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     This is the place where I post the activities at the Stables. We have many faithful followers that appreciate little updates on how the horses are doing and what we are up to.

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6/19/2006      Well, once again our trail ride was postphoned! It rained all week and the trails were just too slippery. So Gary and I headed out to British Columbia to look at some land. We drove 2,200 km and had a super break. Saw some gorgeous mountains and lakes. Coming back through McBride we say 3 rainbows and 2 bears, think that was a sign????
     Shajana had 5 kittens yesterday! Very surprised as she was smaller than Freddie, who only had 3.
     I think I fixed the link below so you can see our Rainbow Trails website now. If not, go to our main site and you can see all of our links there.
6/16/2006      Snippy and Star are now in with Wihchester. Nellie cut her leg on Tuesday and is pretty sore. She is walking good now, so should be okay.
     Had 5 people out Wednesday night for their orientation for a trail ride this weekend. Rode Charmer, Chester, Oakley, Diego and of course Dilon. Went super, 4 people had never ridden before and most were trotting and posting before the night was over.
     Chayana had 3 kittens Wednesday evening. They are all spoken for.
     Very interesting email on Nakita. She had a foal! Can't figure that one out as it was 354 days from the time she went into quarantine, most foals are born around 330 days, average spread is 310 - 340 days. Haven't heard back yet if they have figured out what happened. Not a nice surprise, other than the foal is alive and healthy, and Curly!!
     One of the mares at Kims foaled yesterday, but she wasn't sure who it was. She said Chautise is lame, thinks she was kicked. Hope she is okay!
     Heard from Franzi, she is arriving July 13th, the day before we have to be at Calgary Stampede! and Daphne is arriving July 3rd, my mom and dad arrive that week also. July 1st is the horse show at Bergen (Amy, Nicole, Robyn, Amanda, Debbie and Virginia attending on Oakley, Dilon, Diego, Charmer and Wyatt), have a drum building course on the Sunday and a drumming session on the Monday. Might be a bit busy that week!
     Finally listed our new website for our Healing with Horses! Calling it Rainbow Trails. PLEASE have a look and send me any and all thoughts that you have on the site. Is it attractive? Does it make a point? Does it offer something special?? I don't even have the links posted yet and 3 people have found us on the web and we have our first booking for 20 youth on July 28th! Hooray!! this will be fun and rewarding for everyone. They are doing the Horses as our Mirror program.
6/12/2006      Wow, you should have seen Winchester on Friday. He was perfect. Totally rounded, flexing, on the bit and foxtrotting to perfection!! He was looking better than any professional show horse. Seleena, McCoy, Snippy and Tabit all had great rides also. I rode Misty, but not for long as she is very, very fat.
     Angel had her baby on Friday. It is a very colourful black and white pinto boy. Amanda says he looks like he is wearing a diaper! All four of Princes girls escaped Thursday night in the pouring rain. Amanda, Darcy, Deb and I finally caught them up, but boy were they spooked. I think some of it was because Shawnee's baby was just born. They were all happy to get back in their field. They got out from a spot that had been cut a couple years before and forgotten.
     Charms is back to his charming self. Puppy dog again and lunging and quiet and respectful. Just the way we like them!
     Some very sad news from Lori on Nugget. Appears Nuggers had colic and they sadly lost her on the weekend. Lori, we are so sorry for you loss and I'm sure everyone will send you good thoughts and strength to get you through.
     We did not go out on our trail ride this weekend as it rained all day Thursday and Friday and the trails were just too wet. Have another scheduled for this weekend.
     Nellie has cut her shoulder. Thankfully it is in the muscle and should heal up fine.
     Not many spots left in camp, so if you wan to get in, please send in your app right away!!
6/8/2006      Steph is out this week. Rode Winchester last night, he never forgot a thing!! What a good boy. Kruzer went out for his first trail ride and was just a super star. Misty, Seleena and Snippy were rode also. Curly Sarah has been getting some supplying lessons with side reins and finally figured out to give. Caught McCoy back up, he was out with the other boys. Tadbit, Golden Girl, Amber and Martika are all being worked also. Full slate!!
     And then there is Charms. Charms is not too charming right now. He was out in the pasture by himself after we brought Pall and Kenny in for gelding and now he thinks he is a wild stallion. Jumped out of the round pen, over the arena boards and last night he actually jumped out of the stall! Maybe just need a couple of respect lesson there!!
6/5/2006      Prince is happy. He was turned out on his new pasture with Annie, Angel and Shawnee Dreamweaver.
     JJ was taken to Kims Thursday and is now turned out with Angelic Anika, Native Chautise and Erin (Amarillo Sunset), all excellent sport horse type mares. Some Friesian, Celle Francais and Thoroughbred in there, so we know we will have some awesome jumpers crossed with the Irish Draft stallion.
     Poor Pall is really feeling sorry for himself. I feel so bad!! but at least I know he will feel fantastic later this summer when we start using him and gettting him out on the trails and in the shows.
     Much to our dissapointment the horse show was cancelled. Brought Doc and Warrior all the way home and they didn't get to perform. Amanda was very dissapointed. She was going to jump Dandee and Oakley. We will be attending Ron Gales show July 1st, so at least they will do that show.
     This weekend we will be heading out to the Pembina trails for a trail ride and overnight camping. Amanda and her mom are coming as are some other students and moms from the stables. If you want to join us, please do!!
