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     This is the place where I post the activities at the Stables. We have many faithful followers that appreciate little updates on how the horses are doing and what we are up to.

Current pictures here.

12/2/2005      Bill is going to Germany!!! Hooray for Bill and Diana!! Dagmar and Diana had been corresponding the last month and yesterday Diana advised she would love to purchase Bill. This is excellent as Bill has been doing awesome the last month and is looking super!! Congratulations Diana! We hope you and your daughters enjoy many years together with Bill.
11/28/2005      Andee won Highpoint Overall Champion for the Gymkana divison at the Duke Ranches horse show Sunday! Wow, good for you Natasha, super job. Andee is looking awesome and is certainly in the best shape any of our horses have ever been for this time of year! He is super shiny and definetly not "jiggly" as Natasha says!. He's solid and there is no jiggle when you poke Andee in the shoulder!
     Vet was here this morning and everyone except Jazz and Erin are bred!! Super news for Delite and Anna. We will possibly start the quarantine for Denmark and Germany December 10th.
     Stephanie had an awesome day Sunday with Bill. They went down the highway with the big trucks wizzing by and cantered all over the field. Was a super day for video. If someone could let me know if you can open the following two links, I would like to know if you can view the video in this format! Bill Canter and Bill Trotting . Everyone else was excellent also. Was just a super day for riding. Bit chilly, but sunny. Friday everyone was worked also and I think we made record time for training 6 horses. Debbie caught and brushed most of the horses, I saddled and Steph rode. Was real team work!! Kruzer, Seleena and McCoy are ready for the trails now, so we won't work them again untill the spring.
11/25/2005      Andee will be in his first horse show this weekend! Good luck Natasha. She reports that he is in awesome shape and we hope to go and see them on Sunday.
     Trying to get the vet out to do some preg checking. Hopefully she can come this afternoon. Gary has all the mares caught up and ready!
     Another trade show on Sunday. Hope there are more people at this one! Left everything in the van so it is ready to go.
     Steph will be back out tonight and Sunday. Still nice here right now, 8 degrees, but suppose to chill of and flurries for Sunday (of course, it's the weekend!)
     Doing up the story for the Horse's All Magazine, PLEASE send me any updated pics you have and ANY accomplishments you had with your horses this year, ANYTHING!!
11/23/2005      Another week gone by!! Hey! Stop that clock!! Guess it will never change.
     Picked up my niece from the airport last week, she is super excited to learn how to ride. Friday evening we loaded up the van with a ton of giftware to take to a trade show in Lakedehl. Made up a neat sign and received many compliments on our display! Sunday we went to church in the morning and then to a seminar on discovering peoples "colours" and how to interact with everyone. Was very educational and entertaining.
     Monday night we were out in the dark sorting and catching up horses so everyone was ready for last night! Lots of fun catching horses in the bush in the dark! My niece, Debbie, was thrilled, I led her home bareback, in the dark, on Moose! Was a thrill for her.
     Was very pleased with everyone we worked last night. Wyatt, Bill, Kruzer, McCoy and Doc were rode and Debbie rode Moose! Kruzer was awesome, as I knew he would be. That guy is really going to be a wonderful family addition to any home. He will fit right in and be everyone's friend. McCoy remembered EVERYTHING from his last lesson. He was super soft and willing last night. Bill was a bit resistant to start, but boy is he fat and out of shape!! He was relaxed, head down, and leg yielding by the end of his ride. Measured him and he is 15.1 hh. Doc is really filling out now. He is one big boy. He looks ready to really start some specialty training now. Steph popped him over some cavalleti last night. Going to be a super star our Doc! Wyatt was his usual go along with the flow self. Gotta love his personality, definitely different to the rest. He really watches everything around him. Measured him also and he is 14.3 hh. Debbie brushed him down and a couple of the others. Going to be nice to have an extra set of hands at the stables! Hopefully the weather will co-operate (been 18 degrees here!) and we can do up some new videos on the weekend.
11/17/2005      The horses are certainly getting their winter coats now! Another couple of months and it will be time to take a whole new set of pictures for all the young ones. Amazing how much they change this time of year. The gaited babes have got curls galore!
     Dagmar is receiving many inquiries right now. Plus we have another two or three horses for other people to travel with us when we go to Denmark in January.
     Gary got the trailer all leveled while I was gone, so now I need to get inside and get busy getting the showroom done! This weekend have the first tradeshow for our Western Heritage giftware for Christmas and then another the next weekend.
     Will be picking up my niece from the airport tonight, she will be coming to spend some time with us at the stables.
     Our new puppy, Tipper, sure grew while I was gone. Taught him a couple of tricks already, play dead, speak and shake a paw!
     Suppose to be 10 degrees Celsius here this weekend! Might even get the planks all up on the cabins. Would be nice to at least finish the wood work for them.
     While I was in Germany, Karen showed me a few technical problems with some links on the website. Was super to actually see the site on another computer. One think I realised was that the computer that I use for prepareing all the photos makes them all too light! Never would have know had I not seen it on her screen. Updated some of the links on the mares and gelding pages with some more photos of parents, etc.
11/16/2005      Another fast trip. First off I MUST thank Bernd for driving me all the way from the Luxembourg airport to Karen and Marian's in the middle of the night! The plane was 2 hours late and took 2 hours to get the horses unloaded and Bernd was patiently waiting for me when I finally came out. Thankyou sooooo much!
     Anna and Joerns drive me to the airport where we meet up with Gary. It is a late night form them and they return to the stables at 4 o'clock in the morning!! And must be at the Edmonton airport for 10 AM to depart for Denmark. Was sad saying goodbye in Calgary, but it will be a short goodbye. I will be seeing them in January when I gladly deliver Delite and Prince Trevino to them! Congratulations on being the first Curly breeders in Denmark!!
     Pictures are now loaded on the above link. Spent 2 super days with Karen and Marian. The horses are looking fantastic and the new stable and area for the horses is a dream home for any horse! Karen is teaching Austin new tricks all the time and Prospector is still his same aloof self. Pretending not to want to participate, but you can see in his eye that he is jealous of the attention Austin receives for his antics!
     We then head for Dagmar's and we stop at the military base in Kauserslauten and do some Christmas shopping. Then we find a flea market! Love to see all the old history of the region in this manner. So many neat items here!
     Then to Dagmars where she was participating in a trail riding clinic Saturday and Sunday. Very interesting to see the same principles we use here being taught in German! We spend some time with Kitty and Whitney, do some round pen work, adjust some tack fittings and I give Berhnard and Dagmar a quick riding lesson. I finally get to see Palladin's picture (which is lovely!) and Dagmar gives me a gorgeous golden winter blanket for him. The time goes too quickly.
     My return trip is from Germany to Luxembourg, to Scotland, to Seattle USA, to Calgary then finally to home! Takes 26 hours to finally arrive back in my bed! So nice to Gary's smiling face at the airport in Calgary. Our landing in Scotland was one of the scariest I have ever had. Actually closed my eyes as I was certain we were going to crash! The plane was rocking back and forth from the extremely high winds, but we made it!
     Takes me a couple of days to get over my jet lag, plus I have another 100 emails upon my return! All the horses are looking good and I take a day with Gary to catch up on my sleep.
11/7/2005      Great weekend! Anna returned home and reported that they had a fantastic trip. Put on 10,000 KM! They met with many interesting people and some Curly horse breeders.
     Saturday I almost finished putting the pine up in the cabin while Anna and Joern put some more siding on the outside. Looking real good!!
     Sunday Kristine and Sarah came for Kristine's birthday and had excellent rides on Beauty Girl and Dilon. Beauty Girl was super spunky, with all the oats her and Prince have been getting she was like a spring filly!! Both girls are super eager and reading all they can to become dressage riders!
     Anna rode her girl, Delite, and I went square dancing! Anna has also advised us that she would like to take Delite and Prince Trevino to Denmark!! WOW! She will be the first to raise Curly horses in Denmark and we are thrilled to be working with her on this project. We may be sending over another filly with Trev and will also be bringing Hero in from BC to go to Switzerland!
     Making our final arrangements for the 3 horses departing on Wednesday. We will arrive in LUX on Thursday evening and then I will go to see Karen, Marian, Prospector and Austin, then down to see Dagmar, Bernard, Anna, Cjura and Whitney! I found a polar bear license plate for Dagmar and will be bringing back our oil painting of Palladin!!
11/1/2005      Received an email on Jiggers arrival - "Jiggers arrived Sunday, Oct. 29!!! What a trip for him; a full two weeks with Duane. Such a well traveled horse. Alberta through to Eastern Canada, crossing into Maine through New England, New York, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio, and finally to Michigan where it was another 500+ miles into the distant Western Upper Peninsula."
     Wow, I had no idea he was going to have to make the complete circle with Duane. Well, he certainly will know how to load and travel!
     Natasha sent some pics of Andee dressed up for halloween. Posted above.
11/1/2005      Everybody is gone! Mom and dad left this morning and Gary headed south yesterday. Quiet house when I go home tonight.
     Mom wanted to see the giftware before she left, so last night we moved all the boxes into the gift shop storage room. And WOW!! I am super thrilled with the quality of the items we brought in. Every time mom opened a box I heard "Oh wow Deanna, look at this!!" It was so long ago that I ordered the stuff I had forgotten half of what I had! But it looks awesome. Real incentive to get the show room done!!
10/31/2005      Our trailer is home! Saturday Gary, dad and I brought it home. No small feat as it is 72' long and the tractor had dual wheels, so our turning radius was pretty short. But we made it. Took 3 hours to hook it up and move it the 9 miles!! Couple of pics on the link above.
     Now that the trailer is finally here I can move the boxes of gifts from the barn and actually open them and see what is inside! May go to a couple of Christmas craft shows and see if we can sell some stuff there. Could be fun, something different!
     Shajana's kittens are growing like weeds, finally posted a couple of pics of them also. We had another family come for an allergy test with the cats and they were thrilled, not one sneeze!! They have spoken for one of the babes.
     Had a super weekend. Saturday after we moved the trailer home we all went to a dinner theatre in town. There were 10 of us and we had a super time! Sunday we steam cleaned carpets, Gary did his truck and my car and I baked a big roast beef supper. My daughter and Gary's dad joined us and all enjoyed moms fresh cherry cheesecake!
10/27/2005      One day I am going to have all the time in the world to update the website. But when that day comes I am afraid I will not be active and able to take in all this world have to offer, and then there will be no news! Catch 22.
     Every once in awhile I receive an email that gives me those good old goose bumps. Such was the case when I received an email from Dagmar with a picture of her daughter on Whitney. First off, a couple of years ago I would have told anyone they were crazy if they said one of our horses would be in Germany. But Dagmar proved me wrong by purchasing our first import into Germany, Klondike Kitty (aka Cjura). Now another first honored by Dagmar and her wonderful daughter, Anna. I had to share this photo I just received of Anna standing on Whitney in motion. This is the same little horse that only last year had Dagmar buffaloed and when I visited we reviewed a few changes to make to her training program, and look at them now. Wow. Congratulations Dagmar and Anna for your determination and love of the horse.

