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     This is the place where I post the activities at the Stables. We have many faithful followers that appreciate little updates on how the horses are doing and what we are up to.

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12/28/2006      I hope everyone had a great Christmas, as we did. The weather was AWESOME!!, the company super and the spirit of Christmas was all around. There's a couple of pics of our tour of the horses on Christmas day. It was mom's last day at the stables before heading south. Christmas Eve at midnight the animals all got their special treats and traditions.
     Boxing Day shopping is always fun for me, and this year I acquired a portable DVD player to show off our horses at all our shows we attend. Should be an excellent addition to our tours.
     We are hoping to head out to the mountains this weekend to see if we can find a new place to do our trail rides and camps.
     Wishing everyone a Happy New Year, and a very prosperous and healthy New Year!!
12/21/2006      I'm not even going to appologize anymore for the lack of news! It is the season and we have been, well, busy to say the least. I bought a new car! I'll post pictures in a bit. It's a 1930 Ford Shay Model A!! Red convertible of course!
     We all truly hope everyone has a fantastic, Merry Christmas and that everyone one of you are surrounded by good friends and family at this joyus time of year. May you have good health and a prosperous New Year. Please take the time to watch our Blessings to all of you!!
     My tractor died so we purchased a new skidsteer and it is super. When we were feeding last night Annie snuck past the gate into the yard and, being Annie, headed straight to the gate where the mares were patienly waiting for their feed. I had left it unlatched while feeding Prince and Annie, with her open gate radar, pushed the gate open and let every single one of the mares loose into the yard. Gotta love her!
     Speaking of Prince, the old boy is amazing. He is getting about 4 gallons of steamed grain with molasses everday and is feeling super. Heaven help you if you think you are going to forget him! He lets us know he is waiting (not so patiently!).
     All of our kittens are growing like weeds. Chayana's are now climbing all over everything. Shajana's are growing extremely fast, almost as big as Chay's already! Most will be heading to their new home the beginning of January. Since they all sleep in my bedroom closet I have become very attached to them and will really miss these little angels.
     News from Karen in Germany that Austin foundered! They feel terrible and are praying that he heals and will be good to go again.
     Tracy and Megan are still trying to get out to show Dad how awesome Megan and Wyatt get along. We received a deposit on him last Sunday if they do not take him.
     Our poor little girl that got stuck in the feeder is not doing super. Her right hind leg is not healing as we would hope. She's still getting up and eating and drinking fine, so we still have hope.
     We put some of our giftware in a new craft shop that opened in Thorsby and they have been doing an awesome job selling our items. Everyone loves it and we may just keep it there year round.
     I started doing some wood burning with a set that was my grans. Love working with wood and have made a bear, horse and scenery picture that turned out pretty good.
     Our tree is all lt up, the presents are under it and we are just waiting for the big day now. Hope everyone enjoys this special time of year and big HUGS from all of us at Sunnybrook Stables!!!
12/11/2006      Check out the AWESOME pictures from Dagmar in Germany.
12/7/2006      Winchester is a cat. He has now used 4 of his 9 lives.
     His first life was just after arriving when he cast himself under a tree and we were leaving for the mountains and could not see him as we drove by, and luckily stopped to check, otherwise he would be gone. Next was when he tried to jump out of the corral and tore his ligaments on a nail of a board he knocked off. Next was when he ripped himself open on who knows what in the field. And now this:
     When I arrived home Gary advised that we had a phone call from Elaine that she had a phone call that there was a horse down. Gary went out to find it, but could not see one. I called the lease operator that is responsible for the well there and he told me that he was so sorry, he did not know they were our horses there or he would have stopped to save him. He said him and another fellow were driving in to check the well and the horse was dead along the drive. All four feet in the air and covered in snow. He didn't know what colour it was as he had to get to the next well. He said it looked like the horse had been shot as it was dead still and fell with it's feet knocked out from under him. He felt so bad he headed out to show Gary where the horse was. Gary had walked all over the area where he thought it should be, but no horse. He could find the other 3 horses, but not Winchester. When the lease operator arrived he could not believe that the horse was gone. There was packed snow where the horse had been laying, but no horse. They risked getting stuck and took the truck out into the field to use the headlights to try and figure out what was going on. and then there was Winchester! Who knows what was really going on, but the lease operator said it must have been a Curly thing, and he just needed to chill!!
12/4/2006      My, how your world can change in one week. We all talk about how life is precious and we have to live every day to it's fullest and appreciate each and every day. But until someone close to us passes on we never stop and smell and the roses.
     Thankyou so much to everyone for your kind words and condolences. My mom is overwhelmed by all your thoughts and prayers. We were still praying for a miracle, but it wasn't meant to be. He was flown to Lakefield, Ontario and we all flew down for the funeral last weekend.
