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    This is the place where I try to post the activities at the Stables. We have many faithful followers that appreciate little updates on how the horses are doing and what we are up to.

    4/21/2004 - Those of you that follow here understand that I have limited space on each page to post news, so it looks like I'm going to have to try and organize things here so you can find all of the news from the Stables. For the earliest news go to The First News , and go to here for the news up to March 5th, 2004 , here for the April news and here for the news up to June! .

    2/20/2004 - WOW! WOW!! We hit 10,000 hits today!! I just put the counter on here a year ago!
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    10/18/2004 Winter is here!! In the middle of October. We got hit with snow again Saturday, and cold. It was not a pleasant thing to wake up to. Got 500 square bales each of hay and straw delivered on Saturday. Peter loaded the bales onto the elevator and I stacked them in the loft!! Guess I'm not in a s bad a shape as I thought. I was still functional on Sunday!! We just tarped the straw to protect it from the snow. Gary spent three days on the skid-steer clearing the corrals. Amazing how much manure accumulates from year to year. Looking real good now and hopefully the fellow will be in soon to spread it on the fields.
     Didn't do much riding over the weekend due to the cold weather. Did get some more horses moved around and went over to see Prince and his gang. The little girl that lives there was thrilled to see the horses back. She asked for some brushes to groom them all as she is doing a horse project for school.
    Put Marky in the riding lesson on Thursday. Midori did a super job with him. She loves riding the gaited horses. Kyle did awesome on Buffy. First time he had rode her and he had her flexing like a pro!! Had a beginner rider come for a lesson and of course she rode Charmer and did very, very well on him. She was posting in the first lesson!!
    I've had lots of request lately (again) for kid proof horses. I wish I could wave my magic wand and put the 3 years of riding on every horse to be able to say that they are a true family, trusting horse. Even though our three year olds are awesome for their temperament and willingness to learn, that does not make them, what I call, a beginners horse. To me a beginner horse is one that has been ridden long enough that he knows what is excepted of him, and performs the same every time that you ride him. And there is only one way to get a horse to this level - Miles!! Next year with our increased trail rides we will be able to put alot more miles on the great horses. Can't wait!!
    10/14/2004 My goodness, look at that counter. It's showing almost 20,000 hits. WOW, who would have thought there would be that much activity on my little site?? Oh my!!! I just pulled a report on the hits to the website. The counter only shows when people visit the home page, and guess what I saw!! This is printed right from my server "Most active month August 2004 : 21,416 pages sent. 2,513,693,295.00 served. 157,792 requests handled. That's unbelievable!!! Thankyou!! To all that visit the site, visit the stables, take in our trail rides, camps, horse show, open house and of course purchase our wonderful Curly horses. Thankyou for your faith in us and Thankyou for supporting us.
    Palladin is doing awesome. Can't say enough times how much I love this stallion. Last night took him out for his first ride down the road. Was dark and he did not want to go down into the ditch, couldn't blame him. The wind was really howling and the flag was flapping at the end of the driveway and to be honest I didn't feel comfortable asking him to do this first time in the dark. And then of course a car came barreling down the road, hardly slowed down, and Pall just stood his ground. I was so proud of him. Gotta get him out and try to start showing him.
    I have inquires right now from 3 people in the States, Germany, England and Nova Scotia. Takes alot of time to get all the pictures and info together, so please be patient with me!!
    Reidun reports that she had a super ride on Warrior and Red last night. She was amazed with the wind blowing as it was that they were so steady. The doors were banging, the plastic windows where snapping and the boys never gave it any notice.
    Gary rode Buffy last night, going to try to teach her to spin and hopefully take her out roping or at least cattle penning this winter!! Must make it happen!!!
    Most of the lessons are winding down now, I heard a rumor that it is going to be -20 here next week. So we will be setting up our round pen back in the arena and getting back on track with the training of the youngsters.
    Karen reported that Prospector had a very strange infection to his leg. He lost all of the skin off of the back of his hind leg. They are still not certain what was wrong, but they are told he should heal and be 100% again.
    I finally found me an Aussie saddle!! With a horn!! It's being shipped from the States today. Can't wait. Gary says I can't use it cattle penning though! ha Ha
    The last few days I have been updating all of the horses for sale pages. I think I have them all up to date now. I've listed some prices on the broke horses, weanlings, yearlings and two year olds. Most of these prices will only be offered to the dates specified as once the horses are back in training or close to foaling the prices will change!!
    10/12/2004 Super phone call from Kathleen in Alaska yesterday, see Curlies in Alaska! .
    10/8/2004 Had a great lesson Wednesday night! Kyle rode Traveler outside and did very, very well on him. Had some escapees this morning. Buffy led everybody around the yard and I was awaken at 6 to sound of horses by my window! They all followed me back into the field looking a little guilty! Here's a picture of our new addition to the stables!! Part of our upgrade for our trail riding in the mountains! Too bad we'll have to wait till next year for it's maiden voyage.

    10/6/2004 And some excellent news from Brittany - "Bailey is doing great! I just got a new trainer and we are now doing Dressage. We are going to start showing next spring. Bailey and I have bonded so much. We are almost inseparable! He comes up to me in the pasture and puts his nose to mine! He is so cute. I have given him the show name Half Handsome. He is so beautiful, but he doesn't have much of a mane or tail. Also, Bailey is a great mover! He really extends. He is also consistently on the bit too. Also Bailey is a great trail horse! Nothing seems to phase him. He doesn't even care about cars! OH he's perfect! I am so in love with him. "
    10/5/2004 News from Laura and Dan on Niva's boy SS Foxy Lightening Strike -- "Guess What!!! Foxy is a big boy now!!! Today was the first time he had a rider on him. The thing is Dan has only been on a horse maybe 5 or 6 times in his life, but felt comfortable enough to get on Foxy!! Foxy stood there and let him get on and pet him all over, then he got off (and it was not graceful on Dan's part) but Foxy did not move. So then I of course had to get on, I hopped on and walked him around the round pen, Foxy was as quiet as a mouse. What a superstar!!!"