5/29/2006      Wow, what an awesome weekend. It was some of the best exposure for our wonderful Curly horses. Started Saturday with the tour bus arriving with 35 people to show our horses off to. They were thrilled, tons of questions, excellent comments and event he tour operators followed up with an email thanking us. Used Oakley for my demonstrations, as she is always a hit with the crowd. Served some coffee, toured the gift shop and 2 1/2 hours later everyone left with a smile on their face. It was very successful
     Then on Sunday we took SS Marshall Dilon, SS Annie's Oakley, SS Sunnybrooks Wyatt and Dandee to the Fultonvale complex in Sherwood Park. The riders had a 100% perfect day!!! Hooray and thankyou to Tracy and Megan (riding Wyatt) for coming all the way from Athabasca along with Hillary (riding Dilon), Kim Hughes all the way from Buck Creek (riding Oakley beautifully!!) and Amanda on her curly boy Dandee. Pictures here.
     Chautise had her baby!!! And it is elegant, curly and beautiful!! Second babe from Kenny from a straight mare that is curly. Hmmm, oh well, we know he should have stayed a stallion, but what can you do.
     Also some new pics on the pics page.
     And once again I apologize, no time to answer emails. I'm so far behind now that if you are waiting for a reply PLEASE email me again. There were 345 emails in my mail box last count, so it is going to take me awhile to o through them all now.
5/26/2006      Well - the deed is done. Both Pall and Kenny were gelded yesterday, along with Kodiak and Cimmaron. It was a huge decision and I'm glad I made it. Now Pall can become my main riding horse and get out and see the world and the world can see him. Not that I would not have taken him anywhere, just that too many places and events will not allow stallions. So I made huge apologies to Pall, cried a bit and hugged him and he is now a gelding.
     One of the strangest things happened yesterday. Had to move the horses around to accommodate Pall and Kenny, so we turned Beauty Girl and her babe loose with the mares and almost lost both of them. The mares went crazy. Four of them ran Beauty into the fence, kicked her in the side and stole her baby. The took off at a flat out gallop across the field heading straight for the barb wire fence. How the baby never went through the fence, I will never know. They kept him right in the middle of the herd and headed back for the bush, still at a flat out gallop. Beauty was now totally confused, didn't know where her baby was and was frantically running around screaming for him. We finally caught up with the herd in the bush, and after much convincing, were able to bring the lucky little guy back across the field (with the mares circling the entire time, threatening us to take him away). I've never seen the entire herd act like that. The only thing we could come up with was the fact the boys had been gelded and this might have set them off. Who knows!? all I know is that this baby from Beauty is very special and there was NO way they were going to harm it!! She was in a nice quiet stall for the night.
     Farrier was out yesterday and got 10 horses trimmed up, he's coming back next week to do some more.
     Steph has been out all week, Diego, Curly Sarah, Kruzer, Tadbit and McCoy have been worked every evening. Fool's Gold has been turned out to pasture for good behavior! JJ has been lunged and was pretty excited yesterday with all the commotion going on (2 new horses came in for training with all the gelding and trimming go on, plus 5 riders for lessons) and broke his gate in his corral! No problem to catch, but he was pretty pumped.
     Wyatt will be ridden by Megan in the showcase at Sherwood Park on Sunday. Amanda will be riding Dandee, Kim on either Dilon or Oakley. Gary was suppose to ride but got called to work. We will have a booth set up, so not sure if I will be able to ride or not.
     Amy and Nicole generously offered to come tonight and help set up for our tour bus coming through tomorrow. Just not enough hours in the day, especially now with Gary back to work. Thanks for the offer girls!!
5/24/2006      Tomorrow Kenny will be gelded. We've had no commitment from anyone for him as a stallion, so tonight is the LAST CHANCE if you want the ONLY Friesian cross stallion, that is absoulely gorgeous, huge bone, awesome stride, gentle mannered, and just plain perfect for any sport horse program.
5/24/2006      Beauty Girl had her baby yesterday!! A stud cold that is soooo cute!! Not really palomino, but not sorrel either. This is a special boy to us as we brought Beauty all the way from New York just for this moment 4 years ago. Had a new rider last night and took some extra time with her so was late when we were done, walked all the way out back to check on Erin and Shawnee and then was going to take pics of Beauty's babe, but, no batteries in the camera!! Deb had stole them for her camera and forgot!!
     I am behind on me emails again, I'm sorry!! Steph is out again this week, Gary is gone away to work, we have a tour bus coming on Saturday, Sunday we haul to the showcase, and I am sick! Coughing so bad last night I thought I was going to choke, so now sleep. I promise I will get everyone answered by the weekend.
5/23/2006      Great weekend! Chelsea had our first baby from Kenny!! She's smooth coated and her baby boy is curly! Hoorah!! I was sure that Chautise was going to foal first, but Chelsea surprised us Sunday morning. Chautise is the size of a house, just huge. And Beauty is bagging up, should be today. Can't wait for her babe!
     We headed down to Coaldale Friday night, accident on the highway had us stopped for an hour and a half, arrived at 1:30 AM Saturday. Took Deb to the crowsnest Pass so she could finally see the mountains. Stopped at the Fort in Ft. McLeod and toured around. Was a super day. Had a flat tire when we returned to Jacquie's. Got if fixed Sunday and came home.
     This weekend we have a tour bus arriving Saturday and Sunday is our showcase in Sherwood Park.
5/17/2006      Some of you are having trouble seeing the pictures on the Open House page. Thankyou Natasha for letting me know!! I think I fixed it.