     Was great to see everyone despite the circumstances. Visited with my sister Donna, her 9 children and 4 grandchildren, sister Deb, sister Jacquie (from Alberta), sister Janet and her 3 children, my sister Valerie's 4 children and my brother Victor. Spent some excellent time with my dad and daughter. The weather was terrible, poured rain on the Friday and snow on the Saturday. But we did take in the Santa Claus parade on Saturday and froze our toes off!!
     I spent yesterday trying to catch up on emails and phone calls, and if there is ANYONE waiting to hear from me, please email again as there were 300 emails waiting for me upon my return.
     All 5 of Chayana's kitties and all 4 of Shajana's kitties all have new parents. Dallas drove up from Calgary last night and took one of each, some are going to Florida, Michigan, Toronto, Edmonton, British Columbia and St. Albert. We already have bookings for our next litter in the summer. Both momma's decided to have their babes in my bedroom closet, so there have been some sleepless nights!
     Our new mini boy arrived from Wisconsin. Ecko was a little shy at first, but now puts the run on the big girls to make sure he gets his share of the feed. One of the babies was stuck in the feeder while I was gone, thank goodness Gary found him and was able to cut the feeder apart to free him. Our new skidsteer machine arrived on Friday, so that will make it easy now to clear the snow and feed everybody now. All I have to do is learn how to operate it! Not so easy when the hydraulics are on the hand controls and the machine is on the foot controls.
     Snippys' new family is thrilled. Their daughter and grand children had NO reaction to her at all. She has gone to a very loving family and we are happy for all.
     Serious inquires on Warrior and Charmer. The girl interested in Warrior wishes to do jumping with him, which would be awesome as that is the love of his life. The people with Charmer have a 2,500 acre ranch. Can you imagine!! I said I want to deliver him personally just to ride the ranch!!
11/25/2006      Sad news today. Grandpa Dale, as he was known to just about everyone passed away last night. We will be off the internet until the first week of December.
11/20/2006      Another full week. Lessons Tuesday and Thursday, 4-H on Wednesday. Diego is doing awesome as a lesson horse with 7 year old Evan riding him! Sidney's favorite is still Dilon, she loves that boy, her mom says all she does is talk about Dilon when they go home.
     Some people came to look at Snippy for their daughter and her children that all have allergies. We will know next week if they are okay with Snippy. They just had two of their older horses pass on and decided they would like to test our Curly's so their grandchildren can ride with them.
     All but four of our horses were dewormed yesterday. That was a terrible job as the wind was horrendous! Thanks to Amanda, her dad, and Virginia that showed up just in time to give us a big and welcome hand to get everyone done. Amazing to see the difference in the foals already. When we just see them with their momma's everyday you don't realize how much they are growing! Lakota is really solid and awesome curl, Rialgo is spoilt, just has to see what is going on, Sienna is so elegant looking, Silverado is really a momma's boy. He was not impressed to be weaned and was giving all the other foals heck! You know who is drop dead gorgeous curly? Cimmaron, or Giddy Up Go as mom calls him. Deb calls him little Dilon. But he isn't' gonna be little for long, he's as tall as Dilon already!
     We sent some hair samples to a lady in Austria that is hoping her daughter does not react to the Curlys!! They raise Bernesse Mountain dogs and I would LOVE to bring one of them home with me!! Maybe we could work a trade! Pretty hard to have a dog on the train from Austria to LUX I think.
     Dagmar emailed that they had a photographer and author at her home to do a story on the curlies! Hooray Dagmar! She is going to get a copy of the story for us and some of the pics.
     Saturday I attended a Reiki drumming circle and that was awesome! Fantastic to learn how to incorporate the energy of the drum with the healing of Reiki.
11/13/2006      Finally a moment to catch up on the news! Chayana had her kittens Sunday morning from 2 AM untill 4:30 AM!!
     Our little Pepper is sold to one of our students, he has gone to an excellent home and they LOVE him!!
     Our deal for the Pirate was cancelled by the lady that owned him. After I sent her the balance of the money and had the trucker on the way she decided he wasn't for sale anymore. No problem, we found another awesome little boy and he should be arriving in 3 weeks. Out of a gorgeous pinto stallion and he should even be shorter than the first one, we guess he will finsish at only 44 inches!! Really looking forward to receiving Ecko, his owner tells us he is a super pet (not like the Pirate) and loves attention and people. Will be a welcome addition to our family.
     We now have about 8 inches of snow and winter is officially here! Old Prince is blanketed and comes in for his special ration every evening. Of course Beauty Girl is with him, as they are inseperable.
11/09/2006      Pics posted.
11/08/2006      Farm Fair was good. I'll try to post the couple of pics that I got later this week.