Congratulations Laura!! That's fantastic news!!
     Shinko Shyster, Niva and Susie Que are sold. Allie reports that they are riding Susie Que and hope to have her in a program for a local bible club! She is coming tomorrow to look at some more prospects for this group.
     Palladin is doing awesome. Love him so much. He is starting to flex now and look for the contact. He is sooooo smooth. Unbelievable really. His canter transitions are still a bit rusty (meaning to me that he won't do it in one stride!!). And he is really, really, out of shape. Poor guy.
     The show was awesome, as you saw in the pictures, was just one perfect day for everything, everyone and all the horses.
     The clicker training clinic is on track. We will be allowing people to observe so let me know if you are interested!!
     Moved Prince, Kasha, Anika, Shawnee Dreamweaver, Curly Sarah, Whoopi, Gold Rush, Marshall Dilon, Colt 45, Doc Halladay, Drifter, Diego and Real McCoy to their new field. I was very pleased with how everyone loaded into the trailer. McCoy needed some persuasion, first time for him to leave the farm!
     SS Pal's Anikan Ambassador had an interesting time. He somehow got into the neighbors field with his cows and was there for a week. When the cows were moved out we went to bring him home and he got really spooked. Guess with everybody gone he was lost. He ran for a long, long time before we were able to bring him into the corral to bring him home. Poor guy was totally psyched. We've had him in the arena the last week just to reassure him that he is okay. You should have seen him moving in the field. Such extension and so fluid and so graceful. Just gorgeous and so proud. His Friesian blood was sure showing that day. And he is sooo much taller than all the other yearlings I am certain he will be our new Sport Horse stallion. But Rhumba is certainly up there also. Will be a hard decision.
    10/4/2004 Show picutres
    9/28/2004 No rest for the wicked! Looks like we will be having a Clicker Training clinic!! Been in contact with Ilse de Wit of the Canadian Clicker Centre ! Tentative date is November 6th/7th. Here is what she says - "You will learn about the concept of clicker training. How it is embedded in the science of operant conditioning. The better you understand this the better you will be in problem solving with your horse. We will talk about how horses learn and how our own behavior influences our horse's behavior.
Of course the most important part of our discussion will be on how reinforcement works versus correction and punishment and what the problems are with punishment.
You will learn perfect mechanical skills. You have to remember that you will be working with a 1200 pound animal and that you will be working with food. Proper mechanical skills are of the utmost importance to create a polite horse that is a joy to work with.
A lot of the exercises will be first practiced on each other. This again is very important. This will greatly reduce the number of mistakes made on the horses. Saves the horses frustration.
Throughout my courses we will wherever we can always practice on people first. Same as we always try to teach every behavior on the ground first before taking it under saddle.
In the afternoon we will start to practice on the horses.
We will introduce the horses to the targets and depending on how far we get we will start teaching some basic behaviors.
On the second day: Here you will take what you learned on the first day straight to the horses and start teaching. You will learn about why horses do what they do and why we do what we do. You will learn how to change behavior. We can do some problem solving like standing still, proper leading, things like that or whatever people feel they need to work on. " So sounds like it will be another fun filled weekend. Limited to 10 participants and we already have 6! So let me know if you are interested ASAP!
    9/24/2004 Finally rode Palladin again! Only rode him a couple of times this spring and just brought him in off pasture for last weekend to show him off!! He's awesome, with so few miles under his saddle he is so very, very light to ride. And he has filled out so much. So solid and just looks darn fantastic!! Love this guy.
     Made a tour around the farm Wednesday night showing off all of the babies. Everyone is in fine form! Nobody can get over how gorgeous Prince's babies are, with their dense curl, manes and tails, they are something to behold. And every one of them!! Thankyou again Don, for allowing Prince to be part of our family.
     Had some fun in our lessons last night. Everyone had three things to accomplish - Open and go through the gate without letting go, walk a pole from barrel to barrel and the last was to rope a pillion from their horse! First time a rope was thrown from Traveller and he could care less! But I think after the pillion was caught he thought it was a calf and wanted to snub it up!!
     I still owe a bunch of people some pictures!! I will really try to get them off this weekend. We are going to be moving horses to fall pasture this weekend, so another busy one. But I will try to get the pictures off of SS Walcurly Johnny Walker Gold (Whoopi's babe), SS Cierra Martika (to England and the Maritimes), SS Native Kasha, Charmer, Doc and SS Walcurly Golden Girl & SS Jazzy Jiggers for Germany!!
    9/21/2004 Finally, here's some new pictures - The BIG Production and the CCHA Clinic . AND I updated the 2004 Pictures , Enjoy!!
    9/20/2004 Super time at the CCHA meeting on Saturday. Reidun had Felicity jumping! Jason did very well on Charmer. Katharina rode Bill and Gary rode Buffy, they went out on a trail ride afterwards. I promise I will post the pictures soon! I know, I have a lot of pictures to get on here. Still have the France story to do!!
    9/17/2004 What a fun lesson last night. Reidun rode Felicity, Jason rode Bill Hickock, Kyle rode Traveller, Jess rode Sergant, Midori rode Charmer and Vince rode Marky. Was nice to see everyone improve over the hour. First time all these horses had been in the arena together.
    9/16/2004 Finally some sunshine!! May not be here long, so we will enjoy every moment. Reidun rode Felicity in her very first jumping lesson. What a willing horse she is proving to be. Who knows where these two will end up!