     Our weather is suppose to take a turn for the worse in the next couple of days, so whether I like it or not guess it will finally be slowing down around the stables. Lessons will basically be finished the end of the month for the year. Most of our horses are now out on winter pastures. Prince and Beauty Girl are still in for TLC and my mom and dad have been giving them their special treats everyday. The horses in quarantine are all doing fine and looks like we are on track to depart on the 10th. Don't know when I will be returning, love Cargo airlines!!
     Sad news, Sally did not catch. Looks like our lovely Tinker girl didn't want to come to Canada! After much consideration we agreed to try and breed her again. I know, getting late in the year, but the Irish Draft boy in Ireland has to be out of there before March, so it was either breed Sally again or not take her. Hope she catches this time!!
     Shajana had her kittens!! Two very little cuties. Our first Russian Siberian kitties born at the stables. Proud poppa, Denny, has not been allowed visiting privileges yet! Freddie got to poke her head in the box, but I don't quite trust her enough to leave her in with momma yet.
     Gary made it home last night from his long trek across the states. We hope to have a fun, relaxing last weekend with my parents. They will be leaving after the weekend, heading to Texas.
10/25/2005      Another full weekend. Took my parents to the Reynolds museum on Saturday and despite the cold wind we had a very good day. Came home and started to move the flood light over the arena doors so we can finally see at night. Dad finished the job for me yesterday.
     Sunday was a very busy day. Dewormed every horse on the home pastures and got all our pictures of everyone for registrations, plus hair samples. That was 70 horses all haltered, handled and dewormed. Took us the entire day. Still have the other boys left to do.
     Steph was also out and riding on Sunday and last night. Seleena, Tadbit Magic, Kruzer, McCoy, Jazz and Spar were all ridden and Martika was worked. Mom even rode Annie last night. It was 18 degrees Celsius here yesterday and suppose to be the same today, so we are taking full advantage of the weather.
     I haven't received a reply from the lady that wanted to purchase Prince Trevino, so he is back up for sale. I do have a couple of people to contact before we sell him though.
10/21/2005      Federal vet was out and did the blood tests on the horses going to Europe.
     Moved Winchester to the stud pasture and Gold Rush and Anika to the mare pasture. If we have time this weekend will deworm everyone forwinter.
     Have another horse to head overseas, so possible quarantine again end of November.
     Our weather is hanging in there, so still doing some lessons.
     Still a number of inquiries on horses, just wish there was more time in the day!!
10/17/2005      Another very productive weekend. The load of gravel I ordered three months ago finally arived on Friday. It was still VERY muddy and he got stuck in the laneway for three hours!! Saturday Dale got the gravel all nice and levelled. Hopefully the trailer will be arriving shortly and we can finally start setting up our giftshop and showroom for tack.
     Patti and Raymond arrived for a bithday gift for their children - a trail ride! It was a fantastic morning. Neither children had ridden before and after our hour orientation we were sride with everyone riding on their own. Was great. Pictures on the link above.
     Jazzy Jiggers is finally on his way to his new home in the United States. Almost missed his ride as I had to run to vets Sunday morning to pick up the papers. Afraid he left looking pretty muddy.
     Sent off the funds for Sally from Denmark. Katja reported that she had been in contact with Airhorse and they advised her that Sally needed some vet work done right away! Sure hope everything goes smoothly. So difficult trying to arrange things coming this way the first time.
     Received an email from Thomas on Colt. We were very upset to hear that Colt had dumped him on his first ride. So difficult when we read such stories, who knows what happened, this is when we wish we were there to assist and make things right. Called Thomas and he does not know what went wrong.
     The Federal Vet arrives tomorrow to do the blood tests for the horses in quarantine.
     Received a number of emails from Lucy on Doc and seems she is going to purchase him! She is hoping to come up with her mom and dad early spring to check him out.
     Our new little puppy received his first warning from a horse. Amber, the mare in quarantine, struck out and kicked him, not hard thankfuly, just enough to tell him to get out of her space! He is such a good puppy, very smart for only 4 months old.
     And our Siberian kitty, Shajana, is pregnant!! Should have some kitties any day now.
     I think I got caught up on my emails last night, so if you are waiting for an answere please remind me!! There were 75 emails that needed answereing, so you may have got lost in the sorting.
10/13/2005      As many of you have seen I have been too busy to check my emails! Will answer everyone on the weekend.
     Palladin and Kenny are now in their winter pasture together. Winchester will be joining them this weekend. Prince and Beauty are still togetaasdff aaat her. Mom tried to move Prince herself and when poor old Beauty saw Prince leaving she was NOT impressed! So mom waited for dad and then the could both go together to their new corral.
     Everyone has really improved with their riding skills this winter. Nicole did awesome in the show, Midori has started jumping with Pride, Amanda was jumping 3' with Dandee last week!
     Last night after work dad and I went to the dump and unloaded all the wire from the old fence, then I took the tractor to level the quarantine turn out pens, then I put a coat of varnish on one wall of the cabins (looking real good!). Mom had super ready for us all (Anna was home for the evening) and after super mom created a trip planner for Anna with her new GPS map guide!
10/11/2005      Excellent weather this weekend! Very productive. Dale put some more boards up on the exterior of our cabins and helped Gary with some fencing, mom helped me clean the quarantine barn, lifted all the mats and leveled the base, rolled up 2 miles of old wire from the old fences, put up the retaining walls in our well (mom cut all the boards!), Gary ran two wires on two of our fence lines, put up solid pull posts for the wire and we took Saturday off for Thanksgiving and had a great turkey dinner with our friends and family!!
     Friday Wade and Cheryl arrived, from Grand Prairie, for an allergy test for their son Colton. Some interesting results but we think he was reacting to the manure on the ground from our horse show last weekend, we had many straights around for that. When I took him away from the arena, mounted on Oakley, he was fine, but when we returned to the hitching post he would sneeze. His eyes were good, which his parents said was a good sign!!
     Anna arrived back from her holiday through the mountains and reported that they had a super time, saw lots of wildlife and took many, many pictures. She then departed to pick up the horses from Saskatchewan that are going to Luxembourg next month.
     Tadbit arrived at the stables last Tuesday. She did very well on her long journey home from Arizona. Just giving her some time to settle in before we do much with her.
     Prince and Beauty Girl have been together for the last month or so getting extra grain before winter arrives. They are both looking really good, Beauty is looking better than she ever has and Prince is fiestier than ever on his grain!
10/5/2005      Finally, the pics and placings are posted for the show. There's a few more new pics on the link above also.
     Appears Doc may be sold to Lucy! She says she has sent a deposit and would like to pick him up in the spring. Congratulations Lucy, I know this is your first horse and you have picked one awesome boy to grow with.
     Check the link above for new pics of Opal, Jewel, Kruzer, Seleena, McCoy, Amber, Cocoa's and Erin's babes and Anna's birthday!
10/4/2005      Here's the Show Pictures!!
     Forgot to mention that Snippy had her babe on Sunday. Poor little babe was very wet and cold when we found him, but doing great!
10/3/2005      Fantastic weekend! We had 15 riders with a total of 150 entries in our fall windup show. Was perfect. Everyone had fun despite the rain. I know everyone is waiting for pics and I will be posting the as soon as I finish them!! Many pics were taken, but since we had to do everything inside alot of them did not turn out. It was heavy cloud the entire day and the light inside the arena did not make for good pictures!!
     Anna and Steph had great rides last week on Opal, Jewel, Seleena, Kruzer and Jazz. I have some pics of them also that I will be posting.
     I'll try to catch up on emails also shortly. Interest in Dilon, Doc, Bill, Diego, McCoy, Jewel, Opal, Wyatt, and Davinah right now!
     Devastating news last week, Gold Rush's colt disappeared! Can't believe it, just gone!! No sign of him anywhere. Don't know if someone took him or what. Very sad day.
9/28/2005      Pics of the final tour group.
     Too much happening right now to post the other pictures!! This is Anna's final week at the stables!! Where did the time go??? She will tour the west coast for a few weeks, then return back here to depart to Norway. Horse show Saturday, we have just the right number of enteries, about a dozen riders with a total of about 130 enteries!!
9/26/2005      Gorgeous weekend, lots accomplished!! Click on the link above to see some of the pics. Took around 200 pictures of everyone!! Haven't finished resizing yet, but will in the next couple of days.
     Were to start, we had the CCHA meeting and lots of positive energy was generated. I accepted the President position for the next year and Ron Gale is the vice, Tammy Reid the secretary/treasurer. Look for a newsletter in the next couple of weeks!
     Stephanie and Anna worked a pile of horses this weekend. I got to shovel out our well again, do some allergy tests with the kittens, put up some boards in the cabin, tour the horses with everyone from the meeting and of course answer some emails.
     Martika, Erin, Chautise and Chelsea were all backed and led. Seleena, Kruzer and McCoy are all in bits now. Opal and Jewel are finished. Took some video of Anna standing on Jewel then sliding off her but!! (Kinda funny actually!) Those two girls are almost bomb proof even thought they have only officially been ridden for a couple of months. Just their mindset is unbelievable. Doc was beautiful, so balanced now and filled out and tall! He's 15.2 1/2 hands and not done growing! He is gorgeous. We did some new pics of Bill under saddle also. Hard to beleive he's the same horse. Both him and Doc were so gangly last summer and now, wow, they are handsome boys.
     Amber escaped so she missed out on the backing. Not sure how she got out of the jumping field, but she did and we did not have time to bring her back in. Cocoa was in though and Steph had super rides on both her and Jazz.
     Had to bring a backhoe in to finally drain the corrals, while he was here had him enlarge the dugout in the back pasture. Also received a truck load of round bales yesterday. Gary and Dale finished the fence for the back pasture and Gary is now redoing our dividing fence for the two front pastures. Busy times!!
9/23/2005      Well I had good intentions. I copied a bunch of pictures from the horses in training, but somehow they didn't come through. So, sorry, no pics until next week!
     Here's a summary of everyone for now: Cierra Martika - Anna has been working with her and the other sport horse mares the last couple of weeks and I am impressed with all these girls. Martika has been ground drove all this week and last night received her first weight in the saddle. Anna loves the lines on this girl, very sport horse looking, yet elegant and balanced, solid, but not blocky, dark, almost black with nice markings. She has a very nice flowing trot, and carries herself very elegantly.
     Cierra Amberina - Martika's full sister. You would never know these two are full sisters. Amber is a unique colour. Since their dam, Cierra Cordial, was black and Pall is palomino, Amber has picked up gorgeous bronze highlights on her background coat of black. Just gorgeous. She also has had weight in the saddle the last two evenings. Should be riding these two gals by the weekend.
     Jewel and Opal are doing 100%! Anna has been riding them the last two weeks and these two girls are steady as a rock. Almost drafty looking in their movement, very methodical and not rushed at all. They haven't spooked at a thing and she has so much confidence in them she's taken them out on their own! These two girls are certainly true curly characters. Checking out anything that takes their fancy and curious about everything.
     Real McCoy - What can we say, acts like a spoilt child! Can't get enough attention, has to be right there no matter what you are doing. Took to the driving like it was just another day. Saddling, yea, so what, climb on my back, yea, so what. He is going to be just like his brother Foxy and his sister Cjura.
     Kutennai Kruzer - What a charmer. He's so soft, willing and easy going. He took his saddle training totally relaxed and is now trotting around under saddle like a pro. With his size and personality he will be an awesome boy for any family.
     Sheza Seleena - Sheza cutie! Such petite features and so graceful looking. She almost looks like a compact sport horse. It's her momma we sent to Norway last year and I know they would like to have her also! She's had weight in the saddle also and if we have time will be riding her by the weekend.
     Cocoa and Jazz are also back in for refresher courses. Cocoa is having some trouble concentrating with her little dun filly taking off through the door to the great outdoors all by herself. Mom is not impressed.
     Amarillo Sunset (Erin), Native Chautise and Native Chelsea are all coming along. Chautise is our Selle Francais cross mare out of SS Native Thrill (Esta) and proud momma to Native Davinah. Chelsea is out of Esta also, she is a bit more solid looking than the other girls, probably from Palladin. Very full, silky mane and tail and lots of action. Amarillo Sunset (Erin) is out of one of our lesson mares by our first curly stallion, SS Sundown Buck, and proud momma also to a solid colt. All 3 of these girls should be bred to Kenny for next year. They are all quiet and very happy to be in the training group. Have a picture of the two momma's happily standing guard to their babes totally flacked out in front of them. Not a care in the world.
     Quanita is a little behind the others as she was not brought in untill last week and I was impressed to see Anna drive her around the ring! She won't be long catching up at this rate. She looks so flashy with her four white socks and she is definetly the curliest coated of them all.
     Little Spar is still just little Spar! He is so willing and so uncaring. I think a bomb could go off beside him and he would just truck along!
     Midori is one happy girl! Wednesday night we drew up the contract for SS Wester Pride and she is now his very proud owner. He will be staying at the stables over the winter and she will come out as often as she can to ride him. They will definelty be in our show next weekend!!
9/21/2005      Made a deposit on a Tinker!! In Denmark!! Hooray, I found a beautiful mare there and Katja has been patiently working with me to get everything in order for us to purchase her! Thankyou Katja for all your time and efforts to make this happen. Her name is Lillevang's Sally, she is 5 years old (perfect age), she is black and white and 154 cm (15.1 hh). Many of the Tinkers I found were only 14.2 and too young to handle the long journey ahead. I am thrilled!! There is still alot for Katja to do - brred her to her stallion Gigant (who was supreme stallion, meaning the champion, 2 years running), get her micro-chipped, registered, then vet checked and quarantined. Katja and Maria (her owner) are also excited to be exporting their horse to Canada!
     This weekend after the ABM for the CCHA we have 3 groups of people coming for allergy tests with our Russian Siberian Forest Cats. It looks like Shajana may be bred!
     IF we can find some time this week want to get the trees cut down so we can move the trailer in for the gift shop!
     Steph will be out tonight and we will try to get some new pics posted. From now on you can just click the link above and see any new pics I have posted.
     Finished pressure washing the arena and it looks and smells so much better in there! Anna finished discing the sand in there and wllrked up the outdoor riding ring. Looks real good out there now also with all the rail secured!
     Who's been in for training the last week? Amber, Martika, Jazz, McCoy, Chautise, Chelsea, Erin, Kruzer and Seleena. Amber still needs to learn some patience, Martika is just about ready to ride as is Erin. Jazz, Kruzer, Cocoa and Seleena just had a driving refresher before we climb on for more rides. Like to take it slow as possible with these guys.
9/19/2005      Hey! Finally a sunny weekend! Went for a nice trail ride around home Saturday with Barb, Blair, Aimie, Justin, Natasha, Lindie, Anna and Gary! Was a perfect day and afterwards Gary took everyone for a buggie ride. Pictures tomorrow!
     After our day off Gary went fencing and I took the pressure washer to the arena. What a difference getting rid of all the dust! And what a job, I got half done and it looks awesome. Gary and Anna disced up the arena and Anna will go over it once more again today.
     I can finally tell you who Star's Dun Dazzlin was sold to - Daphne!! Yes, she is one happy and surprised girl!! Her dad made this surprise for her on Friday and she phoned us and man was she one happy little girl. I know there were a few tears shed there, all her family and friends were there hiding behind trees to be there for the big surprise. Congratulations Daphne and we wish you many years of happiness with your friend.
     Don't forget our CCHA meeting this weekend. It's on Saturday morning.
9/14/2005      Mud, mud and more mud. It poured rained again all day yesterdy. I think our trail ride for this weekend will be cancelled.
     Tom from Idaho called last night to tell us that when he got home yesterday Colt 45 was missing! They drove to all the neighbors for a couple of hours searching for him with no luck. They were panicking and so worried. While they were at a neighbors, a mile and a half away, they heard their dog barking. So they went home, and there was Colt, happily munching on some grass!!
     Anna has been very busy finishing the pine inside our cabin! Looking real good. She took Smokey over to check out the trails for the big race on October 2nd. We purchased a trailer to set up our showroom, just have to wait for things to dry out so we can bring it home!
     Stephanie is scheduled to come out next week so Anna has had everyone in for refresher courses this week.
9/14/2005      Received an update on Foxy Lightening Strike (Indy) from Laura and Dan:
     "I thought I would give you an update of Foxy Lightening (Indy), actually really just to brag about how good he is. He has been to the mountains in the spring, he had just turned 3, people around could not believe I was riding a 3 yr old and for the first time in mountains, anyway, he did awesome, went through a big river etc..Actuallly, a lady approached me and said that he was the nicest curly she had ever seen, and gave me a name to contact a person to enter him in the Battle of the Breeds comp at Spurce Meadows. This summer we did lots of riding and he has been following his friend to barrel races, and I started team penning with him, he loves chasing cows, more than running around barrels. We are off to Brooks this weekend, his friend is barrel racing and he will ride around and check things out. I'm having a great time riding him he is next to bomb proof."
     And Tom's comments on his arrival back to Idaho with Colt 45:
     "We made it! What a wonderfull horse Colt is! Should I even call him a Horse? He is such a good boy. I stopped often on the trip to help him with his confidence and his feed. He certainly eats like a horse. He didn't drink but a few cups, if that, of water and he was offered plenty. I think it was just so strange to him that with the stress of the trip he just wasn't thirsty. He rode very well and unloaded great. We stayed with him for a few hours and I could tell he was exhausted as am I. He seems happy that he's here and shadows us Everywhere! I think it's great! Thankyou so much for your hospitality and your Colt. He is a welcome wonderful addition to our family Deanna."
     Fools Gold (aka Little Spar) is officially sold! Thankyou Lorie for your confidence in us and your love of this little guy!! He's going to be awesome for you. We will continue his training and make sure he is everything we know he can be!
     We are going to have some fun on the Sunday after our show!! Last night met with some fellows that are going to have a very unofficial horse race and Anna wants to be part of it!! Will be a cross country race of about 1 1/2 miles up hills, through the bush and around a lake. Followed by a fresh trout fish fry from the lake!! Should be tons of fun. Anyone that attends our show on the 1st is welcome to stay over and join us just for a trail ride if you like. Now we just have to decide who Anna will ride. Would love to see a curly beat the pants of the the boys!!
     We are going for another trail ride this Saturday on the Pembina trails, have a number of bookings already. Anyone else wish to come?? Will be leaving the ranch around 10 AM.
9/13/2005      Oh my goodness! I checked my server, which I do once or twice a year and you will never guess what I saw!! Last month we had 170,771 requests!!! Holy smokes. Thankyou, Thankyou, Thankyou to everyone that visits our site. I can't beleive the support we are receiving! Who are you all??? I know I receive alot of emails but I never dreamt we had that many requests for our web pages.
     Had to make a quick 75 mile trip to Wetaskiwin last night after work to pick up the vet papers for Tom for Colt 45. Tom and his family arrived back at the stables around 6:30 and we went for a tour of the farm to see the other horses. His little 2 horse trailer was almost too small for Colt, but he walked right in like a trouper. We were very proud of him. They are hoping to be at the border for 9 AM this morning. Bye Colt!!
     Some pictures of my mom on Annie and Colt 45 with his new family here.
     Mailed out some video of Wyatt and Diego to Karen in New Jersey. Anna and I had a couple of hours on Sunday while we were waiting for Tom to arrive. The footing is terrible around the stables from all the rain but we did the best we could!
     Anna brought Amber, Martika, Jazz, McCoy, and Chautise in to continue with their training. Cocoa, Seleena and Kruzer will come in in a couple of days for a refresher before Stephanie comes back out next week. Opal and Jewel are doing awesome and have been turned out for good behaviour.
     If the weather is good we will be heading out to the trails again this weekend. Want to join us??!!
9/12/2005      Disappointing weekend. We drove down to Calgary for Spruce Meadows and it was extremely cold, wet and windy. The grounds were saturated. The wind was so strong it collapsed everyone’s umbrellas. Not impressed. We stayed for half and hour of the jumping then went shopping!