     Diego totally proved himself last night when 8 year old Evan rode him at the trot through the bending poles. This was only Evan's 4th time riding!!
     Snippy also looked after another 7 year old beginner rider last night. She is so sweet.
11/01/2006      4-H were here tonight and I had them ride with no saddles or bridles. Was a super lesson.
     Steph cancelled Tues. due to the road conditions, but Kim came out and got to ride JJ! She was thrilled to say the least. Gary took JJ out to her so she can play with him through the winter.
     Found a shop in thorsby that we will be using as an outlet for our giftware. Mom is going to take a bunch of stuff in tomorrow.
     Sent a pile of news items and pictures into the photo shop to get blown up and laminated for the Farm Fair. Trying to figure out how I am going to get Pall all spiffy with this terrible weather (-20 tonight and more snow coming). Got to have him looking his best!!
10/29/2006      Yucky weekend! It snowed almost 6 inches and was cold and blowing. Nobody made it out to look at horses. Spent all my time getting ready for winter (bit late maybe!) and getting stuff together for the showcase next weekend. Gary moved Lucky Charms and Warrior over with Winchester and Kenny.
     Steph is coming back out tomorrow and Tuesday to get JJ polished up, Kim coming Tues to take JJ home and see how he is doing.
10/27/2006      Tracy, Jordy and Megan are coming out tomorrow so Jordy can see Meg ride Wyatt. Weekend after next we will prbably wean most of the foals. Amanda is excited about that as she will be able to work with her little filly, Phawnee. Sieanna, Starshine and Black Pearl have all been in for halter lessons this week. JJ was rode yesterday. Lots of new people for lessons. Diego, Charmer, Oakley, Pepper, Snippy, Dilon and Major have been doing most of our teaching the last couple of weeks. 6 riders are bringing their own horses. Next weekend is our first showing for Farm Fair. Amanda might come and help me with that.
10/25/2006      Last weekend was gorgeous, just fantastic weather. Next week the forcast is for -20 for Halloween. Gotta enjoy it while it is here. Gary and Linda have been halter breaking a few of the foals and working JJ and Charms. They are all coming along super. I had 2 new people join for lessons last week. Pretty busy. We have people coming on the weekend to look at horses and people last weekend to look at the stables.
10/23/2006      New pics above
10/19/2006      Prince's dad called this week. Don was just checking to see how his old boy is doing and to let us know he has another stallion for sale. The last of his curly horses. So if anyone is looking for a new stud of Prince's lineage, let me know!
     Emails from Karen in Germany on Austin. He is turning into quite the performer. Doing one leg bows now and progessing to two!
     Dagmar, in Germany, has sent Whitney and Kitty to a Western reining trainer and is thrilled with their progress.
     Sophie, in France, says everyone LOVES Tony's movement even more now that he is going under saddle. She is looking for another mare to import to compliment him.
     Reidun, in Norway, is dying to come back to Canada! If anyone knows of a stable hiring for full time work, let me know and I will give you her email address.
     Heard from the trucker and the Pirate should be arriving from Bancroft Curlies in Washingotn the first week of November.
     Kenny kept escaping to be with the mares, so Tuesday Gary moved him and Winchester to another pasture. Lucky Charms is in for training. JJ is doing excellent.
     November 3 - 5 we will be in Edmonton at the Northlands Agricom for Farm Fair. Probably taking Pall as our showcase horse. First time for the Curly horse to be on display there!
     Gary is busy trying to get us ready for winter. Bought a new stock waterer, after Dilon broke our old one! Lots to do before the snow flies.
10/17/2006      The Show Results are posted!!
10/15/2006      What a fantastic wind up to a great year. First, our Annual Horse show on Friday was certainly a record breaker for us. Over 30 entries!! SS Nevada Warrior was our High Point champion Senior division with Kim Hughes riding. High Point Junior was extremely close. Amanda won riding Dandee with 30 points, next was Megan riding SS Sunnybrook's Wyatt with 29 points then Hillary riding SS Sunnybrook's Diego with 28 points. Awesome riding you three!!
     I'm afraid we did not get many pics this year as I was just too darn busy and mom's camera did not work inside. If ANYONE has any pics, please send them to me!! I will post what I have, along with the full results ASAP!!