5/15/2006      Thankyou! To everyone that came and made our Open House a success again!! Sunday afternoon was so busy I didn't even have time to take pictures!! The story is posted here .
     Buffy had her babe yesterday morning!!
5/10/2006      Gary and Steph did some trail rides last night while I worked on the shower in our wash house. Cookie, Curly Sarah, Opal, Tim Bit (Tadbit's nickname), Kruzer, Diego, Copper, Fools Gold & McCoy were all worked outside, plus JJ was lunged again. Nellie, Misty and Seleena are also now up for training. Gary took some hay out to Kim and she had a super ride on both Warrior and Doc out in the field.
     Busy getting ready for Open House now, so no more news till Monday!! Come on out if you can, we expect lots of fun and friendship over the weekend.
5/9/2006      Steph rode Bill and Diego last night and actually had a workout! I told her they had to start to flex and soften in the bridle and that is what they were doing when she was done. Poor Wyatt was pretty sweaty when they were done. McCoy would not let me catch him. Found he had done the same thing to Gary yesterday and yet both times Steph just walked up to the little twirp and he put his head in her arms! Who knows what goes on inside thier heads.
     Marshall Dilon and Sally are on their way to Edmonton for a media frenzie four our Visit the Country Tour this weekend. Gary bathed Sally last night and I brushed her up all pretty. Both horses loaded up no problem this morning (of course). The lead rope didn't latch after he loaded Sally, so when he was coming with Dilon, Sally was walking towards him! He just grabbed her halter and she walked back into the trailer. That's the way we like them!
     The Denmark story is posted!! see it here!!
5/8/2006      Back from Denmark, and what a whirlwind trip! Trev, Marengo and Nicker and settled in very quickly. Working on a full story, so watch for it the next couple of days.
     Heard that Natasha and her mom, Kim and Tracy are coming to Open House. We received coverage in the local newspaper, so could be a full house!!
     Check out the new pics, some of our gift shop there!
4/27/2006      Fools Gold is the super star of the day! He went all through town, leading the way, cross the rail road tracks, along the ditch with traffic and was super! Up and down the hills all balanced and only jumped once when a rabbit bounded out in front of him! Opal and Jewel remembered everything from last year, McCoy is awesome. Stephanie forgot he had not had a bit yet and bitted him up last night and rode him! He just did as he was told and away they went. Kruzer is still the sweetheart he always was, may just have to keep him for Debbie, she loves that little guy.
     May 28th we are heading of to Fultonvale arena to do some demonstrations and show off our Curlies. Anyone interested in performing with us, please let me know by Sunday and I'll find a spot for you. Trying to get Amanda and Kim to ride with us.
     Sending Warrior and Doc to Kim next Thursday. She needs someone to ride and both these boys are now ready for regular riding. Steph rode Doc Tuesday all through town and down the rode, then came back and used him to round up the horses through the mud! He was loving it!!
     Wyatt and Diego are back in the swing also. Both these boys were a bit resistant to start back riding, but Steph had them nice and giving after a few minutes.
     Just received word that my return flight is changed to Friday, so it is going to be another very quick trip in Europe. Will arrive in Denmark on Wednesday and leave on Thursday!
     Jeder will not be going to Denmark. She sprained her pastern and is limping. Anna is disappointed, but until we know for sure she is going to heal she'll have to stay home.
4/25/2006      No time to answer emails this weekend!
     Star had an absolutely gorgeous Gaited Curly Filly by Winchester on Saturday Morning!! It is the most sturdy, stocky, strong filly I have ever seen! And she's a full registered MFTHBA Curly girl!!
     Saturday I finally rode Sally for her first time! Was fantastic!! She is full of spunk, bucked a couple of times, but a real sweetheart. Just LOVE her!! Took her us bit to figure out our communication, but once we did it was great. Did some turn on fore, haunches, leg yield and extension. Was a ton of fun!!
     Gary put the platform in place for the gift shop. I build a stepping block and Debbie stained it while we were gone Sunday. (Was in Saskatoon for a funeral Sunday - Monday)
     Kim came out Saturday also and rode Warrior and Doc. They will be heading to her place next week where she can put some miles on these boys.
     Stephanie was out yesterday and will be out everyday this week. Started JJ on his ground work in preparation for his driving and saddling.
4/17/2006      Today the Federal vet arrives to perform the Coggins test on the babies. They have all been doing super and Anna is getting excited!
     Little Marky is sold. Bethaney in Sherwood park is his proud new owner. They are a nice match and Marky seemed pretty happy, following her all around the arena.
4/17/2006      Snow! Yes, we had snow for Easter. Woke up yesterday and we had an 8 cm white blanket on the ground. Made it pretty muddy for taking pictures, but we took all the babies that are in quarantine and they are posted now.
     Thursday was our Open House at my work and a very busy day. Stephanie came out and had another super afternoon. All the boys were rode and the only pics that turned out were the ones of Doc. They are a bit blurry, but not as bad as the rest.
     Saturday Deb and I cleaned up the yard while Gary fixed fence. The place looks super! Midori came out for a ride on Pride and her friend rode Charmer, and very well I might add. Had him totally on the bit and super steady.
     Hope everyone had a super Happy Easter!!
4/13/2006      Wow!! Wow!! Wow!! Every single one of our boys did awesome last night, just awesome!! Could not believe Kruzer, McCoy and Fool's Gold, just like they never had a day off. I was so proud of them and Stephanie. Wyatt, Diego, Marky, Warrior, Doc, they all just picked up right where they left off!! Hurray!! It was a fantastic evening. I even got some pics, but won't have tome to post them untill tomorrow!