     Tom, Colten and Sorrelle arrived from Idaho. They started out at 4:30 Sunday morning and arrived 12 hours later after taking 3 1/2 hours to do what normally takes 1/2 hour to drive through the Crows Nest Pass. There was 45 cm of snow with power lines down and major bad highways. Both Tom and his children have not ridden much and we were thrilled (as was he)they decided to make the journey to meet Colt. Anna and I spent the afternoon going through horse sense with Major and Beauty Girl. Both children did very well riding as did Tom. Colt is going to a very loving home and Tom is very aware of what is required to continue Colt's progress. Thankyou Tom for taking the time to make this a successful partnership with your family and Colt!
     The horses departed for the Eastern seaboard yesterday. The transporters commented that it was a pleasure to load our horses as they all just walked into the strange trailer. Was sad to see them all leave. Cinder is looking gorgeous, Lady spunky, Sugar fat and ready to pop, Red a gentleman and Nugget looked at us like "why aren't you coming!". Definitely the saddest part of being a breeder. But the good news is that Lori and her 10 children will certainly give them lots of attention.
9/6/2005      My, another week gone. Colt 45 went in for his vet exam yesterday and is ready for Tom in Idaho. We were thrilled to learn that Tom is going to drive up to pick up Colt this weekend! That is the way we like it. So much better when we can spend some time with the new owner to orientate them with their new friend.
     Bill, Red, Colt, Jewel and Opal have all been getting some miles this week. Anna reports that they are all doing excellent.
     Lady, Sugar, Red, Cinder and Nugget will all be leaving on Sunday! They should arrive in Nova Scotia by next weekend.
     We built an excellent outdoor corral beside the quarantine barn for the horses. Now they will have 320 square feet of running room!
9/6/2005      New babies!! See them on the new babes page. Gold Rush gave us a curly colt that is sooo curly and Anika also gave us cute curly colt.
     Annie is sold! Yes, we sold Annie. But here is the best news, my mom bought her!!! Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought my mother would buy a horse, but she did. And for now the good news is that Annie gets to stay here!! Congrats and Annie thanks you mom. Now she will be around forever.
     We had three groups of people out to look at horses on the weekend. It was pouring rain the whole time, so pretty hard to do much for allergy tests. Our horses were perfect, just perfect. Diego, Dilon, Wyatt and Bill never let us down. Diego and Dilon were ridden by a child and an adult that did not know how to ride and did everything that was asked of them. I was so proud of our boys. So condifdent was I in their trustworthiness that I turned them loose with their green riders while Anna was trotting around on Bill! Try that on an Arab!!
     We brought Prince, Lady and Annie home. Set up new corrals at the quarantine barn and put Prince in there to fatten him up before winter sets it.
     Lady from the driving association was out and seems we don't have a large enought, flat enough area for their driving classes, so they will not be attending the show.
     Took Anna and my parents gold panning yesterday, pictures here. Also pictures there of Angel!! The more I spend time with her, the more I love her.
     Star's Dun Dazzlin has been sold. I know one little girl that will be very dissapointed. Her new owners saw her and fell in love with her immediatley.
     Anna and I spent the morning yesterday fixing up our outdoor riding ring. Looks super!! We permanetly fixed the rails around the outside, straightned the posts and tightened the wire. Now Palladin can't go eating the grass on the front lawn!!
9/2/2005      Anna's parents have left. I think they had a good visit. We exchanged a ton of pictures Wednesday night and there were lots of happy memories there!
9/1/2005      Fantastic evening last night. We all went to Edmonton to see the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Musical Ride. It was excellent. Better that I remembered from 20 years ago!! So precise and so meticulously calculated in their drills. Didn't get home till one in the morning, but it was worth it.
9/1/2005      Anna's parents leave today, they are heading to Vancouver for a week and then fly back to Denmark.
     Dagmar sent us a picture of the painting that her friend painted of Palladin!! Wow, is it impressive. Can't wait to see it in person. She did an excellent job of capturing Pall's softness in his eye and he just looks plain gorgeous!! Thankyou Dagmar for arranging this for us.
     September 10th is the huge International Jumper show at Spruce Meadows. It is the largest show jumping extravaganza in the world! We will be heading there as I haven't missed it since 1983.
     Hoping to go Gold Panning this weekend. Pack a lunch and head to the North Saskatchewan river and actually take an afternoon off!!
8/31/2005      August is over! Where did the summer go?? We had so much rain this year we had to bring in a D6 Cat yesterday to trench the corrals. They were full ossssssssssS ss, pf water and it was a mess. Hopefully it will drain now and we can put up all the new panels we picked up last week.
     Anna took her parents to the big city yesterday and they didn't get home till almost midnight! Must have had fun!! My parents arrived last night in their 53' rig!
     This coming weekend is a long weekend for us in Canada. Gary has to head back to Texas so I will now be home and we have visitors coming both Saturday and Sunday morning and Saturday afternoon to check out some of our curlies! The people coming on Saturday have already tested the curlies and know they are not allergic to them and the couple coming on Sunday need to test. Love these visits!
     Winchester's leg is mostly healed now. That was scary. Dave Bell did the surgery on him and when he pulled the proud flesh off he nicked his tendon. So he will be able to move fine, but will always have a lump there now. Good thing he is so quiet to handle as Anna has hosed his leg every day for the last month and he had 2 weeks of needles everyday. Anna is super impressed with his temperament.
     The hunter/jumper show was a superb experience for everyone. I was proud of our curlies there and we also met a little girl that was riding a curly gelding, Apollo, and she won the overall championship for the year at Kilerny for her division!
     Our daycare tour was exciting! 25 kids under 11 years of age and all wired for sound! Gary and Anna did a fantastic job of entertaining the children by playing all the games we play on horseback with the children doing them on foot! They had lots of fun.
8/30/2005      Our Daycare visitors!
     Great weekend! Show pictures!
     Lots happening. Colt 45 may be sold, Fool's Gold is sold, Delite may be sold, and lots of inquiries!!
8/25/2005      My sister arrives from Ontario tonight at midnight, Anna's parents arrive from Denmark tomorrow night, we leave for a horse show Saturday morning at 7 AM and my parents arrive Saturday from Ontario! I am caught up on the emails as of last night, but will probably not have much time to answer more over the weekend!!
     Angel arrived at the stables!! Wow, she is one impressive mare. Almost 17 hands! Solid black, not a spec of white on her, purebred registered Percheron and sooo quiet! She is an awesome addition to our breeding program to get our Curly drafts to pull our covered wagon!!
     Some more new pictures.
     Received notice that the quarantine is now lifted from Arizona, so as soon as our truck driver can get down that way we should be able to get Tadbit home!!
8/24/2005      Terribly busy at work and home. 150 emails when we got back Monday. Will try to answer everyone ASAP
8/23/2005      Pictures from our Pembina Trail Ride last weekend. It was perfect, just perfect. Good weather and great horses and half decent company. Just kidding, everyone was super, had a great time.
     As if I'm not busy enough just received word that our president has resigned from the CCHA, so I will be taking that over for a bit. We will be having a Canadian Curly Horse Association meeting here on September 24th, 11 AM, so please come if you are interested.
     I have a ton of new pictures from all over and will try to post them to the new pics page shortly.
     Had another tour bus with 54 passengers this time last Sunday. Was a beautiful morning for the tour. I was a bit stuck though as I had to run back to the stables from the trail ride at 6 AM and realized I had no saddle or bridle to do the demo! Thank goodness Oakley is tolerant and we put on a nice performance regardless.
     Went to the Drayton Valley Horse Sale Friday to watch the mustangs sell and nd not d representative of what we would consider wild mustangs.
8/19/2005      Time flies! We finally have sunshine today!! Just in time for our trail ride this weekend. We have a dozen people going out on the Pembina trails. Should be alot of fun, especially now that we have some sunshine!! We will be taking Beauty Girl, Marshal Dilon, Diego, Moose, Chester, Delight, Colt 45, Wyatt, Star, Charmer and some friends will be bringing their own horses.
     Stephanie and Anna took Oakley, Colt 45, Diego, Wyatt and Fool's Gold out for a trail ride last night. They went down along the highway, across the railroad tracks and through town. Fool's Gold wasn't sure he liked the vehicles passing him at first so Steph tucked his nose up into Oakley and then he was fine after that. Cinder was so calm last night, Steph rode her around by herself and she was awesome. Diego, wow, what can I say. Anna had him picking up his canter leads and he had the most easy going, flowing canter of any youngster we have ever seen. So steady and relaxed, it was a joy to watch. Kruzer was his usual carefree self, stands like a rock for mounting and has a nice steady, smooth trot. Seleena is more forward and refined in her movements. Both those youngsters have now been turned out for good behavior!!
     Anna took some pics of Annie’s babe. He really is one of the finest babes we have ever had. Not surprising when his siblings include Oakley, Buffy, Wessy and Cochise. Has the Prince neck and curl. What a looker. Sorry, forgot the pics but will post them next week.
     Going to a sale tonight of BLM mustangs! A first in Canada. Then on Sunday we have another tour group coming through. Received a phone call this morning from the president of the CCHA. He is resigning and asked if I would fill in for him. Will be having a CCHA meeting the first part of September so if anyone wants to attend, please do!!
8/16/2005      If you would like to see some pics of Reidun's herd in Norway Go Here! And to see Dagmar's fantastic website Go Here!
     Colt was very happy to be ridden Western again last night. Totally relaxed and easy going. Nice when we can read what the horses really WANT to do. Cinder was also way more relaxed last night. Kruzer is awesome, going to be another Dilon. We think Opal is bred, the fellow that we purchased her from had her in with a yearling colt (who was a brother to Warrior, so no disappointment there) and I think he was more active than he should have been. Jewel is going great, if you want a very tall, strong boned mare for any family she is the one. Anna rode Oakley and was impressed with what Oaks knows, nice to hear that. Shadow goes home tomorrow. Some people came out to look at the horses yesterday, they were impressed with our breeding program. Our weather has been the pits the last couple of weeks. Only 8 degrees yesterday and raining all the time. Hopefully it clears up for this weekend. I'm sorry to say we lost The Colonel. Vet figures he had a reaction before and this one compounded his scar tissue. Even though I felt bad that we did not know what was wrong with him the vet assured me that he eventually would have another reaction and next time we might not notice it if he was out in a field.
8/16/2005      Stephanie is out all this week and we have full days planned! She is riding Colt 45, Warrior, Shadow, Nugget and Fool's Gold. Anna is riding Jewel, Opal, Oakley, Wyatt and Diego. Also continuing Cinders, Cactus, Kruzer and Seleena's training plus starting Amber, Martika and McCoy! Last might we worked in the arena until 11:30! Tonight will be better as we have all the horses reorganized again. Poor Pall lost his harem! He was not impressed and cried for quiet awhile. We decided last night that Colt is not destined to be a jumper. Stephanie tried to take him over some rails and he had no interest whatsoever. He is happiest doing his trail rides, and that is what he will be, a good, steady trail horse. Nugget and Fool's Gold did awesome last night, trotting around like pro's. Anna cantered Warrior, Wyatt and Diego around a few times. Jewel and Opal also had super sessions trotting around like old masters. Tonight Oakley will be brought back into the string. She'll be impressed!!
8/15/2005      Camp Pictures!
     Another new lesson. The Colonel was sick Friday. Anna had rode him Thursday and he was fine. Friday she tells me has a discharge from his nose and mouth. Small swelling at the base of his neck. I check him out and there is alot of clear fluid coming from his mouth, lethargic and a rattle to his breathing. Talk with the vet and advised to give him some PenG. Ann gives him some and we check him next morning. He's worse. Never drank or ate all night. I'm thinking it might be strangles, although nobody else has been sick at all. No lumps under his chin, but he wants to drink, but seems he can't. A small lump was noticeable at the base of his neck on his right side Friday. Call the vet again, advised to give him some bute to relieve his pain so he can get some fluid into his body. By Sunday he still had not drank, now his breathing is super rapid, still some fluid but not alot. He is passing manure, what the heck is wrong. Talk with the vet AGAIN and he says sounds like an allergic reaction. Go get some epernetherine and give it to him. The poor boy is in alot of pain, very stressed, sweating, extending, I don't expect him to make it through. Get some electrolytes into him, but not alot as he cannot swallow. Plays with his water by throwing his head around in the bucket. Not one vet in the area was around to come out and check him, called 4 vets and they were all gone for the weekend. Can't sleep all night worried about the Colonel. Guess what, in the morning his is much, much better! Hooray!! He'll have some mending to do, but he was alert and his breathing was much, much better. I know he would not have made it without that shot. I've never had a horse react like that and it was certainly a learning experience.
     Some people from High Level showed up yesterday for an allergy test and were thrilled (especially the little daughter) when mom did not react!
     Have people interested in Spar, Wyatt, Dilon, Diego and Gold Rush's babe!
     We are heading out to the trails this weekend, if you want to join us please give us a call, would love to have you!
8/12/2005      Camp was super! Great kids and excellent horses. Will post some pictures later. Let's see, back to Tuesday, had camp, farrier was out and trimmed up a bunch of horses, pulled the shoes on 8 horses and shod Montana. Stephanie was out and rode a bunch of horses, camp started and we used Major, Pride, Beauty Girl, Marshal Dilon, Dandee, The Colonel and Moose. Busy day!!
     Anna took Winchester to the vets on Monday and he did nick his tendon when he cut his leg. Cross our fingers he will be okay!! He is putting weight on it, so at least he will not be completely lame.
     Took Delight and Amarillo to Kenny for breeding. Did I tell you Annie had her curly colt from Winchester!! Sorry, no pictures yet. And Gold Rush and Anika are ready to foal right away. Have a lady in Sweden and one in France interested in Gold Rush's baby. Nancy and Jens arrived from Germany yesterday and they also are interested in this foal.
     Had another tour bus through this morning. Very keen people, tons of questions and they all said they loved Oakley. Displayed Palladin also, of course. Anna did a riding demo. Everyone one enjoyed the fresh muffins and coffee and lots of questions.
     We were suppose to do an overnight trail ride this weekend, but our weather is not co-operating. Low of 2 degrees forecasted! Had another 2 inches of rain this week.
     Talked with Tracy and she had some scary news about one of her curlies. Wrangler stuck a stick in his eye! Seems he should be okay, but they had to remove his third eyelid. She reports the rest of the boys are doing awesome, Megan is riding in Pony Club now! Keep up the good work.
     Tanja reported that her daughter had a reaction to Ahani. Not surprising as they have her housed with other horses. Although the curlies are hypo-allergenic, if the are kept with normal horses and they are rubbing and scratching the other horses, there will be horse hair from these horses on them. It is only normal for people to react to his hair!
8/8/2005      Good weekend. Trying to come to terms with my friend and her horse, I know they say if you don't have them you can't loose them, but his guy was one of those special, close horses. Anyways, as her last email said, life does go on. Received a two page email from a lady titled "Heaven on Earth", timing was kinda scary. To make it short she said her only prayer was to be able to ride horses when she goes to heaven, as she has such extreme allergies that she cannot ride. She was ecstatic when she found our website and is eagerly awaiting the day when she come for a visit and a ride. She praised us for the work that we are doing with the Curlies and was very encouraging with her words. This certainly is a high and low "business" to be in. The highs are very high yet the lows are very low. I guess all we can say is thank goodness we have some highs!!
     Anna is taking Winchester to the vets for me this morning. His leg is just not healing as quickly as we hoped. He developed some proud flesh on it and although it did heal, it is just not looking the way I would like it to.
     Stephanie was out all weekend and we had some great rides. She took Colt 45, Little Spar, Warrior and Nugget for a hack outside. Jewel, Opal, Kruzer and Seleena were all let off the lead line. Cactus and Cinder were sacked out with plastic bags, and both did not like that at all. Cinder was excellent yesterday, Cactus still has a ways to go. Anna rode and fell in love with Dee, one of the new mares. She is huge for a curly and very forward, almost looks like a warmblood.
     Had a trail ride yesterday with 7 people. 4 children that had never rode. Put them on Major, Beauty Girl, Marshall Dilon and Diego. The parents rode Oakley, Charmer and Star. They were all thrilled at the end of the ride, said it was far above their expectations and they will spread the word! Told them not to spread the word!! We are too busy!!! The horses were perfect and we just did a little trail in the jumping field.
     Got the plumbing all ready for the guy to come and seal it all in the one cabin. Terri came and started the pine in the other cabin and his daughter cut the lawn. Have the grain cart hooked up ready to get grain. Little Alix came for her ride on Saturday. She did very well riding Pride.
     Camp starts tomorrow. Have 4 riders that have never ridden and the rest have ridden a fair amount. Then we have another tour on Friday and next weekend we are heading out to the hills for an overnight riding trip. So may not be any news until after next weekend.
8/5/2005      Hmmm. Sad news from a friend on her horse. He has an uncureable disease and cannot be ridden again. Wow eh. Can you imagine the heartach they are going through. It's very, very sad. He is a one in a million horse, superstar really, taught many people how to ride and was awesome for my friends. Times like this we want to just shut down everything and quit this whole thing. How can one endure such heartache, to watch your horse, which is your friend and family, go. Our thoughts and our prayers are with you all.
     We had super sessions all week with every horse (except Cactus, but that's a whole nother story) but somehow it's not so important after receiveing the news from our friends. Maybe next week I'll be able to get back on track and give a report.
8/3/2005      Amarillo had her foal on the weekend. Will try to get pics today.
     Full night last night. We put weight on Kruzer, Seleena, Opal, Plus Stephanie rode Jewel for her first time. Warrior is back home and both he and Colt 45 will be going into serious jumper training for a show at the end of the month. Little Spar (Fool's Gold), Nugget and Shadow, the outside horse in training, were also rode. LT and Cocoa have been turned out for good behaviour. We will bring them back in in the fall for a refresher course.
     Received an email from the people we sold SS Sundown Buck to. He is the father to SS Annie's Oakley and SS Annie's Buffalo Girl, our first stallion. They tell us they are still thrilled with him and want another just like him!
     Forgot to mention that the daughter of the people that came for the trail ride a couple of weeks ago had allergies and was happy that she only had a very slight reaction after they left. Nothing while she was riding!!
     And we had a fellow come by yesterday to test his allergies with the Russian Siberian Forest cats and he was also happy that he only had a bit of a sniffle!
     Have lots of stuff happening as usual. 3 different groups of people coming out to look at horses, I have about 25 emails left to answer, I promise I will answer all of you in the next couple of days, just too much happening right now. Our priority is the horses and their training in the summer. Have to get our shower house and cabin finished some time, plus now build a cabin for our tack and giftware. Anyone want a working holiday!!
     Some pics of our trip to Montana on the New pics page! It was a 2,500 km trip in 3 days! Anna says we could have gone across Denmark 7 times! It was very, very hot. 32 degrees Celsius in the shade! No air-conditioning in our truck. Then we got inspected at the border coming home as the customs official did not believe we were telling the truth on our paperwork. He went through the entire truck, trailer, my purse, everything looking for other documents. Wouldn't believe I was telling the truth. Oh well, only took an hour and a half, could have been alot worse. Annie was very happy to get the 19 boxes of giftware out of her garage! Thankyou Annie for doing that for me. Still haven't had time to open the boxes yet.
8/2/2005      I would like everyone who visits my site to please stop whatever you are doing RIGHT NOW and reflect for one second. One second only. And think about all the wonderful people and animals you have around you. Be thankful. Very thankful, that you have this wealth of joy and love with you. and enjoy!! I won't get down to the finer points, but you all know where I am coming from.
     Thankyou for your emails of support for Bear. No, he did not suffer. It was instantaneous. Gary buried him in the meadow by the trees so he can still run with the horses. Loved that dog.
7/29/2005      We will not be available over the weekend. Bear is gone. Our beloved dog followed Anna and Gary across the highway this morning, and on their return he was hit by a truck.