     Second, the cattle drive on Sunday was a 50% success! The weather did not co-operate, and BIG thanks to Amy, Jason, Phil, Amanda, Natasha, Lindey and their two friends, for enduring the plus 2 temperatures and rain. We were able to move 75 head of the 160 with no problem. the other 85 head were not wanting to leave their pastures and kept hiding in the trees. I did not take ANY pictures as it was just to darn cold and wet to use the camera. We used Charmer, Diego, Jimmy, Oakley, Seleena, Andee, Doc, Dandee, Chester and of course Pall. We arrived at the pasture around 11 AM (I left my saddle back at the arena, thankyou to Lindey for going back to get it for me!) and were finished around 3. None of Kelly's cattle had seen horses before, so took both herds about half an hour to settle before we could herd them. As always there were a couple of lead cows that were determined we were very dangerous and must be about to devour the entire herd! Kelly and Kerry were thrilled with how it all went and we all agreed that there was just way to much grass left for the second bunch. We will wait until there is a bit of snow on the ground and go back to finish the job.
10/13/2006      We are going to have a record horse show tomorrow. Ran out of numbers!! Have over 30 entries already and they are still coming in! So please be patient with us tomorrow as it might be a LONG day!!
     Don't forget the cattle drive on Sunday, will meet at the stables at 10 AM. Have twice as many head to move (over 100) but only going three miles. 9 riders have already committed, but the more we have the easier the job will be.
10/10/2006      Cattle Drive!! is posted!! Enjoy
10/09/2006      Awesome clinic with Chris Irwin, pics on new Newest Pics page.
     Fantastic cattle drive, lots of fun, good friends, the best horses, super weather, but stubborn cows!! Page coming.
     Davinah, Geronimo, Baxter and Mini left on the weekend. Seleena returned and did superb on the cattle drive. Would go right into the herd and nip the cow if she didn't get going! Franzi really wants to take her home to Germany.
10/5/2006      Chris Irwin clinic this weekend with Chandra. Really looking forward to that, first time I will see him in person.
     Franzi is thrilled with Amber and Martika. They have both become well rounded girls and doing leg yield and canter. JJ is also doing super.
     4-H came last night for an orientation session. Was very informative and super to see so many keen kids with their horses.
     Had the vet out to preg check yesterday. Beauty Girl is open, Angel and Chautise, just about all our other girls are bred!
10/2/2006      SS Native Davinah is sold to Connie and Geronimo is sold to Amy! Congratulations, you have purchased 2 fine prospects.
     Some more pics of Keelah on the new pics page.
     Steph is out tomorrow, trying to get JJ to a point where Kim can ride him all winter. We have about 20 entries to our show for the next weekend, going to be busy for sure!
10/2/2006      The EAGALA conference was awesome. So much information and so exciting to see the results first hand using their methods. Looking for a health professional now to carry on this education.
     Three different families out to see cats and horses while I was gone. Starting to get ready for the horse show. Possible cattle drive the day after the show for anyone that is interested.
9/25/2006      Over a week with no news! Sorry! Way too much happening for this time of year.
     BEST NEWS!! Sally had her baby today!! And exactly what we wished for! Hooray!! A gorgeous, cute, stocky, black and white filly and a perfect blaze! Thankyou Sally!!! And she is going to be called Keelah, which is Irish for Beautiful!!

     Jeanette is on her way back to Denmark, she had to leave early for medical reasons and was very dissapointed. Her and Franzi had a super trip to LA and Saturday we all went in to Fort Edmonton Park in Edmonton for a super afternoon.
     Brought Shawnee and Phawnee home yestereday and Winchester and Charms are now in their pasture.
     Another interesting year, lost of interest in horses this last week. One family looking for 3, another looking for 2, another looking for 1 and we might even get to deliver somebody to Alaska! That would be awesome!!
     I am attending a clinic this weekend in Ontario. Really looking forward to it. It is for certification as an Equine Assisted Psychotherapist!! The site is
     Next weekend Chandra and I are attending a Chris Irwin clinic on the Friday and Saturday and then on Sunday I am doing my second level Reiki. The next is our horse show and the next I have been asked to lead a drumming cirlce for a womans retreat! Love it!!
     5 new children for lessons the last week, all beginners and all trotting happily at the end of their lessons.
9/17/2006      We had a super drumming session on Friday! Thankyou to everyone that participated. There were 12 of us and we had people from Edmonton, Ardrossan, Thorsby and Sunnybrook. We gathered in the cabin and everyone had an opportunity to feel the pulse of our ceremonial drum. We performed a sage smudging and went on a journey to encounter our totem animal spirits. It was a very enlightening evening. Afterwards we all shared some hot chocolate and enjoyed each others fellowship.
     Saturday morning Alix came for a lesson and since it was her last lesson of the year she was rewarded by riding Oakley. Whom this little 6 year old did awesome on! Then we held our CCHA meeting with 7 in attendance. Afterwards our last two Siberian Forest kittens were picked up. Seems empty now with all the kitties gone.
     Sunday morning Chandra and the kids arrived for breakfast and a tour of all the horses. Was to chilly to do much riding. Then in the afternoon we had visitors from Ardrossan for an allergy test and to view the horses.