4/12/2006      Short but sweet today! Stephanie is coming tonight and we will get everybody back in the groove. I posted just a couple of pics - by request!!
4/11/2006      Our last kitten headed to her new home on the weekend. She had a long journey also as she was heading to Manitoba! Our kitten arrived in Florida safe and sound and extremely happy to be there!
     Susan came by on the weekend to discuss our plans for the summer camps for the native teenagers. It is going to be awesome!! Discussions on building a sweat lodge, drumming circles, medicine pouches, and all the fantastic native traditions to help these children. The elders are submitting the curriculum they would like to have included and Susan was excited to know we have an area where they can be surrounded by the silence of the trees. I'm sooo anxious to get going! Can't wait!!
     Our first and last camps are now half full, so if you are considering attending, please drop your registration in ASAP so you won't be disappointed.
     JJ quickly figured out how to open the side door of the areana so he could have some play mates. Pretty hard to stop a baby that stands 16.2 hh once he knows what he is doing!
     Gary has been leveling out the yard the last week and it is finally drying up. We are hoping to take a break this weekend and have a couple of days of well earned R & R.
4/10/2006      You have to come and see our gift shop!! Found some awesome shelves and display stands and Debbie and I started bringing all the stuff out of the boxes Sunday, and we are soooo excited! It's going to be gorgeous, unique and the Best in the West!! ha ha!!
     Every single one of our trail horses we put up for sale 2 weeks ago are all sold! Thankyou to everyone for your calls.
     Trev, Nicker, Jedder and Marengo are still in quarantine and we should be heading to Denmark on May 2nd and returning just a couple of days before our Open House. Another quick visit I'm afraid, but better short, than not at all. We may only have room for 3 of the 4, have to wait and see when we get to the airport.
4/6/2006      Trying to decide if we should geld Palladin and Kenny. We currently have 6 stallions!! Prince, Whinny, Charms, Pall, Kenny and JJ. Since we are gearing towards the gaited side of breeding it makes sense to keep Charms and Whinny (especially with Whinnies MFTHBA registration). And we could breed our exceptional TB crosses with JJ and then possibly get a real awesome sport horse Curly. What to do!
     Just put 4 of our mares in the ABC & ICHO classifieds for $2,800 US. So if you want the best deal on a trained Curly mare, now is your opportunity. Opal, Jewel, Magic and Seleena are being offered. Plus Quanita is now $1,500 US. She has awesome curl, mane and tail. Old style Curly, lots of bone. We are gearing towards having just the gaited horses for our trail rides, and with 87 horses here right now we're willing to let these mares go at a heck of a deal!! Kim brought her parents from BC out to see JJ yesterday. The weather was fantastic! Took some company over to see the boys, they loved Pall.
     Put the final coat on the main floor in the gift shop. Have 2 shelves done, so that means we can start setting it up this week! Hooray!! Still have things in boxes that I haven't even seen yet. Finished the mud in Debbie's room. Almost ready to paint and paper.
     4-H will be training in the arena on Wednesdays night. Tuesday and Thursdays are also full right now. This Thursday is the horse sale in Thorsby. End of May we are showcasing the Curlys in Ardrossan. Franzi emailed that she booked her ticket from Europe. One of our kitties flew to Florida last Thursday, 2 others headed to Sherwood Park and the last one is going to Manitoba this week.
3/27/2006      Productive weekend! Finally got the flooring and shelving started for the gift shop. Helped my daughter move on Saturday, and almost finished the drywall in Debbie's new room!
3/22/2006      The weather was too bad last Friday for our allergy test people, they will be coming later in the spring now.
     The property was a disappointment, too far from the mountains and needed lots of repairs.
     Martika had her baby!! Gorgeous golden grulla foal. Gary brought her in yesterday to give the little one a warm place to bond with momma for a few days.
3/17/2006      I'm happy to report that both Beauty Girl and Major are thrilled to be back in lessons again. Major turns 27 this year and he is looking great. Beauty Girl has never looked better. Last night after lessons I rode Major bareback with the lead rope back to his girls. Felt good. Lessons are almost full now Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thrusdays.
     Have some people stopping by tonight to do an allergy test. He has extreme allergeries, so we'll see what happens.
     Tomorrow we are heading to the foothills to look at a piece of property. It is very close to our favourite place to ride, the YaHa Tinda. Hard to really tell what it is like with all the snow, but it will give us a good idea.
3/13/2006      The Health, Harmony and Horses clinic was awesome. Met some super people and learned LOTS!! The Reiki on horses was super, I picked up my own pendulum and cards, all set to go now. The round pen info was good, always learn something new there. They had a session on science in your lessons, some great ideas in that area. The Alexandra technique was also shown. Equine Dentistry was one of the sessions. There was just one heck of a lot of good information. Definitely something to catch next year.
     The small world adage always applies at events like this. Ran into a lady that deals with troubled native teens and she was thrilled to learn of our program working with healing through the horses. Sounds like we finally have our first native connections. I hope so!! Plus ran into a lady that certifies instructors for CHA and turns out she taught the people that are leasing Andee!! Too funny.
     Sally and JJ were just released from quarantine as I type. They are going to have a fun day!!
     Tonight I have to head back to the city for a meeting about the advertising in the tourism Alberta guide. This publication was excellent for us last year, so must do it again.
