already! I have no idea how thy got back through, but they did. So then I had to get them back out and Winchester was feeling pretty frisky and really did not want to leave his newly acquired harem. Finally got him back in his original corral and there he'll stay until the weekend and I can figure out where he found, or made, a hole in the fence.
     We have a new addition arriving at the stables, tonight or tomorrow, from Saskatoon!! (nope, not a horse or a cat)
     Another email from the lady that wishes to purchase Wyatt. She wants to get her new horse home, so hopefully we'll hear on Wyatt soon and she can get her boy home to play with. If Wyatt is gone then she is taking Diego. Either way she is excited, but her first love was Wyatt.
02/19/2007      Super weekend!! Saturday Chandra came out and we had an excellent visit. It was warm and sunny and all the horses were goofy!! Running and squealing and bucking and just plain silly! Caught some good pics of Kenny and Winchester bucking up a storm.
     Saturday Steph came out and if felt so good to be working the horses again. I trimmed 5 horses feet! and wasn't even sore. Wow, could be a good year. Steph worked Andee, Warrior, Kenny, McCoy, Kruzer and Doc. Kruzer was the super star. So balanced now and forward. Everyone was wonderful and picked right up where they left off last year.
     Sunday Deb and I went to a trade show in Edmonton. You're gonna love some of the new items we found for the gift show!! Authentic native dolls, original paw prints cast in clay, western prints in pine frames from Ontario, and more dream catchers and native artifacts.
     Eleyne emailed that she found a trucker who will give her break on the rate as she wants Opal and Jele for her therapeutic riding program! Horray!! and the real funny part is that it is the same truckers that migth be hauling Warrior and Kenny to Oregon! What a small world it is in deed!! FINALLY!! Posted Franzi's Report of her visit to the stables last year.
02/12/2007      Dawnine's pictures on the new pics page and her latest email on the Testimonials Page.
02/11/2007      Speaking of huge surprises!! Cookie had a baby on Saturday. Tracy, Jordy and Meg came up for a visit and while we were walking around the geldings Meg asked who the baby was in the field with the momma's and we looked and wow! Somebody had a baby. Not suppose to have any babies for a few months yet, but after digging through the files realized that Cookie was in with Prince beside the arena for only a couple of days last March, and guess what! By Chance she caught, by chance we found the baby, and by chance it's alive and healthy. So Meg says it's name should be Chance! And it is. It was way to cold for Meg to ride so they took the copy of the video that Franzi made so Jordy can see her on Wyatt.
     Dawnine also came back with her husband, and guess what!! She was one pretty happy lady, no reaction. He said what we have heard before, they smell different. Normally he would have broken out in hives just from being in the same truck with anyone that had been around regular horses. Again it was way to cold to really do much with the horses, but we brought Andee out and she brushed him down and fell more in love with him. When we came in the house he also commented on the fact he has cat allergies and did not feel anything from our Siberians. So it was a very happy day for Dawnine!
02/09/2007      Reidun had a huge surprise in Norway. She had bred her mare to a stallion there and Felicity aborted, so she accepted the fact that there would be no foal. They put Felicity in with Luc, and Luc had other plans!! They were gifted with a gorgeous colt yesterday. It's -22 there, so was a good thing they were close at hand. There's a pic of the new bundle on the pics page.
     Took our male cat, Denny, into a new vet yesterday and was VERY impressed with him. Sadly they kept Denny there, but they found a rotten tooth! How could every vet that has looked at him not see that! Plus he is going to run a bunch of other tests. He was not impressed with the report I gave him on what the other vets have done. So Hopefully, Denny will not have to be on steroids any more.
     March 14th I am off to an exciting conference in Utah, USA. This is for the Equine Assisted Psychotherapy that we are expanding on. It is very, very exciting to me!
     Still darn cold here! -30 with the wind chill right now and does not sound much better for the weekend.
02/08/2007      Wow, do we have inquiries right now!! Franzi may have sold Dilon to a family in Germany plus LT to another lady, Bev in Oregon is very interested in Kenny and Warrior (just need our weather to smarten up so we can take them into Edmonton for a vet check), Eleyne from Virginia is hoping to get Opal and Jewel for her therapeutic riding program (that would be awesome!!), and if she can't afford the transport to their then we have Sabine from Germany that might take them, Dawning fell in love with André and will back out with her husband to test his allergies, sent hair samples on Charmer, McCoy and Kruger to Needle in Germany, Cassandra LOVES Black Pearl and Angelic Ambrosia and will be out the beginning of March, Megan is coming out on Saturday to show her dad Wyatt and if she takes him then Diego has a new home, Leanne in Manitoba is purchasing Jedder as her first curly, and just sent out more hair samples to Germany!! This is so exciting as all of these homes are places where I know our wonderful horses will be used and loved. Awesome!!
02/07/2007      Okay Midori!! I took the hint, the feature horse page is now new again!!
02/05/2007      Remember I said Dawnine came out and was thrilled to meet our Curlies, well here is her email today. I think it says it all.
     I can't thank you enough for the awesome visit of your stables.
     Everyone at work & my family was on the edge of their seats to hear my "curly horse stories!" All I can say is they are as fantastic as I thought they would be...... and more!!!! Shane (my husband) had supper ready for Sarah, Marg & I when we returned. All we did was remove our coats and wash our hands and he had NO ALLERGY reaction to us - VERY INTERESTING!! I can pet/brush Sarah's horse and not even ride her and Shane will break out in hives as he passes me in the house. I'm so very excited. We will be coming back...I don't know if I can wait for warmer weather - laugh.