     Gary, his dad, dad and Bruce headed out to BC for the weekend and found an awesome piece of land along the Fraser river. Maybe some day we will be able to purchase something there and do some awesome trail rides. There are tons of trails through the mountains there. Lots of 3 day pack trips into glaciers, lakes, and even over to Barkersille, a gold mining ghost town that has been restored.
     Don't forget your pre-entries need to be in on Friday for the horse show. You may notice that I reduced the fees for this year. I think we are going to have lots of entries, so I figured I could reduce the cost for everyone. Going to be fun!!
9/15/2006      Still no baby from our Irish Tinker mare, Sally!! Hope she waits until our weather is better. Raining and forecast for snow tomorrow!
     Jeanette and Franzi headed to LA for a week to see some of the states.
     CCHA meting tomorrow, hope most of you can make that.
     Should be a good show this year, lots of inquiries. Make sure you download the forms and the dressage test. DON'T WORRY if you can't canter for the test, you can still ride it anyways.
9/10/2006      Once again on the weekend we were reminded why we raise our wonderful Curly horses. Saturday we delivered Fool's Gold to Loralie in Calgary and she was so excited to finally see him down there she was crying when she got out of her car. Loralie's niece found us on the web 2 years ago and fell in love with Fool's Gold. They met us at the Calgary Stampede last year and just had to have him. With no place to keep him at the time they boarded him with us until last weekend. And finally he arrived!! We can see he is going to be one spoiled baby there. Lots of pictures were taken and as soon as I receive some I will post them. (of course my camera was dead!)
     And to top that off, we delivered Seleena to Mattea and her family in Okotok's and what a welcome we received there!! Four children standing at the end of the drive jumping up and down, waving lights and so excited to see us finally arrive!! Lots of attention for Seleena and she remembered Prancer from camp so they were turned loose together and immediately were buddies. Seleena now has a gorgeous view of the Rocky Mountains every morning and 6 children to spoil her (isn't that right!!) What a super warm welcome we received in their home, and thankyou for putting us up for the night and family breakfast Sunday morning. thanks so much also for bringing my suitcase to Calgary for me!! I left it in their front porch and they very thoughtfully delivered it right to our trailer at Spruce Meadows. You're superstars!!
     Had a super day Sunday at Spruce Meadows watching the $1,000,000 CN International Show Jumping Competition. The weather was fantastic and the caliber of competition was breath stopping.
     This Friday at 7:30 we will be holding a community Drumming Circle!! Please join us, it's free and will be lots of friendship and fellowship. Just bring a drum if you have one, and if you don't, come anyways, you can sit around our pow wow drum!!
     Show enteries are now posted 2006 Canadian Classic Show . Here is the Dressage Test .
9/5/2006      Here's one of those emails that reminds us why we stay in the breeding of our super curly Horses. Thankyou Letitia!
     Hello, I was looking at your site because I bought Northern Liberties Drum from Kathleen and Dean. Snowden is a real mountain horse. He out goes everyone else's horse that we ride without being winded or sweaty like all the other breeds that we ride. I bought Snowden last year, he was sold because his family competes in the local rodeos and they couldn't get him to run. I solved this by riding him in an English saddle all winter and now have a Australian. As it turned out the western saddle didn't fit him and was restricting his movement by pinching his scapulas forward. Spur, one of our local volcanoes decided to blow ash all over the Kenai Peninsula and we needed to move the horses as we didn't have a horse trailer. Snowden slow trotted the 20 miles.
     Our quarter horse mare was ponied off of him and by time we reached our destination Snowden was ready for more and Dawn was starting to lather! We clocked Snowden for a seven minute mile. I'd love to get another one just like him but I would like a stud as we are considering endurance rides. Snowden is in training for this and we also have a breeding stock mustang. I would like another palamino to match Snowden because this winter he is going to learn to pull a sleigh. A matched set of palamino curlies would look smashing. We live in the Russian village Nikolaevsk. Every where we go people take pictures of Snowden and ask "What kind of curly horse is that?"
     Then I get to say a Curly of course.
     Thank you!
9/5/2006      We were on the radio today!! Caitlin Reisser of 790 CFCW was totally intrigued with our Curly Horses and what we are doing with them and she did a 10 minute interview on the air at lunch time! Wow! thankyou Caitlin!
     some of the mountain story is done, all the pictures are there. There are 145 pictures!! So you will have to refresh your screen a number of times. (we took over 500 pictures!) Yaha Tinda!!
9/1/2006      Group of seven came for a family trail ride Wednesday evening and loved it! Grandma and Grandpa brought 5 of their grandchildren for a special surprise and we took tons of pictures for them. Major, of course, looked after grandma for the ride and even though she was terrified at first, she relaxed and enjoyed herself. I'll try to post pics next week.