     Hasn't been my week for driving. First my ticket in Calgary, Friday I got a photo radar ticket for going 45 km/h! Then Saturday on the way in to the clinic the front of the van got so full of snow it packed in tight and tore off the main belt. Had to get a tow truck to boost us and then waited almost 6 hours in the garage to get it fixed! We missed the second half of the seminars on Saturday, but at least we got it fixed. Gary came with me on the Sunday and of course nothing went wrong!!
3/7/2006      Yikes, two weeks no updates!! What is this world coming too!! so sorry, so busy!!
     Lessons are now back on. Going from 5:30 - 8:30 Tuesday through Thursday. Have some excellent new riders this year.
     Attended a Medicine Wheel Circle teaching last Saturday. It was super informative and I have lots to share this summer. (Got a speeding ticket in Calgary, left my purse at home, didn't have the directions, got lost, was an hour late, but it was worth it!)
     Terri just about has the ceiling finished on our guest cabin. When he is done that we will do the floor, varnish it all and it is done! Next is putting the floor in the trailer to use it as our temporary show room. The logs won't be ready for our real cabin showroom until July/August.
     This weekend we will be at a clinic/trade show called Health, Harmony and Horses. Looks like an awesome line up of speakers for this event. If anyone wants info go to We will set up some of our info there also.
     Moved Winchester, Pall, Charms and Kenny back to their winter pasture last weekend. We finally have snow so they can be back together.
     Sally and JJ are still in quarantine. No results back yet. Getting pretty anxious to ride Sally!! JJ keeps getting into the feeder. Not sure how he does it, but he does. Actually scraped up his leg a bit, nothing serious, but it's a bit tender.
     Only a couple more weeks and we will be foaling! Wow, spring is almost here again. Fantastic. Really looking forward to Beauty Girls babe this year. I would have to say that hers is the one that we are anticipating the most. Then Gold Rush. I know, not suppose to pick favorites. sorry!!
     Our kittens are heading all over the place. Barbados, Florida, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta! Plus we have deposits on the next litters! Deb is going to really miss the little fellow that is waiting to leave with his half brother. She has really got close to Ruff.
     Deb and I have been busy the last week finishing her room in the basement. We got the closet all framed in and the walls done. Hope to have it finished before the weekend.
2/22/2006      Ordered the logs for our giftshop cabin last week! Zoltan is hoping to start sawing them in a couple of weeks, then they have to sit for another month!
     Gorgeous sunshine on the weekend. Amanda was out riding Dandee, Midori riding Pride, Jessica on Sergant and Natasha stopped by with a report that Andee is doing super, fat, but super.
2/22/2006      We have snow! Finally!! Hooray, it is big and white and fluffly, everything looks fresh now. Received almost 4 inches today!!
     The vet arrives at 6:30 AM every morning now for 5 days in a row to pack Sally. Sally is sooo calm about it all.
2/21/2006      Sally has her last swabs taken today. Then she is "packed" to wait for the results. We should be receiving the results of the initial blood test this week on both horses.
     So hard when we see those we love suffer. Do you ever wish you could wave a magic wand and make everyone's hurt just go away!! Laughter, that's what we need!! No worries, wouldn't that be nice!! So much to do, so little time.
     I completed my level one Reiki this weekend. Very powerful stuff there. Hoping to use it when working with people through the horses. Lots of plans for this year.
     Finally had my talking stick blessed on the weekend. Very powerful ceremony. Hoping to attend a medicine circle the beginning of March.
     Attended our first official trade show for the gift shop this weekend. Found some excellent contacts for our line of specialty Native gifts. Ordered some drums, jewelry and more unique items.
     Our ceremonial drum arrived. It is perfect! Very deep resonating sound. Can't wait until we have our first drumming session. Everyone will be invited.
     The horses were all mixed up on the weekend. Pall visited Prince, the babies went to momma, the girls called on the geldings. Then yesterday morning had a knock on our door that a horse was upside down caught in the fence. Good morning!! Ran out the door and it was Seleena, how on earth she got her hoof up in that wire we will never know. It was wrapped around her hoof and tight to the top of the post, wedged there. She remained totally calm until we cut the wire and dropped her foot. Then just got up, came for a hug and walked away.
     Our last kittens are growing fast. They figured out how to get out of their box, so we made a bigger area and only one, Anastasia, the one we are keeping, figured out how to get out of there. It is so funny to see her lunge at it and hang in balance to let herself drop over the other side. and also strange, as if she knows she is special, how she struts around the house. Just like her momma I guess!!
     Busy searching for some pelts for our gift shop cabin. That is lots of fun searching for wolf, coyote, beaver, red fox and others to give our cabin a real rustic warmth.
     Finished my income tax last week. Nice to have that out of the way. Now I can spend more time doing stuff like updating the web site. Sorry, I know I haven't done much lately, just been too darn busy getting everything lined up for the awesome summer we are going to have.
     My niece took a week and went back to Ontario to visit her dad. So nice to have her back again. We hired Terri to start working around the ranch. Couldn't believe the list we came up with. Should be able to keep him out of trouble for two years!!
2/15/2006      They arrived!! Our Horses from Ireland!
2/13/2006      Great Dressage clinic on the weekend. Plus a super Birthday Party! Our horses arrive tonight!!!
01/30/2006      Lillian arrived Saturday to do the allergy test for her son and left a very happy lady. He never had any reaction AT ALL! His allergies are extreme and he was advised to carry an epinephrine needle with him whenever he was going to be exposed to horses. He was hugging Winchester!! Everyone else in their family rides so they are looking forward to the day they can have a Curly.