     Daily updates from Marie-Claude on Tulsa Jackpot and Commanche. I love receiving these emails of their adventures. Especially the last one where Marie-Claude says that Tulsa now knows that she is number one and they had an awesome ride. Out into the hills for an overnight campout!
     Emails from Rose on Holley. Very heart warming to hear how well Holley is fitting in down there and how Rose has "discovered" her personality. Rose also advised that she is looking for a Sport Horse filly, and remembered SS Cierra Martika from her visit to the stables. Was not going to sell Martika, but how could she possibly better represent the breed than to be there??
     Also an email on Foxy!! He is still the star of the stables there. As he should be, he is gorgeous and tons of personality just like his half sister in Germany.
     Karen emailed that she had a scare. While she was away on holidays she received an email asking "Was that your two horses that were hit on the highway?"! Poor girl, she was devastated thinking it was Prospector and Austin. Thank the great spirits it was not!!
     Received an email from a lady and turns out she only lives an hour from us. She is looking for a sport horse curly for her allergic daughter to jump with. Maybe SS Pal's Audacious Amoire!! Her mom is SS Amarillo Sunset, out of Doric's Order lineage with some Native Dancer in there, what a perfect prospect!
     Also have some people possibly coming up from Calgary the weekend of the show. Husband has allergies and they really want a Curly baby.
     Another inquiry from Germany. Very interested in SS Walcurly Golden Girl and a stallion to go with her. Wow, that would be awesome to have Golden Girl in Germany. She is truly one of the best Curly curl fillies I have ever seen. Complete poodle with mane and tail, palomino and gaited. Prince really passed on his very best qualities with her.
    9/14/2004 Wow, what a fantastic job everyone did for the big production. I will post pictures at my first opportunity! You should have seen the job Reidun and Jason did on the grooming!! Every horse was bathed and polished to a shine!! And the arena was awesome!! Thankyou Gary, Peter, Marco, Jackie, Stephanie, Barb, Amy, Jamie, Warren, Tracy and Meg for all of you help!! I hope I did not miss anyone?? What a fantastic job you all did. And it ran like clock work, every horse was ready when called and they all did so very, very well. Too bad it snowed!!! Yes snowed. Add it to my list of special events that have been snowed on!!
     This weekend is suppose to be the CCHA clinic, but they are calling for a high of 8 degrees and rain and freezing rain on Sunday! Yikes, does not sound like fun.
     October 2nd will be our Fun Schooling Horse Show. Mark this on you calendar, it is always a fun day. And (cross your fingers) has always been a nice weekend to date!
    9/7/2004 Man o man, you should have seen Doc last night!! He was awesome!! Rounded up, taking the bit, extending and just swinging along. He is going to be a fantastic horse. With his colouring he just looks absolutely beautiful!! Red was steady as a rail last night, really starting to flex and he has such a huge stride! Warrior was perfect, suppling and so smooth. Bill was his normal easy going self. Colt was a bit apprehensive of all the noise in the arena with everyone working. Lady was unbelievable!! She was trotting around and actually bending at the pole!! She is so pretty and to see her balanced and in a frame was a sight for sore eyes. Sugar is still trying to figure out the forward movement away from people, but she has been very steady in her initial training. Diego came back into the riding string also last night. He lost a bit of weight while he was away, but still his same old easy going self. He's sooo trusting. We just did some easy walking to bring him back on track. Marky really got going in his running walk! Learning to keep it now and just shuffle along! Pride has really come along. He's much more accepting of the bit and the aids and softening to the aids. He's accepting the outside support and really coming along.
    9/7/2004 WOW!! The horses are improving so much daily, I am thrilled.
     We rounded up the entire herd last night! That's alot of horses in one place. Farrier is coming today to trim everybody. Stephanie has been doing an awesome job riding most of the horses. Warrior is her favorite of the youngsters. He was a star on Friday! He was so responsive and flexing so nicely. Red won the gold star yesterday, he was so rounded. Pride really softened up on Thursday, and Marky really got into a nice running walk yesterday. He's so laid back he's a real pet. Nugget has been going great. We've backed her now and she never, ever flinched!! Sugar is being ridden now. Lady is going very well, she's so beautiful. Doc, is one of my personal favorites. He's going to be so tall, and being buckskin he's so eye catching. He's a bit gangly with his long legs, but he actually rounded up yesterday and went around very balanced. Pride, is another flashy boy. He's yielding to the leg very well now and carrying himself like a pro. Annie, Duchess, Spirit, Dandee, Gypsy, Daisy, Traveller and Bill will all have a couple more rides, not that they need it!!
     SS Pharrah Windwalker and Warrior Sukie left yesterday!! There's two fine horses and their new owners were thrilled to find these two super mares. We will miss Luc for a couple of months as he went with his momma until he is ready to be weaned.
     Skookum also left on Friday. There's a horse we are going to miss around here. Not many like her, but she just had to go to Amelia, not often do you see a bond that strong, that fast.
     9/2/2004 Last night I ground drove 8 horses, rode Duchess, Wyatt, Bill and Marky. Stephanie rode Warrior, Red, (her two favorites), Pride and Doc. We also worked with Colt 45 and Drifter. This is really hard for me, I shouldn't ride the horses that are I am selling! Duchess was so perfect!! Bending and stopping with the slightest seat pressure. She's so huge and so smooth and beautiful and light! Didn't stick measure her, but she must be 16hh. And her babe, Flashy Fenacia is just the most beautiful babe. She's going to be really tall, and being tri-colored pinto she really is flashy. Marky is so funny. He's the most laid back horse I have ever rode. Just plods along, typical TW. Easy going, goes with the flow. Bill was very responsive last night. He's a real trooper. Lots of banging from the wind when I was riding him and he never missed a beat. Stephanie liked Warrior the best, said she loved how he stepped out and how smooth he was. Her second choice was Red because he takes the bit so nicely and flexes at the poll. Doc was a surprise for her, she couldn't believe how tall he is going to be for a Curly. He trotted around like he owned the place and never missed a cue. Pride was also perfect. She liked his movement and even asked if he was gaited! I had a funny thing happen. I saddled, bridled and ground drove Rusty Nugget and could not figure out why I had some trouble bridling her. She drove pretty well, but was a bit resistant. Then when I saw RReidun I found out she had never been saddled or bridled before!! Wow! I had to apologize to Nugget as I thought Reidun and Amanda had worked her. She was absolutely awesome for a horse that had never been worked before.