     Getting ready for our big trip and will certainly have lots of pics of that on our return.
8/30/2006      new Camp Pictures!!
     Sally is bagging up!! JJ is home for training. Opal and Jewell went for a ride yesterday. Pall and Oakley went for a 4 hour ride the day before. Seleena and Snippy went the day before that. Should be 6 of us heading to the mountains Friday.
     Chandra came out with the kids last night, couple cute pics on new pics page.
8/28/2006      That was fun! The camp on the 22nd was awesome, a super, super group to work with and the weather co-operated when we needed it to. I'll be posting pics of it in the next week. The adult camp was a tremendous success with my mom participating and performing flawlessly on Annie. Pictures here
8/21/2006      Warrior got 6th place in his Three Phase Event at Red Deer! Good work Kim and Warrior!!
     We held a garage sale on the weekend and tons of local people came by and said they did not know we were there! Lots of tours seeing the horses and some people came back to ride horses to purchase. Copper is sold! And interest in four others!
     We are going to hold an open drumming session mid September, so if you are interested, please email me!!
8/16/2006      Thankyou to Eleanor for letting me know the new pics were not all loading. Should be fixed now.
     Gold Rush had the curliest little boy on the 15th. Palomino, just like mom.
8/14/2006      Franzi and Jeanette are busy getting our horses in shape for their big mountain trip on the long weekend. Farrier should be here tomorrow to shoe Palladin, Seleena, Oakley, Dandee and somebody for Deb!
     Still no babies from Gold Rush or Misty!! The girls think Cookie must be pregnant she is so HUGE! But I'm pretty sure she is not. Took my camera out for pictures Sunday, but no batteries!
8/13/2006      Lots of work done on the weekend. We are holding a huge garage sale next weekend and I cannot beleive how much work it is to get everything organized. I guess after 25 years of collecting stuff it's not surprising!
     Did up the pages for our new Gaited Curly Horse website. The site is, let me know what you think!
     Two visitors for a trail ride yesterday. Used Dilon, (his sister fell in love with him at camp) for a second time 9 year old rider, and we used Snippy again. wow, she just amazes me how steady she is.
8/11/2006      Oh my, 10 days since an update! Yes, been busy, imagine that!! We travelled 2,500 km on the weekend looking for property to do our trail rides in the mountains. Didn't find what we want, but still looking.
     Amber is the star in training right now. Trotting under saddle and surprisingly steady. Snippy is a total wonder, actually using her in lessons now. NOTHING bothers her. Kruzer may also be joining us in the mountains. Which will be September first now as we had too much rain to go last weekend.
     People should be coming from Vancouver this weekend to look at some of the boys. People coming Sunday for a little trail ride.
8/1/2006      Finally had a moment to check with Franzi and Jeanette on the progess of everyone in training:
     LT is ready for a trail ride tomorrow. Jeanette has found her soft spot.
     Doc has been doing some light jumping and will be going out for a trail ride tomorrow.
     Martika and Amber have been doing awesome. They cannot beleive how fast they learn and how willing they are. Very impressed with Amber's drive to work.
     Seleena might join us in the mountains. Franzi trusts her totally.
     Kruzer is so easy going we even used him for our trail ride last weekend.
     Ambrosia and Maruba are both ready to be driven and mounted this week. Both took a session just to let them know they were no longer wild mustangs out on the open range. But no problem, they are happy to be in training now.
     Tadbit and Snippy are both coming along great, they will also be out on the trail ride today. Tadbit is such a sweetie. Very loving and soft.
     Andee is doing fine. He is going to get some lateral work just to soften him up some.
     Kenny is fantastic. Also an escape artist. Found him down by the Post Office the last 2 mornings.
     McCoy should be going for his first trail ride tomorrow also. Very steady boy and trusting.
     Horses we are using for lessons and trail rides now include: Sally, Palladin, Charmer, Oakley, Dilon, Diego, Pepper, Copper, Major, Chester, Wyatt and Cookie.
     Warrior is still in training at Kim's for his next three phase event.
     Jewel and Opal both have some time off as they are out with the other mares right now enjoying the summer!
7/30/2006      One of our busiest weeks this year. The tour for the Alberta Agricultural delegates was excellent. The Rainbow Trails session for the group from Landon, Alberta was fantastic. Federal vet was out Tuesday to inspect the 3 horses in quarantine for France. Installed the suspended ceiling in Deb's new room. Allergy test yesterday, succesful with Pall. They might attend our Confidence Clinic on August 25th -27th. (still 2 spots left) Plus all our weekley lessons!
     Plus this weekend was the Canadian Pony Club Prince Phillip Games championships and Megan was in riding SS Butch Cassidy. AND her team won first place!! Good job Megan. AND the interesting point was there was another curly on their team! Curly, owned by Landsink's of Warburg.