     Wow. What will it be like without him. He went everywhere with us. Was the absolute best dog. You could not start the truck without him waiting patiently beside it to come along for the ride. Always let me know when anyone came in the yard, loved everyone, went on all our trail rides, was great with all the kids, what can I say. Love you Bear.
7/28/2005      Moonlight had her babe in Norway, see him on the New pics page!
     We had another tour bus through the stables on Tuesday, the pics are also on the link above.
     Wednesday evening I took Anna to Mission Beach to see the Native Indian mass ceremony where they enter the Holy Water. 40,000 people there! Gary arrived home yesterday and last night we all went into Klondike Days.
7/25/2005      And new pictures of SS Walcurly Prince Trevino!!
7/25/2005      Wow, what a week. Where do I start. Cookie has foaled a gorgeous, huge legged filly. We took Annie to Prince, brought Cinder home to start her training. Had our trail ride on Saturday. Stephanie was out a couple of days and we will be ready to start riding Jewel, Opal, Quanita, Kruzer and Seleena, plus continue the training of Nugget, LT and one outside horse we have in training. Took some new pics of Trevino and have some new ones of Dandee and the Colonel jumping. Have people interested in Trevino, Wyatt, Little Spar (Fool's Gold), Smokey and Diego.
     Here is the link to the Stampede story.
     And here is the link to the delivery of Ahani and Nakita!!
     Don't forget to check the New pics .
7/18/2005      Stampede was fantastic!
Anna rode SS Marshal Dilon in the first ever showcase of the breeds at "The Greatest Show on Earth"!! Wow!! It was awesome, just awesome, to see our curly horse ridden here. I'm going to do a full story, have lots of pictures, when I get back from Germany!! (Leave in 3 hours)