     9/1/2004 Not often I am so busy I don't update the site in over a week! Wow, camp was absolutely awesome pictures here . 9 year old Megan rode our three year old Wyatt. He was awesome.
     Katharina arrived Sunday from Germany, new trainer came on Friday and another last night. There'll be 4 of us riding tonight.
     Sunny has left, she went to her super thrilled new owner, Jen, on Sunday. This is one happy little girl. She came for her first and only riding lesson in the spring, and when she came to ride Sunny I could not believe how much she had retained from only one lesson. Good for you Jen! You two make and awesome pair.
     Skookum is sold. Amelia rode her last year in camp and again this year and the two work in such perfect harmony there was really only one thing to do. So I have sold her to Amelia and Amelia has told everyone everywhere, including Patches!
     I lunged Doc, Bill, Pride, Duchess, Warrior, Drifter, Marky and Red last night. Most were rode, but ran out of time!! Tonight we have 15 horses scheduled to be ridden. Will be a long night again!! But I am thrilled with how everyone is progressing. Red is soooo collected. Marky is so quiet. Warrior is so athletic and Doc is so gorgeous and tall!! I will try to post news tomorrow on our rides tonight.
     8/23/2004 We have set the date for our annual show - October 2nd!
     Winchester bred Amarrilo sunset this weekend. He cleared a 4 foot fence to visit his new girlfriend!
     Have Gypsy and Jiggers; Star, Dazzler and Goldie in the arena. It's just too darn cold and wet out there for their babes!
     On Friday Duchess, Charmer, Pharrah, Wyatt, Traveller, Dandee, Red, Bill, Colt 45, Doc Halladay, Nevada Warrior and Marky were all ridden and went fantastic!! Jackie loves Wyatt and Red.
     Camp starts tomorrow, and it is a full one! So may not have any updates untill Friday.
     8/20/2004 Wow, stick measured Anika last night, she is 16.1hh!! Stick measured!! What a beauty. Her babe, SS Pal's Angelic Ambrosia is going to be very tall also.
     Used SS Gypsy Rose in her first riding lesson last night. What a charmer!! She was steady as a rock even with little Jazzy Jiggers running circles around her and bucking up a storm.
     All of the horses were ridden yesterday.
     I finally took a minute to update our Events History Page! Still have lots to do, but it had not been updated since last fall!!
     8/19/2004 Have video done on SS Doc Halladay, (Chinook Hi) Red, Nevada Warrior, Colt 45, Toy's Little Mark, Wild Bill Hickock and Gypsy Rose.
     Horses being ridden today are: Duchess, Charmer, Pharrah and Wyatt by Robert. Traveller, Dandee, Red and Bill by Jackie. Colt 45, Doc Halladay, Nevada Warrior and Marky by Reidun. Tonight Kyle will be riding Skookum and Reidun will be riding her horse, SS Ivory Felicity and Jessica will be riding her horse SS Sergeant Major.
     SS Shawnee Dreamweaver, SS Native Kasha and SS Angelic Anika will be bred to Charming Prince! Not sure how much longer the old boy will be able to make his awesome babies, so thought we better breed our three finest fillies to him for next year.
     Have two more trainers lined up to assist with all the horses in the sale!! Stephanie spent 5 years in France working for some large breeding stables over there and she will come out tomorrow night for orientation.
     Full camp again next week. People coming from Calgary, Athabasca, Warburg and Leduc!!
     8/17/2004 New pictures here of the last camp and Star's filly, SS Sunnybrook's Stars' Dun Dazzlin!!
     Robert came by for his lesson last night and rode Charmer out in the field at a gallop. He is getting ready to go on a week long cattle drive and will be here all day Thursday and Friday just to put some miles on to prepare for this!
     8/16/2004 My goodness, a whole week has passed. Where did it go??
     Camp was excellent. Two participants cancelled at the last minute so we only had 6 riders. Major was ridden by Emily, Beauty Girl was ridden by Amanda, Skookum was ridden by Christoper, Charmer was ridden by James and Midori rode Jim Beam. We did alot of riding!! Had a trail ride on the last day and stopped for a snack back in the bush. Only one of the riders had ridden much before camp, so it was an excellent accomplishment for these participants to be able to do a trail ride after only 3 days of lessons.
     Huge developments with Ranch Frigamole in Quebec. They just received approval to be the exclusive trail riding outfitter for a huge resort there and we will be their contact for riding in the Rockies!!
     Will know tonight if both Sukie and Pharrah are sold. The people that came yesterday were very impressed with both of the awesome mares. Their daughter, Cindy, has allergies and they had come twice before and this was the final test to see if she could have a Curly. Everything looked great when they departed!!
     Penelope will be flying up from the States to look at Moonlight next week. Moonlight is now in with Palladin.
     Reidun has Felicity going so super. You should see these two together. After riding her for only a month she has her picking up both canter leads from the walk, doing leg yeilding and turn on the forehand. Congrats to you Reidun!! And yes, you are right, you made an excellent choice!!
     8/10/2004 Have camp going the next few days, so will post the news on the weekend. Have a great week!!