     Some pics of the trail ride here . Some pics of the Rainbow Trails session, Healing Horse . Some pics of Amanda's Birthday Party here .
7/24/2006      Great summer weekend. Friday evening my daughter came out for a visit. Saturday morning Doug and his family arrived for his allergy test, which he passed on Charmer!! Then all 7 of them went for a trail ride and had a fun time. (I'll post some pics by the weekend). Then Amanda had some friends over and they all played some games and went on a trail ride for her birthday. Then we did some grass cutting, and got our panels all ready for Wednesday and Thursday and took off for the lake! Went to Buck lake camping overnight, then to EmTee town for a tour, then to Pigeon Lake for a swim, them home for a BarBQue and then headed to Edmonton to take in the exhibition! Talk about a full weekend!
     Calgary Stampede pictures here.
7/21/2006      Some pics of camp here . Haven't finised the story yet and won't have time untill next week (or maybe the week after) and still working on the Stampede story. Busy weekend coming, allergy test Saturday AM, a trail ride, then a birthday party. Next week we will be taking our boys to be observed by the Agricultural delgates. Visitors coming from BC to see Charmer and Wyatt. Seleena and Kruzer are doing awesome. 2 people out Tuesday and Wednesday to do allergy test with our Russian Siberian Forest Cats.
     Still have a couple of spots left in our ADULT summer riding camp. For anyone that wants to get back into riding, has lost their confidence or just needs to learn. We will be going over everything from the gorund up. It is on August 25th - 27th.
7/16/2006      Yahooo!! Stampede was awesome. Pics on the link above and after camp this week I will post the entire story! Just a big Thankyou to Daphne from Quebec, Franzi from Denmark, Jeanette from Germany, My niece, mom and dad from Ontario and Gary for everyone pitching in and enduring the three very long days. It was a huge success and Palladin was, no doubt, the star of the whole experience. EVERYONE LOVED HIM!! We were asked to go out and do speeches and performances that the Curlies had never been asked to do before and no matter where we took Pall people would stop and stare. Loved it, was great and he really was an ambassador for the breed.
7/12/2006      On July 26th and 27th we are honored to be included in the ASB Summer Tour. This is the Provincial Agricultural Service Board Tour and this year the tour is being hosted by the Leduc County. Top delegates from across our great province will be welcomed to our stables while we showcase our horses and the results of our years of selective breeding and alternative programs. We are expecting up to 700 people over the 2 days. Yes, I said seven hundred people!! What an opportunity and honor for Sunnybrook Stables!!!
7/11/2006      Canadian Curly Classic Horse Show pictures here.
     Had to take Pall and Andee in for their Coggins test as someone tied Dilon up with his lead rope to a tree at the horse show and he got a rope burn at the back of his fetlock. He'll be okay but we could not take him to the Stampede looking like that.
     Curly Sarah was bred by Winchester yesterday. Gary brought Prince and the girls home as Prince just is not gaining weight in his pasture. He'll be back on daily grain and supplement rations again. Thought it would be better for him to have his own space, but guess not.
     Jeanette's shoulder is still hurting her, hopefully she feels better soon. It's an old injury, so they are the worst to heal.
     Stephanie was out yesterday and they all got a lot of horses rode. Golden Girl had her first ride by Amanda!
7/9/2006      Lots of news pics, stories later. Warrior's first Cross Country Course at Rocky Mountain House
7/6/2006      Today I should be telling you about Jeanette's arrival yesterday, but she was lost! Called last night and she said her flights were all delayed. She was suppose to arrive at 5 last evening and she called that she had to spend the night in the Toronto airport and she could not depart until 7 AM this morning, but Gary went to pick her up and she was not there!! She never phoned or emailed that there was a problem. Three hours later Gary found her, she had been talking with some people she was traveling beside and expected me to be picking her up so never noticed Gary asking everyone else if they were her!
     Curly Sarah is now in with Winchester and Nellie is in with Lucky Charms. Nellie is all nice and healed now. Her cut is clean as can be!
     Annie had a super handsome, steel grey, curly colt from Prince yesterday! Mom named him Silverado, which is a perfect name for this fellow.
     Not sure how I forgot to mention that Daphne arrived from Quebec on Monday!! Natasha and her mom came out Tuesday evening and we had a super ride. I rode Pall and we were weaving the arena without reins! Natasha had a super ride on Andee, Debbie on Dilon and Daphne on Opal. Opal was just like we left her, what a sweetheart. Then Daphne had a real welcome yesterday as Stephanie came out and they trained a pile of horses. Opal, Kruzer, McCoy, Anikan Ambassador, Seleena, Tadbit, Snippy, Copper, Ambrossia and Amber all picked up right where they left off! Golden Girl, Martika and Jewel will be joining the rest later this week.