I want to do the full story now!! I'm so proud of everyone!! Look at Dilon! (He's in the center) He was in the ring with 50 horses at one point!!

Then there was Fool's Gold. He was a real crowd stopper. Such a gentle lamb he is. Anna couldn't get him out of the barn there were so many people wanting to touch him.
     Federal vet was here this morning and gave the horses their final clearance to go!! Ahani and Nakita are totally unaware of what is happening. Told them it was their last morning in quarantine, in less than 48 hours they will be free again!
7/15/2005      What a blast last night. Took Amanda on Dandee and Anna on The Colonel over the cross country course. They did AWESOME!! Of course didn't have my camera!
     Some new tack.
7/13/2005      July in the Mountains! The story part isn't finished yet, buy you can see the pictures. Have to get ready for The Calgary Stampede!! Also some New pics .
7/13/2005      Another excellent tour group through this morning! 48 people attended our seminar and demonstration of Natural Horsemanship. Oakley was perfect and everyone loved Pal! Had Buffy out also with her babe as everyone loves the babies! The last few nights Anna and I have been working till late trying to get the outside washroom facility operational. And we did it!! We now have an outdoor, fully functional, toilet! So it leaks a bit, but it is just at the water inlet line, so I think we deserve a pat on the back. Looks very nice with the paneling and light blue flowered barker board. When we have time we will install the shower and the sink, at least the important part is done.
     It's off to the Calgary stampede this weekend!! We'll be taking Dilon and one other, just not sure who yet. Maybe Curly Sarah. Would do her good to have the exposure. Would like to take a mare and foal as they are always a hit.
     Had a scare with the airline for our departure next week. They called me and said that one of the other horses I was suppose to bring got injured. Somehow where she is other horses got loose and they ran through the fence and one other horse was hit by a semi truck. So they wanted me to cancel our departure date! We are back on as scheduled, thank goodness. Nothing money won't cure. Also had a scare with one of our Siberian cats, Denny. Somehow he got outside last Thursday evening and spent the night out there. Thankfully the little girl next door, Samantha, phoned and said she thought she saw him in the ditch. When Anna found him he was totally traumatized. When I got home he had not moved since Anna brought him in. He could hardly breathe, was limping, stuffed nose and eyes and very lethargic. Gave him some penicillin immediately and took him to the vets. Turns out he had a cut on his back so we think he might have been in a fight. He also had a virus so the vet gave use some pills and some immune booster. He is much better now. And I don't think he will try to escape outside again for a long, long time.
7/11/2005      Disappointing weekend! Got all 7 horses loaded Friday, all our saddles, food, camping supplies and headed out down the highway for Bergen around 7 PM. An hour into our trip I saw a tire blow so immediately pulled over. Did not expect to see what I saw! Both tires had blown on one side and was riding on the rims. The entire axle had broke!! Some people stopped that were about 5 vehicles behind us and said that they wanted to let us know that we blew the first tire, but they could not get up to us. The sad part is that the 4 vehicles between us passed us and never honked or flashed their lights to let us know that we had a problem!! The important thing is that the horses were all fine and nobody was hurt. I pulled off the main highway (couldn't damage anything any more!) and we unloaded all the horses. As luck would have it the fellow that lived at the farm where we stopped had a picker truck and spent a couple of hours with us helping me unhook the truck. I then headed for home to get the other trailer. By this time Gary was home and helped do the jockey of horses back to the stables in our 3 horse trailer. It was well after midnight by the time we got everyone home and the we got to have supper!!
     Second disappointment was Kim and Warrior. Kim advised that Warrior stepped out of the dressage ring, which is the first element of the event, so she didn't do the jumping at all!
     Third was getting Skippy home. Her vet papers expired so now we have to wait again!!
     On a good note Stephanie had excellent rides Friday and Sunday. Rode Nugget and Cheeko. Took Colt 45 for a couple of trail rides. Backed Kruzer, drove Seleena, handled Cactus, excellent ride on Jazz (she is now turned out). Andee was delivered last night to Natasha for her jumping lease.
     Have another tour coming Wednesday, busy all weekend trying to get the washroom done. Ready for the plumbing now, I can do alot of things, but I am not a plumber!
7/7/2005     I was up 'till 1 AM answering emails. Have them all answered, but! I received about 15 of them back saying they could not be delivered, so if you are waiting for an answer please email me again and I will try to reply again. I tried replying to one 3 times and it kept coming back. Gotta love computers!
     Our shipment of giftware should be arriving this week along with Skippy from Montana!! Can't wait to see her.
     Stephanie was out last night and rode Nugget for her first free ride! Went fantastic as expected. Will hopefully be riding Kruzer and Seleena by the weekend.
     Winchester cut his leg very bad while we were away. Thankfully Jessica and her mom doctored him up. He crashed through 5 rails of fence so must have cut it on a nail or something. He can't put any weight on it. Somebody must have been in heat!
     We are taking 6 horses to the Canadian Curly Horse meeting and show this weekend. Dilon, Diego, Pride, Sergant, Oakley and either Charmer or Dandee. Hopefully will have time to see Warrior for his cross country jumping on Sunday! This is a first in Canada for a Curly to be in 3 day event! Hooray!! Andee will be heading to Natasha hopefully on Sunday also. She is going to lease him for jumping for a year. Not enough hours in a day!
7/6/2005      175 emails upon our return! Will be awhile before I answere everyone. Vet advised the Coggins came back negative for Ahani and Nakita! This is good news.
     Weather was fantastic for our trip, every horse was superb, and the company was the best!! Won't have time to do the full story for awhile yet, but here are some pictures for teasers. Enjoy!!