     8/9/2004 Back home! Unbeleivable weekend. Pictures here Phantom Riders!
     Next week is camp!! Lots of excited children looking forward to it. We will be using Beauty Girl, Major, Jack Daniels, Jim Beam, Skookum, Charmer, Daisy, Annies's Buffalo Girl or Traveller. The weather is suppose to be great, so should be another fantastic camp!
     8/3/2004 We just had a long weekend here and somebody said to me they noticed there was no new news on the site so I must have been having fun all weekend! Ha HA! Nope, just working hard. Answered the 100 emails I had waiting and sent off all the information that was requested with pictures. Plus I even cleaned my house! Reidun and the rest of the gang from Norway all headed south down into the States and had a very good holiday. They went to the "writing on Stone" provincial park, Indians Plains museum, through Waterton mountain park and the Crow's Nest Pass. They had over 100 pictures on their return!
     7/30/2004 Star has foaled!! She was bred to Prides Dun Deal in Missouri and she gave a fantastic buckskin foal!! The amazing part was that Reidun and her whole family got to watch it being born. First time for them to see a foal being born.

     7/29/2004 Klondike Days was great. We took in the chuckwagon races and all of my European visitors had never seen this before. Karin and Dirk loved it! They headed off to Vancouver after the show. Had visitors from Vancouver on Tuesday night to look at the horses. Diego and Traveller are now sold. And possibly Lady. Most of the horses are under the weather at the moment. Have a virus going around.
     Last night had a trail ride with 3 teenagers that had never ridden before. They rode Beauty Girl, Jim Beam, Skookum and I rode Jack Daniels. Love these horses. So nice to head out with 3 people that had never ridden before and know that they are safe. We rode for about an hour and the girls could have ridden for another 6 I'm sure!
     Picked up Karin and Dirk from Germany at the airport Friday. Saturday I did a lesson for Dirk and their two children and a short little trail ride. We went to West Edmonton Mall and had a barbecue at the lake. Yesterday Reidun and I took Karin out along the Pembina river for a trail ride on Beauty Girl. I rode Daisy (of course) and Reidun rode Charmer. It was 32 degrees!! All we did was walk and when we returned to the trailer two hours later the horses were drenched. We returned home for a barbecue on the deck with corn on the cob (something new for our European visitors!) and BBQ chicken! A big storm blew in after the extreme temperatures in the daytime and we had very high winds, thunder and lightening. Tonight we head in to Klondike Days.
     We have a lady from Vancouver coming out tomorrow to see the horses plus Allan is coming again from Red Deer on the 15th. Lots of inquires on shipping horses overseas right now. I'm surprised at all the activity for this time of year. Normally our busy time is spring. Still trying to find time to finish the sales page information.
     7/21/2004 Thankyou to all my friends and family for understanding my lose of Kit Kat. My wonderful daughter came to see me yesterday and brought me two dozen roses, all my girls at home brought me roses, my mom called and many of my friends sent me emails. Thankyou. We must always be thankful for what we have, and I am.
     So now I will try to catch up on all the news from late. Reidun's mother and her sister arrived on Saturday from Norway. Have they ever brightened up the place!! Super was waiting when I got home last night - wow! Reidun's mom is one energetic lady, great to have you both! But I think I have learnt not to let you all go to Tunnie Tuesdays!!
     Met some people at the Calgary Stampede on Saturday and they wanted to bring a mare to Prince. Their daughter has allergies and she did an allergy test at the Stampede. We were a little concerned because of all the straight haired horses around there, BUT -- No reaction!! They arrived last night and after they saw Palladin they changed their mind. They totally fell in love with my handsome boy!
     Red still remains my biggest surprise for the young fellows in training. I cannot believe how Amanda has him "on the bit". Drifter has come a long, long way in the last two weeks. If you are thinking of a smaller horse he will be the one to snatch up. Dilon is of course as steady as ever. Lady is really coming along, she is the 7 year old buckskin mare that was a brood mare until a week ago! Wyatt, our only blue roan left, is interesting. He is one of the more laid back fellows and yet Reidun reports that to get him to canter all she has to do is slide her leg back and cluck him up and he goes into a real nice steady flow. (He is probably sold! Sorry!!) Jackie has Dandee settled back in. These two make a super pair, just what Dandee needed. Traveller had an issue with backing up for Jackie, but after I showed her how we use our seat and legs he said "Oh, is that what you wanted!!" Too funny! Little Marky, Cinder, Native Kasha, Doc Halladay, Western Pride and Nevada Warrior are all coming right along. I know I said it before, but I am so happy with Amanda and her training methods. Very calm and very thorough.
     Little Ryley came by again last night for a riding lesson. We had just finished the jumping lessons in the arena so there was too much straight hair flying around for him to ride inside, so we rode outside. I had 3 straight haired horses in the field beside the dressage ring and his nose did run, but no hives! His mom is still pretty hesitant that it is going to work and I advised her to purchase a blanket that only he will use so we make sure there is no straight hair on it for him. He is such a happy little fellow!! I think he is only 6 years old and he gets along super with Beauty Girl!! His brother is 8 and he is riding Charmer.
     I just HAVE to share this picture of Bernard proudly sitting on 3 year old SS Nevada Commanche with his 4 year old Grandson, Simon!!

     7/20/2004 Tragic day for me yesterday. I appoligize to all that I did not reply to yesterday, I will try to catch up today. I lost my cat yesterday. He was my best friend for over 8 years. The only one that always listened to my woes and never complained. Always waiting for me when I came home and every morning. He was one in a million and I miss him very, very much. The hardest part was that I ran over him when he was coming to great me. Never saw him. I buried him on top of the hill overlooking the river. Goodbye Kit Kat.
     7/19/2004 Fantastic trip to Calgary Stampede - pics here .