     Ester also arrived Saturday with her down syndrome friend. Took them for a little ride on Major, bareback, and had a very nice afternoon.
01/27/2006      Never say "not much is happening"! LT had a foal yesterday! Gorgeous buckskin babe.. Big surprise that one, thank goodness our weather is super. Visitors last night to the stables and they are very excited about taking lessons and having some fun with their horses. Have a birthday party for the 11th of Feb. and have changed our Open House to the 13th of May to coincide with a Visit the Country Tour. Have a student arriving from Denmark in July and just found and Elder to work with us developing our Native grounds. Spring must be in the air!!
01/24/2006      Not alot happening with the horses this time of year, but I sure am busy with everything else. Income tax for starters, my living room floor has been covered in papers the last week. Trying to get a website up and running for our Irish Draft horse stallion that should be arriving in TWO WEEKS!! Along with Sally our Irish Tinker mare. The time is going to fly, I can tell. We had the federal vet out last Friday to approve us for incoming quarantine. Sally had to have her tests redone in Denmark as they did them to European standards, which is to culture for 7 days, but our standard is 14 days. Some co-ordination issues getting the horses from their current stables to the airport, quarantined, in the time frame the government allows us. Been working with our agent in Toronto trying to get extensions, new transporters, etc. Lots of fun!
01/19/2006      Chayana had her kittens Wednesday night (in the middle of entertaining for supper!!) 4 super little cuties. Was actually kinda embarrassing. She started to have them in the middle of the kitchen as she had no clue what was happening. I quickly made a nice little bed for her by the living room, just around the corner as we were expecting company for supper (first time visitors!) and yet I wanted to keep an eye on her. Transported her and her new baby to the warm and comfy bed. Went back the kitchen and she appeared but her baby was gone!! Finally found it in my bedroom in a box in the closet. Moved her and baby back to the new spot and put up a four and a half foot barrier. She tried jumping it with her babe!! So I moved them back to my room where she immediately had another one. She stayed there after that and had two more. She has one dark and 3 light kitties.
01/17/2006      Pictures are posted! More visitors last night to see the Siberians and the Curlys!
01/16/2006      Back home again! Was another very quick trip to Europe. We loaded Bill, DeeLite and Hero around 6 PM Wednesday evening. Arrived in Calgary around 11 PM. Was a terrible drive to the airport, heavy fog with ice patches. I hate hauling horses in the fog!! This trip takes 3 hours in a car, but Wednesday it took over 5 hours. When we arrived at the airport the plane was 2 hours late, which was in our favor due to the weather conditions. Loaded the horses around 2 AM Thursday morning and finally departed around 4 AM!! Everyone loaded super. Bill was nervous loading into the plane with all the noise and commotion going on. Once they were in the plane I stood by his side just talking to him and letting him know all was well. Thankfully I loaded DeeLite right beside him so he had his girlfriend for comfort. He was calm during the rest of the trip. When I was coming up to the stall to check on them would whistle so I would not startle anyone. For some reason this flight seemed much louder than any of the other trips.
     9 hours later we arrived in LUX. Was super to see Anna again, she was there with her brother. DeeLite was not sure if she was happy to see Anna or not. She kinda looked at her saying "you're the one that made me work!!". I know they will both be very happy together. Diana was a bit nervous of Bill being nervous. I tried to show her how he just needs consistency and confidence. She was thrilled with how he looked.
     It was about 23:30 LUX time (15:30 our time) when we finished loading everyone. It is always a bit of a challenge for our horses to load in Europe. There are no stock trailers as we know them. Either large transport companies are there with their horse vans which have a ramp that goes up almost 5' high, or people arrive with their own trailers. These trailers are always only big enough for two horses max and are very light duty and small. They are pulled by cars as no one has a pick up truck in Europe! So our poor horses must either walk up this steep ramp into the van or load into a very small, cramped trailer. Hero needed to be lifted into the van and Bill also needed to be lifted into the trailer. I'll try to post the pics tomorrow.
01/11/2006      Busy getting ready to leave today for Luxembourg! The fedral vet will be here shortly. Bill definetley knows something is up. He is grumpy and does not want to talk to me!
     Yesterday we had a visitor from the United Kingdom!! She had been checking out our site and was dying to see a Curly horse in person. She arrived to visit a family member, but they told me that was just an excuse to see our horses!! They were impressed, as most people are, when I took them in the field with our 3 stallions and they saw how calm and friendly they all are. Lots of pictures were taken and I think we might have visitors in the summer for some mountain rides!!
     The pics I posted were of Gigant, not Sally. Her pics are posted now.
01/06/2006      Received some super pictures of Sally, the Tinker horse we are importing from Denmark. Getting very excited about her arrival!
01/05/2006      Happy New Year!! All of us at Sunnybrook Stables sincerely hope that the New Year brings you good health, happiness and many enjoyable hours with your Curly friends!
     We spent the New Year in southern Texas with my mom and Uncle. Was a very good time and the weather was around 30 degrees Celsius! My niece Debbie stayed home to look after all the critters.
     Everything seems to be on track for Deelite and Bill to head overseas. Anna and Diana are pretty excited to receive their new additions to their families. We should be leaving next Wednesday already.
     Our Tinker mare and Irish Draft Horse stallion look to be on track for arriving in Canada some time this month. Sally should be ready to leave January 20th if her tests are all clear.