On top of the World!! Gary on Oakley, Anna on Smokey, Daphne on Star, Pierre on Diego, Bernard on Wyatt and Marie-Claude on Dilon.

Crossing the Red Deer River, Wyatt on the left, Diego on the right, Star and Dilon in the middle.

Marie-Claude on Dilon in the lead coming up the very, very steep path. Bernard on Wyatt behind.

Marie-Claude on Dilon!! What a shot!!!

Diego, Star, then Smokey crossing the Bighorn River.
6/28/2005      Probably won't have time for any new news untill July 6th. Marie-Claude, Bernard, Pierre and Daphne arrive tomorrow for their mountain trip. We've had alot of rain, but hopefully the next week will be good weather! Gary has the covered wagon all loaded up so Marie-Claude will have a soft place to sleep!!
     Nugget is doing awesome in her training, ready to mount today. Seleena was pretty spunky last night driving. She's never bucked, but she sure wanted to stay by her bud, Kruzer. She played me out so much I never had enough energy to drive Kruzer.
     Stephani is out today and will be doing another ride on LT, Jazz and Little Spar and then they will be turned out while we are in the mountains. Anna will be looking after the babes in quarantine while we are gone. Cocoa will be mounted first time today and possibly Cheeko.
     Reidun has been emailing she would love to come back to Alberta! She's asked if I could come to Norway and do a clinic there. That would be fun!
     Dagmar's daughter, Anna, won 4th place in huge competition in Germany!
     Karen emails that Austin is doing super and Prospectors leg is all nice and healed now.
     Sophie emailed that Sassy had her baby in France.
6/27/2005      New pics .
     Another succesful allergy test on the weekend. Nugget, Kruzer and Seleena are in our training program now. Plus Cheeko, a horse Kim wanted some time put on.
     It's official, Kim and I have purchased an Irish Draft stallion from Ireland. He'll put height, bone and athletic ability on our Curlies!
     Lots of miles and riding on just about every horse in training this weekend. Was a fantastic weekend horse wise, not so nice weather though.
     Sent off some video of Ahani and Golden Girl. If you want to see a video of Ahani click here . I think it will open for you.
6/24/2005      Nellie had her babe!! Look at the colour on this colt!! Wow, not many full MFT around like this guy.

And of course that is Annie in the back ground. She never misses a foaling, hasn't for all the years she's been here.
6/23/2005      Federal vet is out today taking the blood samples from Ahani and Nakita!! Tanja is so excited and everything is going fast now!

     Have to share one last picture of Palladin. If you would like to download this picture for wallpaper for your computer just click here
6/22/2005      A number of years ago I thought it was amazing that anyone could break a horse to ride. It seemed like rocket science to be able to control the 1,000 pound mass and actually sit on it's back. I'm not sure how everything has come together the last couple of years, but it gives me chills everytime I see these new horses doing their trot for the first time under saddle. Last night was no exception, again. Little Spar (Fool's Gold), LT and Jazz were all awesome. Light, forward, willing, responsive and stopping on a dime. I know the ground work is 90% of it, but it still is a wonder that these horses are so willing to co-operate with us. LT (Lady's Twin) is the biggest surprise. She was totally spooked when she arrived. Had to rope her to catch her in the stall, she'd kick your head off if she had the chance. Totally spooked when someone walked anywhere close to her. No look at her (posted some pics on the new pics page just after Pall's pictures.) She's totally trusting, relaxed and confident. The confidence part is the part that surprises me. Normally when we receive horses as spooked as her it takes them awhile to gain back their confidence, but not her. She's totally with us now and trotting along balanced. Wow, love it! And Jazz is very relaxed, but has been pretty much from the beginning. I bought her two years ago and she has been pretty much laid back to work with. Still awesome to see her trotting up under saddle last night. Then there was Little Spar. He's so flashy looking and so friendly. The only one that nickers to us when we go anywhere close to him! He was nuzzling my hand the whole time I was leading him around last night. Gotta love him!
     More amazing news. Stephanie and Colt 45 have had some issues since he came back from his mountain training. Nothing big, he just was always a little on edge, wouldn't relax and she didn't feel quite comfortable that he was focused on her the whole time. Told her to take him out on a trail ride last night and she was a bit apprehensive, but guess what, - she had an awesome ride and came back all excited about how relaxed he was. Said she had him on a long rein and his head was down the whole way home. You never know!
     Moose and Warrior were shod up yesterday. Our farrier said that Warrior was one of the best horses he has ever worked with, nice to hear. Stephanie lunged him yesterday with side reins as part of his training for his upcoming event. She also rode Dilon and Diego out alone preparing for their mountain trip. She also rode Moose and the poor boy was dripping wet when she returned. He's gonna need some serious miles here the next bit, he's so fat!!
6/21/2005      Five days have passed again! Boy, is it crazy busy around here. Some new pics . Rode Palladin yesterday as Dagmar wanted some new pics of him for the artist she has engaged to do his painting!!
     Nakita and Ahani are in quarantine. Anna is excersing them daily and they are happy to have each other.
     Yesterday was a busy day. Prince had his teeth done, strange with his front teeth. The top incisors are basically worn right off. Never seen that before. The dentist said that it is usually caused from eating on sandy or gravel type pastures. Must have been from somewhere deep down south. Beau is now a gelding. I am very impressed with the fellow that did him. Basically no swelling and no trouble whatsoever. Four of our boys are trimmed up and shod for the mountains. The rest are being done today. Stephanie was out and rode Jazz and LT all by herself. Spar will be ready to be turned loose this week. Our new paint mare, nick named cocoa, is coming along very quickly, may be riding her this week also. Anna has been riding Warrior everyday getting him ready for Kim to take to Alabrama for a 3 day event!! Amber was kicked by someone, probably Cocoa, and her hock is very swollen. She is in confinement now until it looks better.
     Lori has emailed that she may be able to take the horses sooner than she thought. She has a friend that has made her an excellent offer to transport them.
     Gary took Prince over to his girls after he was vetted and Anika and Gold Rush did a sneak escape! They went down the highway and were feeling pretty proud! Thank goodness no one was hurt.
6/17/2005      Amanda took Dandee through a jump course last night and did fantastic with him! She is going to be the sole rider for him for the summer and is planning on putting alot of miles on that little guy. Have to find some jumper shows!! Anna took Warrior down the side roads to mile him up for his cross-country event, then she rode the Colonel round the jump course and he never missed a beat. I trimmed up Dandee's feet and finished Jenny's feet then did some vaccinations.
     Kim has found an Irish Warmblood stallion that she wants to go partners on and import from Ireland. Lots of logistics to come this way and it isn't cheap, but I think she is on to something. Soooo if we are going to import from Ireland I really want to try and bring back some of those Tinkers that I fell in love with when I was in Italy. Lots to work on!
     Gary took 4 mares to our new pasture at Calmar yesterday. After we have Prince's teeth floated on Monday he will be joining them.
     Ahani passed her vet exam and is cleared to head overseas with Nakita! They will be going into quarantine today! Boy, that is going to go fast. One concern that I have is that they both have warts on their noses, and although the vets here all say it is fine I'm a bit concerned about the vets in LUX. Have my people checking on it!
     Cotton Candy's new family should be ready for her this weekend. They were building new fences and installing water and hoping to be done tomorrow. <
6/16/2005      Here he is!