     7/13/2004 Finally got some of the sales pages started Here! Still lots of work to do on it, but it's started!
     Off to Calgary Stampede this weekend. When we return I will post all of fantastic news about all of our awesome horses in training. I cannot beleive how well everyone is going. Red, Colt 45, Diego, Felicity, Warrior, Drifter, everyone is just improving in leaps and bounds. Without the leaps and bounds!!
     7/13/2004 A lady came by last night to purchase a horse for her 4 & 6 year old children. They do not have allergies and looks like Jim Bean is going to be perfect for them. BUT! she lives in Hong Kong and was floored when I told her about the Curly horses. They have a huge riding club there and she thinks that they will be very interested in learning about the Curly horses! They have a waiting list there for riding lessons - maybe I should move our Curly operation to Hong Kong!
Here's a picture of Jack Daniels!

     7/12/2004 Go, Go, Go, story of our lives here this summer.
     Sukie is tentatively sold. Some people came from Red Deer and they are bringing their daughter back to do an allergy test. Sukie was excellent, even with Luke running and bucking around her at 100 miles an hour! You should have seen him perform. It was the funniest thing to watch. And Sukie just walked along cool as could be.
     Went to Kim's on the weekend to see Elko Nevada and Andee. Finally got some pics for Dagmar in Germany of the parents of Misty Whitney for her. I'll post the new pics in a couple of days.
     Delivered Cheyenne Pride to his new owner yesterday and while there discovered a piece of land for sale that has a million dollar view of a gorgeous valley. Have to check this out!
     Camp was absolutely perfect. A super bunch of kids and horses. Was raining too much on the last day for a trail ride so we did our miny show. Had a scare in the very last game of the day. My old boy Major was cantering back from his run with Midori and he stumbled and went down. Midori banged her leg when she fell but was alright. But Major lay there for a minute and then tried to get up and couldn't and then collapsed and lay there. I was horrified! Ran to him and held his head up and he lay there moaning. Comforted him for about 5 minutes, loosened his saddle and then asked him to get up. At first I was afraid that he had a heart attack or something, he is 25 years old. But eventually he did get up. Pretty shaky, but Midori lead him around and he shook it off. I think he scared himself more than anything as he still thinks he is a young stallion and invincible! He was 100% the next day. But I have decided to retire him from cantering now and have replaced him with a new horse, Jack Daniels, a 7 year old palomino quarter horse gelding. I haven't told Major!
     Email from Karen in Germany that she is making lots of progress with her canter with Austin. Hooray for you Karen! I knew you could do it!!
     And this news update from Tracy "Jordy got on Crockett and took him down the road a ways by himself, and he was PERFECT!!! And Wyatt must have had the lead rope under his tail at least a dozen times and didn't even notice!! What great fellas we have, I will never own anything else but a Curly for the rest of my life. I look out on them and am so proud and intrigued by how fast they learn and how trusting they are and am constantly amazed by this every day. I feel we are some of the luckiest people in the world to be able to have them ."
     Moved Palladin to his new pasture yesterday. He was not impressed to leave Shawnee Dreamweaver behind! But he has Niva and her babe and they have a ton of grass. Now we can put the mares out in his field and move our yearlings into their field. Everybody is happy!
     7/7/2004 Lots of news! Sukie foaled!! Go look at her baby on the foals page, it's absolutely gorgeous!! Buckskin and wonderful!! Plus Oakley just foaled this morning, plus Whoopi!! Will have their pictures on for the weekend. Oakley also gave us a buckskin!! And Whoopi a palomino. Tons of colour here this year. And all three of these babes are Curly as can be!
Sunny is also sold. She will be leaving after her babe is weaned. Her new owner will be coming for lessons.
Had two new students for riding lessons last night. One had extreme allergies and his mom was very apprehensive to even let him step out of the truck. They came on Sunday and she was so excited when he did not react she immediately booked both boys in for lessons. Dad, grandma, the whole family was there with the video camera to capture this moment they never thought they would see. Ryley's allergies were so bad he had a horrible reaction just from playing with his Uncle and breathing the horse hair from his Uncle's head after he had been riding. His Uncle had changed his clothes and washed, but there was enough residue on his hair that Ryley couldn't breathe after only a few minutes. So it was not hard to understand his moms apprehension to allow him to even smell one of the Curlies. And also not hard to understand how thrilled she was when she found out that he can ride a horse. All of their family rides and poor Ryley was being left out of all the fun. but not anymore!
Summer camp on right now, and do I ever have a super bunch of kids. They are all keen as can be. Today we did some preliminary jumping lessons and hopefully the weather will co-operate and we will be doing a trail ride tomorrow.
Can't believe how well all the horses in training are going. Half of them are now out cantering around like they have been doing it all their life. Reidun's Felicity is doing awesome. Reidun was speechless the first time she cantered her. Said she just rolled into it like she was a big time show horse. She is definitely one happy girl with her horse. She even rode her in the lesson today!
Pharrah is certainly the quietest mare of the newly trained horses. She is one sweetheart. Never jumpy or concerned about what is happening around her, gives you her total attention. Wyatt is doing very well. I've always liked this boy. He is so solid and big boned he could carry anyone anywhere. And his unique grey colour is very eye catching. Then there is Pride. He is very steady and very much like his brother Sergant. Red was a big surprise Monday. Amanda picked up the contact on him and had him going in such a frame! He looked like an old dressage Pro! So collected and so connected! Super job Amanda!!
     7/5/2004 Super CCHA meeting in Sundre at Ron Gales place! Thankyou Ron for hosting this and getting the CCHA back on track! And what a great trail ride we had. See some pictures on the CCHA meeting page.
Had some people come by from Ontario yesterday to look a the Curlys!
Sukie has foaled! An awesome buckskin colour, just a beautiful baby!