     Debbie took Dilon out for a spin with friends last weekend. How many 3 year old horses do you know that can take a green rider for a spin along the highway - safely!! We are so proud of both him and Debbie.
12/28/2005      If everyone had a Christmas as good as ours, then I know you are safe, healthy and happy! We had a fantastic Christmas. Started with our celebration Friday night. Had lots of friends join us around the campfire. Gary hooked up Cookie and made a number of spins around town. Had my sleigh bells out and we all sang Christmas songs and had a blast. It was certainly a first for all of us to be enjoying a buggy ride the day before Christmas eve!
     Later that evening Santa gave us an early Christmas present - a Kareoke machine! So we sang songs and enjoyed some Christmas cheer around the fire until the wee hours of the morning. The weather was superb. Plus 10 at midnight! Wow, never have we had a December like this. We are breaking all records ever recorded in history.
     Christmas eve we attended the candlelight service at the old church in Telfordville. Been there every year for the last 20 years and would never miss it. Then at midnight headed out to the fields to listen to the animals. Legend has it that every year at midnight the animals are given the gift to talk. So of course that is one thing I would never miss. This year my niece joined me and this is what we heard:
     Major said he is looking forward to another year of teaching kids to ride, but appreciates not being asked to canter anymore. Annie said she could not make any promises about escaping and leading her friends for a day of hooky. Oakley is hoping to do some big time competition this year and says she doesn't mind training even though she is in foal. Buffy said she enjoyed her year off and is ready to get back at it. Star thanked us for bringing her up from Kentucky and being part of our lesson herd. Beauty Girl and Prince both said they feel better than they have in years and really would like to stay together the rest of their lives. Curly Sarah even came up and apologized for being a bit of a snit, said she now has friends here and will apply herself to be a bigger contributor to the cause! Misty thanked us for allowing her to have babies that are extra special, she really likes being a mom. Gold Rush couldn't apologize for being a speed demon, but was very sad about her baby. Dandee was ecstatic that he is now Amanda's and promised to do his best to win some red ribbons for her. Magic wanted to know why everyone warned her about the cold weather here, she was apprehensive about leaving Arizona but says it's okay. Snippy says she loves it here, lots of new friends and has the easy life (couldn't tell her she has to work for her board next year!). Angel said she loves being the biggest horse and can't wait to pull the covered wagon! Cookie thanked us for rescuing her from the hands of fate. Her previous owners could not keep her and we did not like where she was heading to. Erin asked about her mom, and we told her she did alot of jumping last year and is doing extremely well for her new owner. Chautise also inquired about her mom and was thrilled to learn that she is still at Kim's and had a gorgeous Irish Sport horse baby this year. Angelic Anika wanted us to know that she is proud of her babies and asked if we could train her this year. She was thrilled to know that all of her babies are still at the stables. Bill and Deelite are a bit worried about where they are going, tried to tell them that they are going to very nice people and that it is all worth the trouble. Couldn't explain what a plane ride was, but assured them it is no worse than a trailer ride. Opal & Jewel both thanked us for teaching them that people are not scary things and that life can be fun and rewarding. Warrior asked when the heck he gets to jump again, ready and eager to get back at it. Copper asked why nobody likes him, I told him one day somebody will come that will totally fall in love with his personality. Shawnee said she was sorry she did not grow as tall as I wished she would, and I told her not to worry, she is beautiful! Wyatt apologized for being silly about picking up his feet. I asked him why he does that and he said we tickle his belly sometimes! Pride said he is so proud to be owned by Midori and promised to do her proud! Doc was sorry for feeling his oats this spring and said he is thankful for the time and effort Stephanie has given him and promises to keep improving. Dilon asked why he might have to leave all his friends. Said he has been good and wanted to know what he did wrong! How do you tell a horse that because they are good then they have to go. Sorry Dilon, all I can promise is that we will do our very best to make sure you go to a super nice stable with very thoughtful and sensitive people. Diego said - are you proud of me, huh? are ya, are ya?? and of course we are Diego, you did super in the mountains this year. Fool's Gold was very happy to hear about his new home he will be going to this spring and all the preparations being made for his arrival. Kenny said he hopes we are proud of his first babies to arrive next year (because her really enjoys being a stallion!) Kruzer asked what the big fuss is some of the other horses make about being trained?? Seleena thanked us for the patience in training her and allowing her to take her time to figure things out. McCoy said he was sorry for acting like a spoilt brat, said he just didn't know any better and was glad that we showed him the respectful way to be arou7nd humans. Cierra Amberina thanked us for reuniting her with her sisters. Lucky Charms said he can't wait till spring!! (He's been talking with Pall and Prince) Golden Girl said she misses Dun Dazzlin and hopes she is doing well. She was thrilled to hear the Christmas card we received from Daphne letting us know that Dazzler is doing super and really growing. Nellie said she was sorry her babe wasn't curly and we told her not to worry for the markings on her baby are the best! Little Marky said he would like to go to the mountains this year. Charmer thanked us for the fantastic rides in the mountains and hopes he gets to do more this year. Winchester said he was sorry he was so silly in jumping the corral and cutting his leg and thanked us for making him all better. And of course Palladin made all kinds of promises, just like a guy! Said he wants to get out and do more this year and really strut his stuff!
12/23/2005      Merry Christmas!! We have unbelievable weather here. Plus 10 degrees Celsius. Never seen a winter like this. Sure is nice for all the animals.