6/15/2005      Ahani is heading to the vets this afternoon for her vet inspection. Along with Jazzy Jiggers for his US clearance papers.
     Picked up Dandee last night. He hasn't changed. Also picked up our filly from Cierra Cordial. Oh boy, you are going to die when you see her pictures. She is drop dead gorgeous. A bronze gurella colour and perfect conformation. She is a full sister to Cierra Martika.
     Here's the link to our Best of the West Western Heritage and Native American giftware!
6/14/2005     Another great tour this morning. A group of members from a Church in Edmonton came through and they were very keen and asked tons of questions. Was a super morning.
     Beau Jangles will become a gelding on Monday. Just too many boys around here right now and since we have no interest in him as a stallion he will now become a super riding horse!!
     Little Cotton Candy was suppose to be heading across the border but they decided they could not afford to bring her in right now. So now she is sold to Terri and Paula! Congratulations you guys. I know she is going to be the most handled horse around with your gang!!
6/13/2005      Progress is currently under way to transport Ahani and Nakita to Germany. Have a tentative date of July 18th!!
     Turned Stephanie loose yesterday for the first time on LT (Lady's twin!) and it went perfect!! Fools Gold is coming along in leaps and bounds (not literally!!) and Jazz was mounted and led. We acquired another new mare, Ye Flirtin With Color, a registered paint with a Dun Colt along side from the Curly stallion DF Fiddlers Gold! Started her training as soon as she arrived.
     Donna arrived from BC on Sunday. The entire time they were here I kept hearing "It's amazing, I can't believe it." Her daughter has allergies, so bad that she reacted in the car on the way here from their boots that they had worn in the stables at home! Donna kept asking her precious daughter to sniff the horse! Put your nose right in there she would say. And everyone was thrilled that she never had so much as a sniffle. No welts, nothing.
     Have another tour of seniors arriving tomorrow morning! They were very happy with the first tour. Now we have 5 more scheduled!!
     The backhoe is arriving Friday to do the trenching for the shower house! Going to be real neat when they are done. Gary got them all lined up in the yard.
     Here's a pic we received from Reidun over in Norway. She took it at half past midnight! Their midnight summer sun is shinning now. Such a beautiful shot of the Curlies in the valley. she also reported that they took Luc and Amoire to an exhibition and promises pictures!!

6/10/2005      WOW!! You should see Warrior jump!! It was amazing. Perfectly forward, balanced, rounding over the jumps and willing! He loved it!!! Might just have to keep him around and let him be the very first Elko boy to win some ribbons!!
     Started Fools Golds' training last night. Went very well. Steph sat on Lady and had we had time would have completely sat on Jazz. Anna did a very nice job with Bill over the fences. I decided Pride is not cut out to be a jumper. He would just plod along like a good old trail horses. Not enough spirit for jumping and we certainly won't push him. If he wants to be a trail horse that is great by us!
     Nice to see everyone being ridden. Thanks to Stephanie for all her time this last while. Just wish you could be here full time!!
6/9/2005      What a great tour!! Thanks to everyone who came on this perfect day. pics here!
     Awesome night last night. Little Sam rode Diego picture perfect. They have bonded and it is a joy to watch them together, Midori rode Pride (whom she loves!) and both girls were cantering around the ring having a tone of fun.
     You should see Kristine on Dilon!! We figured it out last night, they have only had 9 rides now, and it is amazing how far her and Sarah have come.
     Ladys Twin (LT) is nice and light driving now, should be riding her this weekend. Jazz is doing very well also. Anna rode Wyatt wonderfully last night. And she had Smokey down on the bit. Gary was roping the pilons off of Oakley!!
6/8/2005      Friday night my daughter and I flew out to Toronto to surprise my mom for her retirement party. Saturday Dad took us out on the lake for a boat ride with my sister. Haven't done that in a few years. Sunday went to the zoo with two of my sisters. Got up at 1 AM on Monday to come home, went to work and last night trimmed the donkeys feet! (no easy task as anyone that knows Sally and Jenny will tell you!)
     While I was gone Gary and Anna had a full schedule. They fixed a bunch of fence, cut the lawn, cleaned the tack room and went for a couple of rides. Yesterday they sorted the stallions with their mares. Palladin with Buffy and Oakley. Winchester with Curly Sarah, Misty and Star. Kenny with Chautise and Shawnee. Prince is with the rest of the herd for now.
     Stephanie came Monday night and showed Anna how we drive the horses. She also rode Colt, Warrior, Doc and handled the new paint mare and Jazz.
     Last night Anna and Gary had all the horses caught up ready to work! Stephanie rode Colt and Warrior. Anna rode Red (exceptionally well!) and Marky. We then set up some cross rails and Steph took Doc over them while Anna took Bill. Wow, does Doc have some potential. Such a big stride and so forward. To finish off the night Anna rode Smokey (tall, elegant grey ) and Steph rode The Colonel (flashy palomino), two new straight horses for camps. Appears Smokey was started English as it only took five minutes and Anna had him coming down looking for contact! The Colonel just might make a real little jumper. I drove LT (Lady's twin!) and Steph put some weight in the saddle on her. She did very well. Still some brood mare attitudes, but coming along super. Also drove Jazz, she remembered everything from last year.
     Tomorrow morning our first tour from the seniors will happen. A bus load of 50 will be stopping by around 9:30. Serving coffee and muffins!
6/3/2005      Shawnee's first baby. A curly little boy.

6/2/2005      Oakley and Misty are both open. Was going to send Oaks to Natasha for jumping, but Gary wants her to take to the mountains. Possibly sending Andee to Natasha. Her and her mom were here Monday evening and we went over the details of the lease and looks good for Andee!!
     Drifter is in Manitoba now. He left yesterday morning. Hope he settles in and likes his new home.
     Anna arrived from Denmark at 1 o'clock yesterday morning! Took her 24 hours to get here via England and Houston, Texas. Haven't had much time to spend with her yet. She met most of the horses yesterday and today she is going to try and work with a couple of last years babes.
     My plan to keep the lessons to two days is now void! Had to open some sessions on Thursdays now. Olivia and her mom came last night and are very keen to ride together. Amanda came to start jumping lessons and hopefully we will be able to get her riding with Anna and go to some shows this year.
     Full sessions last night. Kristine and Sarah had a bit of trouble catching Beauty Girl as the pinto gelding that thought he was a stud was rounding up the mares. Anna rode Charmer for a warm up in the second lesson then Andee in the third. Kyle does awesome on Bill and Midori on Pride is a match made in heaven. Amanda rode Oaks. Fourth lesson was our newest addition, Olivia and her mom. Didn't get in the house till 11!!
     Poor Chautise! The tooth that was giving her trouble turned out to be a shattered molar. Vet says she must have bitten a rock. It was very swollen inside and must have been very painful. Vet was surprised she was still in good shape as it must have been difficult for her to chew.
     Super visit with Rachael from BC last Friday. She spent some time riding and getting to know a couple of the boys. Saturday was a full day with Lori and her husband from Nova Scotia. They are considering taking Red and leaving Fenacia. Makes sense. Red really seemed to bond with her. He was actually eating leaves that the kids had picked. Never seen a horse take a leaf as a treat before!
     The shower house is turning out to be a bigger deal than I thought. As usual. I was hoping that we could just tie it into our existing plumbing for the house, but not that simple. Might have to actually dig a hole and install a holding tank now.
     A tour company from Edmonton called and they are going to include us on their "Mystery Day Tours" and come out for 6 visits this year. They will be bringing 50 seniors!! should be a ton of fun. Going to serve them coffee and donuts and probably do a round pen demo with Oakley.
     Tanja is getting excited about possibly purchasing Ahani! Hopefully we will finalize the details this week. Need to check with Nakita's new parents and see if they are almost ready to receive her.
     Sent off some hair samples to Monika of the gaited horses. They had slight reactions to the horses they tested in Germany. Fingers are crossed hoping they do not reacte to Prince's hair!
     Shawnee had a colt! Very interesting colour with grey eyes! Took some pics and will try to get them resized soon to post.
5/30/2005      Lots of news, no time. Pics from the weekend on 2005 pictures page. Shawnee Dreamweaver had her foal last night.
5/27/2005      Pics of Curly Sarah's babe, SS Walcurly Prince Trevino, on the 2005 pictures page. Along with pics of Misty and Cookie last night, plus one of the cabins being "dropped off!".
     Oakley is off being preg checked today and Chautise is haveing a tooth fixed!
5/26/2005      Anna called from Denmark this morning. Gary said she sounds very excited to be coming next week!
     Curly Sarah had her babe Tuesday night!! Tons of chrome with four stockings and a blaze.
     One of the cabins was delivered yesterday. It is soooo cute! Can't wait till we get it finished. Hopefully the other one will be delivered today.
     Vet preg checked the mares yesterday. Everyone was bred except Misty! Dissapointing with her, but that's okay as we will ride her now.
5/25/2005      Busy, busy, busy! Love it!! Drifter was suppose to leave last week, but the trucker changed his route! Should be leaving in the next week. Skippy should be coming up from Montanna on that trip also. Have a fellow with 6 horses in Saskatchewan he would like transported to England and a lady in BC with a horse to go to Germany. Nakita and Ahani will probably be heading to Germany in about 6 weeks. Bernard, Marie Claude, Daphne and Phillipe arrive from Quebec in a month. Our girl from Denmard arrives next week. The cabins are being delivered today. Little Spar was gelded yesterday. Sugar, Lady and Andee had their shoes removed. Anika, Dazzler, Prince and Amarrilo Sunset had their feet trimmed. Found a new fellow to do all this and we really like him. Extremely patient and reliable. He's been doing it for 20 years full time and is very good.
     Lessons are in full swing. Trying to keep them to Tuesdays and Wednesdays this year since we have so much other stuff going on. Steph was out last night and had super rides outside on Warrior, Doc, Andee, Lady, and Sugar. Bailey had a perfect lesson on Pride. He is such a sweetheart.
     Have a lady coming from BC on Friday to check out some of the horses and Lori from Nova Scotia should be coming on Saturday.
     Little 6 year old Alix comes every two weeks for a riding lesson. Her Saturday was to come was last Saturday when we were in the mountains. Her mom came by last night for her own riding lesson and said that Alix was up and ready to come for her lesson on Saturday. When her mom said that she couldn't go she said "But mom, I've been good." Too cute. Sorry Alix. Promise we will be here for your next lesson.
5/24/2005      Absolutely fantastic weekend. Mountain Pictures here
5/17/2005      Trimmed Jiggers, Nakita and Golden Girl's feet Saturday. Never have I seen such growth in our yearlings. Probably due to the very high in protein feed this year. Was going to do the rest last night but it was pouring rain!
     Found some old wagon wheels and picked them up Sunday. Looks neat at the end of the drive. They are about 100 years old.
     Steph came on Saturday and had some great rides outside cantering on Red, Andee, Diego, Pride, Dilon and Bill. It was a gorgeous day and got some great pics of the boys.
     Farrier came yesterday and got Doc, Colt, Warrior, Moose, Little Guy, Montanna, Star, Charmer and Vince's horse all trimmed up. Have to get him back to do some others.
     Went for a short trail ride Sunday evening. I rode Beauty Girl (who is looking fantastic!), Vickie rode Little Guy, Vince rode his horse and Jess rode Montana. Was a perfect evening.