Amarrilo Sunset has also foaled, her babe is a mouse colour! both babies are Curly as can be! Hurray!
Camp starts tomorrow! Just in time for the weather to change. It had been raining lots here the last week and tomorrow is to be sunshine!
Seagulls! We had hundreds of seagulls here last week. Couple of pics on the 2004 page. Never have I seen this many birds in one place! The ground was white. They are very welcome visitors as they are eating up the grasshoppers!
Dagmar emailed that Windy Sue is now in her new home and doing very well. Thankyou Dagmar for all of your help in getting Sue settled in her new home!
     7/2/2004 Here is an email I received from Laura and Dan! - "We all made it back to Airdrie in one piece, it was 4 am by the time we got to the stables, but Foxy walked out of the trailer and into his new paddock without a peep! He has created quite a stir at the stables, everyone is crazy about him and wants to see the curly horse, he loves the attention and likes to show off his stuff!! He is doing amazing and I see changes in him everyday, it is a real treat to see him everyday."
And another from Karen in Germany, I don't normally post emails that toot my own horn, but I was so thrilled with Karen's progess with Austin that I have to share her comments - "You helped me MORE with my riding in one day than anyone else in WEEKS.
You are SO GOOD, you just don't know it. Austin and I are now "zooming" through a little series of cones at a nice jog - well in harmony with each other and he almost acts like the corners are fun. What a difference!
We let a young girl ride Prospector through the cones at a canter - he did a few I feel GOOD hops, which were really cute. She had a BALL and looked marvelous. I think we need to let someone else ride P sometimes - I don't think we challenge him quite enough yet. That girl looked awesome, it was her first time in a Western saddle on a horse that would corner like that. She was LOVING it! Our stable owner is a fool for not asking to advertise him for lessons for folks with allergies.
Oh well, his loss. Folks were lined up at the arena to watch this girl, everyone was very impressed."
     7/2/2004 Yesterday was a holiday here, well for some people! I got two fences fixed, got my trailer fixed that broke in the mountains, cut my lawn and entertained two batches of visitors to the stables. Was a very productive day!
Figured it was about time I put some updates on the status of the horses in training! I am so impressed with Amanda. Yesterday she was riding Red outside and he was totally relaxed. I never thought I would see the day he was like this. My last trainer had given up on Red and he would be very impressed to see how he is going now. Nothing fizzes on him, he is cool as a cucumber! Hooray for Amanda!
SS Western Pride, SS Marshall Dilon, SS Ivory Felicity, SS Nevada Drifter, SS Nevada Warrior, Pharrah Wind Walker, SS Sunnybrook's Wyatt and Bill Hickock, (Chinook Hi) Red, are all being rode outside. We have three people riding horses now and Wednesday Reidun's mom called me from Norway and she will be arriving this month and is a qualified show jumper participant in Europe! Wow, what a fantastic group we have here right now. Should be riding a dozen horses every day! And the best part is that all of the horses are responding so willing to Amanda's methods. She has awesome patience and consistency to her methods. All natural, all beneficial to the horses way of thinking.
SS Colt 45, Little Marky and SS Doc Halladay were mounted first time this week. What can I say, Amanda knows what she is doing. Not one of these horses bucked, ran, reared or any of the problems I have seen in the past with other trainers. She exudes confidence into these youngsters.
SS Native Kasha, SS Native Chelsea, SS Native Chautise, SS Nellie's Tattoo, SS Sierra Martika, SS Shawnee Dreamweaver, SS Moonlight and SS Angelic Anika may all be coming in for training next week.
SS Pal's Anikan Ambassador, SS Pal's Native Rhumba, SS Walcurly Ebony Enchantress, SS Sunnybrook's Kutennai Kruzer, SS Sunnybrook's Sheza Seleena and Sunnybrook's Real McCoy are all halter broke and picking up their feet now. Thankyou Barb!
SS Foxy Lightening Strike is sold! He was the first palomino colt from Palladin and Laura has purchased him and he is off to Airdire. Laura's husband has allergies! so they needed a Curly for him. Congratulations guys, you have picked a very nice boy for your future mount.
     6/30/2004 I think you can open this now. It's a video file and very large, but certainly worth the wait. - Mountain Video . It's taken from the back of Daisy as we rode accross the ridge of the mountain. And here are the pics from the mountains - ENJOY!!
     6/28/2004 Life is great. I wish everyone on God's green earth could experience the trip I had this weekend. We truly were in heaven. You are not going to believe the pictures when I finally have time to post them (took 266 pictures!!). I pointed to the mountain we were going to ride and Luke's eyes were as big as horse shoes! I rode Daisy and Luke rode Charmer. Everything was absolutely perfect: the weather, 19 degrees, no bugs, slight overcast: the scenery, as you will certainly see in the pictures: the smells, everything is blooming in the mountains right now: the sounds, the wind rushing through your hair or the mountain streams and rivers bubbling over the rocks: and last but far from least the company, Luke is an awesome cowboy, so in tune with his mount and nature. Going to take me a number of days to catch up here, so please be patient, probably won't be until Friday before I can post these pictures and the pictures from Europe.
The girls did a fantastic job in my absence. Did not get home until 6:30 this morning, so I will be getting all of the news tonight. Also tonight we will be bringing in some new youngsters to the group being ridden right now.
     6/25/2004 I made it home! The horses all arrived safe and sound. Took me 48 hours to arrive back here though. Many problems with the airline and tickets. Was stranded in Los Angles for 9 hours with no way to get home. More later. I had fantastic visits with both Karen and Dagmar and their horses. Did a bunch of lessons, round pen work and stuff with all of the horses. I think both Dagmar, her family and Karen and Marian were happy with the short time we had together. Huge improvements in Misty Whitney in only 2 orientations with Dagmar. Had Marian doing a side pass with Prospector!