     Back from my short trip to Europe. Plane was 5 hours late arriving in Calgary and then delayed another 5 hours! Their were 12 horses departing and all went very well. Just one yearling quarter horse that was not happy about being in her stall. Arrived in my hotel room in LUX at 3:30 in the morning and left at 8:30! Arrived back home at 4 in the morning yesterday.
     Cute picture from Reidun of all her Curlies with Christmas hats in Norway!
     Our Tinker mare in Denmark is bred!! Hooray!! Sally is now in quarantine preparing for her departure to Canada. Jim, our Irish Draft stallion, will also be getting ready for his long journey. This is our first time importing horses and it is not as easy as exporting, for sure! The horses must land in the States, which complicates everything big time.
     Tonight we are having Christmas Cheer with everyone invited! Will be having buggy rides (no sleigh this year!), a bon fire and lots of excellent hospitality!! Come on down!
     Tomorrow we attend candlelight Christmas eve service. And then it's the big day!! Hope everyone has a Very Merry Christmas and god bless each and every one of you, every one close to you, and of course all your four legged friends. May you be blessed with good fortune for this special day and be surrounded by people you love. Here's wishing you more happy experiences with your horses (even if they aren't Curlies!!).
     and last, but not least a poem. Merry Christmas!
12/19/2005      Dandee is sold!!! Yes! What a fantastic Christmas present for Amanda . So super when a horse and rider get along like these two do that they can be together for ever. Congratulations Amanda!
12/16/2005      Season's Greetings everyone!! Peter and Marco stopped by yesterday! Was a suprise to see them both. They are here for a month and hopefully we will get together over the holidays. It has turned cold here again, - 20 this morning. The horses are pretty still and quiet with the colder weather. Hero, Bill and Delite and thankful to be pampered!!
     Our broker for transporting the horses asked if I could fill in as a groom for them next Monday. So looks like I will be flying to Luxembourg for a very quick overnight stay!! Not sure I want to go this close to Christmas, told them they will have to charter the Lear jet if I get bumped!!
12/13/2005      Awesome news from Tanja in Germany! Pictures on the picture page.
"-- I send you a photo I didn't think would be possible once day. My husband together with a horse. Can you see the swollen eyes? No? I also cant see it. And do you know what is the impossible thing of this? There are also normal horses around Ahani. And it doesn't matter anything. Maybe we have vaccinated him with minimal particles of the horses and he acclimated slowly to horses. I don't want to say that he isn't allergic to them anymore, but he could be together with her quasi with no reactions in the fresh air. Also the reaction in the stable are much better. Its magic?!"
If you remember, Tanja purchased Ahani (Annie's baby from Prince) after many hair sample tests. The only Curlies her husband did not react to were the gaited lines. When Ahani first arrived in Germany, Tanja was heart broken because her husband reacted to Ahani. Over the next few months we received word that he was able to spend some time outside with Ahani as long as Tanja still showered afterwards. And now this, that he can be around her outside with no reaction!! This is fantastic news. And this is not the first time that we have heard of someone that was allergic to horses becoming "desensitized" after being exposed to the Curly horses. Don't ask me why, I have no idea. I only know of about 5 other people that this has happened to. Marie Claude who purchased Tulsa in Quebec, Karen who purchased Austin in Germany and some other visitors to the stables. Maybe it is like a vaccination??
12/12/2005      Delite, Hero and Bill are in quarantine! Received all their vacinations Saturday and are getting set to go. Was interesting, I watched the movie Black Beauty with my niece Saturday and when I had to lead Bill and Delite through the field I let them stop and touch noses with everyone alont the way to say goodbye. Was pretty touching, especially with Bill, it was like he knew. Delite hasn't been here that long, so she just seemed excited that she was goin anywhere. But Bill was walking behind me very slow and everyone we came to he stopped and they talked to each other and we carried on. Do they know?? I think so.
     So, what's been happening. Everyone was out to ride on Saturday, it was a gorgeous day here. Plus 10, sunny and no wind. Gary hauled some hay home for us and I put up a pile of panels and Deb and I put up the round pen ready for winter training. We go everyone settled in for quarantine and even painted the deck on Sunday!
12/2/2005      Bill is going to Germany!!! Hooray for Bill and Diana!! Dagmar and Diana had been corresponding the last month and yesterday Diana advised she would love to purchase Bill. This is excellent as Bill has been doing awesome the last month and is looking super!! Congratulations Diana! We hope you and your daughters enjoy many years together with Bill.
11/28/2005      Andee won Highpoint Overall Champion for the Gymkana divison at the Duke Ranches horse show Sunday! Wow, good for you Natasha, super job. Andee is looking awesome and is certainly in the best shape any of our horses have ever been for this time of year! He is super shiny and definetly not "jiggly" as Natasha says!. He's solid and there is no jiggle when you poke Andee in the shoulder!
     Vet was here this morning and everyone except Jazz and Erin are bred!! Super news for Delite and Anna. We will possibly start the quarantine for Denmark and Germany December 10th.
     Stephanie had an awesome day Sunday with Bill. They went down the highway with the big trucks wizzing by and cantered all over the field. Was a super day for video. If someone could let me know if you can open the following two links, I would like to know if you can view the video in this format! Bill Canter and Bill Trotting . Everyone else was excellent also. Was just a super day for riding. Bit chilly, but sunny. Friday everyone was worked also and I think we made record time for training 6 horses. Debbie caught and brushed most of the horses, I saddled and Steph rode. Was real team work!! Kruzer, Seleena and McCoy are ready for the trails now, so we won't work them again untill the spring.

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