     Babe had her babe! A cute little curly filly born in Germany on the 12th, "Skina"- means sunshine in Icelandic. Congratulations Nancy and Jens.
     Update from Marie Claude in Quebec on Tulsa Jackpto - "I like him so much, he is like a big dog, walking besides me, playing with me while the others are riding. He is the attraction at the Ranch: always looking for caress, hugs, kisses etc. he is so affectionate compared to the other horses." Thankyou Marie Claude.
     Here's the link to pictues of our trip to Arizona.

     Most of you know who this is! Sent to us from Germany by Karen of her and Austin. Do you think she loves her friend?? Wish I could post all of the pictures that you send and all of you reports on the horses antics. Keep up the good work!!
5/12/2005      Tons happenin! Hope you enjoyed the pictures. Co-ordinating Drifter to Winnipeg, Jiggers to Michigan, Cotton Candy to Washington and getting Magic up from Phoenix. Ahani will be going to Germany, just waiting to hear from Nakita's new momma on their status. Interest from France and Sweden. Monika is trying to arrange a flight to come from Germany to see some of the mares at the end of July. Visitors coming from Saskatoon the 27th of this month to test the Russian Siberian cats! The 28th our visitors from Prince Edward Island arrive and the 29th visitors from British Columbia! We leave this weekend for our mountain trip. Still not sure who I am riding! Gary will ride Charmer, Vicki on Little Guy, Jessica on Montana and Vince on "his horse"!
     Monday night Steph was out and we had super sessions on Red, Colt 45, Warrior and Doc. She really wants to take Red to some dressage shows this summer. He is rounding up awesome. Colt is coming along just fine as is Warrior. I'd love to show Warrior, he has the most presence of these guys. He is so refined looking and graceful. Doc is another story. For whatever reasons, after he came back from his mountain training he has had a bit of attitude. Guess they can't all be angels! SS Marshall Dilon, SS Western Pride and SS Sunnybrooks Diego are all now in our lesson string! Kristine is riding her favorite boy, Dilon! Sam is doing awesome on Diego as she is such a soft rider. Midori had Pride bending very tight on the pole bending last night. Tonight Steph is back out and we have a new girl starting just to get some miles on all our horses in training. Farrier is coming back out on Monday to trim, remove some shoes and shoe up the horses for the mountains.
5/10/2005      Time flies when you are having fun!!! Our Open House was awesome. Lots of people from all over the province! Go to 2005 Open House for pics! Also new pictures on the 2005 pictures page. And also, finally, pics Buffy's new colt and some more of Davina .
5/5/2005      I'm back! Super trip to Tucson, Arizona. Was -2 and the ground was covered with snow when I left. Was plus 32 in Tucson! Sunny the entire time and beautiful scenery. Went to Old Tuscon and Tombstone. Took a stagecoach ride, rode the Merry Go Round (I know!) and toured all the old West sites we could find. I'll try to post some pics in the next few days. Busy getting ready for Open House.
     Buffy had her babe! Must have had it Tuesday night as it is still very wobbly. Pretty Curly bay!
     Steph had a great session last Thursday before I left. I'm so proud of all these guys. I worked on socializing the new Lady twin. She's going to do just fine. She settled in pretty quick.
     Gary took Dilon in for the TV shoot. I just received word that we can get a copy of it on video! That should be an excellent addition to our videos for our displays.
4/27/2005      It is back to winter here. Was snowing and freezing rain last night. Made lots of noise on the arena roof. Steph rode Doc, Colt 45, Andee, Red, Warrior and Diego. It amazes us how steady Diego is. He is more proof to our theory of the more extreme traited curlies have more extreme puppy dog curly personalities. He was the first one to offer the canter all on his own. One of the absolute easiest to train all around.
4/26/2005      Busy night last night. Gary is leaving today for Phoenix so we started setting up for Open House. He worked up the arena and we set up most of the panels for the horses we will have on display. Added a nice little mare to our herd that looks identical to Lady! She is 6 years old and will be added to our training program.
     Gary took Lady to Palladin, he was happy to receive some company. Stephanie rode Colt 45, Red, Pride, Warrior, Doc and Bill. There was lots of noise and commotion with us setting up the panels and it was nice to see these guys not bothered by it all!
4/25/2005      I think I walked at least 10 miles this weekend! Had a surprise Friday evening. Fool's Gold was being studdy. Checked him out and sure enough, he's at least part stallion!! The vet must have missed one side. This is not good! So I took him over to the other boys (1 1/2 miles away). Then on Sunday we went to bring the rest of the horses home and I walked the 1 mile field 3 times! We brought Native Chelsea, Cinder, Kutennai Kruzer, Shawnee Dreamweaver, Amarillo Sunset, Misty and Curly Sarah home. Dewormed them all and dewormed Winchester and Fool's Gold.
     Little 6 year old Alix came for her lesson on Saturday. Put her up on Little Marky and she did excellent! Figured the easiest way to see if someone has control at a pace faster than the walk is on a gaited horse, and it worked super. Marky is such a sweetheart. Alix's mom kept commenting on his easy going temperament.
     Dagmar has emailed that she is going to get her Karl's friend to paint a picture of Palladin! Wow, this is fantastic. When I was at Karl's I saw the picture of his stallion that this lady painted and it was wonderful. Just so hard to find the picture that captures Palladin's personality.
     Lori (from Nova Scotia) had her friend (Barb) stop by on Wednesday to check out the horses. Had a nice little visit with her and she was here until 10. Gary had moved Palladin and just before midnight we received a phone call that he was at the bar! Gary had done up the fence in the dark and missed one link, so off went Palladin looking for a night on the town I guess! He is back, safe and sound.
     Ordered our cabins today. They will hopefully be ready in a month. Should be receiving two full loads of hay this weekend. (that's 38 round bales x 2 @1,600 lbs. each, which is about 2,700 square bales!!)
4/19/2005      Ran out of room again, guess I just have to much to say! The last page of the news is here!
     Next Tuesday we've been asked to take one of our awesome Curlies to Ardrossan for a TV shoot on the new production they are making called Visit the Country. Our Open House is the 7th, don't miss that, we'll have lots of our Curlys on display. Next weekend we have to go to Phoenix. Busy, busy!
     So, Jazzy Jiggers is going to Michigan and sounds like he will be in horsy heaven. Going to be with some other boys till next year and they are building new pastures and just sounds like a super home for him. Cotton Candy's new momma emailed that they should be able to get her the end of next month. Drifter is probably going to Manitoba. They want to come and ride Dandee first and will take one or the other. Traveller is gone! Brian came form Brosseau on Sunday and did the allergy test for their 8 year old boy. He did react some, but not serious like he does with other horses. They were thrilled that his chest did not constrict and his eyes did not turn red or runny at all. Just some sneezing and a bit of a runny nose. Going to miss Trav.
     Lori is getting very excited about her girls! Finally made some time last night to take some new pics of the young ones. Tanja really wants Golden Girl, we're just not sure if she is going to grow tall enough for her husband. Sent her some pics, finally, of Golden Girl beside some of the other youngsters so she can compare the heights.
     Last weekend we put Prince, Winchester and Kenny in their own separate field. Better they are away from the girls for at least another month. Don't want any babies being born in our March snow storms next year. Palladin is in with McCoy right now, but he is sure wanting his girls!!
     Was a super little trail ride last weekend. It was warm, but cloudy and a bit windy. The horses were all great. Everyone loaded just like they knew what they were doing. I rode Traveller, Robin rode Dilon (just like they'd been doin it forever), Stephanie rode Drifter and Gary rode his horse Copper. The footing was terrible, very muddy. Copper went down on Gary's leg once. The horses were all awesome, Stephanie brought along her two dogs and they were barking and running in front of the horses the whole time. Traveller only got excited once when a stray dog came running, full speed, straight towards him. Poor Trav didn't know what was going to happen, he just jumped once and froze! Man, that is one of the curly traits that I love the MOST!
4/18/2005 New pictures of Davina and our trail ride on the weekend. Traveller and Drifter are sold! Yesterday we dewormed the rest of the entire herd, today the farrier is out trimming everyone. Got some quotes on cabins that look awesome. More later!

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