Sophie was thrilled with both Sassy and Tony. Was a very long trip for those two. We left the LUX airport at 10 PM Thursday and did not arrive until 6 AM. Everyone was very tired the next day. This was after I had already been up for 42 hours just to arrive at LUX! I will post the full story on Monday, but must mention that Sassy had a beautiful curly filly!! Sophie had a reporter come out on Monday to do a story on the curlies. Only 10 in France right now!
     6/16/2004 Very cute email from Karen in Germany - "People keep stopping by the stables to tell the owner that there are 2 dead or sick horses in the pasture. This happens almost always around 1000 and 1400. Yes, the two Canadian Curlies use these timeframes for SERIOUS naps, and are stretched out in the field like 2 baked chickens - DEAD to the world! I saw Reidun's photo of her next to Felicity while she is lying down. I remember Snowden lying down at your farm and me stepping over him (relaxed as a rag doll) to get to Austin. I remember asking if he was sick, he was SOOOOO relaxed. Are Curlies different in their sleeping habits than other horses, or are your horses just very trusting and have no reason NOT to lie down, relax and sleep?"
Thanks to the trusting temperament of the Curlies they are much more relaxed than any of the other breeds.
Another heart stopper yesterday. The broker for the flight to LUX called and said "New policies and security procedures show you do not have a ticket to fly today!" The horses could go, but I could not!! After an hour of phone calls they finally realized that they had the wrong last name for the searches they were doing on their computers!! So the airline called me back and said "new policies two months ago - you are cleared to go but you do not have a return ticket!!" So another hour making calls and sending emails and I finally could relax again. This poor old heart can't take much more of this!
The girls are making awesome progress with the horses. I am impressed with Amanda's commitment to the program and her ability to gain the horses trust. She has been riding Felicity, Pharrah, Red and Wyatt. It was Pharrah's first time in a bit and she never even thought about it. Just went along like a trooper. Can't wait to get back and see the changes in the horses that they are working.
     6/15/2004 Vaccinated for West Niles on Saturday, trimmed some feet and checked out all the babies! Was a full day.
Have some pictures posted from the showcase for Rare Breeds Canada on Sunday here . This was another super day, tons of interest in the curly horses. Gypsy Rose's babe, Jiggers was a star attration with his lamb like coat. All the horses were so quiet and well behaved we were thrilled to have them there (as usual!). Thanks to Reidun and Ida for their assistance with this showcase, we were in Red Deer at 8 A.M.!!
Ebony, Cheyenne, Kruzer and Seleena were trained today by Barb. She really loves working with these little ones.
Amanda started at the stables today. She worked with Wyatt and Red. Both of these guys had regressed with their training from my last trainer. She spent alot of time with them and gained their confidence back. Wyatt was back to his old self when I started him last fall. Looking for scratches and checking things out. Red came from the breeder in southwestern Alberta whom we had problems with all of his horses. He is coming around now!
Had a scare from the federal vets yesterday. They had poblems getting the test to perform for Tony! The culture would not grow and they did not think he was going to be able to fly!! Just a little bit of panic! But they did a rush test and everything is a go now.
We are discussing whether we will hold a fall production sale. Lots of work to do if we do. Had a company out last night to go over all the details.
Tomorrow is the big day! Leaving for LUX and heading with Tony and Sassy to France. Going to see Dagmar, Bernard, Anna, Cjura and Whitney in Lamsborn, and Karen, Marian, Prospector and Austin in Weisbaden.
     6/14/2004 Busy weekend! But a great one. All of last years babes were played with and haltered. Kruzer is such a gentleman, and of course Seleena is always checking things out. She is a true pet. Rhumba and Anikan Ambassador are on stream now to be trained Monday, Wednesdays and Saturdays. All the rest are in training Monday through Friday. Barb and Jakie are thrilled to be working with these youngsters.
Reidun has been doing a super job with the 2 and 3 year olds. She now has 5 more to bring on stream! Foxy and Fool's Gold commence their training this week. Kasha has also come back in for training. Doc, Bill, Felicity, Pharrah and Warrior will be ridden this week. Amanda, our trainer, has her work cut out for her. We are so thrilled to have her. She brought her horse, Ben, to the stable last night. What a looker. He's a National Show horse, and man is he muscled up. She put him and Major into the arena last night and they buddyed up like old pro's. I was so proud of Major. They will be at pasture together so Ben has a friend.
The showcase at Rare Breeds Canada in Red Deer was a success. Both Gypsy Rose (and her babe, Jiggers) and Winchester were the stars of the show. EVERYONE had to see Gypsy's babe. She was perfect! As of course was Winny. He had his head stuck through the bars most of the time looking for pets and grass! I'll post some pics hopefully before I leave.
Well, the time has flown, should be leaving here on Wednesday for France and Germany. Lots happening in Germany right now, can't wait to get there and follow up on all the activity that Dagmar and Karen have planned. Should be some real exciting times this next year. Hopefully Windy Sue will be in Germany when I get there. Sassy and Tony are getting impatient in there stalls. I'm sure they will run and roll for hours when we finally get to Bordeaux, France. We turn the horses out into a round pen every day for a few hours, but it is no the same as being able to run free. The thoroughbred that is going to England will really be happy to be free again. She has taken her confinement very well, considering that she was competing the weekend before she arrived her. Her owner is so excited that she was able to take her horse to England with her. another success story!!
Sergeant's new owner is SUPER thrilled. She will be coming to the stables for continued training and is aiming to do barrel racing with Serge. Look out world in 2 years when they are ready. With Serge's huge stride they will be real contenders!

This is Diamond pulling the sleigh down our driveway. She is 1/4 Curly and Belgian.


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