     Shane would know within 10 minutes if he can tolerate the Curlies - I really feel very good about it. He's never ridden a horse and would be so thrilled to have the opportunity. Even if he can't - I'm so very much in love with Andee! Yes...after one visit!

     And another funny story. Received an email from a lady at work that was looking to purchase a tractor. After many emails they came in today and bought the tractor. While they were in my bosses office they mentioned that they raise hypo-allergenic dogs, so my boss said I raised some kind of "hypo horses". And she jumped out of her chair and came dashing out to find out if it was the Curlys. We were both amazed, as she saw Palladin at Farm Fair in Edmonton and tried to track me down and was VERY disappointed when she could not find me. She could not believe that the only tractor dealer in Alberta that replied to her inquiry for a tractor would be the one that I worked at. And they say there is no fate. HA! So we talked for a while and I showed her some pics, and she LOVES Ambrosia and Black Pearl and needs a horse as her husband has allergies!! What a small world it is indeed. See you soon Cassandra!!
02/05/2007      Most of our people that were to come out on the weekend felt it was too cold, and I had to agree!! Dawnine did arrive though, super excited and thrilled to meet the Curly hroses!! Her husband has allergies, but was away and will come when it warms up a bit. Some pics on the pictures page.
02/01/2007      Don't change computers!! I lost my FTP files when I switched and then when I downloaded a new program I lost the news page when I tried to upload it! Yikes!! Good thing I had most of it backed up.
     It's not even spring yet and have some inquiries on a number of horses. Warrior and Kenny to Oregon, Opal and Jewel to Virginia, Jedder to Manitoba, people coming tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday, and 3 mares to Germany. I think it is going to be a busy spring!
01/24/2007      Oups, sorry, had the link wrong for the CCHA, should work now, Thanks to Franzi for letting me know!
01/23/2007      Franzi has stired up lots of interest in Germany! Good job Franzi!! No wonder why with her wonderful website full of information. Dagmar has sent her a logo for our stables. Love it!
     I've been busy getting our year end books together. Don't enjoy that job, but it has to be done. This weekend most of our Russian Siberian Forest kittens will be going to their new homes. They all went to the vet yesterday and were not impressed.
     Annie, Opal, Jewel, Shawnee, Buffy, Martika and Misty went to their winter pasture last weekend. Nice to see the girls with lots of room to roam, and Kristine was thrilled to have them back home!
     It is going to be plus 10 Celsius here tomorrow. Unheard of for January. We had half a metre of snow, so there is going to be mud everywhere!
     My Model A car arrived from the states and it was a nightmare to get it accross the boarder. The poor trucker was stranded for 2 days becasue of a government official that decided he was going to ruin someones day, and that someone was ME! But it arrived, and I love it, and it is sooooo cute!
     Kim has booked JJ for his fall inspection. We are finding out if we can take Sally also. Little Keelah is growing like a wild flower!
     Reidun is hoping to come back from Norway to join us. Hopeully we can find a new place to ride and it will happen for her.
     My mom has returned to Texas and is loving it. She's never home she's so busy enjoying herself!
     I've been busy redoing the entire Canadian Curly Horse Association website. Check it out
01/09/2007      Look at the AWESOME job Franzi did on her website Canadian Curly Horses Germany !! And she did all this while trying to study for University. Good job Franzi, and THANKYOU for your support!!
01/05/2007      Out of room again!! To see the previous news go to December 2006 news.
     We have people coming this weekend from all over to see our kittens. About 5 different visits are planned for tonight and tomorrow. A couple of Chayana's babies will be leaving this weekend. Wish we could keep them all!
     All the horses are getting fat!! It's been super weather this last week, plus 5 yesterday! and the horses are all showing the lack of exercise. Hopefully we will get the last of our hay home this weekend.
     There is a conference in Utah in March that I really want to attend. It is for the Equine Assisted Psychotherapy that I took last year. Hopefully I can work it into my schedule.
     Our trip to McBride was unsuccessful. We did not find my log cabin, in the mountains, overlooking the river. So I guess it is still a dream! We are searching around to try and find a place to ride around here, but property values have escalated the last couple of years.
     Our little foal that was caught in the feeder is doing awesome. It is amazing how horses can heal. She was cut to the bone from fighting to get up and now she is up and walking around and healing wonderfully. Just amazing.
     Prince is in his own corral, beside Beauty Girl of course, and gets his cubes and grain rations there. And the mini's, love them, have figured out that Prince likes to throw his grain and pellets around (looking for the best stuff in the bottom) and they make their way through the back of the babies corral, around the other side and back through into Princes corral to clean up what they can. They will actually chase him off his feed! Another amazing aspect of horses (and people). It's not who you are, but WHO YOU THINK YOU ARE!!
12/28/2006      I hope everyone had a great Christmas, as we did. The weather was AWESOME!!, the company super and the spirit of Christmas was all around. There's a couple of pics of our tour of the horses on Christmas day. It was mom's last day at the stables before heading south. Christmas Eve at midnight the animals all got their special treats and traditions.
     We are hoping to head out to the mountains this weekend to see if we can find a new place to do our trail rides and camps.
     Wishing everyone a Happy New Year, and a very prosperous and healthy New Year!!

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