     Hoping to get out and catch Warrior at the Rocky Mountain three day event this weekend!
     Have some people coming for an allergy test on Saturday morning and a group coming on Sunday for a trail ride.
     Daniel came by for an allergy test yesterday morning.
7/4/2006      Awesome, awesome weekend. Midori won Reserve Grand Champion on SS Western Pride at the Bergen Horse Show, Dean won most improved rider on Copper and SS Annie's Oakley won Grand Champion Halter. Every single one of our horses won at least 2 ribbons, very impressive. there are some pics on the above link and I will be posting a full story - sometime!! 200 pictures to go through, so will take at least 8 hours to do up the page.
6/27/2006      I had fun last night. Saddled up Pall and even though he still thinks he's a stallion, tested me with some messing around, couple of bucks and then 15 minutes later he was his old awesome self. Just love him. He was turning and stopping totally from the slightest seat aids, too cool. Annie and Gold Rush came home to foal. Will probably put them with Charms after. Dilon is heading to the vets today for his Coggins for stampede and Prince is going to go along for the ride to see if there is anything else we can do to put some more pounds on him.
     Joanne, Brooklyn, Cidney, Dianne, Sydney and Robyn all rode outside for a trail ride last night. Oakley, Major, Dilon and Wyatt were super. Debbie rode Dilon bareback while I rode Palladin and she was even posting! Good job Deb.
6/26/2006      New pics on the link above (Yes, finally!!).
     Friday night we attended the Drayton Valley horse auction and I'm not going to tell you what we brought home. Send me an email with your guesses!! All I will say is they are very, very cute.
     Saturday my daughter, Chandra, and 3 of her friends came out for their orientation for the trail ride they have booked. Was a fantastic day. Did about two hours inside the arena then we headed out on our little trails in our jumping field. Diego was a superstar. The lady that rode him had not ridden since she was a child and they were awesome together. Don't need to tell you how Dilon went. His rider and Majors had never ridden before and they had a blast. Chandra rode Oakley and fell in love all over again. Melanie came out for a visit and rode our newest addition, Pepper.
     Amanda and VIRGINIA have been practicing up a storm the last week. Poor Charmer and Dandee were pretty sweaty yesterday. They were with the horses 10 hours! Not riding the entire time, but they sure had fun. Amanda and her mom stayed for supper then Gary hooked up Cookie and they went for a buggy ride. I had to deliver Greg's horses to him and didn't return home until 11 PM and it was too dark for my turn.
6/23/2006      Lots of fun last night. We ran through the games for the show next weekend. Amy rode Diego expertly! She was bending, weaving, doing the barrels, flag race, everything! On a loose rein and even cantering! Good for you Amy. Debbie rode Dilon and slid off sideways once, and Dilon stopped and patiently waited for her. Amanda of course raced through everything with Dandee. Robyn didn't make it to ride Wyatt. Darcy and Nicole rode Oakley, Virginia rode Charmer and Dean rode Copper. There were a couple of exciting moments when everyone had to drag a pylon with a rope, and they all mastered the tarp in no time. Should be lots of fun next weekend. We now have 8 horses going!!
6/22/2006      Out of room again, the news up to 6/19 is here .
     Getting ready for the horse show in Bergen on the 1st. Amy learned how to canter on Diego this week. She will be riding him in the show. Robyn will be riding Wyatt, Amanda on Dandee, Victoria on Charmer, Midori on Pride, Nicole on Oakley and Debbie will be riding Dilon.
     Kim picked up Warrior and will be riding him in a three phase event at Rocky Mountain House on July 7th - 9th.
     Andee will be coming home the end of the month. Natasha has purchased a warmblood now and will be sad to see Andee leave!
     We will be hosting an ADULT riding camp. By request from some enrolled participants we have finally booked another camp. It will be on rebuilding confidence with your horse, listening to what he's telling you and of course, basic centered riding skills. I know some of you have wanted this, so please get your name to me ASAP as it will fill up fast. It will be one of the last two weekends of August. Have visitors coming from Idaho, people coming this weekend for an allergy test, and somewhere I have to find the time to update the babies page with pictures!!
6/19/2006      Well, once again our trail ride was postponed! It rained all week and the trails were just too slippery. So Gary and I headed out to British Columbia to look at some land. We drove 2,200 km and had a super break. Saw some gorgeous mountains and lakes. Coming back through McBride we saw 3 rainbows and 2 bears, think that was a sign????
     Shajana had 5 kittens yesterday! Very surprised as she was smaller than Freddie, who only had 3.
     I think I fixed the link below so you can see our Rainbow Trails - - website now. If not, go to our main site and you can see all of our links there.
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